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WHIPPED ASS: August 31, 2017 – Mona Wales, Bella Rossi, Nikki Darling and Mistress Kara

It’s the end of an era when the Dyke Bar loses its lease, but a new era begins when it sets up shop in an underground location! The lusty ladies of Dyke Bar are eager to carry on the legacy of group lesbian sexual domination, this time with Dyke Bar bouncer Mona Wales getting her glorious comeuppance! Mona’s surrounded and dominated by her beautiful cohorts Mistress Kara, Nikki Darling and Bella Rossi in an intense round of slapping, flogging and fucking that continues long after last-call! This steamy lesbian action gets started as bartender Kara goes to close up the shop.
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THE UPPER FLOOR: May 02, 2017 – Xander Corvus , Nikki Darling , Lauren Phillips

exclusive interview name dropping a paper, while she is actually just horny blogger with too many questions. Nikki and Xander are more than happy to give her an in depth answer, tricking this little humiliation slut into bondage, tearing off her glasses, and having her cum against her will pressed against a sybian while being degraded and made to watch Nikki anally pounded. Having her mouth stuffed with cock fresh from Nikki’s ass is her first story of the day. To follow: corporal, strict caning, anal orgasms, Lauren’s first rope suspension ever, begging, and flogging. The last scene has Lauren in an extreme pretzel tie shaking with a new story: that she is a complete anal slut that can’t stop cumming when humiliated.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: April 12, 2017 – Bella Rossi and Nikki Darling

Nikki Darling finger fucked until she cums against her will

Bella Rossi has a unique way of controlling her opponents, trapping them on the mats and fingering them until they cum. Bella will use her tongue, feet, chin or fingers to make her opponent give up the orgasms. A relentless match of two girls on the brink of orgasming. One wrestler cums hard on the mats. Loser is lifted, sucks cock and then if fucked hard with a strap on while getting her asshole teased.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: January 18, 2017 – Dee Williams and Nikki Darling

Dee William sexually Destroys a fit ebony wrestler

Dee Williams has found a cute little rookie to torment. Dee gets fingers deep into hot, fit, ebony, Nikki Darling. Nikki Darling doesn’t stand a chance against this veteran wrestler. Dee hand gags nikki, Smoothers her with her ass and pussy, puts Nikki into brutal submission holds like the camel clutch and back breakers. When the wrestling is over the torment just gets worse. Poor Darling Nikki gets camel clutch fucked until she taps out.
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EVERYTHING BUTT: December 16, 2016 – Lily Lane and Nikki Darling

Candle warehouse gets the wrong shipment but it’s the right orgasms

Lily Lane is bored to death unpacking candles day in and day out. Things at her job start to get a little more interesting when she discovers that someone sent her huge sexy toys instead of candles. Lily decides to take a little break from candle packing and starts fudge packing. She is caught fucking her own ass by her boss, a lean ebony beauty named Nikki Darling. Nikki spanks her bad employee, bends her over and rams a long snake into Lily’s pipes, fucks her anally with a strap, gives her an enema and makes her gape big and wide.
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REAL TIME BONDAGE: Nov 26, 2016: Back for More Part 2 | Nikki Darling

Tramp in Tears Keeps Teasing

Nikki Darling stunned our staff at first when she came back for a second live feed on Real Time Bondage. Being completely used for hours on end by a crew of merciless handlers who are being advised by some of the sickest minds on the internet, our loyal viewers, is no easy task. And now, in her second installment, you can really see just how much it takes out of a girl. When we return to her she is sitting on the floor looking exhausted. Our staff doesn’t know how much more the poor girl can take, but it is our job to find out.

O.T. puts Nikki on top of the cage of Milcah Halili, who only gets to watch and doesn’t get to play. He ties Nikki’s hands behind her back into a strappado, which he then ties to a rope around her neck, so that every time her arms get tired and she lowers them, she has to choke herself. Our girl is a little overzealous though, and leans into it, lowering her arms intentionally as O.T. vibrates her pussy and punches her stomach. In no time at all she is in tears and cumming hard and loud against the hitachi.

Then our handlers move Nikki so that she is sat in mid air, held up by her two legs which are spread and cuffed to wooden posts on either side of her. A collar around her neck is attached to a chain leash which pulls it up just a little too high so she is being perpetually lightly choked. Her arms are bent behind her over a wooden pole and tied in place. Now the handlers have free reign to interrogate her, vibrating or caning her harder when she talks back or gives an answer they don’t like.
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WHIPPED ASS: November 24, 2016 – Ingrid Mouth , Daisy Ducati , Mistress Kara , Nikki Darling

Dyke Bar 5: New girl spanked, flogged, and strap-on DP’d!

When gorgeous, buttoned-up businesswoman Ingrid Mouth shows up at the dyke bar, Mistress Kara, Daisy Ducati, and Nikki Darling meet her in the restroom for some after hours shenanigans! Watch the dyke bar regulars dominate Ingrid with spanking, finger banging, face sitting, pussy licking, a zipper, flogging, pussy and anal strap-on fucking, strap-on DP, and hot lesbian orgasms!!!
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Oct 17, 2016: Nikki Darling Destruction continues in part 3 of Septembers LIVE show. Epic deep throating! | Nikki Darling | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles

The Destruction of Nikki Darling, brutal fucking, squirting, epic deep throat! Complete anhihilation

Check out the last scene from Nikki Darling Destruction. Nikki has been fucked out and she asks for mercy from the cock! To many orgasms can fuck you up!

Tiny Nikki is already cum drunk. The first two scenes of September’s epic live feed has left her fucking broken. Now she has to endure the last brutal fucking. Words can’t describe how blasted Nikki really gets. Lets just say in the end, she cums over and over. Begs for mercy from the cock, and is left in a puddle of her own squirt. The boys brought it, and Nikki is left wondering where she is, how she got there, and what her name is. Subspace, cock drunk, don’t even come close to describing Nikki’s broken little brain.

Sexually Broken, Real bondage, real fucking, no porn acting ever!
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Oct 10, 2016: Nikki Darling gets plowed from both ends with huge cock. Helpless and cumming, rough face fucking! | Nikki Darling | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles

Tiny black girl is bound and dominated by huge white cock! Brutal deep throating and rough sex!

Nikki is bound doggy style, both throat and pussy at cock height. Completely helpless and already dazed and confused from the the past scene, Nikki soon finds herself cumming uncontrollably as the brutal dick down continues! One dick penetrates her throat, while the other bangs the fuck out of her cervix. Unable to properly breath and cumming sends little Nikki even farther into sub-space.

The lights are on but Nikki is bye bye, Completely spaced as the huge cocks make her cum over and over. In the end Nikki is collapsed, exhausted from the screaming and cumming, One more scene to go…
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HARDCORE GANG BANG: Aug 10, 2016 – Nikki Darling, Gage Sin, John Johnson, Owen Gray, Tommy Pistol, Marco Banderas/An Insatiable Hunger: Nikki Ravaged by Lust-Crazed Vampires!

The gorgeously svelte Nikki Darling has no idea where to turn – her nighttime fantasies are driving her mad with desire. She confesses to her psychologist that she dreams of being seduced and brought to a wildly strange party…a wildly dangerous party whose guests share a dark bloodlust and voracious hunger. These mysterious vampires pounce on Nikki, tearing off her finery and using all of her delicious, dripping wet holes to satisfy their sadistic ritual desire. Intense flogging, rope bondage, sloppy double blowjobs, more double vag than you can handle, deep mind-blowing anal and double penetration, and an epic cum-guzzling ending! Plus…Nikki reveals she has a devious secret of her own….
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Jul 20, 2016: Athletic, Slender Slut Fucked From Both Ends in High Heels and Made to Cum Multiple Times! | Nikki Darling | Dee Williams | Matt Williams

SEXUALLY BROKEN: Jul 20, 2016: Athletic, Slender Slut Fucked From Both Ends in High Heels and Made to Cum Multiple Times! | Nikki Darling | Dee Williams | Matt Williams

Nikki Darling just gets hotter every time we see her and she never disappoints with her rough sex skill set. First we test her Deep throat skills as Matt and Dee Williams take turns fucking her willing mouth hole. She drools and her eyes roll back as dick blocks her breath. This is Nikki’s happy place. Her ass is then propped up so Matt and Dee can have their way with her eager cunt. She cums over and over, making the most beautiful sounds as she is relentlessly fucked from both ends. Nikki is always impressive and today is no different.
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ELECTRO SLUTS: Jun 09, 2016 – Katharine Cane and Nikki Darling/Beautiful slut shocked and anally strap-on fucked!

ELECTRO SLUTS: Jun 09, 2016 - Katharine Cane and Nikki Darling/Beautiful slut shocked and anally strap-on fucked!
ELECTRO SLUTS: Jun 09, 2016 - Katharine Cane and Nikki Darling/Beautiful slut shocked and anally strap-on fucked!
ELECTRO SLUTS: Jun 09, 2016 - Katharine Cane and Nikki Darling/Beautiful slut shocked and anally strap-on fucked!

Katharine Cane submits to Nikki Darling with the cattle prod, zapper, e-stim sticky pads, the violet wand, bondage, face sitting, pussy and anal strap-on fucking, and tons of lesbian orgasms!
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FUCKING MACHINES: May 18, 2016 – Nikki Darling

FUCKING MACHINES: May 18, 2016 - Nikki Darling

Nikki Darling is no stranger to porn. She has seen and done it all. Except…….she has never been pounded by our Fucking Machines. And, as always Nikki NEVER disappoints! She took our fastest and hardest machines at full strength and squirted over and over. Don’t miss the sexiest, hardest body to ever grace the sett of Fucking Machines!
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WHIPPED ASS: May 13, 2016 – Ana Foxxx and Nikki Darling

WHIPPED ASS: May 13, 2016 - Ana Foxxx  and Nikki Darling

While studying for a challenging midterm, Ana Foxxx seduces hot sorority sister Nikki Darling to submit to kinky lesbian sex! The girls relieve stress with bondage, finger banging, scissoring, nipple clamps, flogging, cropping, foot worship, facesitting, and pussy and anal strap-on fucking!!!
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Mar 04, 2016 – Nikki Darling and Anna Tyler

ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Mar 04, 2016 - Nikki Darling and Anna Tyler

If you didn’t love Nikki Darling before, you will love her now. She utterly destroys rookie, Anna Tyler in a 100% competitive sexual wrestling match up. Anna is trapped on the mats a made to cum. This beautiful blonde white chick has no answer for the holds the beautiful ebony Nikki puts her in. This helpless white girl has to take all the cock nikki dishes out.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Feb 23, 2016 – Ana Foxxx , Nikki Darling , Mona Wales and Angel Allwood

ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Feb 23, 2016 - Ana Foxxx , Nikki Darling , Mona Wales and Angel Allwood

Angel Allwood and Nikki Darling take on Mona Wales and Ana Fox in 100% competitive erotic wrestling. This is a sex fight at its finest. These girls use their Tits, Ass and muscles to out power each other. They hold each other down with wrestling holds while they finger and fondle each other. Losers are put in the “biggest loser” fight to make each other cum. Winners brutally fuck the losers and humiliate them in front of an audience.
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DIVINE BITCHES: Feb 12, 2016 – Wolf Hudson , Nikki Darling and Abel Archer

DIVINE BITCHES: Feb 12, 2016 - Wolf Hudson , Nikki Darling and Abel Archer

The doctor is in. In your wife’s pussy that is. Nikki Darling’s husband has a tiny dick that is completely useless. In search of big cock satisfaction, Nikki takes her husband to the doctor’s office for some necessary medical intervention. Nikki’s husband is tied to the gyno table with medical straps, locked in chastity and made to watch while his wife takes the doctor’s big cock deep inside her wet cunt. He is then made to taste his wife’s cum on the doctor’s dick. Pussy juice and cum drip on his face and there is nothing he can do about it while he watches his wife have orgasm after orgasm on another man’s cock.
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ELECTRO SLUTS: Jan 28, 2016 – Siouxsie Q and Nikki Darling

ELECTRO SLUTS: Jan 28, 2016 - Siouxsie Q and Nikki Darling

Latex clad babes Nikki Darling and Siouxsie Q escape their cages to play with electricity and give each other multiple orgasms! Their lesbian electro session includes the zapper, taser, electrified butt plug, bondage, dick on a stick, the violet wand touch plate, fisting, ass worship and plenty of pussy licking!
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WHIPPED ASS: May 8, 2015 – Bella Rossi and Nikki Darling

WHIPPED ASS: May 8, 2015 -  Bella Rossi  and Nikki Darling

While waiting for clients in their dungeon, hot dommes Bella Rossi and Nikki Darling entertain each other by playing a scene of their own. Bella spanks, flogs, paddles, smothers, finger bangs, and anally strap-on fucks and Nikki into a muti-orgasmic submission!
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KINK UNIVERSITY: Apr 9, 2015 – Maestro Stefanos , Shay Tiziano and Nikki Darling

KINK UNIVERSITY: Apr 9, 2015 -  Maestro Stefanos , Shay Tiziano  and Nikki Darling

Protocol and Position Training

One of the most enriching and beautiful aspects of D/s is the emphasis on scene and master/slave protocol. Maestro Stefanos, as seen on The Upper Floor and his 24/7 partner and slave Shay and their lifestyle partner Nikki Darling show you the authentic practices from their real life experience. Learn about submissive headspace, verbal and physical protocols, private and public rules of the road, as well as memorized positions, rituals, deportment, and more. Plus, gain an insight into the sub-side aspects of Protocol and how the submissive or slave can build Dominance & submission (D/s) from the bottom.
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REAL TIME BONDAGE: Feb 7, 2015: Blabber Mouth Part 2 | Bonnie Day | Nikki Darling

REAL TIME BONDAGE: Feb 7, 2015: Blabber Mouth Part 2 | Bonnie Day | Nikki Darling

Live Feeds are awesome. We have all hands on deck, ready to deal out the sadistic punishments that our members have suggested. Many hands makes light work. It means we all get to take turns having fun with the girls, like the two lovelies we have today, Bonnie Day and Nikki Darling.

Bonnie is in the hot seat, getting caned while she is force-fed a dildo. She is screaming like she doesn’t enjoy it, but that’s not the sound we want to hear today. We’re going to find the kind of pain that turns her on so we can hear her moan like the true masochist she is. A dull cane gives us a sharp scream, so we’ll see if the sting of the whip will get us a few of the soft moans we’re looking for.

Maybe screaming is just how Bonnie expresses her sexual pleasure, though. It certainly seems that way when we press the Hitachi to her clit. She comes alive like there is a live wire hooked to her pussy (that will come later), and starts spitting and cursing at our crew. Here we are trying to give her the most intense orgasms she has ever had and she is so ungrateful. We’ll have to get her back for that.

Bonnie Day’s Mouth Gets Her Into Trouble
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REAL TIME BONDAGE: Jan 31, 2015: Blabber Mouth Part 1 | Bonnie Day | Nikki Darling

Cages are a wonderful thing. They let us lock the girls down and still have open access to their bodies. The bars give us hard points to bind them do, and they definitely keep them in place, but they also leave the girls wide open to whatever we want to see and do. It’s the best of both worlds.

Inside the cage today we have a pair of hot young things, Bonnie Day and Nikki Darling. They have a lot of experience in BDSM, but there is nothing like a RealTimeBondage live feed. It’s hours of the most extreme bondage, intense corporal punishment, hardcore humiliation and sexy submission.

RealTimeBondage live feeds allow users to submit their questions and suggestions for the models. It means that as ready as the girls may think they are there is no way that they know what is coming. The unscripted action is a great way to keep them on their toes.

Two Hot Girls, One Cold Iron Cage.
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ELECTRO SLUTS: Dec 18, 2014 – Lorelei Lee and Nikki Darling

Nikki Darling is hard at work cleaning the boss’s office, & she sure looks good in her sexy maid’s uniform with lingerie underneath. Lorelei decides that instead of all that work it’s time for some fun. Nikki is a perverted electroslut who likes it rough, so she’s immediately gagged, cuffed, & cattle-prodded with electro-clamps on her pussy & ANAL electro plug, then caned to orgasm. She is bound on the floor & punished with conductive rubber plugs in her ass & pussy, & made to lick Lorelei’s perfect cunt & earn cum all over her face. Nikki takes DOUBLE PENETRATION electricity with acrylic plugs before getting lesbian strap on fucked with an electro plug stretching her tight ass. She is Electro Fucked until she cums again and again on Lorelei’s cock.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Nov 14, 2014 – Syd Blakovich,Nikki Darling and Sasha Banks

Loser needs to Chill out. Loser gets dunked in a bucket of ice

A very very close match up beauty two ebony beauties. The bratty loser needs to Chill out. Dunked in a bucket of ice and humiliated for losing by just a few points. Loser has a had time conceding the match. Her bratty mouth gets her into trouble
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Jun 6, 2014 – Nikki Darling and Daisy Ducati

The Pope vs Daisy Ducati and Nikki Darling

Format: WMV
Duration:59 Minutes
Size: 644 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

2 ebony pain sluts are subjected to grueling predicament bondage, brutal torment, and squirting orgasms.
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Nov 1, 2013 – Penny Barber,Dylan Ryan and Maestro

Format: MP4
Duration: 79 Minutes
Size: 949 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Nine Slaves, 100 Horny Guests Attend Annual Masquerade Orgy, Part One

When the Upper Floor hosts the annual Masquerade Orgy, Nine trained slaves are fucked, sucked and tested in all positions in the sex party blow-out of the year!

Nov 1, 2013: Masquerade Orgy with Nine Slaves,100 Horny Guests, Part One

Nine Trained Slaves are fucked, disciplined and tested in the annual Upper Floor Masquerade Orgy

The Pussy Platoon is in full on the Upper Floor for this once a year blow-out slave review orgy. When nine trained Upper Floor slaves stand at attention, waiting to be inspected by the Steward and Mr. Acworth, the room stands still with anticipation until the order is given – ‘Get the Dicks Hard!” and they are off into the crowd like a bunch of cock starved sluts, getting a room of over 100 guests turned on and ready to indulge in the night’s salacious festivities.

The pig is roasted and presented, the slaves are reviewed, and the guests are turned on – “Let the Orgy Begin!” Slaves are fucked in all positions, assholes reamed, throats destroyed, tits pillaged and libidos stroked!

I can’t even keep up with all the action in this outrageous two camera shoot. Just dive in and enjoy the Upper Floor Orgy.
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Aug 26, 2013 – Lea Lexis and Nikki Darling

Format: MP4
Duration: 33 Minutes
Size: 1201 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Nikki Darling has taken a lot, but you’ve never seen her this vulnerable before! Conductive rubber loops send electric currents through her bound arms. Her long muscular legs are tied spread-eagle to the speed rail. Her pussy lips are clamped tight & spread wide open with the electric forceps, which are tied cruelly to Nikki’s toes. Every squirming movement spreads Nikki wider & tugs on her clamps. Her pussy is swollen & red. We can see every pink quiver of her hole. Lea Lexis torments Nikki with the zappers, shocking her exposed feet & making Nikki tug on her clamps. When Nikki is hot & wet, Lea fucks her hard with the acrylic electro plug, zapping her cunt & making her cum with the electro hitachi. After all that pain, these orgasms are sweet release for our gorgeous hardcore electroslut!
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