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Clubdom: Milking their slave after 30 days

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Goddess Nadia White and Goddess Nyssa Nevers almost forgot about their slave who has been locked away for 30 days. They come dressed in red and blue latex, with thigh high latex boots, and pull him out of his cage promising him a milking if he can cum in three minutes. Goddess Nyssa Nevers starts poking and twisting his pathetic slut sacks while Goddess Nadia White strokes his disgusting dick. Goddess Nyssa Nevers warns him that if he doesn’t cum she will cut off his worthless balls. Goddess Nadia White reminds him that he hasn’t eaten, and he better produce a lot of cum so he has a good meal.
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Clubdom: Chindo Fucking Reward

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Goddess Nadia White and Goddess Nyssa Nevers chase their slave into their dungeon to have some fun. The latex wearing Goddesses have electroshock prods they use to direct their pathetic slave where they want until they surround him and use the electroshock prods on his disgusting filth sacks. Goddess Nadia White places her thigh high latex boots on his throat while Goddess Nyssa Nevers shocks his tiny disgusting useless ball sack. After they torture their slave’s balls for a bit, they tease him with their beautiful pink Goddess pussies, but won’t let his unworthy hands near them. Instead, they force him to wear a chindo on his head, demanding him to fuck Goddess Nadia White with the chindo and to make her cum, or they will castrate him.
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Subbyhubby: Little Miss Pink Gets Cucked Fucked And Eats Cum‏

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Nadia loves to prey on men as she uses her blonde hair and her big bouncy booby’s to trick them back to her condo. She acts like a little horny bubblehead and then convinces them to put on pink collars, telling them how horny it makes her to see another man touch another man’s cock. Getting the guys to agree to jerk one another off. One blows his load early so she instructs the friend to eat the filth right out of Cameron’s hand. Informing them she will be keeping them for the rest of the day playing games until one of them gets to fuck her. Princess Nadia White demands that these cuckys worship her perfect ass. She wants them to drive their tongues deep inside her sweet hole get it perfectly clean. Pleasing her is there sole purpose in life. Inhale deeply and savor the taste of your Princess’s perfect ass. Goddess Nadia’s feet have been sweating in her stockings and high heels all day. She is amused to have her faithful cucks waiting at her feet. She begins tormenting them by dangling her velvet black stilettos. Then putting her stocking covered feet right in their face. Goddess shoves her feet down Cameron’s throat and demands that he suck the sweat off of her sheer black stockings. She uses Alex’s face as hamper and torments the boys with her sexy feet instructing them to worship her. Nadia tells Cameron to jerk his pathetic dicklett all over her feet and slurp up every last drop. She is amused as he struggles. Nadia laughs at how tiny cucky boys cock is. Nadia tells the boys they have almost won the right to get her pussy but not quite yet. She instructs Little Miss pink to suck Alex’s cock. He must prove to her what a come guzzling little cucky boy he is before he can get her pussy. Forcing him to suck a cock deep throating it and even smacking him in the face taunting him with her pussy. Then he takes a big load of man goo in his pathetic little fuck hole. Nadia is loving it as the cum drips down his chin. She never lets them get her pussy…. Nadia has had fun with her cucky boys today. Now she allows little Miss Pink to lick her hot wet pussy to lube it up before she allows Cucky Alex to fuck her. She instructs him to lick Cucky Alex’s balls and suck his cock while he fucks her. She’s had multiple orgasms allowing Alex to fill the condom full of his filth then making little Miss pink open his mouth wide dunking the cum filled condom in and out of his mouth like a teabag. Flipping it over pouring out every last drop all over his sad pathetic cucky boy face. Now that Nadia has had her fun with her new little cuck boys she thanks Barbie boy welcoming him over anytime to service her by being her bitch. Little Miss pink is very upset hearing this so she asks him “why the long face”. He replies “well he got to do everything to you and all I got was a face full of cum all day. When do I get to fuck?” Nadia says “oh, all you want to do is fuck?” He rips his pants down revealing his tiny dicklet and screams back “yes, I want to fuck.” Mistress Nadia replies “wait right here I’ll be right back and we will fuck.” She returns with her big purple strap on, smacks the cucky boy bending him over entering his man pussy vigorously till he squeals like a little bitch. When he can’t take anymore she flips him over fucking him some more. Finally exhausted she lays back with his head between her legs as he is staring up at her knowing that he has been owned. She instructs him to clean his filthy ass off of her purple strap on.
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Subbyhubby: Valora’s Training Day Part 3

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Goddess Valora tells Goddess Nadia’s subby the new rules of his relationship and forces him to wear a chindo. He uses his new appendage to fuck Goddess Nadia’s wet pussy with Goddess Valora’s slave. The pathetic slaves suck using the fake cocks, and are forced to suck them while the Goddess’s laugh at them.
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Clubdom: Nadia & Goddess Valora Ball Busting/Plaything

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Goddess Valora and Goddess Nadia White are upset with their slave who isn’t performing like he should. They force him to stand up while they bust his pathetic balls. The Goddesses take turns kicking and slapping his hanging slut sacks and leave him in a heap on the cold dungeon floor.
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Clubdom: Nadia and Goddess Valora StrapOn Fucking/Nadia and Goddess Valora’s Strap-On Fuck

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Goddess Valora and Goddess Nadia White are ready to use their huge black strap on cocks to destroy their slave’s tight man pussy. The Goddesses force their slave’s mouth over their huge cocks so they can fuck his ass easier. When their slave gets used to getting pegged by the strap on cock, Goddess Valora pulls out their friend, Tiny, before shoving it up the slave’s hiney.
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Clubdom: Nadia & Goddess Valora Masturbation Instruction

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Goddess Valora and Goddess Nadia White see you getting ready to stroke your pathetic tiny cock and give you some instructions on how you can make them happy. The Goddesses tell you what they are going to do to your man pussy with their big black strap on cocks. They stroke their cocks teasing you before they let you come.
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Clubdom: Nadia & Goddess Valora’s Chindo Plaything/Nadia & Goddess Valora’s Chin-do Plaything

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Goddess Valora learns that one of her slaves wants to experience the pleasure of fucking blonde Goddess Nadia White. Instead of using his pathetic filthy cock, they put a chindo on his face so that Goddess Nadia has a chance to get a bit of pleasure. Goddess Valora pushes the slave’s head towards Goddess Nadia’s pussy so the slave can learn what fucking feels like.
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Clubdom: Nadia & Goddess Valora’s Caning Plaything

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Goddess Valora and Nadia White are in search of a plaything and pull one of their slaves out of his cage. They make him kiss their canes before they bend him over and let their canes kiss his pasty ass. The Goddesses keep caning his pathetic ass and make him count how many times he gets caned.

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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Nov 16, 2016: Nadia White is severely bound in metal, completely helpless on a sybian. Brutal throat boarding! | Nadia White | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles

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Big tited blond sex slave is bound and cumming on a sybian while brutally face fucked!

Welcome back Nadia White, one of the hardest working girls in porn. This girl loves sex, bondage and being helpless. The perfect fit for the best Rough Sex and Bondage site on the net.

We have Nadia White bound and completely helpless while in a custom metal, device bondage. This is sex and submission at it’s best, and her training is O so perfect. Today Nadia will learn to multitask, she will need to breath, take huge cock into her throat while the most powerful vibrator in the world makes her cum. Not an easy task, and most girls get completely wrecked trying to handle all the cock and vibration while at our mercy.

Nadia is no different, she cums so hard while huge cock is stuck deep in her throat, the ultimate surrender. She suffers, trying to get air, she cums over and over, she wishes the Sybian was turned off, anything butt that. In the end, Nadia is a spaced out broken slut, with buckets of her own drool dripping down her huge tits and bodacious body!

Wondering why Sexaully broken gets all the Bondage nominations? Wonder no more and sign up to the only bondage and rough sex site that updates 3 times a week!
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HARDTIED: Nov 9, 2016: Whipped Blondie | Nadia White | London River

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London River has quite a way with the ladies, especially when she has those ladies wrapped in rope, tied into whatever fun position she thinks would look nice that day. Nadia White is about to learn exactly what kind of way that is when she finds herself face to face with London on her home terf. She starts off tied up to a chair in a sexy little purple dress, but any long time viewer of any of our websites knows there is no way that dress is going to last long with London in charge.

Soon Nadia is hogtied on the floor with her head propped up and her knees spread so that London can get at her pussy with her personal favorite vibrator, the hitachi. The power and pleasure of the hitachi is almost too much for a woman to stand when placed on her clit, but Nadia has bigger things to worry about than that. Once she has finished with the vibrator, London wants to try out some scare tactics, and pulls out her trusty taser. The shocks get a few good shrieks out of her, but London decides it isn’t enough and that she wants a little more aggressive kind of electrical play, so out comes the cattle prod. That really gets Nadia moving.

After she finishes looking down on Nadia for a while, London moves her so that she is tied by her wrists to the ceiling, her body stretched out, and her feet almost unable to touch the ground so she has to stand on tip toes. With that kind of display, what can London do but whip that body up and down until it changes colors and her model makes the kind of noises she wants to hear. She whips all the way from Nadia’s feet to her pussy to her ass, all the way up to her tits. And if Nadia is good about it, maybe she will get a visit from the Celebrator as a reward for behavior.
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Sep 30, 2016: Nadia White is metal bound while brutally fucked. Several massive orgasms get ripped out of our slut | Nadia White | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles

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Big titted whore is metal bound and fucked until she cums over and over by huge dicks!

This hot blonde big titted MILF was made for rough sex and bondage.

We have Nadia bound in a custom bondage device. Hard metal hold her legs spread, and her hand are stuck in metal shackles. Completely helpless, Nadia can do nothing but moan, cum and scream as the dicks fuck her tight little pussy into oblivion. We even introduce the plastic sheet to Nadia cute face. It’s amazing how a lack of air will cause a slut to cum harder than she ever has before.

Big dicks, big tits, amazing bondage, and honest real brutal fucking is why Sexually Broken has over 8 Nominations from both Xbiz and AVN for best BDSM site of the year 2 years running. Join today to see the very best in custom bondage and rough sex.
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