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MeanWorld / SlaveOrders: Mocha Menage POV Slave Orders 2

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Mistress Mocha does not tolerate uppity whiteboys. She knows she is superior to you in every way and that you will obey her commands. She laughs at your tiny white cock as you worship her Superior Ebony ass and feet!
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Mocha Menage POV Cuckold

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Ebony Goddess Mocha has kept you in chastity for a year and now its time to get out. She knows how badly you want sex, so she’s going to give it to you: a blowjob! But it won’t be your cock she is sucking… yours is way too small.. she brings in her real man stud so she can suck his cock right in front of you while she ridicules your small cock. HOW HUMILIATING!!
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Mocha Menage Ass Worship & Facesitting

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Mistress Mocha Menage hates whiteboys.. she has no respect for them. She drags a whiteboy into her dungeon and shows you how she makes him lick her ebony asshole while she degrades him. She tells you what a worthless whiteboy you are too.. at one point she makes him show you her ass so you can kiss her asshole on your screen. She smashes her ass into his face and then sits on his face while she orders you to jerk off for her. REALLY HOT DIRTY TALK AND RACEPLAY PLUS LOTS OF HOT ASSWORSHIP AND FACESITTING !
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