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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Pantyhose Encasement Cum Control

A slave encased in a pantyhose body bag…your beloved Dominatrix in latex…skilled handiwork in sexy latex/rubber gloves. Stroke along with me…edge yourself, see if you can cum on my command.
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Ballbustingchicks: Forced to cum after wrestling!

Even when she beats up his balls during a wrestling match she wants his cock being stiff and erected! And she knows when she beats up his cock the perverts penis gets bigger and bigger…
Then she tells him that she wants to give him a harder handjob than usual. She beat his cock hard right at cumming! Getting angry about his too early cumming she not only beats his cock but occasionally his balls very hard…
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Ball Busting Chicks: Inessa: Mixed Wrestling and Ballbusting

He get overpowered by the muscular Dominatrix. She abuse him as her practice dummy, for wrestling and self defense exercises. She force him to takes his pants off to wrestle him full nude. Take him in the head scissors to abuse his shriveled up manhood by hard ball squeezing and slapping. Face slapping while str*ngling his neck and punches with her combat gloves in the face and ass spanking. Boxing practice with hard punches in the chest, belly and cock. At the end her favorite exercise, which is ball kicking…
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Dangerous Legs – Jordana (aka Scarlett) – Reverse Headscissor Challenge

Our challenge videos have proven to be very popular, so we decided to ask Jordana (aka Scarlett) to see how many tapouts she could squeeze out of her victim in 10 minutes. Excited by the challenge, she locks his neck and head deep into her thong-clad crotch and crushes him senseless with her shapely legs and perfect ass! Check it out and see how many times she gets him to tap!
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Scissorvixens – Kierra Wilde – I’ve Got the MOTHER of all THIGHS!

Since you can’t seem to keep your eyes off of my mother’s thighs, it’s time to show you the REAL MOTHER of all THIGHS!

At ScissorVixens.com we have no shortage of GORGEOUS and FIERY redheads and Kierra Wilde is certainly no exception!

The 5’6" beauty loves working out and boy does it show from head to toe on her very fit and firm physique.

She was even kind enough to warn us before our first shoot with her…"Yeah…I have very strong legs from dancing, gymnastics and the gym!".

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Amazon Annies Bodacious Adventures – Scissors Aerobics w Amazon Annie and Thrash

Amazon Annie is working out on the mats in her purple leotard and blue tights, when Thrash walks in and starts to critique her exercise routine. Showing him who is boss, she wraps him up in her legs and starts to squeeze. She locks him up easily and keeps him there, moving from scissor to scissor, while he grasps in pain. All the while she keeps sing songing a tune she is planning on working out to later…once she is done with Thrash, that is!
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Reality Girls Scissors – Loren Blaine – No Mercy Blonde: Knockout!

The sound of the leather boots crushing together and the sight of Thin Man’s face contorting in the immense headscissor pressure of Loren, whose headscissors are elite — is frightening. Even the most pain-tolerant guys scream and tap like maniacs in her legs. Sometimes, she honors their wishes. It’s headscissor herecy to compare any girl to Dixie, Cindy Huntress or Electra — but Loren gets similar reactions now with her headscissors — guys screaming with her telling them she’s not even really squeezing yet. Among the four superstars we only missed working with Cindy Huntress, who is in any conversation of the greatest ever submission wrestlers. The red carpet is always rolled out for Cindy to do her worst here without wretchedly acted scripts or feigned knockouts — just as she did with our friends to the North — with whom she famously destroyed people and for who now, we are proud to say, our own superstar Mikaela is kicking ass. Here, screams of pain from Thin Man come in the wavy blonde beauty’s headscissors — figure fours — Ivey’s Figure 8 then a reverse headscissors facing Loren’s amazing ass that seems ready to pop Thin Man’s head off as her jeggings wrinkle from the pressure on his life. She tells him "I’ve lost count of the tapouts, but it’s a lot, you’re a puss" — standing headscissors. She pushes him against the wall and decides the boots have to go. She makes Thin Man take off her boots, open his mouth and "insert." Now that Loren has taken to foot gagging no one is safe. She does nothing not intended to cause maximum pain and humiliation and the cruel act is no different. Deep in his mouth her bare feet go, stretching his lips to their limits and filling his throat. Another reverse headscissors and Loren asks him mockingly if his neck is hurting before burying him in her straight headscissors, his helpless eyes filling with pain. Thin Man hyperventalates and screams as she locks out her headscissors. When she finally gets to her feared rear naked choke it’s lights out for Thin Man, as Loren actually does a hamstring stretch while he convulses in her arms. He’s done, but she still makes the cameraman film just one more time for a quick bodyscissors because she doesn’t want his broken rib to heal. Loren loves hurting people as much as anything in her life and is as good at it as just about any girl, anywhere.
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Ball Busting Chicks: Boxing Workout

Boxing workout for a dominatrix is best done with a male dummy. He has to defend himself while she punches his whole body without any mercy. See her well trained, legs and ass while she dances around her helpless victim, naked, helpless with dangling bollocks and penis, awaiting her hits… Not necessary to mention that she breaks the normal boxing rules…
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German Goddess Femdom Fighting: Squeezed Commitment

Young Blonde German Goddess Belle wrestles down and squeezes limp the rip-off mechanic, who wants to charge 500 € for some pipe cleaning.

Her young and athletic body is clad in sexy denim hot pants, tight top and high heels. She is so hot and sexy, every man should be happy to help this woman for free but some know how to get their package for ungentle behaviour….and for a rip-off there is always some physical treatment a powerful woman has up in her sleeve…

No stranger to the wrestling scene, she has not only the body but also all the skill to handle the guy, who is obviously not even a match for some sparring training for her…

So it comes as it should come at the end he gives and leaves with nothing more than a battered bruised body…

German Dialouge.
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Clubdom: Fucking the Champ – Feature Movie

Niki Delano is pumped for a fight with a self professed champ. She knows that he is a womanizer and she knows that she can take him down. On the line is the opportunity for the winner to fuck the loser in the ass. Niki catches this ego maniac off guard, puts him in a scissor hold with her strong thighs and nearly cuts off his breathing in an arm lock. As the loser is trapped, Niki starts taunting him about tapping out. Finally, when his face turns purple, all the macho is gone and he desperately taps out. However humbled this guy is, Niki did not forget about the stakes. She straps on a 10 inch cock and pumps the champs ass full. She gets off on riding this bitch’s love hole. When she is done with him she flips him around and makes him worship her sweaty ass. When the loser’s tongue is buried in her tight butt, Niki knows that she has taught him a lesson in more ways that one.
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MMA Domination: Lia Labowe GI Beatdown

This dunce doesn’t bow properly,and Lia gets Enraged. This video has it all. Ballbusting, Face Punching, Kicks, Whipping with her black belt. Chokes, Scissors. She even ties him to the ropes with her black belt and whales away. Don’t ever bow disrespectfully to Lia she is the BEST INT THE WORLD!!!!!!
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Deviant Fetish Girls: Sunshine vs Jordyn

Sunshine Tampa is an experienced wrestler from FL. She plays rough, as Jordyn found out the hard way. She teases and taunts him, letting up just enough to think he has a chance, then taps him out in humiliating fashion. She basically talks trash to him the entire time she’s kicking his ass, we think you’ll love it 🙂
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Meet Sexxy and Very Spunky Brazilian Queen Maria. They say great things come in small packages? Well this one you really don’t want to get mad at you. She is extremely skilled in Brazilian Jui Jitsu and loves to dominate men, tie them up in themselves so they can’t even move! And she is strong too! Watch her in action in this action-packed video where she performs firemans carry and throws to the mats, then some incredible wrestling moves and holds all the while toying with her unsuspecting opponent. This sexxy Latino’s scissors are powerful and very painful. Her figure 4’s are impossible to break.Her Brazilian jui jitsu skills are endless and then she belly punches to boot! Then she rewards you with kisses to your head. And when she reverse head scissors you . . .her ass is in your face and amazing!!!More Brazilian abuse from this Queen of Jui Jitsu. She adds in some head kisses, tease and denial, ass worshipping, belly punching, a surprise sequence of throwing her victim into a head stand and then face sitting him. Plus this small package is strong. She picks him up in a cradle and does some bicep curls with him too!! Loaded with non stop action and fun!!!
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Reality Girls Scissors: Mikaela Laughs As He Sleeps: Clear HD Knockout!

Intensely beautiful Mikaela drags Thin Man across the mat and forces him down to her feet, where she digs her heels into his neck. “Take it” she says as he coughs and gags, then gets Mikaela’s foot pressed over his mouth. She stands her nearly 150 pounds of muscle full-weight on his bird chest. She makes him sit against the wall and smiles for what’s coming — violent throat presses with her feet and heels, looking back and stunning the camera with her beauty as he suffers. “I could probably put you to sleep,” she says of her feet that abuse Thin Man’s neck and pull his mouth into a smile as she mocks his sounds of pain. An inverted surfboard, using her heels to push into his throat. She shoves both feet in his face and uses his head like the platform on a leg press machine. “That’s gotta hurt; look at those calves!” she brags, possibly owning the greatest calves anywhere while Thin Man screeches in pain. She talks about the pressure on his head applied by her legs that “max out the machine.” She forces him to rub one foot as she hurts him with the other. She rips her feet across his face and mocks him more. Brutal bodyscissors, full-weight throat stands. He dares to try to budge her ankle and pays dearly as she stands on him until he begs. “Please!” he manages to gurgle as he panics. It’s so hard for Mikaela to find ways to be hotter, but her mimicking his suffering is priceless and indicates the power she possesses and the addicting confidence it provides her. She stands on his chest again, bending it in. “You feel like you can’t breathe?” she says, asking him what’s wrong and before he answers saying “I’m just kidding; I don’t care.” She orders him on all fours. He obeys. She jumps on his back and chokes him as she makes him ride her around the mat trying to pop his ribs in a bodyscissors applied as they go. From the position, she locks on her rear naked choke and leans back as he gasps. “You’re shaking,” she tells him. He wails in pain but she won’t release the hold. He gets a break with a knock at the door, but she won’t allow the camera to stop rolling. Mikaela is the boss of any room. She keeps him in reach, waiting, then re-applies the rear naked choke, turning her eyes to Shark mode, cinching on the hold and putting him to sleep — hard. Mikaela is one of the best to ever step on a mat and one of the hottest girls to step anywhere. And while Thin Man is still in dreamland, then coming out, she smiles, laughs, and slaps her bicep. An addictive and dominant showing by the stunning 25-year-old superstar.
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Cruel Punishments: Wrestling with ballbusting

In her black bra and black thong, Mistress Kittina is wrestling with her fat slave. On the huge blue mattress, they roll around on the floor and Kittina manages to scissor his head or grab his ankle and push her naked feet into his balls. When she succeeds, she hits his balls and cock with one her free hands.
Features: wrestling, scissorhold, cbt, cock & balls slapping, barefoot, female domination
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CrushWrestling: Powerful Scissors

HUGE 205 lb. Lexii is back and ready to kick some ass. She is really disappointed in her boyfriend Tyler, who is so lazy he refuses to get a real job, and instead comes up with ridiculous get rich quick schemes. His latest dumb idea, is to wear President masks and fake to rob a bank (remember the movie, “Point Break”?). When he barges in after her training session with Cadillac Capri, donning his mask of the Teflon President (which he confused with Nixon, further irritating Lexii), and tells her of his idea, she loses control and proceeds to kick his ass. Her legs are bigger than his entire body, and I don’t even want to guess her weight advantage. Needless to say, her size and strength is far superior, and she lets him have it. She chokes and crushes him every which way possible, and midway through the video, completely KO’s him (YES, IT’S REAL!). She brutalizes with her powerful legs. Enjoy this sexy thriler!
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German Goddess Femdom Fighting: Kickboxing Karateka

German Goddess Yolanda Power enters the German Goddess Femdom Fighting club. Powerful Mistress with martial arts skills gives slave Teddy a new taste of beeing beaten up.

Clad in her karate kimono, she instantly starts to kick his ass with high and forceful kicks to his torso. She uses all her skills for a powerful demonstration of female power and male inferiority.

Her bare blows hammer on his back and his naked stomach until it turns purple.

Very painful session.

German Dialouge.

Clip contains: karate, kimono, kickboxing, high kicks, brutal punishment, one sided beating
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Cheyenne Jewel Media: Daisy Ducati has the kung foo grip

Tall, lean, exotic beauty, Daisy Ducati has some of the best legs for scissors. They are so long and strong, she can crush guys of any size. Her much larger opponent learns this the hard way. He saw her being athletic on the pole at a strip club & asked her to come back to his home to make some extra cash. He doesn’t know that she has done this before. She surprises him by scissoring his head from all directions and then gets his ribs good, all while looking super sexy in a fishnet body stocking. She then shows how strong her hands are by milking him dry, while keeping him in a tight squeeze.
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CRUEL PUNISHMENTS – SEVERE FEMDOM: Amazing, muscled body+Forceful Zita’s wrestling+Scissorhold by sexy legs

Mistress Zita is wrestling on the floor with her naked slave. She looks cool in her hot pants and top, her muscled, tanned legs curling around his nect. He tries very hard to beat her, but Zita sits on his face and holds him so tight with her thighs that he has no chance against her amazing body.

The sexy, strong and very muscled Zita brings down her slave to the ground with a quick movement. Then she grabs his neck, locks him and mocks him to free himself. But of course he can’t. Then Zita changes position and locks his neck into scissor, blocks the air from his lungs. The slave can’t escape, Zita easily overpowers him and wins.

Lady Zita though about a different game for today, for her pathetic slave. First he didn’t have the slightest idea of what is going to happen, until Zita locks her legs on his bony neck and starts to him. He feels the air is being pushed out of his lungs and his saliva get caught in his mouth, he can’t escape from the iron hard lock of Zita’s sexy legs.
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Beaten By Girls: Jolene Hexx – Gym Manager beatdown

As Jolene is leaving her gym, the gym manager comes behind her and insults her by asking her to pay her membership dues. She never pays for anything so she just beats him until he agrees to wave all fees and make her a lifetime member. Plenty of kicks to his balls and his body, as well as scissoring and forced foot worship.
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Sydneys Elite Syrens: Thunder vs Venom

Skylar Rene & Sydney Thunder take on the powerful and skilled Venom. It starts out as a tag match, and Venom gets some submissions on the girls early and it looks like he might dominate the match, but Skylar & Sydney have other ideas. They speed up their tags in and out and quickly wear down Venom, they never let him catch his breath.

After they’ve humiliated him by making him tap over and over, it’s time to make it even worse! They forget tagging and take him on AT THE SAME TIME! With two girls as powerful and skilled as Skylar Rene and Sydney Thunder, no one would stand a chance with both of them coming at you. And just to put a finishing touch on Venom’s embarrassing loss, they then make ample use of SCISSORS, FACE SITTING, FOOT HUMILIATION, FORCED FOOT KISSING, FEMALE DOMINATION, HUMILIATION and MUCH MORE. A real treat for MIXED WRESTLING fans!
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Scissor Goddess: A Little Wrestling A Little Bondage

Rapture & her male opponent spar off, and Rapture gains control right from the start. She pins her opponent to the mat, and giggles as he struggles to get up. They spar off again, and once again, Rapture gains the upper hand. They grapple around for a few minutes until Rapture gets her opponent on his back, pinning he hands behind him. She grabs a pair of handcuffs & cuffs his wrists together. Now, it’s time for Rapture to dominate him. She grabs some rope, and secures his arms to his chest, rendering him helpless

He asks for one more chance, and Rapture tells him that he’ll get his chance, and then she takes off her clothes. She starts to rub her naked, sweaty body all over him as he sits there helpless. Rapture puts him in some tight scissorholds, and smothers him with her naked tits. She even sits on his face with her naked ass, turning her poor opponents face very purple.

She continues teasing her him with her nude bod, smothering his face with her huge tits, and then sitting on his face with her bare ass & pussy. When she’s decided that he’s had enough, she unties & uncuffs him. Then, she puts him into a hold & instructs him to jerk off for her.
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ScissorVixens: Laci ‘The Boy Beater’! FULL VIDEO DOWNLOAD featuring Laci Star – *High Definition*

Long-legged Laci Star returns to ScissorVixens and teaches him what a REAL BEATING is like!

Drew likes to wear his wife-beater t-shirts because he thinks he’s tough and because he likes to mistreat his wife for little to no reason.

So when his wife calls her good friend Laci Star complaining about Drew’s latest outburst Laci puts on her ‘Boy Beater’ t-shirt and invites herself over to teach Drew what a REAL BEATING is like!

Laci Star has very long and very lean legs and as she points out in the video…she works out quite a bit to keep her body and legs STRONG!

She pushes her way into Drew’s house, wraps her lethal legs around his neck and proceeds to teach the moron a lesson he won’t soon forget saying…”You like to wear wife-beaters huh…? Can you read what my shirt says!?…Well I’m here to BEAT YOU UP!”.

Then Laci nearly pulls his arms out of their shoulder sockets in a lotus hold telling him…”You’re going to learn a thing or two today!”.

And during a sexy school-girl pin with her full weight and crotch sitting on his throat she says…”Now you’re going to see what it’s like to get your ASS BEAT!”.

Needless to say Laci has more than enough attitude to match her looooong legs in administering the SCISSOR BEATING of a lifetime to Drew!

So check out SEXY Laci Star in her ScissorVixens video titled ‘Laci the ‘Boy Beater’!’.
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Reality Girls Scissors: Introducing Gianna! Clear HD

21-year-old Gianna wrestles for the first time anywhere on camera and overpowers pain cushion Chad with headscissors that reveal developed quads reminding us most of young badass Andi. The beautiful new girl snaps on straight headscissors after straight headscissors, pouring the pressure on for long periods then popping her legs out to hurt his neck worse. A figure four as the college hottie in the glasses starts enjoying her power. Her rear naked choke is instantly brutal and has him gagging and hacking as she releases a little then pulls back until he is taking panicked, desperate breaths. He taps! She’s officially a badass as this guy will scream and gnash his teeth and sometimes get knocked out rather than tap. The tall girl puts him at her big feet and clinches her ripped quads around his skull in a standing headscissors. She punishes him in a long crucifix he admits he can’t escape. “Try,” she says and smiles her youthful smile. Pulling back on his neck and spine he screams and taps. The powerful girl applies a full nelson and almost tears his triceps apart as she stretches him coupling the hold with a bodyscissors. She finishes her introduction rocking his neck in a standing headscissors as she looks down at her first prey in her strong legs.
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Beaten By Girls: Mistress Austin Beatdown 8

Austin Lynn is practicing head punches on her victim, until he is practically unconscious. Then just for fun she makes him lick her socks.
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Utopia’s Sexy Mixed Wrestling!: Muscle Goddess Kelly REALLY Knocks Out Mike!

REAL KNOCKOUT!!!! Gorgeous Physique Competitor Muscle Goddess Kelly comes to Utopia for her first ever starring role in a mixed wrestling video. At the same time, Mike (a wrestling session veteran) also joined Utopia for the first time. In Muscle Goddess Kelly REALLY Knocks Out Mike Kelly puts the squeeze on Mike in a standard head scissor and figure 4 and within the first 5 minutes she knocks him out cold! Kelly has Mike whimpering almost immediately in her first straight leg scissor. In her first figure 4, she gets his first tap. When she goes straight leg again, she gets his first frantic taps, but because he didn’t ask nicely to be released, she places him in the session ender! Kelly knocks Mike out with her second brutal figure 4 in about 11 seconds. It’s so fast and decisive we weren’t even sure it was real … until he wakes up that is. Let’s just say the lights are on but nobody’s home. Kip kept the camera rolling and got an interview with Mike immediately following. If you’re a fan of REAL knockouts by sexy bodybuilders in devastating scissorholds, than Muscle Goddess Kelly is the woman for you! Muscle Goddess REALLY Kelly Knocks Out Mike is a must see! Enjoy!
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