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Tease and Thank You – Good Boys Get Rewarded

Ever wonder how you’d be treated if Mistress Helix thought you were verrry well-behaved? This video should give you some idea.
Only the most obedient, devoted boys are even allowed to watch… So don’t get your hopes up.
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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Helix – Brutal Iso Tease

Lovely to have a chair like this. How many boys have come and gone, thinking they could escape because it’s mostly velcro. It’s also diabolical, and perfect, and suits my mood today. I can sit in and tease, or visit another zip code and there’s my boy, waiting. Sitting like a good boy.
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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Helix – Vicious Tease

This was quite a day. I recommend it if you want to see me in my element, a straight-up tease, over and over. The bondage is rigid, the cuffs fuse the boy to the chair so that an inch any which way is agony. And there is no mercy. Not at all. Not with this hair, honey. Not ever.
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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Helix – Tease Addicts

Neat dicktie, and I’m in a good mood today. Unlike the poor stupid boy I’m working on, who won’t be having any thoughts, good or bad, for quite a while I imagine. If you’re into great tease scenes, this one is for you. If you don’t like great tease scenes, what the fuck are you doing on this website?! Go away. Shoo.
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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Helix – Venus Fidelity Trap

It’s a sting! A set-up to test your fidelity! Will you resist? Your girlfriend has set it all up. I’m a friend of hers, you see, and you are here to give me a ride. I’m a pro domme, yeah, no big deal. I invite you in, since I’m not quite ready. Wanna see the studio? Hey come here, wanna see what I do to boys? Haha, no, down on your knees. Just for a second, not for real or anything. If you were a real client, I might do *this*, and then this… Bondage. Mesmerize. Tease and denial. Female domination. This is truly a top-notch scene, check it out! -xoxo Helix
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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Helix – My Edging Specialty

That’s what it is, a specialty. I don’t even know if it’s my favorite thing, I’m just really good at it. 🙂
Enjoy the ride boys, and always remember, if you think he’s squirming or moaning too much, you would be too. I guarantee it. – xoxo Helix
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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Helix – Special Delivery

Received a package with some copies of The Vice, a special vice-grip chastity device, compliments of the folks of Locked in Lust. Excited, I get my cameraboy to try it on right away, even during a bondage shoot. We get the boy to show the device to my model friend Anya, who goes from sub to domme with dizzying brilliance. We tease the boy and KEEP THE DEVICE ON. We crush him. Anya might be a devastating new addition here. Want more of her? Wanna serve us together? Drop me a note. – xoxo Helix
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Tease and Thank You – Sensory Overload Reprogram

Having difficult boy problems? Once your boy has received certification in Carlin’s reprogramming course, expect docile submission. Extreme problems require extreme denial. Hot-off-the-presses Carlin scene, don’t miss! – xo Helix
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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Helix – Schoolgirl vs Submissive

He hates blindfolds so I blindfolded him. I promised an orgasm after seven weeks in chastity but I lied. Once I get to know you, you can’t win. Smooth build-up towards a real mindfuck finish that only makes my sweet virgin sub more dedicated, according to the desperate things coming out of his mouth. 😉 – xo Helix
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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Helix – Best Worst Babysitter Ever

Helix the devilish babysitter has a plan to addle your little mind forever AND make u get your chores done with extra motivation! Do y`know what it’s like to be touched? Can I tell you something, little boy? Every guy has a submissive streak. Here, let me educate u. Forever. An unforgettable scene. Email me requests or messed up ideas, by the way, anytime. I like being inspired. Or if u really want something, I give reasonable quotes on customs. have a good week!
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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Helix – Freshly Wrapped Meat

A client came in wanting to be wrapped up and teased. So I did. Client wnts to come in again as soon as possible. I keep telling you boys, be careful. There’s a curse. I’m not a casual additcion. Enjoy! – xoxo Helix
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Tease and Thank You – Chastity Countdown

Are you ready? It’s countdown time! And chastity time. But I guess it’s nearly always chastity time, haha.
What happens when time’s up? Denial? Ruin? Orgasm? Am I feeling evil, or am I feeling generous? You’ll just have to watch to find out. – xoxo Helix

P.S. That lovely silicone chastity device is from www.bon4.com, in case you’re feeling envious 😉
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Mistress Helix – Simple Key Test

All these emails saying ‘there’s something about you, mistress.’ Blah blah blah and then you ask for something. Shut up. Lock up.

Lock up in chastity, put your key right in front of you. This is a simple key test challenge that will determine what kind of chastity sub you are. Can you be the holder of your own keys or do you truly need a mistress. You may need to email me immediately. Depends on how you do. Is there? Is there something about me?
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Tease and Thank You – Helix Learns Pantyhose Pulling

Think I’ve got it down, sweetheart? What’s the matter, can’t move? Can’t talk? Problem?

Methodical, merciless, cold. I am your drop-dead gorgeous goddess in white and have one goal, to tease until you have full brainmush. -xoxo Helix
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Mistress Helix: Blowjob Denial For Newbies

I love the boys who mention denial among things they enjoy. Time to break the new client, tease until he can’t form words, literally. I get a little lost in the moment sometimes. If you’re polite, and you’re clean, and gentlemanly, and you request a denial session with me… you might just get so much more than you bargain for.
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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Helix – Is That It?

Sometimes all I have to do is push buttons. And then I relax with video games and push more buttons. Tomorrow I’ll push more buttons. Your buttons haha. -xoxo Helix
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Mistress Helix: Becoming a Domme

I started keeping track of my progress from Day One, all for this clip. This crazy journey! Rags to riches, innocent to guilty, talented cock tease to elemental goddess. This highly entertaining docu-thingee includes behind-the-scenes, secrets, a mistress cameo, previews from other scenes, a hundred fetishes, and goddess wants you to have it.
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Mistress Helix: Total Sensory Deprivation

My slave cannot see or hear anything, which I really enjoy. Not just earplugs, but loud headphones ensure no hearing, a careful blindfold means no cheating out the bottom. I play, tease, surprise, mess with, and especially misdirect in this thorough, playful seduction. Includes one very, very helpless cumshot.
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