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Femdom Empire – Riley Jenner, Yasmin Scott – Sperm Farming in Space

Amazon Alien Goddesses have captured a male for sperm farming. He may try to resist but their milking machine will suck every drop of sperm from his testicles so that they may breed without intercourse. Yasmin & Riley take turns sucking his cock with the machine, the male is terrified but the milking machine feels so good tugging at his erect cock. They collect the sperm and take it to their laboratory for the cloning process.
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Subbyhubby: Trained To Love Cock

Goddess Tangent and Sunny Chase are going to teach Sunny’s man how to crave being a bitch. Sunny starts giving him a blowjob while Tangent shoves a nice cock in his ass. He is only to think of cock as he is being blown, so he associates feeling horny, with feeling fucked by cock. They want to drain his balls and finally, Sunny drains him into a martini glass and the two women enjoy making him eat his own mess.
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Clubdom: Milking Day with Sadie Holmes

It’s milking day and Goddess Sadie Holmes is going to drain this bitch slave dry. Sadie knows just how to edge and build up the slave to where the release is going to be explosive and thoroughly empty his balls. Chastity devices fit better on empty balls, it’s how you can tell the best size for a slave! This slave must endure the humiliation of Sadie draining him and making him eat his own filth.

Format: MP4
Duration: 7 Min
Size: 578 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Mandy – Past Your Limits

Chastity, still. An extended scene that was supposed to end earlier. Surprise. Marx. Stamina. Power. A dripping, leaking, begging tease. Desperation that used to be a boy. Dignity, a thing of the past. The future, Mandy. Filling your eyes, your dreams. Teasing you forever. I get it.
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Clubdom: Fucked Dick Hole MILKING

Nadia White and Goddess Valora are really tormenting their captive slave. He is bound down to a table and it’s MILKING DAY! The slave is going to be milked, but he is going to suffer for it by having his dick hole invaded by sounding rods. The women fuck his dick hole and laugh as he tries hard to cum but simply cannot, yet stays on the edge under their control. Finally he is able to release but it is so unbearable for him!
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Beg To Cum – Look At Me And Beg For It

Skylar Snow is a cutie that is very fond of making her men horny and desperate to cum. She loves that look on their face when they beg and plead for an orgasm, even more so when she knows she intends to deny him any.
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Beg To Cum – Just A Regular Day For Chanell

Another day, another male slave bound in Chanell Heart’s basement. Capturing and tormenting males is a sport for her because luring males into her trap is just so easy. Now with him fully bound means she can get down to edging and denying him until he is a blubbering begging mess.
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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Mandy – Your Strongest Fetish

What I like about doing this is that I get to do things I would like to do in real life and do them truly, but in a sexual context. Doesn’t mean it’s not real. I mean, this isn’t a role play at all. Therapy, life coaching, directing. And all while I make your head spin.
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Femdom Empire – Angela White – Emptied

Mistress Angela White permits her slave to cum about once a month to keep them from getting too swollen from chastity. Angela restrains her slave on all fours to milk his balls dry. Angela lets the pathetic slave worship her ass as he begs for an orgasm. She tugs at his cock with forceful downward strokes tugging at his tightly bound balls. His horny cock throbs in her hand at the slightest sensual touch, every time he gets too close to orgasm she give him a firm slap to show him who is boss. Angela finally grants him permission to cum and empties his balls on to the table. Mistress isn’t going to clean up his mess, she supervises the oral consumption of his own semen. Pathetic.
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Clubdom: Painful Milking Day for Slave 0227

Goddess Vanessa Cage tells her slave that today is the day he gets drained. Surely, that would be delightful for most men to hear, but not slaves at Club Dom as they are put through torment in order to do so. Goddess Vanessa is in a sadistic mood and she has her slave’s balls tied up so tight as she milks his cock dry. His balls are almost purple as she milks him and it makes her happy to see him in pain.
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cfnmtv: Male Anatomy For Girls

Male Anatomy For Girls

Mr Curtis will do anything to get his son accepted into this prestigious establishment but his endurance is about to be pushed to the limit. It’s one thing to be naked and examined by the eager girls but having his g-spot probed may well prove too much to bear. For a proud working class man, having anything shoved up his arse is the ultimate humiliation. But down on his hands and knees with the commanding teacher and her laughing pupils mauling his naked body – he has little option but to comply.
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Serve your Goddess!

As harry discovered once he entered my black wrought iron gates for the very first time!

Now he knows, there’s no going back, never wondering what if, it’s an onward journey of decadent debauchery, slowly and progressively. Every day his thoughts are focused on serving me. As you will see, I’ve created this movie for harry, and for those who need my undivided attention. Mmm . . . as I brush my face against my slave’s exposed neck, breathing and spitting into his mouth to ensure he will use his tongue efficiently, gliding it over my silky lips until I’m ready to explode over his face! From teasing his caged penis to protracted bondage!

Oh I did love wearing my new fishnet stockings, my goodness, they look unbelievably erotic, especially when I tease my thighs over his face, lowering myself down onto him! I’m not sure you’re going to last throughout this entire movie, as it’s incredibly horny. explicit, and rather descriptive, with emphasis on intense teasing to one’s muscle!
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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Mandy – Save Me by

I’m very happy to be here, gentlemen. I want you guys on the inside to know that. Youve already paid your dues andI don’t have to sell you anything. I love my work, it’s fun to approach and rewarding when done.
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Brat Princess 2: Sasha – Chastity slave Gets a Quick Release in Tight Bondage (1080 HD NEW)

A slave is restrained very securely in a metal stockade. Sasha doesn’t want to spend a lot of her time milking him. It will be a quick ruin. Sasha pulls on a rope around the slave’s testicles, tight. She teases and strokes the cock until it leaks for her. The slave cums, without pleasure, as its orgasm is ruined. Sasha giggles and locks the slave right back in chastity. She’s got better things to do than spend time with him.
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Secrets, Enigmas & Paradoxes! Part 3!

Devishly wicked, as I seduce george once more into experiencing the most mind-blowing orgasm! There’s nothing quite like making his mind sink into a most blissfully erotic and cock stimulating story, to capture his mind, as though he was under my spell! Mmm one could easily say he was, as I painted a visually explicit scene for him to immerse into!

And what an explosion he had, of course, it was only right I continued having my pleasure, using my crimson fingernails, sinking them deep into his bulbous head. My goodness, yes he was highly sensitive, and just the way I love it. In fact, you should take a look at the photo on the far right, and you’ll get a very good impression of the state george was in whilst I sank my gorgeous fingernails into his highly sensitive penis!
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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Helix – Dolly Is A Mess

Gently mesmerized to zone out, breathe with Mistress, breathe and forget, and light as a feather, stiff as a board. You’re going to be my doll. You can’t move. It’s so strange. All your thoughts aren’t there. A bubble for a boy brain. A brain for me to play with, a body for me to use. And I’m feeling evil. I want to make a mess with my dolly.
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Mandy Flores – I Own You, StepDaddy

Scene starts with dad coming into step daughter’s room to find she is dressed in mummy’s short skirt and high heels. He is so shocked and goes to leave, but she convinces him to stay. (I love the idea that stepdad genuinely starts out good and well behaved, but ends up giving in to seduction). She talks about what she has learned in sex education and that she can’t believe step daddy would want such an old bucket pussy like mummy. She shows her legs, high heels (I love heels!) and boobs seductively and suggests she can give daddy what he wants. Daddy goes to leave and daughter apologizes for being so brash. However, she suddenly realises that he is incredibly hard. She reaches out and grabs the cock and starts to play with it with her hands. Her hands are so good. She teases him that her young mouth could suck it if he gave himself fully to her, never to touch mummy’s pussy again. Whenever stepdaddy wants to cum she will make him cum, no matter how many times per day. But he can only cum for this step daughter, nobody else.
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Christmas with my husband!

Spending the day with my husband, teasing and tormenting his caged penis! Oh what delights, as I put him under pressure, especially his throbbing cock. In fact, there’s nothing quite like watching it grow inside the metal cage, it’s shaft bulging, until finally I feel it’s time for me to release him. WOW just take a look at the eruption, is it any wonder he’s suffering so much, and can you imagine how on earth it fits inside such a small space!

I do hope you have a superb Christmas Day, and you’re ready for me to tease you with my sultry English voice, while you wank for me until you shoot your HOT load.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – 10 Minute Challenge

I have a little challenege for this slave. I’m going to tease and jerk his cock for ten minutes. If he cums within the ten minutes, he’s going to get a hundred lashes on this sensitive cock. If he doesn’t cum, then he’ll be locked in chastity for two months without an orgasm. His cock is aching and twitching for me as soon as the clock begins to tick. Will he last the whole ten minutes? Either way, punishment is in his future.
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BegToCum – Mistress Helena – It’s Not About Your Needs

This clip is from our former Beg To Cum website, now for Men Are Slaves members to enjoy! Does Mistress Helena Locke stroke his cock for his needs? Of course not don’t be silly. She strokes it because she loves to edge him only to deny him repeatedly, ultimately leaving him with blue balls.
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Men Are Slaves – Lauren Phillips – I Just Love When You Beg

This clip is from our former Beg To Cum website, now for Men Are Slaves members to enjoy! Lauren Phillips loves to use her sweet looks to her advantage. It makes men easy prey, and then she can bind them only to mercilessly edge and deny them any orgasm over and over again.
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Clubdom: Forced to be Milked (December 18th 2017)

Goddess Brianna is chasing after her slave with a cattle prod. She finally gets him into the dungeon, right where he wants him! It’s milking day and he must be drained. Goddess Brianna restrains him to the cross and she starts a slow and tormenting milking process where she matches any pleasure he feels with extreme pain.
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Pure CFNM – How To Win A Pitch

Vickie and Alessandra are bidding to win a new contract. But after finishing their sales pitch, competitor Sam begins his. The girls hatch a plan to ensure they get the deal and while he is giving his speech they start groping the groins of the two execs they have to impress. They pull their trousers…
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Mandy Flores – #308 She Doesn’t Swallow Like I do!

We are no longer together but now you are dating my roommate. I walk in wearing something skimpy as usual and tease you how I know you must miss my mouth around your cock. I know she doesn’t give you head, let alone swallow. You can’t resist me and soon enough I have your cock out in my mouth like old times. Making teasing comments about all the things I do that she doesn’t. After swallowing your load I say that Im going to see her tonight and she’ll have no idea that your cum is inside me.
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