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SADO LADIES: Torture With Cigarette

the next clip we offer you today starring adorable blonde lady mistress akella. she is dressed in leather in the dungeon today sitting on her throne. her slave is on his knees on all fours where all slaves belong to in front of a goddess. she orders her slave to lighten up a cigarette. next he has to stand up and we see that he has a hard on. but is he allowed to have? "you have big balls slave…should i make them smaller?" and with that she puts her cigarette to the balls. the slave is shaking, but akella doenst care. she think its funny to burn is balls even more with the cigarette. of course he is also misused as her personal human ashtray and she burns also his errected nipples. in the end she puts her cigarette out in the mouth of her slave!
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Piggy Eats My Butt

If little piggy wants to beg me to use it as my ashtray then piggy is going to actually get used as my ashtray. That includes disposing of my ash and cigarette butt properly. Do I really need to state this? Yes, that means my burning butt gets squashed on its tongue and it swallows whatever is left. I don’t smoke with any other ashtray in the room, and I’m certainly not going to drop it on my floor. I don’t smoke all that much, but I’m sure my little piggy will have a stomach full of butts in no time. Cuts down on the cost of feeding it anyway!
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Brat Princess 2: Sasha POV – Human Ashtray POV (1080 HD)

1080 HD You are my human ashtray. Be still and keep your tongue out. Inhale the smoke that I exhale. Wait for my ash, pathetic slave, blacken that tongue and swallow it. You are an ashtray. Just an object. Each bit of hot ash smolders in your mouth. When I put the cigarette out on your tongue, I want it to hurt. Swallow the butt for me. Kneel and wait until I’m ready for another. You serve one purpose, and a lowly one at that. Do it well.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Burning My Ashtray – WMV

A filthy pig like this isn’t good for much more than eating my ash, cigarette butts and whatever else I decide to shove down its trash hole. From the looks of things I might be over-feeding it a bit. No matter, better to keep all that garbage out of the landfill anyway. And it’s just too amusing to see how excited it gets at the prospect of eating my refuse. Look at that little cock grow in excitement when I light up and blow smoke in its face. It knows that its tongue will soon be covered in my sticky hot ash and spit. Just for fun I decided to burn that tongue and cock so it can have a little reminder of its proper place for the next few days.
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Ballbustingchicks: Empress: Wake Up!

She wakes him up with a glowing cigarette on his balls! She degrades and humiliates her male victim him by talking about his sore swollen balls, that she has abused the day before and now she force him to present them. She abuse his bollocks further and slap him hard in the face. Talks about is inability to get a hard on anymore and the weakness and uselessness of men…
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: My Ash Hole – MP4

There is no other place this thing would rather be; no other place it belongs really. I knew it the second it crawled into my domain and pleaded to be useful to me. Useful? Useful like licking the filth from my boot sole, swallowing my hot ash and eating my cigarette butts? If I feel generous I might spit into it’s mouth so it can swallow up my trash a little better. It’s good to keep one’s garbage dispose-all well lubricated. You never know what I might need to flush down that tube!
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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: Big black Cock

Annika ordered a slave for teaching Marina to humiliate a slave. They gets from the slave agency an old man but he made his job good. He is a perfect teaching object for the goddesses and they have a lot of fun with him.
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Clubdom: Fucked Human Ashtray/Fucked and Stuffed Bitch (September 28th 2017)

Goddess Tangent and Dahlia Rain may just be the most sadistic Mistresses Club Dom has ever seen. The slave feels so defeated as he is forced to be taken from both ends by these demanding Goddesses, splitting him open with their huge dicks that he can barely handle. He cringes and cries as they forcefully shove every inch inside of him.
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Fetish Liza – Dirty outdoor ashtray slave

Totally useless he is not…he can serve Me as My ashtray slave. I point out how lucky he is, receiving my black cigarette ashes and intoxicating smoke in his face. He is nothing more than a garbage container for my smoking habit. I love how much he hates it!
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Brat Princess 2: BP – Multi Purpose Human Pet used as Ashtray for Pretty Girls (1080 HD)

1080 HD Natalya has a slave that has been following her around like a puppy. He’s happy to serve any purpose his Princess might dream up for him. The girls like it when their human pets are multi-purpose. Right now, they want to use Natalya’s devoted slave as an ashtray. Natalya talks about how she walks him outside on a leash. It’s just incredible the degrading things a pretty girl can do to a loser. Natalya’s dedicated pet swallows two cigarette butts from the pretty girls for his Princess.
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Femdom Empire – Vendi Carson – The Human Ashtray

Vendi enjoys the perks of having male slaves around, this slave looks suitable for a job as a human ashtray. She blows huge clouds of secondhand smoke into his face and laughs as he chokes. Vendi flicks hot ashes onto his tongue and commands he swallow. When she is done enjoying her cigarette she puts it out on his tongue.
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Clubdom: Double Anal Stretch At ClubDom (July 3st 2017)

Two bitches sit in their cage awaiting a proper ass fucking its a 2-way anal stretch at ClubDom. Goddess Kylie Rogue and Mistress Dava Foxx pull these slutty ass slaves out and have them lube up their huge black cocks and then bend them over the fuck horse and proceed to fuck their little assholes long and hard filling them up with Hard Dom cock making them beg for every inch and getting off on the power they hold over all men.
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Cruelcity: Tina`s Human Ashtray Swallows Her Cigarette Ash! (Tina Winter)(MP4 Full Hd 1080p Format)

Tina`s slave knows that when she calls, her better come quick! In this video she summons him and he`s at her side within seconds, fearing punishment should he be too slow. He lights up her cigarette like a good boy, and she has him kneel before her as her human ashtray. As she sits and enjoys the delicious puffs of smoke, she pauses to tap the cigarette in his open mouth. “Swallow it,” she demands, and he does as told like a good little bitch. Tina gets her much-needed nicotine fix as her slave obediently sits and waits to take her disgusting ashes. “Thank you, Mistress,” he says after swallowing even more of the gross ash. When she`s decided she`s had enough smoke, she puts the cigarette out on his tongue and makes him eat the butt! He chokes it down, eager to please his mistress and not wanting to disappoint. He`ll do anything for his goddess, even reducing himself to nothing more than her ashtray!
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F E M D O M Goddesses: man ashtray for mistresses in leather in dungeon

The slave is in an abandoned dungeon. There he is bound to the cross, but today he’s lucky, because the two mistresses in leather need an ashtray. For this reason, he is freed from his chains and he has to serve as human ashtray. Of course, he must also lick the floor clean, because the ladies do not tolerate dirt. Then the ladies push the burning cigarette on his tongue. The suffering of the slaves is unimportant.

Im verlassenen Kerker ist der Sklave ans Andreaskreuz gebunden und hat Glück, dass dіe beiden Lederherrinnen gerade einen Aschenbecher brauchen. Dafür wird er von seinen Ketten am Kreuz gelöst und dіent als menschlicher Aschenbecher. Natürlich muss er auch den Boden sauberlecken, denn dіe Ladіes dulden keinen Schmutz. Dann drücken sie dіe brennende Zigarette auf seiner Zunge aus, sein Leiden ist unwichtig.
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Meggerz – Pay To Obey Humiliation: Basement Punishment

Locked up in the basement covered in dirty from Our last little escapade, My little slave awaits his next punishment. Restrained by cuffs, mouth forced open. This poor bitch has no choice but to accept his punishment.
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girls fetish brazil: Loser Being Humiliated by two Queens # FULL VERSION 1920 x 1080 HD MP4 VIDEO 32 MINUTES FOR 15.99$ # GirlsFetishBrazil Videos

Mistress Bruh invites her friend Stefany To use her loser slave, see this clip to which this slave was humiliated, summing up had to lick soles of filthy filthy, smelly sweaty stockings, be made of ashtray eating cigarette ash from them, and licking her Delicious Soles of the feet, being verbally humiliated and taking whips. Where such a useless being comes to do everything that two beautiful women command. Being able to eat all the dirt from the soles of their boots, they got a lot of laughter from the loser. This clip has 32 minutes of much humiliation for beautiful and sadistic girls, they are only 19 years old and it is so cruel. The slave did everything that the Queens commanded. First order or slave had to clean the wages of the boots, together they ordered the slave to remove like boots and to smell their sweaty socks, in seugida or slave licked the perfect feet of each of the queens, while serving as ashtray, eating the ashes From the cigarettes of the queens, there was an hour that Mrs. Bruh puts out the cigarette inside the mouth of the slave and orders that he swallows the cigarette, they gave a lot of laughs, they clip perfect for who enjoy beautiful feet and much humiliation at the command of two beautiful Queens And perfect.

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Elegant femdom: efcl503 human ashtray fullHD

Mistress Demona and Lady Jessica sit on a barstool tasting and trying a new type of cigarette and as usual use the male disgusting mouth as an ashtray. Making him more humiliating and uncomfortable he must put his cock under the stool of Demona who sit him with full weight ignoring the pain she cause to him. In this position he must serve the superior sex.
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Clubdom: Worship My Asshole You Slut

Goddess Rachael Madori and Mistress Mena Li are relaxing enjoying a smoke talking just how much they love owning men, As Slave boy Toby just stares and drools at their feet , they tease and torment him blowing smoke in his face and using him as an ashtray. Mena lets him smell her boot , the ladies laugh at how pathetic he is Then they let him smell their Goddess Pussies and finally Rachael says she has a task for the bitch and instructs Toby boy to worship her beautiful ass, but makes sure to tell him he better get her off , she is ruthless and uses his face as her fuck toy violently grinding her asshole into his face until she reaches orgasm.
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Sasha – Share a Human Ashtray (1080 HD) (with Highlight)

1080 HD Amadahy and Sasha Foxx have a smoke together while on a break. They share a human ashtray while making small talk about the day. When they are finished with their cigarettes, they put the live butts out on the slave’s tongue. They make him swallow the butts and all the ash. Then, the girls head out for some shopping. This clip includes a bonus highlight of a different Amadahy and Sasha human ashtray clip.
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Sasha – Slave’s Balls Stretched while used as Human Ashtray (1080 HD)

1080 HD Amadahy and Sasha smoke a cigarette while on a break. The slave serving as their ashtray has been in a metal ball stretching device for multiple scenes. They might take him out after the break. The slave is very uncomfortable, but dedicated to serve. The girls talk about what they like about smoking while putting ash into the slave’s mouth. When finished, they put their cigarettes out on the slave’s stretched balls. The slave makes some pain sounds. The girls laugh and stuff the cigarette butts into its mouth, which it has to swallow. After cigarettes, the Princesses are ready to film the next scene. The slave is less ready. They’ve decided he’s getting ball kicked next, even with his freshly marked skin.
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Ball Busting Chicks: Natalie: Feel the heat

She not only burns his testicles with a cigarette, as a punishment for sticking out a huge hard on under his pants. She also ties the genitals up with her rubber hair band. Ruthless groin slapping and kicking. She sits on the bed with wide open legs and gets excited by beating his balls merciless.
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EVS Fetish Femdom – Lady Skara – Reasonable punishment Part 1-3

Lady Skara punishes her slave several times a week. Today on the whipping horse the slave receives his due punishment from the young and strict Lady Skara.

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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls: Bernd The Poolboy

The young goddesses Simone and Birgit has an villa with pool and for the garden and pool a poolboy. But not only for work, also for her happiness. Sometimes he has the honour to be the slave from the goddesses. Caning, Footworship, Spitting, Faceslapping, Facesitting, Nipple Torture, Human Ashtray
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Femdom Empire – Kendra James, Sablique Von Lux, Tangent – Public Ashtray

The goddesses are having a party, why not show off their power and dominance by having a live human male serve as the ashtray. The human ashtray is restrained by his head to keep it still. The goddesses relax while enjoying cigarettes and ash directly in his mouth. Having three goddesses using his mouth makes it fill up with ashes and butts quickly. The slaves tongue is completely black and filthy from his service. They blow big clouds of smoke in his face and laugh as he coughs and gasps for air. These cruel goddesses enjoy having men humiliate themselves just to be in their presence.

Featuring: Kendra James, Sablique Von Lux, Tangent
Categories: Human Ashtray, Humiliation, Smoking
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Femdom Empire – Summer Day – Her Suffering Ashtray

Mistress Summer never lets her slave forget how little she thinks of him, and it turns her on to crush his spirit by constantly making him suffer. She enjoys the power she has over the slave, and one of the degrading things she finds most amusing is using him as her human ashtray. Blowing smoke in his face, knocking all the ash off onto his tongue, and putting the still burning hot cigarettes out on his tongue delightfully prove her superiority over the defeated slave. Most of all it is very arousing to see his sickened grimace as she makes him eat the disgusting leftover butts. Mistress Summer really enjoys smoking cigarettes, but her bad habit is much worse for her unfortunate slave.

Featuring: Summer Day
Categories: Blonde, Human Ashtray, Humiliation, Smoking
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy – Smokes in Bed with Human Ashtray (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Amadahy talks on the phone with Her boyfriend while smoking in bed. Her slave, ‘best bitch’ serves as Her ashtray. Amadahy’s boyfriend is such a sweetheart. She misses him a lot when he’s away. This is a very candid clip of Amadahy casually talking on the phone with her love. The slave in this clip is not a shared houseslave, it is Amadahy’s personal possession. She’s altered it completely to fit Her exact personal preferences. Amadahy swoons over her boyfriend, extoling his sexual prowess and general awesomeness. Meanwhile, ‘best bitch’ is just an ashtray. But ashtrays don’t have feelings, so it shouldn’t be bothered by human things like envy. Amadahy wears very revealing lingerie in this clip. If the astray were a man, it would certainly desire Her. But, the ashtray isn’t a man, so it won’t have to grapple with the disappointment of wanting things it can’t have. Amadahy finishes her conversation and her cigarette. She extinguishes the ember on the slave’s tongue, then makes it swallow the waste.
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