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Subbyhubby: Harlow’s Role Reversal (Entire Movie)

Watch Harlow Harrison turn her small cocked boyfriend into an obedient, quivering cuckold who only exists to amuse and please her while she goes after larger and better endowed men to please herself. All 5 parts for a low price. Features: Foot worship, Small Penis humiliation, cuckolding, fucking, forced cum eating, chastity teasing, female domination, humiliation, strap-on.
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Subbyhubby: Harlow Harrison Cuckie (Full Movie)

Harlow Harrison enters her room and notices that something is off. She begins to tease her step dad who is hiding in her closet by masturbating with her vibrator. Harlow then throws open the door to the closet and starts to lay down the law for her step cucky to follow. He will isn’t allowed to touch her dripping wet pussy just yet, but he can watch with his nose just inches away from her wet pussy. Harlow Harrison is busy training her subby step dad on how to please her. Harlow forces him to wear a collar while he worships her gorgeous ass. He licks her tight puckered hole while Harlow pulls his head into her deeper. Harlow Harrison is getting more and more worked up by dominating her subby step cucky. She wants him to show her he deserves a chance to fuck her with his cock by letting him fuck her wet pussy with a chindo. Harlow’s step cucky bobs his head in between her thighs and pumps the chindo in her tight wet pussy. Harlow Harrison is thinking about the fun she will have with her step cucky when they are interrupted by her step brother, who is wearing her panties right now. After humiliating her step brother, she lets her step cucky fuck her pussy while her step brother sucks on her toes. When Harlow’s step cucky shoots his cum all over her pussy, she forces her step brother to clean it up with his tongue. Harlow Harrison has finished with her step cucky who she dismisses after getting his credit card. Harlow isn’t done fucking though. Harlow’s step brother is mesmerized by her big strap on cock she is wearing. She forces him to suck on her strap on cock and then bends him over doggystyle so she can start pegging his subby ass.
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Clubdom: Harlow Harrison StrapOn/Goddess Harlow’s Fuck-Boy

Goddess Harlow Harrison drags her caged slave into her dungeon and forces him to suck her big black cock. Her slave loves having a hard strap on cock in his mouth, and she warns him to lube it up with his spit, because she’s gonna fucks his man pussy with it. Goddess Harlow bends him over and pushes the length of her hard cock deep into his tight man pussy
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Clubdom: Harlow Harrison Whipping/Goddess Harlow Slave Canvas

Goddess Harlow Harrison likes to be artistic, but doesn’t like to use paintbrushes. Instead, she’s found that her art of choice is leaving bright red lines from her leather whip on her slaves back. She has her slave caught by his balls while she starts whipping his back. Goddess Harlow is happy with her whipping art.
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Clubdom: Harlow Harrison Cage-Free Caning

Goddess Harlow Harrison wants to have some fun with her slave today. She takes the pathetic slave out of his cage and proceeds to give him a hard caning on his pale ass. She loves the smacking sound her caning creates. Her slave moves around too much, so Goddess Harlow is forced to restrain him while she punishes him for his insolence.
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Clubdom: Harlow gets Tripple Chindo Pleasure

Goddess Harlow Harrison is horny from training her slaves, but her slaves can’t possibly get her off with their pathetic little slut sticks. Instead, Goddess Harlow asks one of her slaves to fuck her wet pussy with a chindo. She grabs the back of his head trying to teach him how to better fuck her.
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Subbyhubby: Harlow’s Role Reversal: Femdom Sex

decides to see for herself. She begins to flirt with him, knowing her pathetic boyfriend is nearby and will see. He comes over, upset about the situation but Harlow is quick to remind him of his place. She tells him that she is going to be pleasured by the big cock of the other man and there is nothing he can do about it.”Get into your pink collar and come-on, bitch!” Harlow yells at her boyfriend as she drags the pool man into her bedroom. Harlow compares the size of the big cock to her boyfriend’s tiny caged cock. “That’s pathetic, and that’s where it is going to stay” she says, pointing to the cage “and I never want to see it again.” Harlow takes that huge cock deep into her pussy and makes her pathetic boyfriend watch as she is pleasured by him. She really rubs it in his face how inadequate and small he is. Then she makes him worship her feet while she gets fucked for even more humiliation. Afterwards, she forces him to eat the cum off of her tits.
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Club Dom: How Sadists Get Off

Goddess Harlow is in a very horny mood and she wants to get off. Dahlia has chosen a slave to be the lucky object of Harlow’s sadistic enjoyment. Harlow grabs her slave and drags him over towards her and uses his dildo-gag to pleasure her pussy while she watches Goddess Dahlia put on a display of sadism like Harlow has never seen before. The more shredded his back becomes and the louder he screams, the harder her dildo-gagged slave must fuck her.
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Club Dom: Whipping Day with Harlow and Dahlia

Goddess Harlow and Goddess Dahlia have their slave strung up for a whipping. It is whipping day, and they have chosen this slave to be shredded by their vicious whips. “You are really going to get it!” says Dahlia, smiling with sadistic glee. The women take turns shredding their slave’s back with their whips, mocking him and treating him like the piece of meat that he is. It’s the only way to keep their slaves in line, they all must be regularly whipped on whipping day.
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Club Dom: Cock Slut For Goddesses/Cock Slut For Goddesses

Kneel before your beautiful sexy Goddesses and open wide. It’s time for all of your slut training to pay off. Show your Goddesses how you can handle their huge cocks inside your slut-holes. Take every inch into your mouth and your ass. Spread your ass so they can see their gaping target, and take all of their superior cocks into yourself and feel what it is to be truly fucked and over-powered by hot Goddesses.
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Club Dom: Dahila Rain & Harlow StrapOn/Punishment Fuck

Dahlia Rain and Harlow Harrison storm into the dungeon and see their slave slacking off on his cleaning duties. He immediately drops to his knees, obediently and in fear of the two more powerful, taller women. He tries to apologize but the women have other plans. They decide to use their strap-ons and punish him. “We are going to fuck you, and you are NOT going to like it” says Dahlia with a smirk. Soon They are shoving their cocks in his mouth, making him gag and humiliating him. Finally, they bend him over and punish his other hole with their large dicks.
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