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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Natalya – Humailate Ugly Pledge with Restrained Facesitting (1080 HD)

As part of pledge Devon’s initiation into the sorority, she has to let her sisters tie her to a bed and sit on her face. It’s very humiliating for the pledge, but if she really wants to be a part of the sorority, she will do it. Amadahy and Natalya are initiating Devon. They do not like Devon. They are never going to let her into the sorority, but they want to haze her anyway. Devon does not belong in a sorority. She’s too fat and her family is too poor. The richer sorority girls make Devon smell their shoes and butts. Devon has to smell their pussies, feet and stockings, too. Devon complains. The experience is weird, and she wants it to stop. Amadahy and Natalya will not stop. They love making Devon hate herself. They want her life to be miserable. She does not deserve to be part of their group. Amadahy and Natalya set up a mirror, so that they can admire their beauty while riding the homely girl’s face. Amadahy decides that she wants to use the pledge’s face to pleasure herself to orgasm. Devon has not consented to being sexually used. Nobody cares. Amadahy calls her boyfriend, so she can listen to his voice while she cums. He won’t pick up, so she has Natalya sext her boyfriend for her while she dictates what she wants Natalya to type. Amadahy’s sexting is very explicit. Natalya takes photos of Amadahy using Devon’s face, and sends them to Amadahy’s boyfriend. They want Amadahy’s boyfriend to get turned on by their experimental lesbianism. Devon does not have a boyfriend. She’s the only one in the sorority house who doesn’t. The other girls call her “queer” because no male wants her. They suspect that she gets off on the humiliation from the other girls, like a weirdo. Natalya holds Devon down, so Amadahy can get off with her face. Amadahy smothers the lesbian pledge in her ass, denying her air until she cums. Amadahy looks at herself in the mirror as she climaxes. She calls Devon a “stupid bitch” as she orgasms on Devon’s face.
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Princess Ellie Idol: CUMMING ON YOUR DICK 720P

You want the simulation of fucking me? You want to see me cum, FEEL me cum? You want to see me moan in delight and feel absolute pleasure? Yes… It’s so good. I love fucking. I just want to fuck all day long, having orgasm after orgasm..and finally…we cum together! Fill me with your cum!!
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Brat Princess 2: Daniela – Face Sits Danni (Please Mommy No) (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Daniela – Face Sits Danni (Please Mommy No) (1080 HD)

Daniela is still having trouble getting Danni to obey his step sister. In this clip, Daniela sits on her steps sons face nude to train him to be a good tool for her friends and her step daughter. Danni tries asking for her to stop, but Daniela just tells him to shut up and fucks his face even harder. Eventually Danni has no choice but to lick his step mother to orgasm. Mistress Daniela fucks his little face as and ignores his pathetic pleas for mercy. This very intense face sitting smother video. Daniela fucks and grinds hard on her step sons face. He is like a little rag doll under her! He will learn to this for Isabella and her friends as well. Daniela fans have to buy this clip. This is one of her best clips ever!
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy – Hot Pink Spandex First Time Smother (720 HD)

This was Amadahy’s first face sitting video. Her ass looks amazing in these hot pink spandex leggings. She sits full weight forward and reverse and bounces and grinds. She enjoys being able to keep him from breathing the whole time. The tone of this face sitting is playful. Amadahy giggles and laughs through the whole video. Then she realizes she can cum! Then she really starts to grind full weight. She wants to cum! Once she gets his nose where she wants it there is only the grinding and bouncing to get her over the edge. She tells the slave to take a deep breath and then grinds herself to a great orgasm. The end of the clip has a short POV section for ass addicts to enjoy!
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Amadahy and Lexi – Double Scissor and Facesit (720 HD)

Format: WMV
Duration: 8:53 Min
Size: 404 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Amadahy and Lexi wake a sleeping slave and scissor and face sit him wearing sexy leggings. While one girl scissors, the other face sits on him. Both girls take turns crushing its head with their thighs. This is an amazing smother, face sitting, and scissor video. The girls look amazing and they completely destroy the slave. The girls squeeze until the slave is out. The clip contains a highlight video at the end. (8:53 long)
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