Humiliation POV: Extreme Bratty Giggly Humiliating Sissification Of A Loser

A rare find from the vault. A new, exclusive, never seen before clip featuring your favorite Goddesses! This clip features Chloe, Jocelyn, Dylan, Miss Tiffany, and Vina! Watch them degrade, sissify, and laugh at this lucky member!

These gorgeous Brats are going to completely sissify this loser. Isn’t he lucky? First he gets a collar and then he stands up so they can laugh at his little penis. They make him tuck it in between his legs so he looks more girly, lol! Omg there is sooooo much laughter and giggling in this clip!

Next they put makeup on him. He’s going to get a complete make over. Then they put his hair in pigtails. LOL! He looks so stupid and girly. Next he gets a pink wig. You can see from the look in his eyes how humiliated he feels. But the humiliation is only beginning. They dress him up in a bra and panties and heels, laughing at how stupid and pathetic he looks.

Next they make him stroke his little clitty like a girl through his panties! The Brats laugh so fucking hard! Oh my god wait til you see all the humiliating things they do to him. Watch them teach him how to shake his ass! This clip is truly epic! But this is only the first part. Come back tomorrow for part 2 and just Wait until you see what they do to him!
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Humiliation POV Goddess Dylan: If You Can’t Walk In Heels, You Can’t Call Yourself A Sissy

Goddess Dylan

Most of you are foreign to walking in heels like a girl because you’re a clunky guy. You don’t know how to be dainty like a girl and how to sway your hips and walk sexy in a pair of heels. But luckily for you, you have me, Goddess Dylan, the most feminine Goddess of all, to show you how to walk in heels, sissy. You don’t want to walk like a man but you also don’t want to walk like some wobbly bambi who doesn’t know how to walk in heels. You don’t want to break your ankles and look like a fool now do you?

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Goddess Harley – Taped Up and Pimped Out

When I saw you at the bar I know I could get you back here and Duct Tape you to that chair. You’ll notice that your wearing sexy lingerie, LOL! I have a little agreement with the guys that live here. I provide real life faggot sex dolls for them to abuse. I think it hilarious that guys at that bar think they can get with me. Just make sure you open up your asshole real wide for then cuz I get paid more if you satisfy more guys.
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British Bratz: Your New Entity

You are a far cry away from a ‘man’ so therefore there is only one thing for you and that is to completely ensure that any possible male trait is removed from you. With a teeny, tiny, worthless joke of a dick the first thing is your underwear, remove your ‘manly’ boxer shorts and slip into some girly, pink, prissy sissy lingerie.
I want to make sure that your life as a male is truly diminished and your new life of a sissy starts to bloom. Everyday humiliation is exactly what you deserve. I state how your days will plan out step by step, fulling establishing your new entity. I don’t care if you don’t want to, you have been in denial for too long and you will do as I say. I have a whole lot in store for you, a lot of training will be needed but who knows what path this will lead you down. Hopefully a very humiliating, degrading path that will entertain me all the way….
Category: FORCED FEM
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Humiliation POV Queen Sahara: Every Man You Suck And Fuck Will Know That You’re My Sissy Bitch

Queen Sahara

You love being my little sissy bitch, you love wearing panties for me, makeup, bras, and wigs for me. You would do anything I say. When it comes to your sexuality, I control your clit, I own it. And if I want you to be my prissy sissy, then that’s how things are going to be. And you love it so much because it turns you on so much. It makes you so hard to feel like a woman. You get so turned on just from putting on a pair of panties.

I know you already have a large collection of lingerie and it continues to grow. Soon you’ll have more sissy clothes than man clothes as you become more and more girly. You get so hard when you act like a sissy girl for me. And I want to take things to the extreme, I want to put an ad up on craigslist and have you get gangbanged like the slut that you are. I want your mouth and ass constantly filled with cocks until you’re a brainless fuck toy. And that’s what you want to, I know it is.

I want you to be another man’s bitch. And I want you to do it for me. You’re going to be such a good cocksucker, just for me. Every man you suck and fuck will know that you’re my sissy bitch. You’ll know that you’re my sissy bitch. I’m going to help you dress up so that you’re the sluttiest sissy that there is. And you’re going to love it. You’re so hard right now thinking about being my little bitch and that gives me so much control over you. You wanna be my bitch.

Are you ready for the sissy lifestyle? Are you truly ready to embrace it? Once you do there’s no turning back. There’s nothing you can do. Even if you could stop it you wouldn’t want to. This is your life. You’re my little girl and you love that so fucking much. I’m going to keep that little clit dick locked up in your panties because that’s where it belongs.

From now on you will be my little bitch. This is the lifestyle that you want. And this is going to make us so close, and you want that so badly. I’m going to teach you so much sissy and you’re going to thank me! Deep down inside you feel feminine and I’m going to make sure you feel so girly because you’re not a man.
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Humiliation POV Princess Lacey:You Can Only Listen To Sissy Cocksucker Music From Now On

Princess Lacey

The following is a member submitted clip idea. We make your ideas for free on HumiliationPOV. Princess Lacey has done this one to perfection! She will make you feel like such a cock sucking sissy! You’ll be bobbing your head to the beat like the cocksucking sissy that you are! The description is the member’s clip submission in his own words.

I once heard a girl say that Christina Aguilera makes the best cocksucker music. So I asked her what cocksucker music was? She explained that it’s what she calls any music that appeals predominantly to women and gay men, i.e. people who are likely to suck cock. I realized that this applies to pretty much all the music I listen to as a sissy.

So it occurred to me that this might make a good idea for a video, where the Brat in the video tells the viewer that they are only allowed to listen to cocksucker music from now on. She tells them that they must go through all of their music and ask themselves if someone who heard them listening to this would assume that they sucked cock. If the answer is yes, they can keep that song/album, but if the answer is no, they must get rid of it, throw out the CD if physical or delete if digital. They must also apply this same litmus test before buying or streaming any new music from now on. If it would make people think they’re a cocksucker, they can buy it. Otherwise they can’t.

The Brat in the video could give examples of songs or artists that would qualify as ‘cocksucker music’, such as female pop singers, boy bands, etc.

Get ready to enjoy your new music library, the only music will ever listen to from now on.
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Bratty Ashley Sinclair & Friends: Strap-On for Boyfriend 1280X720 mp4

Your girlfriend Ashley finds out that you have been cheating on her, so she got you a present. No… she isn’t going to break up with you- that would be way too easy! You know how you have been asking to fuck her in the ass during sex? Well, instead of you fucking her in the ass…. she is going to fuck YOU in the ass with this big strap-on she bought.
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Humiliation POV Kelle Martina: Mind Melting Sissy Re-Education (Effects)

Kelle Martina

What you need is to be completely re-educated. I know that deep down inside, you’re a sissy. A sissy is a man who’s been reduced to a feminine place. Chastised, dressed up, completely erased of any maleness. But remaining male, remaining humiliated in that state, not fully transitioning over. And what I want from you, is for you to go deeper. Listen to my voice, relax your mind, let yourself be completely taken over by feminine energy. Listen and focus on the pretty sissy bow on my bra.

Focus little sissy, don’t look away as I sway back and forth. Your mind completely melting away, becoming my good little sissy. Know that your maleness is repulsive to me, I want you pretty, I want you feminine. Now think about your male clothing, they’re so boring, and the fabrics are so rough. They’re not silky and lacy. Now I want you to think of your dream sissy closet. All the soft fabrics, the pretty colors, the panties, the stockings, short tight skirts, high heels. So pretty, just imagine all the beautiful sissy clothes that feel so good against your body. You’re displeased with your body right now, it’s not feminine. You want the sexy curves of a female. You want all of those things, the pretty clothes, the curvy body, all atop those sexy high heels.

You want to be sex on legs in the highest heels you can walk in, swaying your hips back and forth. You want that with every fiber of your being. You can feel it in between your legs when you touch it. You want to be fucked and penetrated and used like the slutty sissy that you are. You want to please a man properly. You want to please, you want to be a submissive, beautiful female. You want to toss out your ugly male wardrobe and begin building your new beautiful sissy wardrobe filled with sexy clothes. I’m going to turn you from a good boy to a good sissy. You wanna go all the way. You want to completely transform into the sexy sissy of your dreams. You can feel your mind changing, imagining this life that you can create. I’m giving you the sissy life that you want, that you deserve. You can do it, you will do it, for me.
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Humiliation POV Princess Lacey:Leave Your House Sissy, Leave Your Old Self Behind

Princess Lacey

Well sissy, this has been going on for far too long, and you know exactly what I’m talking about. You get all dressed up like a slutty sissy, for what? To sit around your apartment all by yourself? Not anymore. I’m going to put an end to that. I know you’re dressed up right now as you’re watching this because you truly are a sissy. So it’s time to be your true self, out in the real world. I want you out there strutting around like a sissy all over town. I want you exposed to everyone.

You are going to do exactly as I say, you are my sissy after all. So I want you to put on your sexiest, most feminine outfit. I want you dressed from head to toe, from your heels to your wig, makeup, stockings, panties, a short mini skirt, you know the look you just love. Get really slutty and girly for me.

Now that you’re looking like my pretty sissy, I want you to go stand in front of the mirror and take a good look at yourself. That’s who you are. Just look at yourself, there’s no denying it. Now I want you to say, “I am a pretty sissy and I’m ready to let the world know exactly who I am.” Take that in.

Get ready, you’re going to leave your house and leave your old self behind. When you open that door and step outside dressed like a sissy, you will feel so liberated. And you will thank me for this. You’ve been sitting alone, dressed up for years now. Those days are over. I want you out there. I want this done today. I know you feel ashamed, but don’t. Don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks, just be who you are. It will be such a relief. It’s a different world now, you don’t need to be ashamed anymore. You need this so badly. This is who you really are. And while you’re out I want you to go shopping for something sexy dressed as your sissy self, your real self. And when you come home, you’ll be on your knees thanking me, after your first experience out in the world. Fucking liberate yourself, expose yourself to the whole fucking world.
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Humiliation POV Kelle Martina: Be A Sissy Hooker In Public On Halloween

Kelle Martina

You’re a sissy but you can’t go out dressed like a woman every day. Aren’t you lucky that one day a year, people get to dress up as whatever they want. And everyone thinks it’s just a fun costume. You’ve probably never worn any of your girly clothes outside the house before, right? Well what better opportunity than Halloween. On Halloween you can be anything or anyone, including a hooker, LOL! That’s right, you’re not just going to be a sissy, you’re going to be a sissy hooker.

I want you to get dressed up soooo slutty. I’m talking slutty high heels, stockings, a Short mini skirt, a wig, makeup. You should look like a street walking hooker, lol. I want you to be as trampy as you can get away with publicly. Lots of women like to express their more sexual side on Halloween so you should be able to be just as much of a slut. I want you to make sure you have plenty of time to make yourself look perfect before you walk out that door. I know the thought is exciting you. It’s something you’ve always wanted to do. And it’s totally socially acceptable to do.

And no one will know that deep down inside you really are that slutty sissy. We both know that you are that slutty sissy all of the time but you just can’t show it except for one day of the year. Isn’t it going to be so much fun to dress up and go out in public? I’ll bet you’re so excited to show off your sluttiest outfit and your highest heels! LOL! I want you to impress me, I don’t want you to look like a man in a dress, I want men to have to do a double take when they look at you! I want men lusting after you, LOL!

This is going to be your sissy debut! Aren’t you excited? Maybe you’ll even get lucky and some drunk guy will think you’re a girl and he’ll let you suck his cock, LOL! Or maybe he’ll know and he just won’t care because you look so fucking slutty and hot! You’re going to have so much fun being the sluttiest sissy hooker on the street.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kelly Sunshine: Risky Sissy Fag Chastity Blackmail

Princess Kelly Sunshine

Sometimes you boys make the dumbest decisions. But that’s ok because I have a lot more fun when you do. You get so horny and stupid and when you do, you beg me to blackmail you. So I’m going to get you dressed up really slutty, and have you get down on all fours and fuck that slutty ass for me, while you tell me what a total fucking loser you are. And you’re going to do this for me on cam so I can take pictures and videos. And you’re going to look into the webcam and tell the world your full name, your phone number, your address, details about your wife and job, every little thing that could incriminate you and ruin your life. Could you imagine if I leaked this video? You’d be totally fucked.

But yet the thought of that makes you so hard cause you love playing these risky masturbation games. But know that blackmail is not a game with me, I take it seriously. So if you want to partake, you better be prepared loser. So if you want me to keep those pictures and videos to myself, here’s what you’re going to do, I’m going to even give you a choice. You can lock that dick up in chastity for me for as long as I want. But locking you up would be doing you a favor because your horny cock is what got you into this mess in the first place. I mean we both know you think with your dick and that’s why You come to Me, asking me to blackmail you. You asked for this and now you’re getting exactly what you wanted. And when that cock is locked you’re going to feel so weak and desperate you’ll do whatever I want. You are going to feel this intense need to do whatever I say.

And there’s only one way you can get unlocked, you are going to suck cock for me. I know you’re a slut and you want your ass and mouth used like the whore that you are. I’m going to turn you into a cock sucking slut. You see you begged the wrong person for blackmail if you didn’t expect to get truly fucked over in the process, lol! So from now on, if you want to jerk your cock, the only way you’re going to be allowed, is while there’s another man’s cock in your mouth! But as I said, I was going to give you two choices. You don’t have to suck cock, you can just stay locked up! LOL!
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Humiliation POV Goddess Chloe: Look At What’s Happened To You, Spiraling Out Of Control, Nothing Can Help You Now

Goddess Chloe

Look at you loser, just spiraling out of control. You can’t help yourself. At first you didn’t know if this site was for you, you thought, ‘Am I really a loser?’ And then you realized that you were because you looked down and saw your little dick. Guys with little dicks aren’t real men, they’re losers. So you decided that this was for you and you stroked your tiny pathetic cock while all the hot brats made fun of you. And you Loved it! You couldn’t stop stroking your pathetic little dick all the time. You became obsessed. And then you realized that this could get even more exciting…

You went from being a little tiny dick jerk off to wanting to be in chastity because you realized that you don’t have a cock and it might as well be locked up. You realized you didn’t deserve pleasure all the time. You felt unworthy. And that denial felt so good, being all locked up in chastity. So your little dick got so hard in chastity, throbbing against it’s cage. The fun used to be about cumming, now the fun was not cumming. You probably spent hours rubbing your dick through your cage.

But soon even that got old to you, you wanted to try something new. So on top of your caged tiny little pathetic penis, you put on some panties. And that made you so horny again and you loved it. At first it felt a little embarrassing, but it was so naughty that it felt good. Then you started licking your cum out of your panties and you began loving the taste of your cum, loving the humiliation. You went from being a shy little dick loser, to a panty wearing freak, begging to eat his own cum. Further and further you started falling down the path of humiliation. But you loved it, you couldn’t help yourself. It just grew inside of you and got darker and darker, and deeper and deeper as you spiraled downward into the humiliation hole.

So now from tiny dick loser, to chastity, to panties, to cum eater and before you knew it you were dressing up as a full blown sissy. You’re probably all dressed up right now as you jerk to this. I’ll bet you look and feel so slutty. And you love it, it makes your little dick so hard in it’s cage. You know that insignificant dick is of no worth, so you might as well lock it, you might as well become a girl. And before you knew it…

You were begging to suck cock. You’re turning into a little sissy faggot. You used to be scared of cocks and now you can’t get them off of your brain. All you can think about is getting dressed up slutty and sucking as many cocks as you can. You’re completely out of control, spiraling downwards. Falling further and further and there’s nothing you can do. All you can think about now are cocks, you’re such a fag. Before you could get off to hot girls being mean to you, but now that doesn’t work anymore. You need to think about sucking dicks to get off.

And then it went even further, you started sucking cocks for money, and giving us the money. And then you started begging us to pay us to suck cock. Wow look at you, look at how far you’ve fallen. What happened to you? You wanna Pay me to suck cock when it should be the other way around, but not for idiots like you. You’re so deep in this out of control spiral that you beg to pay me to let you suck cocks. You beg to just be a faggot little sissy bitch. Do you realize how out of control you are? I’ll bet now you want to be blackmailed, don’t you? Yes you want to take it further and further. This used to be a secret and now… you’re on your hands and knees begging to be blackmailed and exposed as the sissy loser that you are. It’s fucking pathetic, you can’t help it. Nothing can help you now, you’re out of control, there is no amount of therapy that will ever cure you of this. You’ll never be able to go back to what you were. Forever an addict, spiraling out of control.
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Humiliation POV Lady Fyre: Transforming You From Curious Male To Sissy Bimbo Is So Easy (Effects)

Humiliation POV Lady Fyre: Transforming You From Curious Male To Sissy Bimbo Is So Easy (Effects)

Lady Fyre

This is a powerful hyp n0 s!s clip, you’ll never truly feel like a man again. Lady Fyre is going to trick your mind into becoming what you truly desire.

You wanna know what its like to be a woman. I understand. You wanna feel what its like to be in the body of a woman for awhile. I get it. Its definitely natural for men to wonder. And youve come to the right place, I can help you with that. All you have to do is close your eyes and listen as i take you down into a deep trance, under my spell. Its no big deal, just let it happen, youll be much more open minded.

Now open your eyes and know that you’re under, in a trance, your mind open to me, open to my suggestions. You want to feel feminine. I understand, and youre going to, but perhaps in a different way than you wanted. But I can see inside you and I can see your secret desires. Now you are a She, no more He, no more male, no more man. A She, Her, Woman, Sissy, you are now all of those things. You crave dressing up in womens clothing. So thats what youre going to do. You crave wearing make up and trolling for cock. I know it seems like an extreme place to go when you said you only want to know what its like to be a woman but I think youd be better as my sissy bimbo. So thats what youre going to be, a sissy bimbo.

And there are stages to get there. First youre going to pick out some nice slutty clothes. And then some slutty make up. Youll be wearing a wig of course. And some sexy lingerie, dont forget that part sissy. Then some nice high heels. I want you sooo bimboish. And youre gonna feel so good. Youre going to look in the mirror and see how very slutty you look, sissy.

Your mouth is going to become a target for cock. Does that excite you? It will. You want to feel feminine, you want to dress like a woman and you want to get all the cock you can. You want to feel slutty. Now that your subconscious is so open to me you hear my suggestions. You know that theyre true. You know that when you awaken youll want to dress so slutty, youll go after cock.

The transformation from curious male to sissy bimbo is so very easy. My programming is sinking in deep. This desire will grow and grow when you awaken. The desire to feel slutty, the desire for cock. Youre going to become a sissy bimbo. Youre going to feel slutty and youre going to love every minute of pleasing all those cocks. And when you awaken all of this will become permanently cemented in your subconscious mind.
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Humiliation POV Macey Jade: Cock Sucking Sissy Cuck Hubby

Humiliation POV Macey Jade: Cock Sucking Sissy Cuck Hubby

Macey Jade

This is part two, click here for part one!

Oh honey, it pleases me so much to see you with your little cock out. I know you heard me making plans with my stud and I can see it got you hard. You sure do love knowing that your wife is going to be pleased by a real man with a big cock. It turns you on so much because you know its what I deserve and you know this is what you deserve. Im sure you loved sucking on the big dildo I got you while you jerked your little cock. You want to be a good cocksucker for big cocks just like I am, dont you?

I hope that youve been practicing and that you can work that ginormous cock all the way down your throat. You love big black cock, dont you? I know you do and so do I. And tonight I have another gift for you to enjoy while Im out with my stud. Youll be sucking that replica of my real mans cock while Im out sucking on it for real.

And its only fitting that while you are sucking cock that you are dressed properly in slutty pink lingerie. Isnt that right sissy cuck hubby? So I got you some hot lingerie and some anal beads for your ass while you suck that dildo. I want you to start training your ass so that one day you can take that big black cock up your ass. Youre going to have so much fun while Im out.

Youre going to be the perfect cock sucking sissy cuck hubby. You want that, dont you? So put on that lingerie, I want you feeling so slutty. Dont you feel so sexy? Tuck your little dick inside of those panties where it belongs. Im going to turn you into the perfect sissy for sucking big black cock.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Isabel: You Want To Be Perfect And Girly, Just Like Me

Goddess Isabel

While this clip is not a traditional mesmerize clip, it has hyp n0 t!c undertones, it is set to trance like music, and is constructed to brainwash you.

I want to show you how weak and pathetic you are. You have a lot of secrets but this one is a special secret. Im so perfect, and I look like a woman, because I am. You look like a man, but inside you are a girl. You love shiny leggings, nail polish, lipstick, panties, and all of this girly stuff. Dont think. Im here to turn you into my perfect girlfriend. Yes because I want a girlfriend and you can be my perfect girlfriend. Dont you want that too? Of course you do. You will love it.

Look at how perfect and girly I am, you want to be perfect and girly too. You want to be me. Look at my nails, look at my high heels, you want to look like this. I am your Goddess and you love to be like me. I know exactly what you need. I will transform you. From your skin, to your clothes, to your makeup, I will give you a complete makeover and make you so girly, just like me.

Look at how sexy and girly I am as I mindfuck you with my words. Its so easy to brainwash you into my perfect sissy girlfriend. You just look at me and listen to my words and it all comes so easily for you now. Youre going to look so sexy, so amazing and you will love how you feel once youve been transformed. I cant wait to see how sexy you look.

Do you see my high heels? You should also be in very slutty high heels. It will make you feel so sexy and so girly, just like me. Im destroying the man inside of you, leaving you as a desperate sissy slut, only capable of bimbo girly thoughts and dress. You will be my perfect girlfriend. I cant wait to see how you turn out. I know this is your dream and I cant wait for you to realize your dreams and reach your full potential. Worship and obey, worship and obey.
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Humiliation POV Princess Brianna: Only Sissy Losers And Women Wear Panties

Princess Brianna

Hey pantyboy, I know youre sitting there in your panties already watching me. You just love wearing panties. It makes your sissy dick so fucking hard. Look at these sexy pink panties I have to show you. Dont you wish you had these on? I know you love the pink ones with the hearts! LOL! You just love the way panties feel against your skin. But more importantly is that you know you belong in panties. Pathetic little sissy bitch losers with small dick dont belong in real mens underwear.

You love feeling sexy and girly. Your cock just throbs every time you put on a pair of panties. Youre not a man, youre a fucking girl. And I can prove it to you. Ill bet that you go panty shopping, dont you? I knew it. And you know that men dont go shopping for panties, dont you? Only sissy losers and women wear panties. I wonder what kind are you favorites? Do you like silk or cotton, full back or thongs? It doesnt really matter to me, you look like an idiot either way, LOL!

And do you know why else you belong in panties? Because your little tiny sissy clitty fits just perfectly in them. Its like they were made for you. A real mans cock wouldnt even begin to fit inside a pair of panties. I think its so gay that you wear panties, LOL! You love wearing them. Look how hard your little dick is right now inside of them. Youre a pantyboy. Admit it. Admit youre not a real man.

But the funniest thing of all to me is that you get turned on when I humiliate you for wearing panties. You put them on and then you jerk in them while I humiliate you. Wow, youre so fucking pathetic. Tell me how much you love wearing panties loser, confess to me.

Look how cute my panties are. Ill bet youd love to sniff them, to lick them, and then to wear them. Oh god I know that would make you so fucking hard. But that will Never happen loser! But we can play dress up and wear panties together, wouldnt you like that loser? Ill bet you wear your panties all the time, when you go out with friends, when you go to work, everywhere. You love your little secret. It keeps your little cock hard all the time.
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Brat Princess 2: Jennifer Kendall and Sara – Rewire sissy to Love Big Black Cock Part 1 (720 HD)

Jennifer, Kendall and Sara Luvv decide to make danni into a girl. Hes a terrible boy, but a passable girl. It even has cleavage once you put a bra on it. Sara brushes some sparkly powder onto dannis face as the trio giggles. Jennifer gives danni a dramatic cat eye with some black eyeliner. Its going to look so different after the makeover. Itll need a new name. The Princesses name the newly made sissy, danielle. Kendall adds red lipstick to their living doll. Jennifer and Sara each claim an eye and apply mascara. Sissy danielle struggles with the instruction to keep just one eye open. You look like a messy whore, Jennifer says as she fixes the sissys lipstick with a paper towel. Three Princess palms slap powder onto the sissys ugly forehead. They make plans to pierce the sissys ears. Itll be so cute to see it wear earrings! The Princesses manhandle the sissy whores tits. It better get used to it, now that it will be living the life of a lowly slut. The Girls apply a blonde wig to complete the sissys total transformation. A chorus of delighted squeals erupts. It looks so cute! For the finishing touch, the Princesses stuff its big feet into a pair of shiny shoes. Its going to have to be sure to walk with all the grace it can muster. The sissy does a somewhat passable girl walk. Jennifer asks, So danni, do you like sucking big black cock? No, danni answers. Im a boy. The Princesses point out that danni looks more like a girl. Hes already most of the way towards learning to love Worshiping big black cock. The Girls begin the sluts training. Danni is restrained on a table, completely immobilized. A tray with a monitor is positioned in front of dannis face. The screen flashes images of big black cocks with suggestive messages. Think big black cock, crave big black cock, Worship big black cock. Footage of dannis ass getting fucked pulses across the screen. He is going to be so completely and thoroughly brain rewired.
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Brat Princess 2: Jennifer Kendall and Sara – Rewire sissy to Love Big Black Cock Part 2 (720 HD)

In part one, Jennifer, Kendall and Sara began dannis sissy transformation by dressing him as a gurl slut. Now, danni has been strapped to a bondage bed and forced to watch images of big black cocks. The Princesses are rewiring him to love big black cock. As danni watches the images, a milking tube strokes his shaft, producing pleasure sensations. The Princesses want danni to associate images of cocks with pleasure. It seems to be working, because the meter reading dannis orgasm level is pushed to 90 percent. As per protocol, he is shocked to prevent him from actually cumming. The Princesses keep a close eye on danni to ensure hes actually watching the screen at all times. They remind danni over and over that he loves big black cock and that he is turned on. Slowly, they want to make danni gay against his will. He bounces on the edge of orgasm for hours while viewing images of cocks being sucked. The images are spliced with dannis own sissy transformation. He is forced to watch, and learn to eroticize, his asshole being used. Jennifer tells danni to open his mouth and imagine a big black cock inside. Every time he sees a cock being sucked, she wants him to imagine that hes the one sucking it. Danni complies. He nears orgasm again and is electroshocked. Sara tells danni that if he admits hes gay, hell be allowed an orgasm. Danni is silent. The Princesses decide to leave to have dinner. Danni will have to remain strapped to the bed until is made gay. Also, Jennifer wants more than 100ml of pre cum from him because she expects to turn a profit. Danni is left alone for several hours. The Brat Princess Machine is in Gay Training Mode. The Sissy must try and cum or he will get shocked. This will force him into loving BBC.
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Brat Princess 2: Jennifer Kendall and Sara – Rewire sissy to Love Big Black Cock Part 3 (720 HD)

The Princesses return from dinner. Danni is still tied to the bondage bed, viewing images of big black cock. Danni is like a zombie, staring blankly at the screen. The Princesses stroke dannis blonde wig and slap his face until he seems more alert. I like big black cock, he utters. The Princesses giggle. It worked! Danni has successfully been rewired to like big black cock. To every question the Princess ask, danni responds with, I like big black cock. It seems to be the only thing he remembers how to say. Kendall shows concern the effects might wear off. She suggests they put danni in the same scenario every day for at least a month, so that the rewiring can have deeper, longer lasting effects. Sara suggests they put danni back into chastity and into his cage for the night. When he wakes tomorrow, theyll test him to see if the effects are lasting. Danni is taken out of bondage and locked into chastity. Jennifer asks danni a question. He responds with, I like big black cock. Kendall asks danni a question. He responds with, I like big black cock. Dannis brain is completely fried. Sara is pleased by his docile state. She decides she can trust him enough in this condition to allow him into her bedroom. Saras going to use dannis mouth for foot worship before turning in for the night. This clip contains the full brain rewire footage we used on danni. We want you to watch it. Watch it repeatedly. Watch it for hours. You like black cock, too.
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Brat Princess 2: Brat Princess – Danni Forced to Cross Dress then Fucked Part 1 (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Brat Princess - Danni Forced to Cross Dress then Fucked Part 1 (720 HD)

Danni hates being in chastity. He complains to Amadahy, Kendall and Noe. Danni asks to be released. Amadahy reminds danni that he is selfish. They own him. He doesnt have the right to ask for things. Amadahy points out that he doesnt use his dick for anything anyway. Nobody wants to have a baby with a bottom feeder. Nobody even wants to fuck one. Danni begs to stay home and jerk off while the Princesses are out. They wont even have to look at him. This proposal is seriously offensive to the Princesses. Dani is reminded that he owns nothing, not even his body. They own it. The Princesses manhandle danni and make him kiss their shoes. Danni complains that his balls hurt. He is only thinking of himself. Amadahy tells danni that they can fix that by signing him up for his SRS, Sexual Reassignment Surgery. All three Princesses giggle. Im a boy, Princess, danni protests. What makes you think that? Amadahy asks. Youre an it. We decide what gender you are. She states. Amadahy spits in dannis face. The Princesses decide to make danni into a girl, just like the famous sisters did to their step-dad. They tie danni down, knowing he will fight it. Danni might resist now, but soon hell realize its much better to be a girl. The Princesses play some music to set the mood. They tell danni not to move. If he moves, he wont get an SRS. Instead hell get a DIY at home castration. Either way, the next time hes getting out of chastity will be to have his dick altered. The soundtrack moves to some Twain as dannis face is powdered. Kendall applies his lips while Noe does its eyeshadow and Amadahy powders. The Princesses decide pink looks best on danni. Kendall produces a pink lollypop as a gift for the pretty new girl. Finally, danni realizes why hes always been out of place. He is a much better girl. God clearly made a mistake, or cruel joke with his sad life. Its ok. It can all be fixed by his Princesses
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Brat Princess 2: Brat Princess – Danni Forced to Cross Dress then Fucked Part 2 (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Brat Princess - Danni Forced to Cross Dress then Fucked Part 2 (720 HD)

Danni is gagged with the pink lollypop while Amadahy applies more blush. Noe applies heavier eyeshadow on their slut. Kendall tells danni to suck on the lollypop gag like a cock. Amadahy holds up a hand mirror so that danni can see his dick sucking lips. This is what his life will be like as a girl. Each day, an endless barrage of cock will breach the barrier of dannis mouth and fill her body. This will be for the rest of her life. Again, danni protests that hes a boy. Danni still isnt getting it. Kendall tells danni to be still while Amadahy applies his mascara. They dont want him to lose an eye, because no one would talk to a one-eyed girl. The Princesses decide that later they will get the strap-on and teach little danni how to suck cock properly before turning her out. They can make danni look like a girl, but they are not sure if his tiny male brain can handle thinking like a girl. But, they can train him the best they can. Noe holds the mirror and forces danni to look at herself while Amadahy applies a blonde wig. Amadahy tells danni that as a boy hes just a useless virgin, but as a girl hes much better. The Princesses re-name danni Jane, because she is such a plain Jane. They put frilly white socks on their plain Jane. After the white socks, the Princesses give Jane mind control shoes. The mind control shoes will turn plain Jane into an instant slut. Everyone is going to want to use you. Amadahy states. With the mind control shoes in place, Amadahy cuts Jane free of her bondage. The Princesses present Jane with new lingerie. Jane doesnt know how to put a bra on. She hasnt been a girl very long. Amadahy teaches her. Janes boobs are so little. Shes probably going to need implants. Jane, smile dont pout. Pout gives frown lines. You dont want to be an ugly girl, do you? Amadahy asks. Jane smiles. The Princesses teach Jane how to walk. Jane walks like a slut. They make Jane twirl. Jane twirls until her dick flies out of her panties. The Princess notice and make Jane tuck it back in. The Princesses take a selfie with their new girlfriend Jane. Jane looks sad when she sees herself in the selfies. As a girl, Jane is allowed the privilege of sitting on the bed. Amadahy poses Jane for a photo with the lollypop and her hand down her panties. The Princesses prepare Jane for her next lesson. Shes going to have to learn how to suck and fuck like a girl
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Brat Princess 2: Brat Princess – Danni Forced to Cross Dress then Fucked Part 3 (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Brat Princess - Danni Forced to Cross Dress then Fucked Part 3 (720 HD)

Danni is now a girl named Jane. Now that she is a girl, she should be fucked like a girl. Amadahy makes Jane bend over and show her pussy. Jane falls forward as she is pushed. Jane claims shes a virgin. Amadahy examines Janes hole and determines that Janes telling the truth. Janes little pussy is tight. At first, her tight pussy might have to be forced, but eventually Jane will be trained to love big cocks. Amadahy pulls Janes panties around her ankles. Noe and Kendall crowd around Janes face. They are going to help wire her to love taking cock. Noe and Kendall start whispering words of encouragement to Jane, reminding her that she loves getting fucked. Im a boy, Princess, Jane protests. A chorus of no Jane erupts from the Princesses. Jane is reminded that she is nothing but a toy. She needs to remember that she was never really a man. Jane starts to calm down a little. Her body starts to open up, and the Princess suspect that Jane might be actually enjoying her slut self. They tell Jane to moan. They explain that when a girl moans, it helps make sure that she is getting fucked right. Moaning means you like it. Jane moans. Its good that she likes it, because this is the only way she will be allowed to cum from now on. Princess, please fuck me, Jane begs at Amadahys instruction. Noe and Kendall remind Jane again and again that shes a slut. They make Jane chant over and over, I love cock. Amadahy pulls out of Janes ass and makes Jane beg to suck her cock. Jane accepts Amadahys cock in her mouth. Amadahy thrusts her cock deep into Janes throat. Janes going to eventually love cum all over her almost-pretty face. Amadahy smiles, Youre going to make a way better girl than Bruce Jenner.
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