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Goddess Foot Domination – Suffer, Slut!

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Every footbitch needs to be put in his place once in a while. Goddess Sarah Brooke and Goddess Brianna, both in black, leather platform heels and seductive cage bustiers, are here to deliver his discipline. With his face wrapped in their pantyhose, he worships these two incredible Goddesses and begs for more as they make him suffer. Goddess Sarah keeps his pathetic balls on a tight leash as he sucks on their dirty heels, laying prone and bound on the floor while they walk right over his cock, pressing their sharp heels into it. If Goddess Brianna doesn’t get the reaction she wants from him, she only pushes his limits farther!
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna, Goddess Isobel – Straps and Clamps

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Strapped to a chair with his legs spread wide open, a pathetic pantyhose slut is at the mercy of Goddess Brianna and Goddess Isobel. In elegant black corsets, platform heels, and sexy, nude pantyhose, the Goddesses torture their slave. He is willing to do anything to worship their soft, silky panythose. Goddess Brianna slaps the shaft of his worthless cock and puts clothespins on his nipples before Goddess Isobel punishes the tip with her thin, wooden cane. By the time he’s finally allowed to cum, his dick is bruised and raw! The beautiful Goddesses release their slave and lay him on the floor beneath their feet, covering his face with their perfect, pantyhose covered feet, and demand that he rubs his beaten cock for them. Their pantyhose slut explodes all over Goddess Brianna’s foot, then uses his tongue like a dirty rag to clean his filthy mess.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – Domestic Dinner Slave

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Today is your first day as Goddess Brianna’s domestic dinner slave. You stand before her, in the kitchen, wearing only a small apron around your waist and a heavy chastity cage around your cock. As her slave, you’ll cook for her and provide her only with excellent service, then pamper her and worship her feet as she enjoys dinner and a glass of wine. Before you serve her a beautiful meal, Goddess Brianna asks for some entertainment from you, her eye candy. She instructs you to remove your chastity device and stroke your cock for her. On your knees at the dinner table, in your cute little apron, your Goddess wants both of her incredible feet in your mouth as you work your cock with your hands. The generous Goddess will even allow you to have dinner with her–your first course is the cum you’ll lick off this plate when you’ve spilled your filth for her. What a good little dinner bitch you are!
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