Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – Cum Clean-Up

The gorgeous Goddess Brianna always deserves to have anything she wants. Goddess Brianna sips wine as one of her foot slaves worships her perfect feet, when she reveals that she caught him pleasuring himself to a video of her. It was not just any video, however. The slut was watching Goddess Brianna make one slave suck another slave’s cock. With access to this slave’s secret, perverted, cum-craving desires, she has a new plan in store for her little whore. He can start to earn a cock down his throat by taking Goddess Brianna’s strap-on between his lips. Then, once her slave has had enough practice, she’ll bring in her stud’s big cock. Goddess Brianna expects her slave to eagerly suck her stud’s cock until his mouth is full of his thick, white, hot load. Tied down and given no choice, he will become Goddess Brianna’s cock sucking bitch!
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Jamie – Cum to my Scent

Are you ready to smell the perfect feet? Come closer and inhale Goddess Jamie Valentine’s delicious foot scent. Go ahead and unzip those pants, too. Stroke your cock to her beautiful feet and powerful aroma. Stick your nose in between her toes and sniff in deeply. This is exactly what she wants. Smell her feet in these sexy little worn flip flops. She has complete control of you when she has you like this, on your knees, sniffing her toes. Her scent will make you explode!
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For over 20 years, Duncan is a serial loser and especially for a few years: his step daughter, Kim, kinky platinum blonde, shopping maniac and strap-on lover, has almost ruined him ; 2 layers later, ANASTASIA, a young Russian pervert arrived directly from Moscow, another blonde to die, unable to make the difference between 10 and 100,000.00 dollars, “money is not a problem, especially when it is yours ….” But when it comes to be humiliated, nothing can stop this guy ! Alone in his big apartement, Duncan is bored. An afternoon, he has a bright idea: looking for a roommate !

The doorbell is ringing, the roomie is a young brunette with blue eyes, with an outrageous cheek, Gaelle is coming up on Duncan’s apartment. If she does not intend to pay the rent, she wants to enslave the owner. GODDESS GAELLE IS BACK.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Jamie – Co-Worker’s Dream Come True

You’re such a foot slut, aren’t you? If your co-worker, Goddess Jamie Valentine, noticed you staring at her incredible feet and invited you to worship her feet, it would be your dream come true. This is what you’ve been waiting for. Stick your tongue out and paint her soles with your eager mouth. Open wide and feel Goddess Jamie fuck your face with her foot, her toes deep in your throat. You’ll be drooling in minutes. Now, Goddess Jamie has a surprise… she snapped a few photos of you sucking on her feet. If you don’t finish all of her work for her from now on, she’ll send them to everyone in your office, and all of your co-workers will know about your perverted foot fetish! Get to work, foot slut.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Jamie – Addicted to your Goddess

Goddess Jamie Valentine needs you to be completely addicted to your Goddess. She has a very special gift for you: a pair of black, soft, sweaty nylons for you to smell. Once you have a single whiff of her delicious scent, your need for more will be insatiable. Every thought in your mind will be of Goddess Jamie once you breathe in her essence. Every desire of yours will be to stroke your cock to her videos, ordering custom videos of her every single day, giving her every thing you own. Addicion is a serious ailment–and your Goddess has you right by the balls. When she counts down, she wants to see every drop of cum she owns spill from you, just for her.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – Crybaby

You’re such a little boot bitch. Crawl over here and kiss Goddess Brianna’s sexy leather boots. The scent of her boots is intoxicating to you, isn’t it? Don’t get too comfortable on the floor at her feet. Goddess Brianna is leaving, and you’re going to be staying with Goddess Kendra James. You’ll be sleeping in her boot closet and required to keep an erection for the entire night. Expect to be paraded around and forced to hump her boots like a dog. Your degradation will be amusing for her and any other Goddesses she happens to be entertaining. You’ll take a pair of Goddess Brianna’s boots with you, of course, just to remind you who really owns you. Demonstrate your loyalty before she sends you off by spilling a worship puddle on the floor in front of her.
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Jerk To My Feet – Mia Martinez – Sweaty Sock Perv

Your boss has noticed the decline in your performance at work. It seems you’ve been more than a bit distracted at the office. Is it the thin, soft, nylon socks that Mia Martinez wears beneath her desk? You’re such a sweaty sock perv, and she’s going to expose you. Mia slips off her small flats and presses them against your face. Stick your nose in deep and smell all of her hard work. She’s been on her feet all day while you’ve been wasting her time, daydreaming about her perfect feet. This is your chance, pervert. Inhale the sweet odor of her foot sweat. She expects much better work from you from now on.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – New Gift Vans

Goddess Brianna loves getting new shoes from her footslaves. You can almost smell the clean, new rubber sole and feel the soft, white laces. Just imagine how they’re going to smell after Goddess Brianna has worn them, without socks of course, and the scent of her sweat embeds forever within the fabric. Goddess Brianna is going to have so much fun teasing you with these brand new sneakers as she breaks them in. It looks like they have a touch of dust from the box… you need to clean the soles with your mouth. Stick out your tongue and show the Goddess the appreciation she deserves.
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Kylie Rose Fetish – Kylie Rose – What Are You Doing?

I was out running and I injured my ankle! I went straight to my doctor’s office in crutches. I took off my sneakers, and the perverted podiatrist put his face right up against my sweaty, smelly socks and shamelessly began sniffing my feet. I couldn’t help it, I had to take advantage of his dirty foot fetish, making him stay there and take another big whiff of my stinky, nasty feet. He loved the sweet stench of my socks and begged me to expose my bare, pedicured feet. I’ll use his perversion as blackmail and make him examine my feet for free. That’ll show him for being a dirty doctor!
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KylieRoseFetish – Kylie Rose – Lick My Dirty Feet Clean!

Kylie’s feet are extra dirty from walking barefoot while shopping today, and she needs you to lick her little feet clean. Open your mouth wide and let your tongue slide along her heel, smelling and tasting her sweet, soft soles and every last speck of dirt and grime stuck to them. Her filthy feet demand to be sucked off and made sparkling clean. Kylie wants to hear you swallow–no spitting is allowed. Hurry, every moment is precious, and you’ll need to do a very good job if you want to feel these feet against your lips again.
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Kylierosefetish – Kylie Rose – Dr. Toe Twinkle

My patient comes in to Dr. Kylie’s podiatry office for an exam, and upon checking his chart, I find that he has a huge balance due on his account. Completely unable to pay his debt, I give him two options: either leave this office right now, or take off my sexy heels and worship my feet! He reluctantly kisses the stinky soles of my feet and then licks in between my toes. It’s not good enough to simply go through the motions–he’s got to love worshipping my feet and cover every square inch of my feet with his mouth before I absolve even a portion of his debt.
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Jerk To My Feet – Dolly Leigh – Short on Rent

Dolly Leigh is short on rent this month, and she comes to you desperate for another way to let her stay. Little Dolly has caught you going through her sock drawer and sniffing her old gym sneakers.. She bets you’ve even cum just thinking about her perfect, sexy feet. Dolly offers you a trade: instead of paying for rent, each month she will let you sniff, lick, touch, and suck on her sweet, delicious feet. Today, she’ll even spread her cute toes wide for you, let you take them in your mouth, and watch you rub your hard cock against her soft soles until both of her feet are sticky and dripping with the mess of your thick cum.
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Jerk To My Feet – Nicole Clitman – My Favorite Old Shoes

Perky, strawberry blonde Nicole Clitman is here to show off her fifteen year old, dirty converse sneakers. Lucky for you, she’s never worn them with socks on, so they’ve absorbed all of her sweat over the years. She unlaces her cute shoes and then takes a deef whiff inside before sharing them with you. She teases you with her favorite pair, spreading them open while wiggling her beautiful, bare feet and pedicured toes in front of you. Nicole seductively spreads her legs wide and holds her open, stinky sneaker between her thighs, the rubber sole flat against her pussy lips, asking you to cum right on the footprint inside. She wants to watch you cum into her converse, so she can slip them back on over her feet and feel your wet, sticky load between her toes as she wears them.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Lexi Luna – Disruptive Student

How dare you disrespect your professor, the beautiful and demanding Goddess Lexi Luna!You need to be punished harshly for your disruptive insolence. If you want credit for this semester, you’ll need to show her you can follow directions better than you have in class. Goddess Lexi shows you exactly who is in control as all of your peers are watching you, kneeling naked at your teacher’s desk, taking the punishment you deserve. Stick your nose deep into her sweaty, stinky heels and inhale her scent after a long day of teaching on her feet. To further your embarrassent, she orders you to stroke your cock as you sniff her soles, and then cum on the floor in front of the entire class. If there’s any hope for earning your degree at this institution, you’ll lick your warm cum from the filthy floor before you’re finally dismissed.
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Julie Simone: Stinky Feet JOI

I’ve been walking around all day in these cute canvas wedges and My feet are sweaty and stinky! I quickly tease the shoes off to let you bury your nose in deep. I put My feet over your nose so you can take it all in, then tell you to clean My feet with your tongue. I want you to lick the soles up and down and get in between each of the toes. I then count you down to a powerful orgasm.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Alise deSade – My Fishnet Slut JOI

Goddess Alise deSade has been wearing her black, thigh-high, fishnet stockings all day, along with her sexy, patent leather pumps. Just from the scent of one of her shoes, she sees how you can hardly contain your excitement. Open your mouth and get a little taste of her delicious foot sweat. Show her what good little stocking bitch you’ve become for her. Goddess Alise wants more than just your mouth. She wants you to take out your cock, too. Rub your face on her fishnets as you stroke your cock to her magnificent body. Worship her well, and she’ll let you finish before she locks you back up in your cage.
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Elegant femdom: efcl505 cbt-footsmell game fullHD

Painful and humiliating femdom game. The slave’s balls is tied with a rope very tight. One of the mistresses put up her legs on a chair and allow the slave to lick and smell her feet if he can reach it. Meanwhile the other mistress from the other corner pull back him by the rope tied to his balls. The slobbering foot fetishist slave does his best but the pain in his sack seems harder. Funny amusing femdom game for females and a painful humiliating torment to the slave.
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Elegant femdom: efcl494 foot fetish fullHD

After the slave worshiped the sweaty socks of the mistress he is allowed to remove it and feel the warm stinky bare feet. He is under Demona feet smells, worships and kisses her sexy amazing feet while she pull his cock and balls with a rope.
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Elegant femdom: efcl502 double nylon smelling fullHD

The second part of this session. In this part the ladies allow the idiot inferior male to take off their high heels and smell the sweaty nyloned feet. They chat and totally ignore him as if he was an object.
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Maria Marley: Smell-O-Vision (Sole Sniffing Fantasy) MP4

Maria has been running errands around town in her chucks with no socks on. And here you are just waiting for her shoes to come off. Like a waiting for asweaty feet treat! Just wishing you had feet like this in your life to worship.These are the type of feet that you dream of! All you want to do is smell her sweaty feet and worship them.Why dont you take a nice big whiff of my nice big feet, go ahead smell them.Nasty foot boy, you are nasty! Mainly a foot smelling clip but also somewhat of a foot domination clip, just knowing you will never get feet like this in your face.Even goes as far to humiliate your wifes rough gross ass feet knowing thats what you live with. This clip is a totally footsniffing fantasy for you with the life you live. All you can do is smell through the screen like Smell-O-Vision.And how do they smell?Cause theyve been marinating in her chucks all day in this heat.This clip ends with a countdown, but more so a sniff and stroke countdown.1-10 Sniff! Stroke! Sniff! Stroke! Making it happen!
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Elegant Femdom: efcl484 foot smelling HD

The slave under mistress Jessica feet smells and worships her sweaty black hosed feet. The lady just came from all day shopping so she orders the slave to remove her shoes and sniff her stinky feet.
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Elegant femdom: efcl474 foot smelling with cbt fullHD

Lady Demona suffocates the slave with her sweaty hosed feet and forces him to smell them while pull his cock and balls hard with a rope. (video clip)
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Goddess Foot Domination – Kneel Before Me

Model: Goddess Tatianna

Are you ready to experience the most gorgeous feet you’ve ever seen? Goddess Tatiana is ready to let you show your respect to those perfect soles, and she starts by demanding you start stroking your dick while you sniff her shoes. She insists you eat her feet, opening your mouth wide to suck her toes. She’s watching closely, so make sure you stay focused on working your cock, but don’t you dare cum without permission. She tells you to put her whole foot in her mouth, and then promises you a release if you do a good job. Don’t forget the other foot, and make sure you get in between the toes. She can tell how excited you’re getting, but tells you it isn’t time for you to cum just yet. Suck her big toe, and keep working your tongue and your dick because it’s going to take a lot to prove yourself to her. Finally, she commands you to empty your useless sack, and then, she’s done with you. Get out!
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Brat Princess 2: Gwen – Cuck Worships Feet Before Night Spent Under Bed (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Gwen makes her cuck take off her pumps and smell them before smelling her feet. She is wearing pantyhose and the pantyhose are damp with sweat. The cuck inhales the smell of Gwen’s sweat deeply. After the cuck has been intoxicated by the smell of her Goddess sweat, Gwen has the cuck remove her pantyhose. She commands the cuck to worship her perfect feet. The cuck sucks on Gwen’s toes and kisses all along her high arches. When Gwen is satisfied with the worship, she has the cuck lay on the floor. She smothers the cuck with her feet until it starts to get sleepy. Gwen tells the cuck to crawl under her bed. She’s going to have a real man come to the house to fuck her soon, and she wants the cuck to stay under her bed so it can listen to her get fucked. The cuck will be locked in chastity and forced to listen to its Goddess pleased by a superior male.
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Brat Princess 2: Charlotte and Gwen – Bar Loser Bullied by Bratty Roommates (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Bratty roommates Charlotte and Gwen invite a loser form the bar to come home with them. He probably thinks hes about to get a threesome, but really they just invited him over to humiliate him. After talking about the loser behind his back while hes in the bathroom, the mean roommates make the bar loser sit on the floor instead of next to them on the couch. We were curious, how big is your penis? Charlotte blurts out. Its small, isnt it. Gwen states. The loser just looks at the floor in shame without answering. Lets see it! Charlotte demands. The roommates make the loser stand and drop his pants. They point and laugh at the losers small penis. No girl will ever fuck you. Gwen tells him. Charlotte adds, The only thing youre good for is rubbing and kissing feet. Charlotte makes the loser sit on the floor and smell her feet. Come on loser, kiss my feet, show me how bad you wanted to fuck me tonight. The loser kisses Charlottes feet while Gwen giggles behind her hand. Charlotte and Gwen humiliate the bar loser by making him lick the bottoms of their feet. They remind him again and again that he will never fuck a girl like them while he worships. The roommates decide that they like humiliating the loser so much, they want to keep him in a cage, so that they can have him service their feet whenever they feel like it. They actually have been looking for a third roommate, and the bar loser will be perfect. He can pay 100 percent of the rent and all of the utilities and have the cage for his room. Of course, hell have to stay in chastity the entire time. Its only appropriate for a pin dick loser living with two hot women to be in chastity the entire time. The loser theyve found at the bar will make the perfect slave for them.
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Humiliation POV Princess Nikki Next: Gym Brat Makes You Sniff Her Socks And Feet

Princess Nikki Next

I just had such a good workout, my feet are so stinky in my cute sneakers and socks. I’ll bet you’re excited to smell them, aren’t you? You dirty little foot boy. Here lemme take my shoe off so you can get a good sniff of my socks. Go on loser sniff em. Then watch me take them off so you can see the sexy soles of my smelly feet. Sniff my yummy little feet. Or do you wanna smell my stinky socks? Here let me put them in your face so you can get a whiff. Smell my stinky socks you little loser. I know you like the smell of my sweat. Come smell your bratty princess’s stinky socks.

Only a loser like you would like my stinky face in their face, especially by a hot brat who’s so much younger than you. Don’t I have just the sexiest feet? Get your nose up real close and sniff em. Awww is your cock getting hard? I know it is loser. You get excited by a bratty girl’s stinky feet that you’re never gonna have, only over the internet will you ever have them. And you’re just going to jerk your cock to the thought of smelling my stinky socks and feet. You know I think you’re an idiot, don’t you?

You love my smell don’t you loser? Keep stroking loser. Stroke to my feet, my socks, my sneakers. You’re just a stupid loser jerking off to my young, stinky feet. I honestly think it’s gross that you like stinky feet. But you, it gets you fucking hard! That’s truly pathetic. But since you’re jerking, you better make it count, I want you to blow a big load for me. I mean look at me, who wouldn’t? Inhale all of my scent you pathetic loser. Now I’m going to count you down to a big orgasm and as I do, I want you to confess how much you love my feet and how much you love sniffing them and my socks. Awww look at you, you’re about so cum for my stinky feet and socks, aren’t you? I know you can’t cum unless you’re sniffing them. Smell em you fucking loser and blow your fucking load!
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Mandy Flores: Stinky Feet Handjob

A nice sensual foot smelling worship session after getting home from a long day. My feet are sweaty, stinking and aching from being in high heels all day. My feet are the center of arousal for this foot lover, taking just a simple hand job to a kinky level. You know the feeling when your foot fetish runs so deep that its not pussy, tits or ass that gets you off, its the smell and touch of a womans feet.
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Brat Princess 2: Goddess Brianna and Lola – Brother forced to Worship Mom and Sisters Feet (Femdom Family) (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Goddess Brianna and Lola - Brother forced to Worship Mom and Sisters Feet (Femdom Family) (1080 HD)

Danni is finding it tough adjusting to life in chastity. His twin sister Lola is not making it any easier. In this clip Danni finds it difficult to worship her sisters and mothers feet. It is humiliating. “Do it!” Lola yells. He has to do what the girls in this family say. Goddess Brianna asks him if he heard his father screaming from a pegging last night. This is what happens to males that complain. Danni finds out the chastity tubes only get smaller from here on out in this family. He is only wearing a starter chastity tube. Lola asks her mom if she can use Danni’s room as a giant shoe closet and move him into her actual closet. He will have a mat to sleep on. Her clothes will still be hanging in the closet so he will only have a very small amount of room. Lola and Goddess Brianna teach Danni how to worship their feet. He is forced to beg for his sister’s feet. He is forced to smell his moms and sisters feet and admit that he likes it. Danni is humiliated. He knows he is going to get pegged soon. Lola is going to make sure it happens.
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Mandy Flores: Extreme toe spread

U coming in a room laying on your stomach with your feet hang off the bed along with some old canvas/sneakers without socks. Leave them on for a min then use your feet to take them off and give my a wide toe spread show. Make sure your feet looks clamy and sweaty along with some toe jam if possible. Side by side spread’em and crossed spread’em. At times hold the spread as if I was trying to smell between them. Can u wear jeans, t-shirt, and some glasses as if u were a nerdy girl that knows she has stinky feet and don’t give a damn lol! I would like for u to say things such as “I know my feet stank”, smell’em”, put your nose between my toes. Instead of using the word stink, use stank and stank’in. Before the clip ends give me a up close toe spread show so I can see between them toes.
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#133 Sock Sucker

Format: WMV
Duration: 8 mins
Size: 421 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

A fun custom Christina Paige and I forcing slave ray to smell our nasty socks and just get abused by us in general. Perfect for you sock foot fetish boys!
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