Humiliation POV Princess Kira: My Sexy High Heels Scramble Your Weak Little Brain

Princess Kira

There’s something about the sound of a beautiful woman walking in her sexy high heels. They way they hit the floor. It makes you hard as you listen to the powerful sound of my heels walking on the floor. Your heart is racing. Your lust for my power is growing with each step of my sexy heel crushing the floor. Look how sexy my heels look. They are so sexy, so dangerous. You worship them because they hold power over you.
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Mandy Flores: Knee High Sock Addicts

Love it when you foot boys confess your ultimate addictions and fetish fantasies.Guess my knee high socks are making some really pathetic foot slaves admit this secret fetish and they dream of worshiping my feet, bla bla. Fuck, you fools are just a dime a dozen. What makes you think you are better than any other guy who wants to have the privilege of worshiping my feet. Absolutely nada. Funny you think that you licking my socks clean will be some kind of benefit to me. Wow, you are so worthless. To have your pathetic face at the bottom of my feet is no prize for me so get ready to spoil my perfect princess feet if you want the position. That is the only way you would ever get even close enough to smell my sweaty knee high socks. Begging is a good start but its annoying unless its followed by gift or money. Next, you want to smell my socks? Ok, but only if I get to smother your face with them, just rub my stank all over your face until you can barely breath. You want to taste my knee high socks bitch? Ok, open up! I love to fucking face fuck my foot bitches. OMG, look at your hard fucking dick, i bet you wish to cum on my sock today? oh, you will lick your cum off them, really? Prove it to me, cum to me on the floor and lick it all up…yeah thats what I though, all that courage went right out the pee hole didnt it,,, guess Im going to have to head slam your face into it with my knee high sock covered foot to get the job done.
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Cruelcity: Mistress Karen Has Her Bare Feet Worshiped!

After a long day, Karen arrives home and plops down on her sofa in exhaustion. "Hey, bitch! Where are you?" she calls out, and within seconds her slave comes crawling to her side. She kicks off her heels and rests her aching feet on his back, using him as her human furniture while he obediently remains motionless. She instructs him to peel her nylons off with his mouth, then has him lick her dirty feet clean while she relaxes. "Do you like my stinky feet?" she asks before having him suck each toe one by one, reminding him to do it gently as her beautiful toes are quite delicate. Making him lay on his back beneath her, she shoves one foot in his mouth so he can continue sucking her toes while her other foot steps on his encaged cock. "Careful!" she warns when he gets too eager and makes the mistake of mouthing her toes too hard. "No, it`s too wet!" she scolds after he makes another mistake by slobbering all over her foot. Unimpressed with his foot worshiping, she sends him on his way while she thinks up a punishment for the loser!
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Humiliation POV Princess Macey Jade:Pigs Like You Belong On The Floor, Oinking, Paying And Licking My Feet

Princess Macey Jade

All of you are fucking pigs, worthless disgusting pigs. Oink for me, pig. You can try and deny it but I know how weak you get when I look into your eyes and call you a pig. You know as well as I do how stupid and pathetic you become in my presence. I tease you with my hot body and my perfect ass and you drop to your knees. You can’t help yourself. The feeling is overwhelming. So fall down to the floor and squeal like a fucking pig.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Paige: Mindless Foot Zombie Trance For Helpless Foot Junkie Addicts (Effects)

Goddess Paige

The audio for this clip includes subliminal whisper triggers that are delicately planted in your brain.

Look at you pet, I can see you staring, it’s ok, you can stare. In fact, I want you to. The more you stare at my gorgeous feet, the more relaxed you get. Every muscle in your body relaxes, everything feels so good, so delicious, so perfect. You’re going to find yourself falling deep into the inner workings of your mind. You’re going to be entering a blissful, erotic state where all the you can focus on, are my feet.

You are nothing but my foot junkie addict. My perfect feet make you mindless. They are the most perfect feet you have ever seen, filling you with desire, with an unquenchable thirst. You’re in love with my pretty princess feet. You’re helpless. You’re out of control. You’ve never seen anything so exquisite as my beautiful feet. You are mesmerized by them. Stare at my perfect wrinkled soles, my dainty little toes, how they curl and point.

The sight of them makes your cock grow hard. Your mind is weak, you’re overwhelmed with desire as your cock gets harder and harder. You’d do anything for my pretty feet. You’d do anything to please my perfect princess feet. You’re becoming a mindless zombie for my feet, existing only to worship me. You wish you could smell them, wish you could taste them. My soft arches, my delicate ankles are making your head spin. The thought of my feet consumes you. It’s all you can think about, and you’ll do anything I ask, just for my perfect feet.

You love my feet. You love and adore me. You are mine now, my addict, my foot slave zombie. My feet will destroy you. You can no longer think about anything but by my feet. Thoughts of my feet consume you. You are my foot addict zombie boy, and only through worshiping my feet will you ever find happiness.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Kyaa: Obsessed Horny Foot Boys Edge And Eat Their Cummy Messes For Me

Goddess Kyaa

My feet are your complete obsession. I am beautiful and perfect but it’s my feet that you just can’t stop thinking about. It’s my feet that just draw you in and make you weak and make you stupid. While I tease and taunt you, all you end up looking at are my toes. You just want to suck on my toes and lick them clean. You’re barely even looking at the rest of me despite the fact that I’m gorgeous and have a perfect body. You don’t care about seeing me naked, you don’t care about sex, no, you just care about my feet.

You don’t even think about my pussy because you know you’re so fucking unworthy that there’s no way you’d ever be allowed near it, and you’re fine with that because you know your place. You’re a little foot worshiping fucking beta male. You just need to focus on my feet. That’s all you can think about, my sexy sweaty dirty feet and licking them clean. This is making you so horny, isn’t it? I want you edging for my feet. You’re only allowed to cum for my feet. You don’t want anything else, not even anyone else’s feet, just mine. No one else’s feet can compare.
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Humiliation POV Princess Mika: Toying With Weak, Obsessed Foot Puppets

Princess Mika

Hey foot bitch, there’s nothing you love more then jerking off to my perfect, sexy, size ten feet. I know you’re already hard for my feet. Start stroking. You deserve to be beneath my feet, you’d do anything to be there, to be beneath my long, long legs. I want you to jerk it really hard and really fast in anticipation of seeing my feet. I want you to prove how much you love my feet with your hand wrapped around your pathetic cock, you fucking freak.
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Subbyhubby: Paris Trains Her Husband Part 2: Foot Licking Cuck

Paris Knight now has her submissive husband and her stud in collars and she decides to lay back and masturbate. She shows both of the men her gorgeous wet pussy. She tells her husband that if he really wants to save their marriage, he will do exactly as she says. She makes both men lick her gorgeous feet and toes while she cums over the control she has over them both, even the stud.
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Humiliation POV Miss Tiffany: Mindless Foot And Heel Zombie, Jerk And Let Your Mind Go Blank

Miss Tiffany

You already know that every time you see me showing off my heels, you’re fucked. Just like that, you become my little foot zombie, addicted to my sexy heels and my perfect little feet. You can’t get enough of them. It’s so pathetic. And yet there you are, with your cock in your hand, jerking off to my feet. You’re jerking off to my sexy heels, something you’ve seen countless times, yet you’re such a little fucking zombie for them, your mind goes completely blank, and you just can’t stop mindlessly jerking. And when you get horny you feel this need to pay them again and again.

It’s so fucking easy getting into your mind with my sexy heels. I know how much my sexy pumps turn you on. You’re so weak for my feet, a mindless fucking zombie. You want to worship them so bad. You can’t look away. The thought of being in between my the sole of my foot and my high heel is too much for you. I know just the thought made your dick twitch. I control you with my feet so easily. And every time you see them you get weaker and weaker. I want you to beg me how to take my heels off because I know just how badly you want to see my bare feet. How badly you want to be underneath them. So beg like the needy little foot bitch that you are. Good boy.

My feet are just so fucking perfect. They own you. Being underneath my feet occupies your thoughts more than it should. My feet are flawless, that’s why you can’t help yourself. Get down your knees and worship my feet you little zombie. You’re so fixated on my feet and my toes, they completely own you. I know you’re getting weaker and weaker. That’s what happens to horny foot losers. You’re nothing but a mindless zombie for my feet, so eager to be under my feet. My feet are the best thing to ever have happened to you. You need them. You crave them. My feet will remain imprinted on your mind, forever. It’s impossible to erase such perfection.
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Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: Worship My Feet With My Lover’s Cock Up Your Ass

Miss Honey Barefeet

You have a serious obsession with feet and cocks. I know how horny and fucked up you feel when you’re looking at my toes. You’re feeling week and slutty. Thinking about my lover’s big cock is such a tease for you, isn’t it? And my feet are so tempting, aren’t they? You just can’t help yourself. You’re one confused, sick, fucked up freak.

I want you on your knees, worshiping my delicious feet. I want you face down, ass up and spread those cheeks. You’re such a lucky anal slut. You’re going to learn how to serve both your Mistress and her lover at the same time. You’re going to take his cock in your ass as you worship my feet. Inhale me, inhale my feet and get intoxicated by their smell as you take his cock up your ass. You’re so depraved. I know you’re loving this.

Kiss, worship and sniff my feet as you feel his cock sliding in and out of your ass. I’m going to make sure he fucks you so hard. You dirty, filthy anal foot slut. Nothing feels better than worshiping my feet and being fucked in the ass. I want you to moan as you kiss my feet and take your Master’s cock in your ass. LOL! That’s it. You like that don’t you? You love feeling that big alpha male cock stretching your ass. You love being such a dirty foot loser, knowing that nothing feels better than serving my feet while offering up your ass, LOL! Your ass is useless unless it’s serving my lover’s big dick.

But my feet are worth it, just look how weak you are. Everything about my feet makes you so horny. You can barely handle it. Your cock is hard with my feet in your face and my lover’s cock in your ass. You live for this. Get ready to take that alpha cock load right up your asshole. You’ll do it for my feet, they make you feel so dirty and slutty but you love it. You love being filthy foot slut for my gorgeous toes. Feel his cock pulsating in your ass as you kiss my toes loser. Feel that load filling up your ass, feel how dirty you’ve become. My toes addict you, that make your mind blank so that you will do whatever I want. You’ll get so nasty for me.
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Christy Berrie: Multiple O’s for Feet

Let’s play a game, foot boy! You should be quite addicted to my perfect feet by now, always wanting more. We’re going to see just how quick you can cum for my feet in these sexy sandals… you have ONE minute to spill your load, if not- try again later! Once you cum in a mere 60 seconds, you’re going to cum AGAIN for my feet. Catch your breath as I slide my beautiful little feet out of the sandals- Luck you, your next orgasm will be to my bare feet! This time you have a whole TWO minutes to orgasm. It shouldnt be difficult for REAL, addicted foot boys!
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Bratty Foot Girls: Amadahy & Alexa Chastity Foot Slave Training – SD MP4

Amadahy has her real life LSave Max at her feet to serve herself and Alexa. He isn’t into feet and is locked in chastity but that doesn’t mean he gets out of worshiping both Goddesses feet. Amadahy mocks “it” as she makes it suck her heel like a cock. Making it lick the bottom of her dirty heels before it gets the satisfaction of smelling their divine Goddess bare feet. Once the shoes are off it has to suck on their toes and lick their smelly soles clean. Seeing it is locked in chastity and stripped naked, it is made to lay down as the Goddesses foot gag it on the floor before having it return to foot slavery.
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HEY FOOT BOY, ARE YOU EYEING OUR FEET? YEAH WE FIGURED. YOU ARE SO WEAK FOR OUR SOLES. We dangle our gorgeous feet right in your face. We know you are a weak footboy who only gets off to brat feet. You enjoy taking advantage of you, we like to see you squirm and jerk like a foot idiot. We know your dick dedication to our soles runs deep. Our feet own you completely. Submit to us now FOOT BOY!

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Humiliation POV Macey Jade: Conditioned To Jerk To My Feet

Macey Jade

I look so amazing in this cut out dress, but I’m not wearing it for you, I’m wearing it to fuck with you. Look how it hugs every curve on my perfect body. But I’m not going to let you jerk to me like this because losers don’t get to jerk to hot girls in tight dresses. Losers like you, only get to jerkoff to my perfect feet. And I don’t care if you have a foot fetish or not. This is about humiliating you, showing you that you are beneath my feet. Jerking to the soles of my feet is all you’re worthy of.

You don’t get to decide what you jerkoff to, you’re lucky I even let you jerk to my precious feet. You’re so lucky to have my feet in your face, to be told that you are allowed to stroke in my presence. And losers like you need to be conditioned to jerkoff and worship the bottoms of my feet. And it’s only fitting that you jerkoff to the soles of my feet because you know you are so far beneath me.

Stroke to my gorgeous feet loser. Take it all in, my soles, my wrinkles, my arches, my cute little painted toes. You know this is where you belong. I’m going to train you to be my foot slave, to worship feet, whether you have a fetish for them or not. You’re being conditioned loser, all slaves must know how to worship a goddess’s feet. This your place, beneath my feet. Stroke it faster. Imagine being able to kiss and lick my feet. You’d feel so low yet so honored.

It feels so good jerking to my feet, doesn’t it? This is the only way you could ever please me, by pampering and worshiping my feet. My feet are turning you into a worshiping, jerking, drooling zombie. It’s only fucking fitting that losers jerkoff to feet. Stroke faster, edge that cock for my feet you idiot, I’m going to make you cum with only my feet. You’re gonna be so addicted to my feet before you even realize what’s happening. You’re going to be begging me to be beneath them so you can worship them. And now I have you conditioned, your programming is complete.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Kyaa: Worshiping My Toes Gives Your Life Purpose (June 6th 2017)

Goddess Kyaa

You little, pathetic weakling, down there on the floor beneath me. You don’t deserve to even look upon my beauty. I am a Queen and you are nothing but a pathetic little minion. You’re nothing. You are less than nothing. In fact, you’re a nuisance. But if I can find a use for you, perhaps you won’t be such a waste of fucking space. Put your focus on my feet, specifically my perfect toes right there in your face. They make you so horny and so weak. I have so much power over you with just my toes. My feet are more powerful than you could ever conceive of being yourself.

Just look at how much I’m turning you on with my feet in your face. Focus on my toes as they destroy your brain cells. I want you spending your time thinking about my perfect feet, wondering what color my toe nails are. Obsess over every aspect of my perfect toes. Spend every day worshiping them, stroking for them, thinking about them. And if you’re lucky, I’ll even let you pay them. You might even have the honor of paying for my next pedicure.

Being my toe worshiping slave boy is your life’s purpose. Your whole life is about worshiping me. The only reason you work or even fucking exist is to please my feet. You’ve always been a slave to my toes since the first time you laid eyes on them. But you are not doing enough for them and that’s why you find yourself depressed and restless. That’s why you come to me, begging, because you don’t know what to do with yourself. You simply need to worship me and focus on my toes. You don’t deserve anything but my toes.

You’re just a toe worshiping bitch for Goddess Kyaa. Focus on my long, lovely toes, see how I can stretch them and flex them, and scrunch them and curl them. And see how I can point them right in your face. Do you think you could fit all of my toes in your loser mouth? LOL! My feet are your total obsession, your addiction. You live for my toes, you crave them. Your cock is so hard and you’re so horny but you’re not allowed to cum until you pay tribute to my toes. Focus on my toes in your face and pay for my pedicure, my toe slave. And knowing that you paid for my next pedicure will make your cock throb.

You paid your cum tax and now you’re going to stroke for my toes. You’re a slave for my perfect feet. Cum for my toes, cum for my perfect feet, slave.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Session POV – Foot Slut’s Intro to Anal

More GoPro footage from real life sessions. My foot slut wants to try anal but he’s not sure if he’s ready. I decide to encourage him with my gorgeous feet in his face as I introduce him to dildos and butt plugs. He may have bitten off more than he can chew by the end.. but the visual of my feet keeps him going. Very authentic play.
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Elegant femdom: efcl501 double shoe licking fullHD

The first part of a light girl-talk with Lady Demona and mistress Jessica. They chat about food, restaurants, clubs, pubs and parties while the footslave lick their shoes humbly under their feet. The ladies completely ignore him during the chat.
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Elegant femdom: efcl494 foot fetish fullHD

After the slave worshiped the sweaty socks of the mistress he is allowed to remove it and feel the warm stinky bare feet. He is under Demona feet smells, worships and kisses her sexy amazing feet while she pull his cock and balls with a rope.
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Elegant femdom: efcl502 double nylon smelling fullHD

The second part of this session. In this part the ladies allow the idiot inferior male to take off their high heels and smell the sweaty nyloned feet. They chat and totally ignore him as if he was an object.
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Humiliation POV Bratty Ashley Sinclair: Hot Club Girl Dominates You With Her Pantyhose And Feet

Bratty Ashley Sinclair

Do you like watching me dance around in my sexy pantyhose? I know you love watching my silky legs with my high heels in this short, tight dress. You’re such a loser for girls in pantyhose. They make you so weak. And I love showing off my legs in these brand new nylons I just bought. They’re so sheer and soft, so shiny and sexy, I mean how could you resist? You can’t, LOL! You can’t fucking resist a girl in stockings. I’ll bet you’d love to touch them, wouldn’t you loser? But that’s never gonna happen. You and I both know that if you saw me at a club dancing around in these pantyhose, you wouldn’t have the nerve to come and talk to me. I’ll bet you’d be too scared to even buy me a drink. LOL! Loser!

Guys like you don’t pick up girls like me, you worship me. You worship my legs, and my cute feet in these sexy, sheer pantyhose. That’s all you get to do is just worship my pantyhose. And you’re such a big loser that I’ll bet you’re even scared to do that. But you can do it right here. Get down on the floor where you belong, beneath my feet and I’ll stick my pantyhose feet right in your face. Yes, you love that. That’s all you’re worthy of. The only way you will get any of my time or attention is if you’re worshiping my feet and my pantyhose legs. Just look at how soft and shiny they are. That’s the only way you’re getting close to me you little fucker.

My pantyhose feet are the only part of my body I’d ever even let you near. I might let you rub my feet and if you do a good job and I’m not too grossed out by you, I might even let you suck on my toes. My feet deserve all the attention that you could possibly give them. I’m going to make you my pantyhose foot bitch. You want that, don’t you? Of course you do, beg me, beg to be my pantyhose slave.

You’re not a real man, you’re just a pantyhose bitch. Your only purpose in life is to worship my pantyhose. All you get are feet in your face. How does it feel to be such a loser that the only way I’ll talk to you is if I’m putting my feet in your face? Must make you feel like a pretty big loser. But that’s ok because you love feeling like a pantyhose loser for a hot girl who doesn’t give a fuck about you. It makes you so fucking hard!
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Princess Ellie Idol – Pedicure Pet

You’re in the bathroom with me as I’m getting ready for my hot date. As I finish up, I bring attention to my white nail polish. I know white controls you. White gets you to do anything for me. I allow you to smell the fresh polish, the scent of addiction! Focus on what enslaved you from the start. Tonight, I have a special task for you. You’re going to be my pedicure cuckold pet. You’ll prepare the bedroom for my date. Maybe I’ll even allow you to sleep at the end of the bed by our feet if you do a good enough job!
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Cruel City: Foot Worship and Ruined Orgasm Featuring Mistress June!(MP4 Full Hd 1080p Format)

As this slave lays naked on the floor, Anne lubes up his cock while her friend Mistress June has him clean her sweaty bare feet with his mouth. Anne positions herself between his legs and gently strokes his dick as June runs her feet all over his tongue, and before long he`s hard as a rock! “I want to cum!” he pleads. Anne begins stroking his big cock harder and faster while June instructs her how to do it. “Keep going,” she tells her friend as Anne tugs away at this loser`s cock, but just as he`s about to cum she ruins his orgasm by taking her hands off of his dick. He dribbles cum onto his stomach, and June laughs at the pathetic amount that came out. What a hopeless idiot he is!
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Subbyhubby: A Cuckold’s Life (Full Movies)

Mistresses Natalia and Paris have invited a stud over for some fun, and Natalia loves making her cuckold slave submit to real men. Natalia calls him up and in no time he is on his knees sucking the stud’s cock. The two women just laugh as the cuckold’s head bobs up and down the stud’s shaft; they find it so amusing that they decide to film it just to humiliate the cuck more later. When the stud cums he makes sure to leave huge cum streaks all over the cuck’s face. Mistresses Natalia and Paris make out with each other and their stud as the poor cuckold is relegated to worshiping their feet. Natalia and Paris enjoy having the cuck’s tongue on their feet, but they also enjoy humiliating the cuck by making him worship the stud’s feet as well. Natalia and Paris humiliate their cuckold by making him compare his cock size to the stud’s, then order him to jerk his dick to make it bigger while Paris gives the stud a blow job. Natalia orders him to cum in his own face, but the cuck produces so little cum that is just drizzles out onto his hand. Natalia and Paris then make fun of his puny little load, which matches his puny little dick. Natalia and Paris humiliate their cuck, taking turns fucking his holes with their strap-on cocks while humiliating him for being their bitch. Natalia and Paris are enjoying some wine, using their cuckold as a human table for them to rest their glasses on. The ladies decide to make their cuckold useful for something so they put him to work licking their assholes clean. Surprisingly, the cuck is pretty good at this task and the ladies enjoy his work. Natalia makes sure that he satisfies Paris properly, guiding his tongue exactly where it needs to go to satisfy Paris. Paris Knight has sex with her stud while Natalia Starr looks on, making fun of the poor cuckold standing in the corner holding their drinks on his neck table. Paris deep throats the stud’s cock, then fucks him long and hard. The stud pulls out to cum on Paris’s pussy; of course, the cuckold must then do his duty, licking up the stud’s cum while everyone makes fun of him for being so pathetic
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Subbyhubby: Cherry & Kylie Tip The Waiter /Dominant Lunch Date (Full Movie)

Mistress Cherry Morgan and Goddess Kylie Rogue decided to take a day off from corporal punishment at ClubDom, And get dressed up out of their normal latex and boots and just have a nice day together. They are waiting at a cafe for a couple of cuckolding bitch boys to come and serve them for the day. The cocky male waiter keeps making rude sexual remarks as he practically eats them with his eyes and has made a few passes at them already, when Goddess Kylie says “Listen to me very carefully. Lew is it? I get it you hit on a lot of women here and they fall for your bullshit, but I am going to explain something to you one time and one time only. You have no idea who your fucking with. Me and my friend Cherry would like you to serve us with a smile and proper manners. Be nice and prompt but knock off with the bullshit because we will ruin your fucking day, Pal.” Astonished, the waiter looks at Kylie and says “Oh, but of course, Madam. Maybe I can give you a little kiss and make up for my rudeness? Just then Mistress Cherry smacks the bitch ass waiter right in the mouth and puts him in a choke lock as Goddess Kylie pulls down his pants and bends the bitch over the table. The ladies notice this ass clown has a pink butt plug shoved up his ass. They start laughing and then tie the slut down bent over the table and grab a couple of sticks and began a brutal caning as they teach this ass-fuck some manners. Mistress Cherry Morgan and Goddess Kylie Rogue decide it’s time to further this slut’s education on how to have manners and address a woman from this point on. After canning his ass into complete submission they now fuck his man pussy with a huge 15″ inch, thick cock. Mistress Cherry shoves his mouth down till he gags and is drooling all over and tells him to quit crying like bitch or they will fuck him with his own tears. Finally they have the slut bent over the table and Goddess Kylie gapes and stretches his man pussy with her huge strap-on as he begs and pleads for mercy. Mistress Cherry holds him down as Goddess Kylie continues to fuck some sense into this pathetic slut, giving him the ass filling of a lifetime. Now that Goddess Kylie Rogue and Goddess Cherry Morgan have taught that annoying waiter some manners, it’s time for their blind date. The boys greet the woman and then are both handed their pink collars and instructed to get on their knees and worship the Goddess’s feet, licking and kissing the ladies perfectly manicured toes and massaging their feet like good little cuck puppies should. This date has just started. Goddess Cherry Morgan and Goddess Kylie Rogue have collared these cucky boys and made them lick and worship their feet. They really pour it on thick, teasing them with their beautiful wet, pink, Goddess pussies. They explain that their perfect pussies must be earned and that they will start at the bottom. The Goddesses turn around and shove their asses right into the boys faces. Goddess Kylie Rogue smothers her bitch till he can barely breathe. Laughing, the women take turns grinding and riding these slut boys faces, making sure they lick every inch of their asses. Goddess Cherry Morgan and Kylie Rogue have 12” inch pink and purple strap on’s on and have changed into their sexy pink bikini’s. They make their cuckold dates slather up their cocks so that they can fuck some boy pussy. Goddess Cherry fucks hard and fast, While Goddess Kylie uses more of a deep slow rhythm. The boys are crying out to be fucked harder. The ladies high five each other and laugh. Goddess Cherry comments “What a great day to fuck some man pussy it has been.”
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Toe Licking Coat Rack – MP4

A bitch has to have some use in my world or there’s no reason to keep it around. This one gets to do my laundry while I’m out and serve as my coat rack when I get home. I was feeling generous so I let it hold my favorite metal studded leather jacket. I know those spikes hurt, especially when I step on it, but coat racks can’t complain really, can they? They just beg for more! The lucky little object then got to lick my sweaty toes and suck up a chocolate kiss from my feet. Even coat racks need to eat once in a while!
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Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: My Heels Taste So Good To Your Brain Without Even Licking Them

Miss Honey Barefeet

Come here footboy, I know you can’t take your eyes off of my new strappy high heels. They are so fucking sexy, aren’t they? They make my legs look so hot! I know how desperately you want to touch them and kiss them and worship them. But for now, just stare at them, they’re new and I don’t want your gross mouth near them! Just stare and jerk your cock. I know they make you so hard.

My legs in these shoes just scramble your brain. You can’t stop jerking to them. Just stare loser. Look at my delicious painted toes just peeking out of my heels, making you so weak and so horny. You’re so weak and so silly with your foot fetish addiction. I love taking advantage of you and mindfucking you with my legs and feet. Just look at them. Do you think you’re worthy of worshiping these heels?

Maybe I’ll let you lick my toes as long as you don’t get your tongue near my new high heels. They’re way more valuable to me than you are loser. Go on, kiss my toes while you jerk your cock. That’s fucking ecstasy for you. My shoes are so delicious, they taste good to your brain even without licking them. I think maybe I’ll let you lick the soles, you can’t really mess those up. Would you like that?

It’s a privilege to worship these heels. I’m being so generous letting you lick the soles. You could stare at my feet and heels all day and night, it’s never enough for a foot freak like you. My feet are so precious and these heels are so powerful, they make you so weak. Give in to my heels loser. You need these heels in your life. These heels are your weakness, they’re your destruction. I love the power I have over you, having you right at my feet where you belong. So weak and so horny. You’re already so addicted, you’re so weak you don’t even realize what I’m doing to your mind with just my feet. Let my feet take over your weak, submissive brain. You will keep coming back and begging to serve my feet because it’s never enough for a foot boy like you.
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Ella Kross – Dirt Cleaning Bitch

Walking barefoot through my back yard, I lead my slave by a leash and he crawls behind me on all fours like a dog. I pause to make him lick my dirty feet clean, and he thanks me for allowing him to do so. My strong, toned legs look amazing in my skimpy pink shorts as I take a seat and continue having him mouth my bare feet clean. “Maybe I’ll let you cum today with my beautiful, dirty feet,” I tell him as he licks and sucks them while I watch and supervise the job. I rub my heels all over his face, showing off my pedicured toes before cramming them down his throat. “Try harder, slave!” I reprimand when I feel he’s not putting forth a good enough effort. I grab the back of his head and drive his mouth into my feet, feeling his tongue licking them frantically. Such a good slave!
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Humiliation POV Miss Tiffany: Chastity Will Make You More Focused On My Heels

Miss Tiffany

As soon as you saw that I was wearing these sexy, platform pumps, your mouth began to drool, didn’t it foot slave? You’re already so horny for them, isn’t that right. My sexy heels have always made you so weak. You crave to worship them so much. You’d do anything to be beneath them, to suck on my heel. You love to watch me cross my legs, and dangle them in front of you. The idea of being under my heels drives you absolutely insane. I know your cock is rock hard for my sexy heels.

But I have a little problem with that. Since you so desperately desire me and my heels, then I should be the only one getting pleasure from it. You’re just another heel sucking bitch who desires me. Pleasing my heels should be pleasure enough, you shouldn’t get to jerk off to them as well. You don’t get to do anything else except receive pleasure from licking my sexy heels as you stare at my sexy long legs. No more jerking off.

You want to worship me, and if I were to give you that rare opportunity to be beneath my heels, that should be pleasure enough for you without touching your pathetic cock. You’re going to stop jerking to my sexy heels and I’m going to lock you up. That’s right, you’re going to be put in chastity, I think you’ve jerked off enough to my heels. I know they make you weak so don’t worry, you still get to be my little foot bitch. But now that you’re locked up, you’ll focus more on cleaning my heels with that horny dick out of the way.

I’m your Goddess, I’m the only one who should be getting pleasure. All this tugging away to worship my heels is just nonsense. And you will earn your way to my heels by giving me the key, by not touching your pathetic cock. I’ll just dangle the key before you as you’re under my heels licking away. You’re going to be so frustrated, aren’t you? You’re going to be sucking on all six inches of my heel like the hungry little bitch that you are.

But I don’t think you fully understand why I’m locking you up. You see if you’re going to be my slave, that means my needs and my wants come first. You should want nothing else except to make me happy. And chastity will ensure that. But don’t worry, I’ll still let you lick my heels, just as long as I am receiving all of the pleasure. I want all the attention. Show me how much you worship my heels by locking up your dick. And then every time you’re horny, remember who has the key. It will keep you focused on me and my heels. Find happiness in my pleasure loser.
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Mistress T – Real Life Foot Worship

What would it be like to serve a Goddess in real life? This slave had the opportunity by coming to Vegas to serve myself, Ceara Lynch and others. This is a very casual scene where I instruct him to massage my feet while I check email. He was doing a good job so I told him to explain to the viewer how to worship a Goddess’s feet properly (so this vid is a educational as well as hot & entertaining). There’s even a part with Ceara when she comes back to our room & he gives her a foot rub. More of Ceara:
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