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Audio – Ally Brinken – Dumb-Fuck + Humiliation POV – McKenzie Alex – My Voice And Paying Me Will Make Your Cock Tingle (Findom ASMR) + Lee Allure – Dark Side Chastity + Mistress Amethyst – Powerless + Isabella Valentine – Jackpot 12 + Amethyst – At My Heels + Madame Y – RE-MAPPING Cum from Nipple Stimulation

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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Slick Bare Feet

I thoroughly enjoy taking advantage of your foot fetish just because I know you’ll do nearly anything to worship my soles. I slowly pose them in front of your face, teasing you with their proximity. I then begin to coat them in slick, warm oil until they begin to gleam. Your mouth is watering. You want to lick those beautiful soles but I make you wait like a hungry d0g. My cruel laugh makes your dick twitch as I continue to torment you with their close proximity. You moan in desire at every flex.
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We have been receiving a ton of e-mails about Goddess Sephora for months, it is true that since last september, the Black Star was very discreet, preferring to focus on her private life. Her subs and fans were getting more and more worried, some rumors circulating about a retirement from the BDSM scene.
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Rent an apartment today? It’s three payslips, a tax notice, a guarantor, and if you’re young: you can always go brush yourself! Well that is for the quidam, But when you name is Gaelle, the doors of real estate are wide open! The proof, the owner is already pampering: on the belly in carpet mode, feet in the mouth, he is already under the spell of his roommate firmly decided to enjoy the jester.What weather is it today ? Rain of mollards and spit of saliva, it falls badly, Duncan left without covering himself (the improvident): result he is covered with spittle, from the head to the balls, and as it is a great greedy, it opens well the mouth to not lose a drop! A salivary video where Duncan demonstrates once again that it is a good bitch well submissive, we must recognize that question CV, it has enough to align the tattooed babe: cocksucked by her stepdaughter, bolossed by the Russian niece of her Muscovite friend and now humiliated by his roommate: a living icon of living together!
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Mia – Slave Gags on Foot Dust and Toenails (1080 HD)

1080 HD Amadahy and Mia scrape the calluses form their feet into the mouth of their human waste bin. The girls talk about violating wallet slaves while they make their feet soft and pretty. It’s very easy for attractive girls to manipulate weak males with their well-maintained, perfect feet. The waste bin slave has been used up for everything else. His wallet has been drained dry. The only thing it is useful for now is eating calluses and other biological refuse. He has to lick the soles of the girl’s feet to keep them moist, so that the calluses scrape off easier for them. He’s lucky, because even with no money, he has been given a purpose and a place in the hot girls lives. Mia dumps the first big load of foot dust down his pipe. Then, she sets to trimming her long toenails. Amadahy fills up the pedicure file with a second big batch of skin. They hold the slave’s head while they dump it straight down. He gags, the load is so big. They make him swallow it all. Then, they add both piles of their toenail trimmings together. The toenail pile goes straight down into the human waste bin. The girls giggle as he struggles to take it all in and plan which club they will go to in the evening.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Paige: Mindless Foot Zombie Trance For Helpless Foot Junkie Addicts (Effects)

Goddess Paige

The audio for this clip includes subliminal whisper triggers that are delicately planted in your brain.

Look at you pet, I can see you staring, it’s ok, you can stare. In fact, I want you to. The more you stare at my gorgeous feet, the more relaxed you get. Every muscle in your body relaxes, everything feels so good, so delicious, so perfect. You’re going to find yourself falling deep into the inner workings of your mind. You’re going to be entering a blissful, erotic state where all the you can focus on, are my feet.

You are nothing but my foot junkie addict. My perfect feet make you mindless. They are the most perfect feet you have ever seen, filling you with desire, with an unquenchable thirst. You’re in love with my pretty princess feet. You’re helpless. You’re out of control. You’ve never seen anything so exquisite as my beautiful feet. You are mesmerized by them. Stare at my perfect wrinkled soles, my dainty little toes, how they curl and point.

The sight of them makes your cock grow hard. Your mind is weak, you’re overwhelmed with desire as your cock gets harder and harder. You’d do anything for my pretty feet. You’d do anything to please my perfect princess feet. You’re becoming a mindless zombie for my feet, existing only to worship me. You wish you could smell them, wish you could taste them. My soft arches, my delicate ankles are making your head spin. The thought of my feet consumes you. It’s all you can think about, and you’ll do anything I ask, just for my perfect feet.

You love my feet. You love and adore me. You are mine now, my addict, my foot slave zombie. My feet will destroy you. You can no longer think about anything but by my feet. Thoughts of my feet consume you. You are my foot addict zombie boy, and only through worshiping my feet will you ever find happiness.
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Mfvideobrazil: Foot Domination Milf By Erika Vieira And New Slave

This feet domination is performed by a sexy milf, Erika Vieira and her brand new, attractive slave. The act is very cruel because the domina uses a rope to bind the poor girl. Then she puts her toes and heels into her small mouth. It is really painful, but Erika Vieira doesn’t mind it. She loves foot fetish so much that she plays with her slave for more than 37 minutes. The Brazilian milf sits on her lap and starts playing with her beautiful feet. The slave must lick it with a lot of hot and warm saliva. The feet domination goes wild because Erika puts her pretty feet on the face of the young girl. This means that she is barely able to breathe during the foot fetish.
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Mfvideobrazil: Feet Fight By Top Model Lola Mello And Slave Ayume

This is a great foot fetish video with Lola Mello and Ayume. The Brazilan girls fight with each other and do wild feet domination. The top model Lola Mello shows no mercy and puts her tiny feet into the mouth of her slave who is unable to escape. The domina also kicks the pretty head of Ayume. She sits on her neck, chest and lap, too. This foot fetish footage is very good because you can see Lola Mello’s hot body during the fight. She wears white shorts so you can take a look at her tanned, long thighs. The young and thin Ayume looks great, too. The fighting girls do everything for your pleasure, so please watch this feet domination video!
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Subbyhubby: Sexy Stockings On Goddess Jamie

Goddess Jamie Valentine is lounging outside in her sexy black stockings. You know you want to be near her sexy legs and feet wrapped in those stockings. You know exactly how they will feel pressed against your face, her warmth coming through the silky nylon fabric. Get closer and worship her and her sexy perfect feet and do as your Goddess tells you.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Kyaa: Obsessed Horny Foot Boys Edge And Eat Their Cummy Messes For Me

Goddess Kyaa

My feet are your complete obsession. I am beautiful and perfect but it’s my feet that you just can’t stop thinking about. It’s my feet that just draw you in and make you weak and make you stupid. While I tease and taunt you, all you end up looking at are my toes. You just want to suck on my toes and lick them clean. You’re barely even looking at the rest of me despite the fact that I’m gorgeous and have a perfect body. You don’t care about seeing me naked, you don’t care about sex, no, you just care about my feet.

You don’t even think about my pussy because you know you’re so fucking unworthy that there’s no way you’d ever be allowed near it, and you’re fine with that because you know your place. You’re a little foot worshiping fucking beta male. You just need to focus on my feet. That’s all you can think about, my sexy sweaty dirty feet and licking them clean. This is making you so horny, isn’t it? I want you edging for my feet. You’re only allowed to cum for my feet. You don’t want anything else, not even anyone else’s feet, just mine. No one else’s feet can compare.
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Dreamgirls In Socks – Cassandra’s Perfection

Cassandra knows about your high addiction on her sexy feet so she takes advantage of you and uses you as her personal slave! She wants you to bow down on your knees and watch her take her boots off because she wants to rub her smelly socks all over your face! She notices that the smell drives you crazy so she wants you to stick your tongue out to lick the bottom of her socks! Don’t you like that strong smell in your face bitch? Cassandra also takes her socks off to dip her delicious toes on your tongue! She wants you to take some deep breaths on her feet and lick the sweaty bottom of her soles!
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For over 20 years, Duncan is a serial loser and especially for a few years: his step daughter, Kim, kinky platinum blonde, shopping maniac and strap-on lover, has almost ruined him ; 2 layers later, ANASTASIA, a young Russian pervert arrived directly from Moscow, another blonde to die, unable to make the difference between 10 and 100,000.00 dollars, “money is not a problem, especially when it is yours ….” But when it comes to be humiliated, nothing can stop this guy ! Alone in his big apartement, Duncan is bored. An afternoon, he has a bright idea: looking for a roommate !

The doorbell is ringing, the roomie is a young brunette with blue eyes, with an outrageous cheek, Gaelle is coming up on Duncan’s apartment. If she does not intend to pay the rent, she wants to enslave the owner. GODDESS GAELLE IS BACK.
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Humiliation POV Princess Mika: Toying With Weak, Obsessed Foot Puppets

Princess Mika

Hey foot bitch, there’s nothing you love more then jerking off to my perfect, sexy, size ten feet. I know you’re already hard for my feet. Start stroking. You deserve to be beneath my feet, you’d do anything to be there, to be beneath my long, long legs. I want you to jerk it really hard and really fast in anticipation of seeing my feet. I want you to prove how much you love my feet with your hand wrapped around your pathetic cock, you fucking freak.
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Anaïs know it, she can obtain everything she wants from men and since she turned 18, she has been playing with her subs like a cat with a mouse. Her slavelist is as long as her wishlist, this Indian girl dominates and exploits an army of slaves from the general manager to the worker, they are ALL at her feet.

Bobby knows it, he cannot refuse anything to a Dominatrix and since he turned 18, he has been crawling at girls feet, especially when they are young, haughty and profiteer, adorable young sluts who dominate and ruin him. He’s born like that, he’s born for that.

Tonight, the white loser is just in front of this tanned dreamgirl and he doesn’t know who he is anymore. For one month, he’s wearing a chastity cage, he must worship Anaïs’ feet, obey, carry out the orders, satisfy her whims but cannot have a hard-on until his Indian Mistress tells him she lost the key ! Have you ever open a chastity cage with a wire cutter ? No ? You should try…

Anaïs’ fans will enjoy this foot worship HD video, those who dream about face slapping too. As for those who love tanned skins, they will have a serious hard-on unless you’re like Bobby with a chastity cage but without the key ?…
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Subbyhubby: Trained By A Domme Part 1: Foot Bitch (October 2st 2017)

Nicolette Love is tired of her husband lasting such a short time in bed. The sex is just LOUSY and his dick is so small. She’s been secretly fantasizing about what it would be like to have a real stud of a man inside of her. She calls her friend Raquel Roper who is a professional dominatrix. Raquel has always told her that she should be the Goddess in her relationship and have all of the pleasure in the world. When her husband comes home, it’s on. Raquel immediately tells him that things are going to be different around here and that he WILL learn to make his wife happy OR ELSE. They put him in a collar and they decide to have him start worshipping their feet. He has to do a good job sucking their toes and licking every single inch. He needs to learn how to please them.
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Mercilessdominas: A Dream Come True

It is always good to have dreams, specially if you have many problems in your life. Then try to dream… just as you maybe right now sit and dream, if it just could have been you playing there with Lady G. For this slave a dream came true when Lady G humiliated him on a hot summers day in Southern UK. Lady G starts to have the slave to worship her feets before she start to use the slaves mouth for some foot gagging, that she really enjoys. All mixed up with some face spitting. Enjoy!!!
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Kylie Rose Fetish – Kylie Rose – Wherever You Are, Jerk Off Now!

Whether you are comfortable at home in your living room, sneaking to view my dirty videos behind your wife’s back, or secretly getting off at work while your boss isn’t looking, you’ll listen to what I tell you to do. Wherever you are, I know you’re getting hard just thinking of my perfect, bare feet, and I want you to pull out your cock and jerk off, right this second. But that’s not enough for me. I want confirmation that you’ve completed this task. To prove how much you like my feet and the shiny, red, pointed stilletos that you bought for me to wear, you need to send me a photograph of your cum and tell me exactly where you were when you came for me. Start stroking your cock exactly as I tell you to, following my every word as you watch my gorgeous, little feet stretch, curl, and wrinkle in front of you. I’m going to count to 10, and when I finish, I want to see cum covering both of your hands. Don’t forget to send me your proof!
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Roger Braquemar spends the money he has hard-earned all year long under the burning southern Spain sun. The all-brand garage owner of Lajar should better have budgeted generously if he wants to avoid bankruptcy: in his luggage he has brought his irresistible stepdaughter.

20 years old, 5’0", blond, fire in her eyes, caramel skin, dream boobs, feet you could die for, manipulator and perverted, you guessed it right : it’s Anaïs!

Between a deep blue sky and a turquoise sea, Miss Lola in Bollywood style is lazing around at her stepdad’s expense. When it’s time to make stepdaddy pay-up, this adorable lazy bitch is like a boyscout: always ready!

Stepdad should have known that Anaïs never misses an opportunity to have her pussy licked, and that’s going to give Braquemar a nice hard-on. Being a face-sitting adept, Braquemar conforms to the whim of this indian wild beauty. Lick my pussy Stepdaddy! When it’s so nicley asked, How can he refuse?
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When he’s not getting exploited by little gold-digger bitches (KIM PRINCESSA or ANASTASIA) Duncan gets the highest pleasure: he’s being sodomized by Dominatrixes, in both cases, literally or figuratively, the little tattooed guy gets his ass fucked.

A perfect body and a deep ass, this is the way we can describe Duncan.
A perfect body and a big cock, this is the way we can describe GODDESS GAELLE.

It was obvious that from the start those two were meant to get along very well together: Give me your ass, I’m getting my dick ready: Here’s a program which will get all the votes from sodomites and we really thought of those who like to have their ass taken when we shot those scenes full of good morals! ASS-FUCKED GUYS, WE STAND WITH YOU!

On all fours, laying on his back, in squat position, cock in mouth, shaved balls and dildo up the ass, Duncan’s performances improve crazily! If strapon-dildo was made an Olympic discipline, it’s no doubt Duncan would get the gold medal! The gold medal for the best ass to fuck!
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Humiliation POV Miss Tiffany: Mindless Foot And Heel Zombie, Jerk And Let Your Mind Go Blank

Miss Tiffany

You already know that every time you see me showing off my heels, you’re fucked. Just like that, you become my little foot zombie, addicted to my sexy heels and my perfect little feet. You can’t get enough of them. It’s so pathetic. And yet there you are, with your cock in your hand, jerking off to my feet. You’re jerking off to my sexy heels, something you’ve seen countless times, yet you’re such a little fucking zombie for them, your mind goes completely blank, and you just can’t stop mindlessly jerking. And when you get horny you feel this need to pay them again and again.

It’s so fucking easy getting into your mind with my sexy heels. I know how much my sexy pumps turn you on. You’re so weak for my feet, a mindless fucking zombie. You want to worship them so bad. You can’t look away. The thought of being in between my the sole of my foot and my high heel is too much for you. I know just the thought made your dick twitch. I control you with my feet so easily. And every time you see them you get weaker and weaker. I want you to beg me how to take my heels off because I know just how badly you want to see my bare feet. How badly you want to be underneath them. So beg like the needy little foot bitch that you are. Good boy.

My feet are just so fucking perfect. They own you. Being underneath my feet occupies your thoughts more than it should. My feet are flawless, that’s why you can’t help yourself. Get down your knees and worship my feet you little zombie. You’re so fixated on my feet and my toes, they completely own you. I know you’re getting weaker and weaker. That’s what happens to horny foot losers. You’re nothing but a mindless zombie for my feet, so eager to be under my feet. My feet are the best thing to ever have happened to you. You need them. You crave them. My feet will remain imprinted on your mind, forever. It’s impossible to erase such perfection.
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Subbyhubby: Jamie Valentine’s Gorgeous Feet (September 22th 2017)

Jamie has you weak for her feet. She knows you have a major foot fetish and hers are absolutely gorgeous. Jamie wants to control you with her gorgeous high arched feet and make you do everything she says. You better kiss them, suck on her toes. Don’t you wish she was stroking you with her tan, pedicured feet? You cannot help but do as she says.
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Kylie Rose Fetish – Kylie Rose – What Are You Doing?

I was out running and I injured my ankle! I went straight to my doctor’s office in crutches. I took off my sneakers, and the perverted podiatrist put his face right up against my sweaty, smelly socks and shamelessly began sniffing my feet. I couldn’t help it, I had to take advantage of his dirty foot fetish, making him stay there and take another big whiff of my stinky, nasty feet. He loved the sweet stench of my socks and begged me to expose my bare, pedicured feet. I’ll use his perversion as blackmail and make him examine my feet for free. That’ll show him for being a dirty doctor!
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KylieRoseFetish – Kylie Rose – Lick My Dirty Feet Clean!

Kylie’s feet are extra dirty from walking barefoot while shopping today, and she needs you to lick her little feet clean. Open your mouth wide and let your tongue slide along her heel, smelling and tasting her sweet, soft soles and every last speck of dirt and grime stuck to them. Her filthy feet demand to be sucked off and made sparkling clean. Kylie wants to hear you swallow–no spitting is allowed. Hurry, every moment is precious, and you’ll need to do a very good job if you want to feel these feet against your lips again.
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KylieRoseFetish – Kylie Rose – No Pussy For You

You thought you were going to have sex with me? That’s NEVER happening. All you’re getting from now on are my feet. Lay down on my bed. I’ll fit right between your legs and stroke your cock with my tiny, perfect feet. No one will make you cum like I do–you’re going to need the sweet soles of my feet against your shaft every time you get hard. Now cum for me so I can go shopping with your credit card.
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Foot Dork Humiliated

Custom vid for Bobby (his name mentioned several times)…you’ve come to ask me out on a date, which is laughable as I’m way out of your league. A real man wouldn’t come kneeling, drooling over my feet. I dangle my shoes, teasing you with my feet & eventually give you loads of close up views of them, encouraging you to sniff & lick them. All the while I humiliate you & call you names. I challenge you to cum quickly with a countdown at the end.
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