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Goddess Harley – Fucky Wuckie Fuckover

How does it feel to know that you’ll never get to “Fuck” me but you do get to be the one I “Fuck Over”, LOL. Awe, you “wuv” it huh! You “wuv” it when I take you to the mall and make you be my pathetic paypig in front of all the sales girls! Awe, who’s my widdle servant, Who gives me his wallet” haha! You do, (boop on the nose).
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Audio – Ally Brinken – Dumb-Fuck + Humiliation POV – McKenzie Alex – My Voice And Paying Me Will Make Your Cock Tingle (Findom ASMR) + Lee Allure – Dark Side Chastity + Mistress Amethyst – Powerless + Isabella Valentine – Jackpot 12 + Amethyst – At My Heels + Madame Y – RE-MAPPING Cum from Nipple Stimulation

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Hypnotic Haylee New Files

The Witch in the Woods pt 1- Marked by the witch – Erotic hypnosis

The Witch in the Woods pt 2- Marked by the witch – Erotic hypnosis

Mushy Minded Hypno Drone Erotic Hypnosis

Goddess Truths pt 2 – Erotic Hypnosis Mind Fuck Slave Training

you are WEAK . Ultimate Erotic Hypnosis Mind Fuck

Every Day Every Way ENSLAVED erotic hypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis Triggered Slaves Love To Please

THE SLAVENING erotic hypnosis


Slave Today Slave Everyday – Erotic Hypnosis & Mantra

And more…
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Goddess Harley – Sign It All Over

A week ago I was just a hooker and now I have all money in your accounts and your cock is locked up in a spiked chastity cage! Oh and I have absolutely no problem with fucking you over like this continually. Now that the paperwork is final, you serve me. Get hard for me right now if you can, jiggle your cock and try to stroke while I taunt you. It gets me wet to tear you down like this!
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Goddess Harley – Used And Sold By A Stripper

It started at the club… you over tipped me and I spotted you for a real sucker. You must feel pretty stupid now that you look back on it. Remember when you promised to run my errands and then the next day you expected to just squeeze them in later in the week?

Do you even have a shred of dignity left in your body? I made sure you craved this whole process of dehumanizing you. I made you give up all hope of independence when I made you beg for a total life take over. I made you … HEAR MORE INSIDE THE VIDEO

And that brings me to the most important part of this performance review. You see you’ve got high marks this month for obedience and financial goals. All my bills are paid and my credit cards and car loan are all paid off finally. But there’s one Category that you missed the mark on…

I’ve got a hot girlfriend at the strip club and she’s very narcissistic to the extreme. I just knew that if I ever sold you, it would have to be to her cuz I know she’d really fuck you up. Well as it turns out… she wants to buy you! Oh, keep stroking, slave… this is the part where I kick you to the curb and I want to thanking me for it… keep stroking! Good… now she will have total control over you and … HEAR MORE INSIDE THE VIDEO
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Princess Breanna: Financial Orgasm Jerk to My Big Tits

Admit to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs. This holds you accountable not only to your perfect Goddess, but to a community and other people. In theory this will make the shame of not following through, too painful to want to experience. This, in turn will keep you on track to success!
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London Lix: Anal Slut Card Game

Today we let fate decide how your intox game should go, and I’ll tell you now; it does not go easy on you 😉 The cards I draw from this deck will decide when you take a nice hit from that bottle, fuck your ass with a dildo, or send me a little $10 tribute. The deck of cards will also determine when you cum, so you’ll need to be ready at any given moment. This is the ultimate game of p()ppers anal slut play, with a nice dose of beginner-level findom mixed in. You’re going to be SO excited edging and butt-fucking yourself for me, lapping up my humiliation and commands every step of the way. You know how weak you get when you sniff, and so do I, so I take full advantage of every hit, switching up the pace – long hits, short hits, double inhales and even some br3 4th play in the mix. This is for *advanced* intox players and anal masturbators – the directions are extreme and intense. I.e. A LOT of fun.
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Princess Breanna: Financial Orgasm Jerk to My Big Tits

Admit to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs. This holds you accountable not only to your perfect Goddess, but to a community and other people. In theory this will make the shame of not following through, too painful to want to experience. This, in turn will keep you on track to success!
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Violet Doll – An Hour in 10 Minutes

This is an opportunity for paypigs of all income brackets to participate in financial domination with Me. You know I’m expensive and out of your league, but I’m going to make this very easy so you don’t want to miss out.

*A financial domination and finger sucking fetish custom, but no names are mentioned. This is an ideal clip for all finsubs.*
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Princess Beverly – I Always Get What I Want

I get want I want that what makes me a princess. Life is pretty easy for me I think of something I want and within hours I get it. There is always a loser out there to get it for me. If you can’t somebody else will so you have to act fast. It’s a privilege for you. Sometimes things don’t go so easy and I have to get rough I don’t mind using dirty tricks to get my way. I’ll black mail you if I have to. Once you start with me there is no way out unless I say so. So take this advice don’t piss me off you’ll be sorry.
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Worship Violet Doll – Mesmerized & Drained by Latex

If you’re reading this, you’re already feeling weak. So we’re going to play a little game. It’s too late to say no.

First Im going to guide you into total relaxation. Complete submission. Then the game begins. I’ll drain you slowly and gently at first. . . think you can handle it?

If you make it to the end, you’ll win the ultimate pleasure.
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PRINCESS BREANNA’S STORE FOR LOSERS: Summer Wedge and Bikini Worship!!

You’ve seen me post pics of my new wedges online and they drive you crazy. The perfect summer cork wedges for the perfect Princess. I bet my wedges are 4 times as high as the your tiny little dick! Hahaha! Your going to empty out that wallet for my sexy shoes and summer bikini stupid little foot boy!
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Humiliation Princess Rene’s Clips!: Love Thy Neighbor

Hi! I’m your new neighbor, Rene. Looks like I just missed your wife – oh well, I’m gonna have to meet her next time! So, anyway, I really wanted to come over here because I overheard you talking in your yard the other day. You were saying how you find it funny that so many males are so easily manipulated by hot girls and that you could never succumb to feminine flirtations. Well, I’d like to make you a wager! I’ll tease you for 5 minutes and if you can control yourself and NOT stroke and cum, you win! Point proven! However, if you cave and jerk and cum for me, you’ll pay my mortgage for me. Should be easy, right?! I mean, you’re not one of those weak males, right?

[Includes cock tease, tit worship, JOI, femdom pov, blackmail fantasy, goddess worship, masturbation encouragement, ass worship, upskirt fetish, breast tease. Shot in HD.]
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Lady Nina Leighs Royal Domination: REAL BIKINI BLACKMAIL

WARNING this clip WILL make u hand over every detail it demands. my wet look bikini is going to play a huge role in seducing those digits out of you. you want to play with fire then u are in the right place.im going to tease all that information out of you in order to do with it as i please. watch my hot body and sexy tiny wet look bikini, and listen to my sexy british voice, and embrace your obedient nature by fully submitting in this SUPER HOT clip. DO not buy unless you are serious about blackmail LOSER. you have been warned.
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Brat Princess 2: Jennifer and Sasha – Brutal Whipping of Janitor by Mean Brat Princess Students (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Princess Jennifers favorite class at Brat Princess University is Corporal Punishment. Princess Jennifer demonstrates to Princess Sasha Foxx how to administer a beating on a male. The helpless janitor cannot stop the girls or we will lose his job. Possibly even arrested depending on what the girls say. You want her to get an A dont you? Youre getting so much better Sasha. He is getting more and more hurt! The girls make the janitor oink as they beat him. The flogger has metal buttons at the end that tear into his flesh. They even make the Janitor promise to be Jennifers paypig for her Findom class. Jenifer loves hitting balls. Its her favorite. The janitors back and ass are covered in deep welts. The welting continues. Jennifer shows him no mercy. She hits him over and over with all her might. The girls are so pretty and the whip rock is so ugly from his beatings. The blows even cause damage to his balls that required some medical attention. This shows bratty school girls beating a hapless janitor improving their skills for their Corporal Punishment class.
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Princess Breanna: Blackmail Seduction

You promised you’d never hand your information over. You swore you would never let your addiction for me go that far. Unfortunately for you, I can see right through you. I can make you do whatever I want, and by the end of this video, I’m going to have your tiny little balls in a vice grip. Blackmail is so fun, for me that is!
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Humiliation Princess Rene’s Clips: A Challenge For You And Me

I have a fun challenge for both us today. You’re challenge is to NOT stroke and NOT cum. MY challenge is to get you to stroke and cum. Today is a little challenge for the both of us. I know you always buy my clips in order to jerk off and cum to my hot, gorgeous body. You think you can last? Ha. We’ll see.

[Includes JOI, sensual domination, cock tease, masturbation instruction, jerk off encouragement, goddess worship, ass worship, humiliation, femdom pov. Shot in HD.]
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Goddess Christina: Intro To Slavery Pt 5: Goddess Worship

Pt 5 of your slave training. You’ll learn to worship me properly. You will eat, breathe, sleep me. You live to please me and make my life easier. I’ll allow you to admire my amazing body. The body
that you’ll never be worthy of. I’ll tease and taunt you. Make you weaker and more eager to give in to all my desires. You will worship me. Worship my perfection. I am your Goddess. There’s no
resisting me. You will obey. Always saying Yes Goddess. You crave to hear my lips speak the words. You need to hear “Good Boy”. And so you shall…

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Princess Rene: The 12 Days Of Humiliation Day 12

On the 12th day of Christmas your Princess gives to you… 12 very lovely gifts! Are you excited to find out what our culminating clip will be today? This one is my favorite clip in the whole countdown to our humiliating holiday season! You’ve been used, abused, degraded, denied, and humiliated and today is the icing on the cake. Happy holidays, boys! You will definitely need this linkwhile watching!
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Mistress Chantel: 76k savings and marrage destruction

It’s all come down to this. This is what you have lived your whole life for. This is your calling, there is no escaping. You know its the right thing to do. Are you ready to take the first step in your new life.
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Kerri King – Panty Changing and Ass Worship Tease

Kerri King’s Naughty Pleasures
You are addicted to my ass…that’s no secret. I proudly boast my perfect ass and body in a stunning array of 12 pairs of panties, each rubbed in your face, POV style, along with my cock teasing dirty talk. I play with my panty straps, even mesmerizing you with my bare ass, and rubbing my tight little pussy to add insult to injury. I let you know this is the best sight you will observe, naturally, and that you have to stay on your knees to properly worship me. It’s your chance to show me how much you love my ass and that sweet little spot in between my legs. Lucky you, to have such a generous Mistress.
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Kerri King’s Naughty Pleasures: Public Edging by Kerri King

You live a boring life, so why not spice it up with a little exhibitionism? I instruct you to drive to a designated location to publicly beat your dick in your car, and edge along the way. As you get harder, and more mind fucked, I have you undress and press the boundaries, putting you at risk for being caught. The thrill makes your balls ache, and my lace sheer pastel bodysuit doesn’t hurt either. You love trying to meet my standards and appease your cock at the same time. Now is the time to prove and challenge yourself…let’s get started!
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Worship Amanda: Oink for Me Ca$h Pig

Your only purpose is to live to serve Me and make Me happy. I am the Queen and you are just a slave. It’s just the way life is going to be for you and the longer it takes for you to accept your reality the harder life will be. You are going to accept the fact that you are just a ca$h pig. I give you purpose, a reason to live and you give Me your hard earned money. It’s just the way the hierarchy works. You are just a drone and I am the Queen Bee. You live and breathe to serve Me.
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Brat Princess 2: Jennifer – Findom Curious POV (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Jennifer knows youre Findom curious. She wants you to know its ok. Its perfectly normal for someone like you to want to spoil someone like Her. Once you start spending money and Jennifer starts getting happy, youll realize how amazing it is. After a while youll tribute more and more, and Jennifer will just get happier and happier! Its not hard to tribute. And its not hard to know what Jennifer wants. Shes made a wish list! Isnt that easy? Now, at first you might feel a little sting in your wallet. But that discomfort goes away. Youll be conditioned to get used to it. Jennifer is a Princess. A Princess should be happy. You are the perfect person to make Her happy. You have money. You have a wallet. All you need to do is just open up your wallet and give Her the money. Feeling rinsed and drained will become the best feeling in the world to you. Go ahead. Give in to your Findom curiosity.
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy POV – Stupid for My Tits (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Amadahy is a very intelligent woman, but it would be a waste for her to use her superior mind to control you. It’s much easier than that. All she has to do is wear a low cut dress. You are so stupid for perfect tits. As soon as the fluids start rushing to your dick, you can’t think straight. There just isn’t enough life force in your body for both your brain and your cock to function. Go on, look at Amadahy’s perfect cleavage, you’re allowed to. Become more and more mindless. Feel your dick growing harder as your logic is suspended. Keep looking, keep getting harder and stupider. This is how women control losers like you. Amadahy’s tits will keep you spending and spending. She can get whatever she wants because you are mindless when you are controlled by her tits.
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Humiliation Princess Rene’s: Dicks Galore

Humiliation Princess Rene's: Dicks Galore

You guys always ask why I make so many forced bi clips. Why? Because you guys fucking love them! I can’t tell you why you love dick so much, you just do! Today I won’t hold back, intricately describing my (and your) fantasy of keeping you as a sexual party favor to service all my hot male friends, all the while inundating you with picture after picture of HOT juicy cock in your FAG face! Yummmm, right?
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Goddess Saffron – Slave Life Coach

You have never had contact with a dominant woman before, but have always fantasized about strong women who manipulate weak men and get what they want. You are a shy little loser who is not very successful. You never had real aims in your rather boring life. I know you have a weakness for legs. So I play with you throughout the video. Crossing my legs seductively to make you even more addicted. Today I decide that your useless life has to end right now! As experienced trainer of men I have a simple rule for you: More work = More success = More earnings = More money for ME. You new life is about to start now by following my clear plan: From now on every single minute has to serve a higher purpose. ME. I demand you cancel all possible distractions (TV, Cinema, …) You have to stop any form of social life. No friends. Especially contact to women is STRICTLY forbidden. (There has to be only one woman in your life from now on. ME. I am never satisfied with 99%. You have to sacrifice your whole life to ME. You have to WORK WORK WORK.I emphasize how UTTERLY IMPORTANT my wishes are, and describe each of them. I show you how wonderful and fulfilling your new life will be, as my hard working property. Saving every single cent and spending it on ME. I want you to be my HARDEST WORKING and HARDEST SAVING pet EVER. I want to be proud of you. I am going to motivate you to give your BEST. I want that you have success and earn as much money as possible and I will be there to SPEND it. In our eyes it will be perfect TEAMWORK.I am very amused about the situation. To having found a new toy. I laugh and smile. I like that you are going to have to work your fingers to the bone while I can enjoy my life. Theres a “good boy”, I am going to so enjoy planning your new life.
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Locked up by 2 bitches

I’ve teamed up with Leah Star again to torture your miserable little self. This time you’ve sold off all your assets to convince Us to lock your cock in chastity and lock you in a cage. LOL! We tease, taunt and verbally assault you relentlessly for 6.5 minutes, showing you Our fine asses which you will NEVER touch, laughing at you for being such an idiot, taunting you with the keys around Our Goddess necks, even telling you We might let you out for the right price….oh but wait! you already gave Us all your money. LOL!!!! Guess you’ll just have to call your wife for more money, or just sit there in your cage forever, in the dark. dumbass!
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