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Dominatrix Annabelle – Haunting Hypnosis!

Flames flicker, drapes stir, with a gentle breeze filtering through the old Victorian sash windows. A clap of thunder reverberates, a humid night begging for a hint of fresh air. Yet not a whisper or stroke to cool one’s glistening body, dispersing those sweat beads tingling between one’s thighs. A Manor with character, age and charm. Creaking oak floors, thick carpets, polished wood. High ceilings with grand fixtures and fittings, impressive fire places, and . . . . . my hidden private room set below, with scarlet ribbon brick walls, candelabras, and subdued lighting.

A most atmospheric ambiance for my gentleman to immerse his body and soul into the delights of my eroticism. Capitivating all his senses, while taking him on a decadent journey of intense sensual, stimulation. My quintessential English voice, provides a most haunting hypnosis!
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Thoughtless and Throbbing

Your thoughts are often only in the way when it comes to penetrating your mind. The eternal yapping of your thoughts merely gets in the way of true connection to your subconscious. These thoughts are easily quieted by your base instincts, luckily. When you see me and your cock starts to stiffen, all the minutiae of your conscious mind starts to fade away. This is how I like you. I like you thoughtless and throbbing. It’s so much easier to take you down into a place of unimpeded reception of my tasks. It makes me happy when you go down so easy for me.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Metal Bondage

While rope and leather restraints have their uses, there’s nothing that screams bondage more than metal restraints. Handcuffs, shackles, and big steel collars that lock shut. There’s no warmth to these things. There’s no lightness to chain and padlocks. I like the idea of being able to lock you down to my cold cement floor and leave you. Bondage isn’t supposed to be comforting, it’s supposed to be controlling. With metal bondage, there is no comfort in this control.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Debase Yourself

Have you ever wonder why you’re a creature that craves such debasement? Why does the idea of a beautiful woman subjugating you make your cock hard and throbbing? It’s because you know, internally, that you’re just an animal. I say these things and you know they’re true. I tear you apart down ot your base instincts and there’s no need to pretend you’re this creature of higher thought. To you, this isn’t humiliation. This your reality.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Domina

You didn’t realize how lost you were until you found someone who put your life in perspective. You didn’t realize how foggy and meaningless your life was until you found me. You didn’t know what true submission was until you met me. Now you’ve experienced my true dominant nature and nothing else will satisfy. Your body craves to be subject to my sadistic whims. Your cock aches to be teased and tortured by my wondrous body. Your mind longs to worship me. I make your life as a submissive complete again. Without me, you would have no sense of self.
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Becky Cucky-Fucks Your Rival and Makes You Swallow His Cum

“I went out with my girls tonite. Saw your rivals at the club. You know who. The ones who make you feel two inches tall. The guy you hate the most seduced me. Fingered my pussy. Got me filthy wet. We fucked four times. In between I told him the truth about you. For laughs. Now you’re going to sniff my panties and…”
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Exquisite Leather and Fur!

Gorgeous leather boots, exquisite leather gloves, and stunning leather attire! Naturally during those cold and frosty mornings, nestling inside a warm fur coat will always keep me toasted. Yet for me, it really doesn’t matter what season we’re in, I love wearing leather and fur even in the middle of summer, with just a skimpy lacy lingerie set beneath! I love leather, the way it creaks, the way it molds to my body, it feels so sexy, and it looks so good. As for my gorgeous leather boots, well, they are simply divine, with the lace up detail.

Once I began my journey as a Dominatrix, Lady of the Manor, I wanted to build up a truly exquisite leather collection, that included my leather gloves and stiletto boots. It’s taken me over 15 years, and WOW I certainly do have quite a wardrobe! Many were gifts, and I can honestly say, I still wear them all. To continue to fit into my old leathers is a real bonus, although it’s not from lack of keeping fit, as I do that regularly! My incentive is you, as I know how much you appreciate my wardrobe, as well as being your Goddess, Mistress, Auntie, Equestrian Lady, Disciplinarian.

Long may you continue to enjoy!
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Humiliatrix – Are You Pathetic Enough to Worship Princess Bella’s Feet?

“Some of my new Princess friends at Humiliatrix were telling me that the best foot-worshipers are guys with little cocks and low self-esteem. Guys like you. So I thought I’d give you a shot a being my foot slave. You can worship my feet while I decide who I’m gonna hook up with tonight…”
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Goddess Harley – Say Good Bye To Your Orgasms

I am a perfect alpha goddess and you are beta male slime. You should never reproduce, and you will never reproduce, cuz instead of blue balls and chastity, I’ve decided to make you a eunuch. No more balls, LOL. Hacked off, in a nice way…maybe LOL. Actually, not in a nice way… I’ve got a true alpha male on his way over right now and I’m gonna have him beat you and beat you till you beg us to cut off your balls!
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – They Will All Hear You Cum

I’ve got Cheyenne Jewel with me in my fabulous suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. My balcony overlooks the Strip, and I decide that would be the perfect place to fuck Cheyenne. First, she needs a little warmup. Submissive Cheyenne is more than a little nervous at the prospect of being fucked in front of so many people. I’m going to prepare her pussy with my fingers, and then we’re going to take the party outside.
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Goddess Harley – 3 Reasons Why, Homo

Now that your dressed in your Sissy dress and on your knees. I want you to write out 3 reasons why my boyfriend shouldn’t fuck your ass… and 3 reasons why he should.

All done??? Well I’ll just tear off that section about why he shouldn’t … and I’ll have you greet him at the door with why he should.

Oh and since you don’t need that part of the paper with the 3 reasons why he shouldn’t… I’m gonna shove that part in your mouth while you stroke and chew it. You’re gonna cum for me at the same time you swallow it! Consider it swallowing what’s left of your manhood. Open wide!!! Start Stroking!
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Princess Remi Drains You Dry and Depletes You for Valentine’s Day

“Valentine’s Day is coming up fast. And you’ve got a decision to make. You can save it all for HER. Or you can unzip for me, Princess Remi. But be warned. I’m going to emasculate and humiliate and destroy you before I make you jerk your worthless cock dry. For me. For Valentine’s Day. None for her. All for Remi…”
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – A Night of Humiliation

Alright slave, I think it’s time for a little reality check. You’ve grown complacent and lazy with your slave tasks and I think we should change that. I’m going to give you a series of deeply humiliating tasks in order to remind you exactly where you rank in the world. You’re a disgusting little slut. You’ll jerk however I want and you know it. You’re going to prove your loyalty and submission by performing these tasks for me. They won’t be easy, but your degradation will be a valuable lesson. Sit yourself down; it’s going to be a long embarrassing evening.
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Humiliatrix – Ashleigh Turns You from a Potential Prince into an Ass-Kissing Toad

“You can’t resist my perfect ass. You want to crawl on your hands and knees to kiss it. Don’t you. Even though you know that kissing my ass will destroy any last chance of me ever taking you seriously as a man. Even though it’s only going to make me humiliate you worse. You’re going to kiss it anyway. Aren’t you…”
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Morgan – Look Who It Is

Another ass worshipper for Goddess Morgan to take advantage of. She loves her worshippers because they will stroke and pay endlessly so long as she shows her ass and dangles the possibility of an orgasm.
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Goddess Harley – Rejected State Of Bliss

You were made to suffer for my amusement, made to experience exquisite torment after torment while I laugh at your suffering. Your balls will forever be swollen with unspilled seed, forever pained and blue with fustration.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – To Participate in My Life

My life is endlessly glamourous. I get to go where I want, hang out with who I want, and be authentically me wherever I go. Isn’t it fabulous? Well, not for you of course. Your only joy is you get to watch me do all of these amazing things from behind a computer screen. The only way you get to participate in my luxurious life is by buying my clips and sending me your money. All the while you’re just so jealous of the life I lead. That doesn’t stop you from jerking, of course. So I think I’ll just rub it in your face one more time.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Nikki – My Feet Are Marvelous

Goddess Nikki is fresh off the treadmill, which means her feet are all but impossible to resist to her legion of food sluts. So pay, stroke and gaze upon their perfection piglets, and just imagine how good they must smell in person.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Liberation of Self Trance

How do you feel about your life? Do you feel trapped by the day to day obligations and stressors you must endure? Do you feel worn down by the weight of your responsibilities? I want to relieve you of that stress. Relax for me, and let the burden of choice float away from you. You will be mine. You will surrender control to me. I will be the first and last thought of your day for the rest of your life. No need to focus on all of your problems when you can focus on how to serve me. You’ll be liberated by your servitude. This freedom is bliss.
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Humiliatrix – Goddess Vika Gives Her Foot Slave a Nine-and-a-Half Inch Reward

“You do such an enthusiastic job of worshiping my size 9.5 amazon goddess feet, of sucking my toes, of deep-throating my heels, I decided to give you an appropriate reward. I’m going to let you suck this 9.5 inch cock for me. Like it or not. Because what you really want is to suck cock for Goddess Vika. For REAL…”
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Real Therapy

You’ve been coming to see me for a while now. We’ve covered almost everything possible in these therapy sessions. We’ve talked about your childhood, your parents, your job, your past loves, but there’s one thing we haven’t explored. Your sexuality. Now I want to know what this block is about your sexuality, so I did some research and found out why. Your porn of choice is female domination. Why is that? Don’t be ashamed. Exploring this side of you is important for your mental health and growth. Actually, I think from now on, I’m going to take full control of our sessions in order for you to fully explore this part of yourself. Now drop your pants, and tell me: How does that make you feel?
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Shot-Popper-Hit

I know jerking off to me is one of your most addictive vices, but it can’t be your only one. What are you others? Booze? Poppers? Something harder? I want you to pick your vice of choice and use it. Takes your shots, your hits and do so while jerking for me. We’re going to combine all of your addictions for a high like you’ve never felt before. Now take your first hit, and begin stroking…
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Clubstiletto – Lady Katy – My Whole Body Is Starting To Sweat

Lady Katy loves to sweat and working out on the elliptical really does the job. She knows you love sweat and plans on getting so wet she’s positively dripping – and it will be your job to lick it all up. The sweat starts to drip off her nose as she breathes harder. “I like a nice tongue bath before I hit the shower” she says, then stops so you can get in close to lick the sweat from her ass. You can see beads of sweat all across her back and in her ass crack and she expects you to lick it all up. She spreads her hairy ass crack and you get a great view of her wet, matted bush.

She lets you have a lick before she resumes her workout. Her face, tits, and even her feet are all wet now. “When I’m done here I’m going to drag you into the bedroom, lie down on the bed, and make you lick it all off me” she tells you, as she really starts to work hard. When she stops again, she calls you over to lick her armpits and her face, and then it’s off to the bedroom.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Focus

Now I don’t have a lot of time for you today. I’ve got a party to attend and hot friends to mingle with. But that’s not anything like your night is going to be. I want you to be a good, productive slave. I want you to do all of those things on your to-do list that you’ve been putting off just so you can jerk to my videos. So in order to get you really focused, you’re going to jerk off to me one more time tonight. You’re going to make a little worship puddle for me. Then after you’re done, you’re going to work like the good little slave you are.
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Femdom Empire – Riley Jenner – Eat your cum for Riley

Am I too much woman for you to handle? My feminine features are so irresistible, big round tits, luscious ass, blue eyes and long blonde hair. I want you to stroke your cock while you stare at my body, take in my feminine power. I want you to show me how aroused my body makes you. Put your face right between my ass cheeks as you stroke your cock. I want you to prove how much power I have over you by eating your cum, show me how weak you are for hot blondes by lapping up your orgasm for Mistress.
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Clubstiletto – You’re Too Small, I’m Going To A Gangbang

This scene opens with Miss Jasmine dressed to the nines and talking to you. “You know that party I’ve been talking about hubby, I’m ready” she says as she spins around and teases you with her smoking hot body. She reminds you that it’s not a regular night out with the girls but rather an organized swingers event where a small group of women interact with a large group of men and each then passes a note to any of the studs they are interested in fucking. The camera moves down to Jasmine’s stiletto’s and when it points back up to her face you can see she is not wearing any panties. “I’ve requested about 10-12 guys for tonight” she tells you. She’ll be meeting them within an hour and no you are not allowed to watch but when she gets home you might be allowed to lick jizz out of her ass and pussy. Now she gets you down on your knees and mocks you for being in chastity and then orders you to lick the soles of her stiletto’s. Now she spreads her legs and starts to touch her pussy.

She tells you to imagine her sprawled out on a bed getting fucked by 12 guys, she knows it makes you hard and uncomfortable in your cage. “Imagine how stretched out my pussy will be” she says. She runs her hand up her freshly shave legs and mentions she has nothing on but the dress which will be coming off once she gets there. “Alpha males get my pussy, you only get the grime on my shoes and when I get home these shoes will be covered in cum from not only my lovers but the other ladies lovers too, and you will lick them clean again. The entire time Jasmine keeps talking about the party, playing with her pussy, and saying how exhausted and raw she will be for the next week. “It’ll almost be like just coming out of surgery”. Jasmine continues to humiliate you, mock you and titillate you with talk of getting fucked, a definite classic anyone with cuck desires will not want to miss.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Breast Smother Torment

Everyone has to end sometime, so why not be smothered by my beautiful tits? It would be such a euphoric way to go. To feel me pressing my breasts up against your nose and mouth until you feel that ache in your chest and your head get light. It’s pleasure for me for sure. Smothering a man with my tits is my preferred method of putting him out of his misery. What a lovely way to go.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Hotwife Fuckover

Oh you’re in trouble now. You met this stunning woman and started dating her only to find that she wanted to wait until marriage before you could seal the deal with her. So with you cock leading the way, you tied the knot without a pre-nup and took her home to fuck. But she’s not going to be fucking you. She doesn’t want you. She just wanted half. So now she’s going to go get fucked by other guys and you’ll have to sit there and watch. Unless you do what she says, she’s going to take half of everything you own and all of your manhood.
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