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Jerk To My Feet – Ginger Babbi – Waiting for Uber

Petite redhead Ginger Babbi is waiting for an Uber when she notices you staring at her pedicured feet in skimpy flip flops. Ginger is bored enough to slide off her sandals and show off her soft, smooth bare feet, wiggling and flexing her toes for your voyeuristic enjoyment. She’ll let you jerk your cock to her small, pink feet while she waits for her ride, but don’t expect any favors. As soon as her Uber gets here, you’re on your own!
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Dirty Loubs

I wore my brand new Louboutins into some very *dirty* places in Paris, and now it’s your job to clean my expensive shoes. As you begin to lick the red soles, I describe the places I’ve been and just exactly what you’re licking up. Does it taste salty or sweet, my dear?
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4PM, 28 degrees in the shade, Bob, 35 yo, a basket ball in his hand, is thinking he’s Michael Jordan when suddenly, some piercing voices behind the fence: 3 chicks, a Black girl, a White one, an Indian Goddess who are laughing at him…

“Hi asshole, you think you’re Jordan?”

“Come on bitch, you are playing with your little ball?”

“beat it wanker!”

Insults and mockeries rain, the 3 girls are acting up and Bob is totally distracted…

“beat it skanks, I won’t tell it twice!”

Immediately, the Girls storm the court, take the balls and knock Bob down… The guy is going to be trampled and humiliated like never before, laid down on the hot floor, Bob must lick the dirty soles of each Girls and swallow their spits.
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One year ago, Sephora -whose real name is Safira (you didn’t know that guys!)- talked to us about a good friend of hers who performs domination. After one first phone contact last winter, nothing.

2 months ago, the telephone rings, a rough and charming voice at the other end of the line: MILAH SNAKE. If this name doesn’t ring a bell for you, you have to remember it because you’ll soon learn who’s the BOSS!


25 years old
Brown hair
Blue eyes
38 shoe size
Tatoos on her whole body
Sadist, mocking, perverted, unscrupulous, without limits

Activities: dominatrix, stripper, porn actress

Dan is cute, with his small voice and his bald patch, it’s obvious he must have been excused from gym when he was young… Submissive, masochist, head scissor enthusiast, this balding ectomorph has nothing against having his face slapped and being humiliated. With his extremely shy nature, Dan lives his submissive side in the intimacy of bedrooms and one day, he naturally bursts into KGB CLUB, a true slave bar where sissies come to be dominated by vicious waitresses.

Naked, his cock restrained, scruffy hair, kneeling like a good whore, Dan introduces himself to Milah Snake with a mechanic and stuttering voice, a masterful slap reminds the sub the elementary rules of diction (wouldn’t have she been a dominatrix, Milah Snake could have been a good speech therapist). No doubt, down from her 5’7” and with her wrestler shoulders, Milah is determined to train her piece of shit : a loogie rain falls down on the dazed face of the sub, followed by a tornado of slaps, welcome to the KGB CLUB!

You love rough and tough dominaton sessions? You’re gonna love the crap out of this video. Dan is taking a lot right in his face, insulted, humiliated, beaten down, this asshole will soon learn who’s in charge!

GODDESS MILAH SNAKE, you’ve seen nothing yet!
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Kendra, Ginger Babbi – Spoiled Sister’s Discipline

Adorable teen redhead Ginger Babbi has been staying with her big sister, the fierce Goddess Kendra James. Goddess Kendra was kind enough to let Ginger stay in her apartment for free as long as she got a job to help pay for the rent. However, naive Ginger Babbi has gotten lazy and hasn’t met Goddess Kendra’s expectations of her. Goddess Kendra teaches Ginger a lesson by tying her up and giving the soles of her feet a hard paddling! The spoiled little girl begs to be released and promises to do anything Goddess Kendra says. If she refuses to find a job, she will have to be Goddess Kendra’s personal slave. She can start by worshipping the Goddess’s dirty, sweaty feet! She’ll learn what a hard day’s work tastes like, one way or another.
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Jerk To My Feet – Leilani Lei – This Is Your Job

Your hot boss, Leilani Lei, has had enough of your lousy service as her paid errand boy, and she has just threatened to fire you. Thankfully, she is willing to give you one last chance as you grovel at her feet and offer to do anything to keep your job. Leilani quickly puts you back to work in a very different position. This time, you’ll be worshiping her feet! She orders you to lick and suck both of her feet clean with your undeserving mouth. You’ll start every day with your lips wrapped around her dirty toes, or you can kiss this job goodbye!
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Jerk To My Feet – Nicole Clitman – My Favorite Old Shoes

Perky, strawberry blonde Nicole Clitman is here to show off her fifteen year old, dirty converse sneakers. Lucky for you, she’s never worn them with socks on, so they’ve absorbed all of her sweat over the years. She unlaces her cute shoes and then takes a deef whiff inside before sharing them with you. She teases you with her favorite pair, spreading them open while wiggling her beautiful, bare feet and pedicured toes in front of you. Nicole seductively spreads her legs wide and holds her open, stinky sneaker between her thighs, the rubber sole flat against her pussy lips, asking you to cum right on the footprint inside. She wants to watch you cum into her converse, so she can slip them back on over her feet and feel your wet, sticky load between her toes as she wears them.
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Humiliation POV Princess Brittanya: You Only Get My Soles, That’s All You’re Worthy Of Loser

Description: Princess Brittanya

Hey loser, today I’m going to have some fun with you and my cute, little feet. I got them all dirty for you and I want you to lick the soles of my feet clean. But I don’t want you anywhere near my cute little toes. You’re going to lick the soles of my feet clean you fucking foot freak! And as soon as you’re done, I’m kicking you out! Because you’re so disgusting. Your only purpose is to clean my soles loser!

So hurry up, get to it. Lick them idiot. I said don’t get near my toes! Is this making your pathetic cock hard? Yes, I know it is. You are so gross. Serving my cute feet is your only purpose. I made sure they are nice and dirty just for you, you fucking foot freak. Keep licking. I can see how hard your pathetic cock is, you must be loving this! How fucking gross and pathetic and worthless can you be?

How does if feel to be down there licking the soles of my feet? Does it feel good to serve such a perfect princess? Look how hard you as I degrade you. I’ll bet you wish you could suck on my toes or put your cock between my soles but that will never happen loser. You get my soles and that’s all you’re worthy of. In fact, you should be grateful that I even allow you that privilege. I truly find you repulsive.

Aren’t my feet the most perfect feet you have ever seen? I know you worship them. Clean them you fucking loser! And don’t touch your fucking cock, I don’t want you jerking off to my pretty feet, just licking. You only get teased and used by my feet. So just lick the dirt idiot, eat it and thank me. Now get the fuck out of my face!
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Divine Goddess Jessica: Sweaty Blue Socks

These socks have been marinating in my foot sweat for 3 days now… in this 95F weather. Hiking, rock climbing, shopping… you name it, they’ve been on my feet for it. They smell SO strongly. I bet you would do terrible things to acquire enough money to own these. You can only imagine what it would be like to smell and touch something that clung so closely to my perfect body.
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Divine Goddess Jessica: Foot Teasing My Ex + You Don’t Need That ca$h Bonus

After a year of what you thought was a blissful relationship, your girlfriend sits you down and breaks up with you. She always seemed so bubbly and cute, who is this snotty bitch rubbing your foot fetish in your face? She reveals that she’s been cheating on you the whole time because your dick is just way, way too small. You aren’t even paying attention anymore though, because her creamy, dreamy, wrinkly soles are waving in your face. It’s unfortunate for you though, because she’s not going to let you jerk one last time until you’re absolutely DROOLING!
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Brat Princess 2: Lola – Very Dirty Foot Worship (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Lola’s feet are extremely dirty. She has been walking around barefoot all day. God only knows what’s on the floor of the Brat Princess loft after a day of filming. She’s disgusted with herself. Her soles need to be cleaned immediately. All the dirt will be consumed by a resident house slave. Lola wants him to lick off and swallow every speck, even an errant sequin from one of the Princesses’ outfits. She grabs the hapless slave by its stupid facial hair and crams her dirty foot into its mouth. Lola gets more and more excited as the slave’s tongue gets blacker and blacker. She loves making him lick off all the dirt. Every time the slave’s tongue gets really blackened with filth, Lola turns the slave’s head to the camera and makes it display before it swallows. She helps the slave wash the dirt down into its system with some spit, relishing the filth going deep inside it. The slave must consume every last bit of whatever the hell has been stuck to the bottom of Lola’s feet. She enjoys having her dirty feet licked so much that once they are clean, she leaves so that she can get them dirty again.
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Ella Kross – Dirt Cleaning Bitch

Walking barefoot through my back yard, I lead my slave by a leash and he crawls behind me on all fours like a dog. I pause to make him lick my dirty feet clean, and he thanks me for allowing him to do so. My strong, toned legs look amazing in my skimpy pink shorts as I take a seat and continue having him mouth my bare feet clean. “Maybe I’ll let you cum today with my beautiful, dirty feet,” I tell him as he licks and sucks them while I watch and supervise the job. I rub my heels all over his face, showing off my pedicured toes before cramming them down his throat. “Try harder, slave!” I reprimand when I feel he’s not putting forth a good enough effort. I grab the back of his head and drive his mouth into my feet, feeling his tongue licking them frantically. Such a good slave!
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You paid for this clip, so why not reward you with a little cum countdown, hm? My nylon foot lover loves to cum to my feet, doesn’t he? Can’t get enough Ellie feet. Cum on my command, pet. Jerk your dick to my soles, stroke to my toes, masturbate to my stockings!
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Femdom Empire – Cum Bath Boot Bitch Brittany Andrews, Gigi Allens

Femdom Empire - Cum Bath Boot Bitch Brittany Andrews, Gigi Allens
Brittany Andrews

Goddess Brittany Andrews and Gigi Allens have been saving up a year’s worth of cum from the many slaves that have served them. The batch is finally ready to be served to a lowly male and they have just the boot bitch to make lick it all up!

Featuring: Brittany Andrews, Gigi Allens
Categories: Blonde, Boot Worship, Cum Eating, Dirty Feet, Humiliation
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Mandy Flores: Filthy office feet 2- Mandy Flores

Mandy Flores:  Filthy office feet 2- Mandy Flores

Enjoy Filthy office feet along with the sequel.

I know your obsessed with my dirty feet and especially addicted to the way I dangle my flats off my feet. Its the weekend and the both of us are working together…alone AGAIN. I decide to have some fun with you some more, teasing you with my dirty feet. Quickly I have you on your knees worshiping my feet you drool over day after day. Filthy feet in your face, you love it! Beating your dick the the rhythm of my extreme dangling and dipping. They are extra dirty today and you cant resist. This time your fascination turns me and I allow you to stroke to my dirty feet and my tits at the same time. Rubbing them and my dirty feet in your face until you explode.
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Mandy Flores: #229 Dirty Feet Dangle/Dirty Dangle

Mandy Flores: #229 Dirty Feet Dangle/Dirty Dangle

You are my coworker and always sit just a few feet away from me. I already have noticed how you stare at me all the time. You never notice because you are fixated on my feet. Today they are extra dirty and that has you drooling a little bit. HAHA. Today I decide to say something and Im glad I did because it was the day you became my slave. Weak for the dirty dangle you crawl over on your knees and worship my perfect
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American Mean Girls: Ground Floor Opportunity

American Mean Girls: Ground Floor Opportunity

What if I just wallet-raaped you right now? haha. Sounds dangerous huh? Sounds like FUN to ME, actually! Well whether you are into that or just want to send me a gift, Here is my info. I am the new “Mean Girl” here at Mean Girl Manor so if you want me to remember your name you should take advantage of this opportunity to spoil me now before I get so many slaves that you get lost among my minions. 😉 I know it might be hard to type with one hand but I am giving you detailed instructions on how to send me amazon gifts and order custom videos in this clip…

Or you can just gaze at my beauty and fantasize, I guess…but do NOT contact me and expect a response unless there is an amazon GC attached to your email! 😉

-Princess Carmela
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Lick my dirty feet

You have a thing for my Latina feet, don’t you? Then you’ll love to lick them as well. Bad luck for you that they’re a little dirty right now – but I’m sure you don’t mind? Well, it doesn’t matter anyway, you wanted to lick them and now you’ll lick my dirty feet!

Categories: Barefoot, Dirty Feet
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Brat Princess 2: Gia – Wedge Licking Foot Worship and Spit (1080 HD)

Gia calmly uses a males tongue to clean off the bottoms of her wedges and feet. She walked outside before this clip was shot in the wedges and her bare feet. She wanted the male to suffer. She starts wiping off her wedges on its tongue. She spits in his mouth to wash the dirt down its throat so her shoes get cleaner. Spitting fans will have to buy this clip. Gia keeps coughing and getting lots of spit into her mouth and spits into the males mouth. She even holds its mouth open with her feet, spits in it, and then shoves her toes in. Shoe licking, foot cleaning, dirty feet, and spit fans will love this clip. The video ends with Gia using it as a toilet. The film cuts out since we can’t show that on clips4sale but she really did. At the end of this shoot, the male had all the dirt from her wedges, and feet plus a lot of spit and piss in its stomach. He is completely humbled by how she used him. This clip is a previously unreleased classic! Highly recommended!
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Aug 03,2013 – Lick Muddy Feet

Format: WMV
Duration: 6 minutes
Size: 183.18 MB
Resolution: 1280×720

As it turns out I do have a use for older, unattractive slaves! They make efficient foot cleaners eager to do any degrading task to amuse a Goddess.
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