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Cum Bots – Far from Ordinary – Lizzy London

Lizzy’s pretty damn amazing. She’s got a fantastic body, beautiful legs and ass…and one amazing rack. She’s got kind of that everday girl air about her, but when it comes down to it, she’s far from ordinary…We’ve taken those ample breasts and clamped them tightly. Lizzy enjoys the struggle, she’s already made that clear to us. Bound tightly to the table, she braces for the machine…The fucking unfolds and we push Lizzy to an orgasmic meltdown. She arches her back high as she fucks back hard. An intense display of orgasmic proportions.
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CumBots – Sweet Melissa – Melissa Jacobs

Melissa’s stocked and gagged and whining for freedom, but we have other plans…We’ve perched her atop the Sybian and there’s only one way out. The blast of the Sybian is a forceful one and Melissa takes the brunt. Her moans increase in volume, no gag can deny her…She shudders and screams, her hands writhe…This dame is getting fucked Cumbots style!
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Cum Bots – Desperately Seeking Summer – Summer Brielle

Even Southern California has it’s cold spells…relatively speaking of course, and it’s about that time of year…Time to warm the bones besides the fire, time to get ready for the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season…And while we do glean some appreciation from the season, we’re still desperately desiring one white hot blast of Summer…We bind those beautiful tits, they definitely induce unclean thoughts don’t they? We spread those milky thighs and set The Invader off like St Nick on a late Holiday run. Summer moans, the tape covering her lips barely muffling her exaltations. She lifts her pelvis high, she thrashes in her ties…But we’re hanging onto Summer for as long as we possibly can.
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Cum Bots – To the Limits – Melissa Jacobs

Watching Melissa pleasure herself is like gazing upon a work of art…The whole process of it is what makes it all so enjoyable. She slowly fingers herself and slips a dildo in deep while she works her clit…And by this time, she has us all wanting more. She cums loud and hard…We then spread her on the bed, we’re not quite finished with her. The Machine starts working her pussy and we start working her clit with a pole mounted wand. She grabs her wrist ropes tightly as we work her pussy and we push her to orgasmic oblivion.
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Cum Bots – Rear View – Aria Aspen

Aria appears to be a little timid and shy once we get her stripped and naked…Can’t really blame her too much though. We’re a crew of sickos and any woman might be a bit intimidated…Nevertheless, we bind her doggy style and flip the switch…Sometimes, the ones that are the most reserved make the best subjects. And in this respect, Aria doesn’t disappoint. She fucks back with a passion and gives us a sweet rear view of the action.
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CumBots – Big Tits, Big Orgasms – Tristyn Kennedy

Tristyn’s got one hell of a crazy body and she’s not shy about showing it…She simply oozes sex and listening to her moan as she disrobes, is arousing…to say the least…She spreads wide for us and slides a vibrator into her pussy, then a large dildo and we watch in awe as she frigs herself into a frenzy…With such a display of orgasmic fury, we know Tristyn shall not disappoint…To the bed we tie her and we get her legs wide…We set the machine at a brisk pace and watch as her heavy tits heave as she takes a pumping. This babe loves to fuck, evidenced by the heavy grinding she’s got going on. She gyrates her hips hard…She’s taking all the Cumbot can give…You just know that she’s going to have an ear shattering orgasmic experience just by watching her fuck. And she most certainly does.
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Cum Bots – Primed – Mikayla Hendrix

Mikayla gets it started hot & heavy when we hand her a large rubber dildo and she shows us what she’s made of. She handles that dong like a pro as she shoves it deeply in her snatch and works it in and out. This babe is primed and wet and we don’t want to waste any time watching her sturggle…We strap her down on the bench and get The Invader ready. The machine begins to pump that pussy and Mikayla begins to squirm…We hand this chick a fucking she isn’t soon to forget.
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CumBots – Contained – Sinn Sage

Sinn proved to be quite the wriggler last time around, so this time we decided we’d try to keep her in check…We get her down on the floor, ass up, high in the air. Then we lock & stock this fine Damsel and get her ready… We heave The Invader into position and fire it up, it’s gearbox begins to hum as it slams home inside this restrained babe’s cunt…Sinn’s options are limited to one: to take the fucking of her life.
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Cum Bots – Brace for Impact – Athena Angel

Bound to the beam, Athena’s futile struggle begins…With her breasts tightly bound, her legs splayed, her resistance is soon to be a foregone conclusion. Strategically we have her mounted atop the Cumbot and as it enters and exits, Athena’s lovely moans fill the room. We watch intently as she puts on a show all the while, she is worked towards a monumental climax. She takes it hard and she takes it well as we put her through the paces.
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CumBots – Thrasher – Sinn Sage

I’m not too familiar with Sinn, but I’m liking what I see…She seems to be the loyal type. The type that’s willing to experiment. They type to give it the “ole college try”. When we take a peek at her body we start to like her even more. She’s natural and perfect. Another plus…We bind her boobs and restrain her arms behind her back before we perch her atop the Sybian…She seems a tad nervous…Who could blame her though, we’re a group of dementos…We flip the Sybian’s switch and Sinn takes hold. Figuratively of course…She bucks like a bronco as we put her through her paces.
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Cum Bots – The Quiet Type – Aiden Aspen

After a molten hot masturbation session, which sees Aiden bring herself off to a nice orgasm, we bend this blonde damsel over and get her primed for the machine fuck of the ages. We start her off nice and easy and then we bring it full on. As the power surges, Aiden screams like a banshee. Rendered immobile, Aiden really has no other choice but to hold tight as the Cumbot charges like a battering ram. My initial impression upon first meeting Ms. Aspen was that she was seemingly the “quiet type”. Of course I should have known that the quiet ones are usually the most fun when you get down to brass tacks, and Aiden certainly proved that theory correct!
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Cum Bots – Two Dames in The Dungeon – Tara Lynn Foxx & Reena Sky

Two sexy dames left to their own devices in the Dungeon, what kind of mischief can they get up to? Tara spreads her legs as Reena smashes the vibe against her clit while she licks away…These two lovelies take turns one each others gashes until we reach a fucking fever pitch…something has to give doesn’t it? Since these two chicks dig each other so much, lets go ahead and pair them together in a more “permanent” fashion shall we? Intertwined at the neck and in an eternal liplock, the stakes are raised…Reena is bent as she takes a hard fucking from behind…Tara is bound to the Sybian…What unfolds is simply blisteringly hot.
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Cum Bots – Breathless – Audrey Lords

I gotta say, Audrey really knows how to get the blood pumping. Just watching her sit in that chair, vibing her pussy, is enough to give a man a coronary. She’s a sexy dame that’s for fucking sure…She brings herself off to a gut-wrenching orgasm that leaves us all breathless and wanting more, and more we shall have…Next, Audrey finds herself bent over on the chair and we’ve got that Cumbot all up in her…The machine starts tearing away like a battering ram, full steam ahead and Audrey wails to the heavens above as she is pushed to an amazing orgasm.
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CumBots – April in April – April O’Neil

What a way to start off a new month…The month of April…With April…She needs no introduction, so we get right down to business. We bind her down atop the Sybian and hit the switch. April instantly goes into a frenzy. Her beautiful, bound breasts heave as she struggles for us…Little whimpers escape from her little gagged mouth…We watch intently as the overall intensity increases. April hangs on for the long ride…She has no choice in the matter. We take her to the edge and beyond and we take all that she has to give.
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Cum Bots – Loud & Proud – Hollie Stevens

Hollie’s back for more. We’ve seen her stretched, whipped, suspended and fucked…Now it’s time to see her take a good machine fucking…One thing I notice as Hollie undresses is that she has one hell of body…Nice and tight with some sweet, perky tits…This should be good…She’s no stranger to the wand and eagerly gets to work with it on her shaven pussy…Nice eye candy…That’s all pretty tame though…When we take it to the next level, Ms. Stevens finds herself spread wide in a chair. We know she’s quite the screamer, so we tape a gag into her sweet little mouth. We crank up the Cumbot and watch Hollie writhe. Nothing can silence her though.
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Cum Bots – Cue The Waterworks – Sindee Jennings

I’ve always had kind of a soft spot for the innocent looking ones…Sindee’s no exception…Well, she is an exception is one sense, and that one sense kind of sets her apart from the others…She definitely is an eager beaver and it shows so without much ado, we hand her a vibe…We now watch as Sindee disrobes, she begins to pant as she breathily spreads her legs and begins to masturbate for us…The room is silent as we watch in awe, this little lady is really going to town on her gash and it isn’t long before she spouts off an orgasmic geyser…Sindee is now sopping wet and we’re rock hard and yet, we have only just begun…Up on the bench she shall go and we take her lovely little legs and restrain them wide. Her sopping pussy makes easy work for the Cumbot and it glides with ease…Sindee isn’t finished, far from it…Lets just say the orgasms shall “flow”.
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Cum Bots – Going Haywire – Mahina Zaltana

Mahina’s become quite popular around here…Our members really enjoy her and who are we to argue? It gives another great reason to bring her back… Mahina gets right down to the nitty gritty when we hand her a vibe. She leans back on bale of hay and gets busy on her pussy…She cums hard and it seems she is more than ready for a good hard Machine Fucking…We restrain her tightly to the Dungeon floor, her movement severely limited…Mahina squrims and grinds and you can tell by watching her that this is something she truly is getting into. The Machine picks up speed, and we watch in fascination as this lovely lady gets more and more worked up. She moves in time to the rhythm of the Cumbot and gives us one amazing show.
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Cum Bots – Bottoms Up – Kara Dax

Kara’s just the way I like them, a bit innocent looking on the outside, and kind of filthy on the inside when it comes right down to it… Ms. Nefarious had her splayed open, knees high as the Cumbot tooled away at Kara’s asshole. It’s obvious that this is Kara’s sweet spot and for me, what else could I ask for? Well, Nikki seems to have some ideas doesn’t she? She smashes a wand up against Kara’s clit and then smothers her face for starters
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Cum Bots – Kelly Craves Cock – Kelly Klass

Kelly strikes me as the girl next door type. You know what they say about those types…The first thing I noticed was that she has an amazing ass. We hand her a vibe, and suddenly little Kelly doesn’t seem quite so innocent after all. She takes the wand and goes to town between her thighs and belts out an orgasm…Nice start…Next, we mount a huge cock on the Cumbot and Kelly is secured in place. Her pussy is already sopping from her previous efforts and the fucking begins…While the machine pumps away we unleash a pervert upon her…He gropes little Ms. Klass and then buries his dick in her face and Kelly obediently bobs on his knob.
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Cum Bots – Lustera’s Ordeal – Ariella Ferrera

Lustera is on the trail of a gas mask wearing thug…and he is tired of running from our beautiful MightyGirl, Lustera…He makes a stand and ends up getting the upper hand…and Lustera ends up bound to a gate with her tits tied and exposed and a vibrator roped between her legs…the thug leaves her to yell for help as the vibrator works away at her super-pussy
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Cum Bots – Her Cup Runneth Over – Cheyenne Jewel

Cheyenne’s baring it all for us. She deftly strips out of her undies, opens her legs and plants a vibe up against her cunt. It doesn’t take long for this dirty little bitch to cum and when I say cum, I MEAN cum! She’s aroused and so are we…obviously…We strap her down to the bench and Ogre gets her primed pussy ready for another round with a little lube. The Cumbot fires on all cylinders as it pummels that pussy, it’s throttle wide open…To tantalize her a bit more he buries a wand against her clit. Cheyenne’s tremendous orgasm is incredible. Her pleasure brief, yet intense..
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Cum Bots – Fire In The Hole – Cassandra Cruz

We’re all big fans of Cassandra’s around here. No surprise really though, who wouldn’t be a fan of this Latina bombshell? She’s got a spectacular figure and we were chomping at the bit to get close up and personal with it…Cassandra begins by warming herself up after we hand her a vibe. She quickly brings herself off to an orgasm that not only left her wanting more, but we were panting as well. We hogtie her to the bed, we get the Cumbot up in her and we flip the switch…Cassandra moans and groans, bound tightly her fucking continues and she cums explosively..
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Cum Bots – Sucking and Fucking Part II – Nikki Daniels

Nikki may have gotten a bit more than she bargained for the second time around…This time we situate her doggy style and get her bound and ready for her Machine fucking. Mr. Vegas once again takes the reigns and as the Invader builds up, it’s full steam ahead as he buries his shaft in Nikki’s face.
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Cum Bots – Sucking and Fucking – Nikki Daniels

Tied tight and spread wide, Nikki struggles with the Cumbot between her thighs…She surely has no clue as to what shall come next but, it’s not going to take her very long to find out…Enter Mr. Vegas who flips the switch, sending little Nikki into immediate sensory overload…He has a few more tricks up his sleeve though as he begins to paw at Nikki’s tightly confined little body. Then, he feeds her some cock which she greedily swallows.
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Cumbots – Angel Fuck – Little Angel

This is Little Angel’s first visit to DungeonCorp…She seems a bit timid as we talk to her and that is understandable as we can be a bit intimidating to newcomers. She seems so sweet and innocent though but, I guess you can never really judge a book by it’s cover, or so they say…We ease her into the experience…She is tied down tightly and she is going nowhere…The Machine starts off at a slow pace and it’s evident that Angel is being filled to the brim. We pick up the pace and Angel hangs in there, her moans and squeals increasing…She seems to be taking to this all like a natural and we will push her onward…
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Cum Bots – Simple Submission – Cheyenne Jewel

Cum Bots - Simple Submission - Cheyenne Jewel

I dig seeing Cheyenne taking a good fucking… And on this particular day we got straight to the point… We bent her over, doggie style… to get that fine ass up in the air. We shackled her wrists and ankles and then let the cameras roll… Black Magic blazed a trail of glory towards this Damsel’s tight hole and Cheyenne hollered to the high heavens as we struck paydirt…
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Cum Bots – Watching Cherry Grind – Cherry Torn

Cum Bots - Watching Cherry Grind - Cherry Torn

Cherry looks fantastic…I can’t say that enough and to me she is amazing in EVERY way. She’s just one of those kind of chicks that makes my heart pound a bit when I see her. And when I see her naked, it is almost cardiac arrest time. Cherry’s no stranger to the world of BDSM and has garnered quite the following and it’s really not hard to see why…We get a nice long look at Cherry’s body…Head to toe we drink it all in, drunk on flesh…She lubes a large rubber dong with her mouth and slides that baby in and at this point, I know this one is going to be memorable…Ogre meticulously gets her tied on the bench and Cherry’s legs are open wide…The Machine is set in place, the switch is flipped and we watch Cherry grind…
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Cum Bots – Payback Time – Taylor Russo

Cum Bots - Payback Time - Taylor Russo
Taylor Russo

In case you think you’re seeing double…you’re not. Taylor Russo is Tati’s twin sister and the second half of the infamous Russo twins team…I’m not positive if she’s ever had a good machine fucking before but, she seems quite adept at frigging herself, which is quite evident as she puts on quite the masturbatory show for us…Switching gears, we then tie her standing and low and behold, her lovely sister Tati enters the scene…Tati then proceeds to gag her twin and crank up the fucking machine. Taylor’s legs quiver as her fucking reaches full steam and we learn that this may be payback time as her sister is evidently in control of this situation…
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CumBots – Curious to Cum – Lisa Marie

CumBots - Curious to Cum - Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie

Lisa is curious…Before she shot with us she did a little research to learn what we were all about and her interest was piqued…This would be her first experience in this arena and we were certain she would not disappoint… While we learned a little about her, Lisa puffed on her smoke while she stripped and gave us a good view of her lithe body. To get her warmed up we handed her a wand and Lisa wasted no time getting acquainted with it… Formalities aside, it was launch time. We tied her to the cube and let Lisa receive a good hard fuck via Black Magic…
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Cum Bots – The Homecoming – Tati Russo

Cum Bots - The Homecoming - Tati Russo
Tati Russo

Tati got her start here at DungeonCorp we’re proud to say and we’re happy to have her back on Cumbots once again. This would be a homecoming of sorts and we wanted it to be a memorable one. Things get started as Ms. Russo begins to play with herself and then takes a huge rubber cock as deep in her throat as she can. She lets us know a bit about her bondage fantasies and then we decide to let her know about ours…We meticulously shackle little Tati to the table and her juices begin to flow… The Cumbot begins it’s task as it slowly increases speed and Tati takes her fucking. The tension mounts as we clamp her nipples and at this point Ms. Russo is is on the verge of a massive climax session…
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