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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Jasmine Webb – Cuckold

You have been having trouble paying your rent. Your wife Jasmine found a wealthy guy who says he will give you a thousand dollars if he can have a cup of coffee with your wife. But when he finds out about your small cock, he FUCKS HER RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!! VERY HUMILIATING CUCKOLD – COULD BE OUR BEST CUCKOLD SCENE EVER – YOU BE THE JUDGE!
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Subbyhubby: Foot Bitch For My Goddess P2

Goddess Tangent and Sunny Chase are going to teach this little bitch how to worship their feet properly. They get to work making him suck on their toes and lick their soles. Their high arches are driving him crazy. He belongs collared and underneath them like a servant. He isn’t good enough for either of these women, especially his girlfriend Sunny. This is ALL he is going to get for now, so he better enjoy it.
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Stock Caning

Brutal is the best way to describe this scene. Immobilised in stocks, the slave has no choice but to take as many ferocious strokes of the cane as the two leather clad Dominas decide to dish out. Extreme caning, not for the feint hearted viewer!
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Subbyhubby: Tormented he-bitch Part 5: Lesbian Cuckold

It’s time. They can barely keep their hands off of each other’s beautiful bodies. Parker Swayzee and Kimber Woods are kissing and touching each other, hot and ready to fuck. However, they need to keep their he-bitch close-by to watch and be shocked by the shock collar the women attached to his balls. Every time he starts to enjoy the show before him, they shock him causing him to yell and jump. He goes right back to laying still and watching them, because he is trained to do so and knows better! The women get off even more every time he yells.
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Subbyhubby: Trained By a Domme (ENTIRE MOVIE) (November 24nd 2017)

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MeanWorld / MeanAmazonBitches: Julie Cash – Cuckold

You walk into your office and find your girl Julie on her knees sucking your boss’s cock! She cuckolds with you the man you hate most the world.. how humiliating!!
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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Helix – Tease Addicts

Neat dicktie, and I’m in a good mood today. Unlike the poor stupid boy I’m working on, who won’t be having any thoughts, good or bad, for quite a while I imagine. If you’re into great tease scenes, this one is for you. If you don’t like great tease scenes, what the fuck are you doing on this website?! Go away. Shoo.
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Zoe Clark – Cuckold

Your bratty new bride told you she was going to cuckold you but you didnt think she really meant it. She brings your best friend in and FUCKS HIM RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! CUCKOLDING, SEX, BLOWJOB, VERBAL HUMILIATION, AND MORE!
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Subbyhubby: Paris Trains Her Husband Part 1: Love His Cock (September 12th 2017)

Paris Knight is very unhappy with her husband. He thinks he is this big shot and he can’t even make her cum! He is so pathetic and she is sick of being unsatisfied by his tiny cock and lack of stamina. He is now working on the weekends and spends even LESS time with her. When Austin comes over to assist with repairs, Paris takes an automatic liking to him and it isn’t long before she’s all over his big cock. Just when Paris is thinking of bending herself over the kitchen table to get the fucking she deserves, her annoying husband comes home and ruins all of her plans. Paris decides to force her husband to suck the big cock in front of him and show him what a real man is. She knows her husband craves cock secretly and had a feeling he was a little submissive bitch all along, underneath that big ego. She decides this is the way things are going to be from now on.
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MeanWorld / SlaveOrders: Zoe Clark POV Slave Orders

Your hot young bride Zoe can’t wait to have sex with you for the first time! Until… she sees your small cock. She tells you there is no way she could have sex with a tiny cock like that. So, she makes you her CUCKOLD!! Ass Worship, Foot Worship, Cuckold, POV, Cum Countdown, and more!
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Mistress T – Freak Cock Cuckolded & Ruined

This is the slave from “Ruined Orgasm for Freak Cock” released a few months ago. He still so badly wants to be my sex slave but his cock is too big. I tease him & make fun of his freaky giant cock… I humiliate him by making him suck the cock that does get to fuck me (ENCOURAGED BI), watch me have sex & then I make him CLEAN UP the CREAMPIE! As if that wasn’t enough I then manipulate his horny freak cock, telling him how useless he is until he starts to cum then I RUIN HIS ORGASM & make him lick up the escaped cum off the floor!
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Mistress T – Huge Cumblast For Foot Lover!

This is the guy with the huge dick who cums like a fire hose from “Buckets of Cum!”, “Huge Fucking Cumshot!”, “Milked by a Dominant Nurse”, “Cum Drenched Cuckold” & “Foot Fetish Handjob”. . . . This is a sensual nude handjob with a little pussy licking, lots of hot foot views, a little footjob action & of course a MONSTER CUM BLAST finish (repeated in slow motion the way you cum shot fanatics love). This is a fantastic vid, highly recommended!
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Luna Star – Cuckold

The scene that so many of you have asked about IS HERE!! Luna Star cuckolds you with your boss. She fucks him right in front of you!!
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Cruelgirlfriend: Mop Up Their Cum Puddle Cucky

Look at the mess my real men have made cucky – all for you! My studs have left a huge puddle of their alpha-cumloads all over the floor to give you something to clean up and I’m going to video you mopping up their spunk with your tongue so they can see just what a pathetic beta-cuckold you really are. Kneel down next to their filthy cum-puddle and look into my camera so they can see you begging me to let you slurp up their cum from the floor. I want the guys who are fucking your girlfriend to see how much of a loser boyfriend you are. They’re going to watch as I push your stupid face into their slimy cummy mess and make you lick it up. This is just the first of the humiliating tasks me and my alpha-bulls have decided to set you to keep you in your place and to enforce your cuckold status. It’s not enough for them to come over here and take your girlfriend to your bed and fuck her. That’s not humiliating enough – they want to totally emasculate you so that I’ll never ever see you as a real man. They fucked your girlfriend, emptied their used condoms all over the floor so you have to mop it all up and then I’m going to push their discarded condoms inside your cuckold ass. You can wear their filthy, wet condoms in your ass for the rest of the day. I’m going to fuck them deep into your ass with a dildo an then plug you so they stay right inside all day.
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy – Takes Out Agression at Boyfriend on Slaves Face (1080 HD)

Amadahy’s boyfriend is on his way over. She’s very excited to see him. In the meantime, her slave is tied to the bed. Amadahy sits on the slave’s face. She reminds the slave that its job is to prepare her for a real man. Amadahy talks about the plans she and her boyfriend have for their date, while using the slave’s face. She bounces and grinds to warm herself up for hot sex with her boyfriend. Amadahy happily plans her date, until her boyfriend texts and cancels. Then, she turns on the slave. He is tied up and cannot escape her wrath. Amadahy yells at the slave, in place of her absent boyfriend. She starts bouncing on the slave’s face much harder. She wants him to hurt. This is the slave’s fault. Amadahy’s boyfriend is putting in overtime at work. If the slave would work harder and put more time in at his job, then her boyfriend wouldn’t need to be putting in overtime at his. Amadahy hits the slave. She wants to break its nose. She hates it. Its dick is so tiny and worthless, she could never use it in place of her boyfriends. The slave and her boyfriend are nowhere near equal. Amadahy gets madder and madder as she rides the slave’s face. She’s stuck at home with the inferior male tonight, and it’s all his fault. She makes the slave apologize over and over. But no amount of “I’m sorry” can make up for being stuck with it instead of her boyfriend. She starts to deny it air for longer and longer periods of time. Only the slave’s suffering can cheer her up. She lectures the slave for being poor. The poor are underachievers. It’s going to have to get another job, work overtime, and sell all its worldly possessions, just to keep up with what Amadahy’s boyfriend can earn. Then, maybe she’ll be happily riding her boyfriend’s superior cock instead of the slave’s ugly face. It’s the slave’s job to earn for his Princess, so that she can spend her time doing whatever she wants. Even if that means spending much more time with her boyfriend instead of him.
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Brat Princess 2: Edyn – Nice Relaxing Ass Worshp Lulls Princess to Sleep (1080 HD)

1080 HD Edyn applies her lip gloss while her slave worships her ass. The ass worship is very relaxing for Edyn. She sexts with her boyfriend while the slave licks. Edyn is very demanding. She has certain things she likes and isn’t afraid to tell the slave when he is doing something wrong. It’s his job to please her, so he better do it right! Edyn’s boyfriend is on his way over to fuck her, and it is the slave’s job to get her clean and ready for him. Edyn loves when her boyfriend fucks her ass, so the slave is going to have to do some more cleanup once her boyfriend is finished. The ass worship is so relaxing, Edyn decides to take a little nap while waiting for her boyfriend. The slave licks while his Princess is gently lulled to sleep.
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Sarah Banks Cuckold

Your Mistress Sarah Cuckolds you with a Male Prostitute! She laughs at you for paying for another man to get his cock sucked- TOTAL HUMILIATION!!
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Cindy Starfall – Cuckold POV

Your Asian Bride Cindy only married you for your money. She hates your small cock so she found a real man. And now shes gonna suck his cock right in front of you while she humiliates you!
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Kat Dior – Cuckold

Your hot girlfriend Kat cuckolds you with your jerk boss! You will be humiliated, but you know you can’t resist anything Kat makes you do!
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy – Bikini Goddess Foot Worship by Cuckold (1080 HD)

1080 HD Amadahy uses her cuckold for foot worship while she enjoys a lollypop. The cuckold is kept in chastity. Amadahy wears the key to the cuckold’s chastity on her anklet. He has to look at the key while he worships Amadahy’s feet. Amadahy makes the cuck look at her butt, too. The cuck is in agony. He really wants to get out of chastity. Amadahy teases the cuck’s chastity with her perfect feet and toes. She explains to the cuck that she is so mean to him because he has been failing bas a toilet. She needs for the cuckold to get better at drinking pee from all the girls in the household. In the evening, the girls are having a house party with lots of beer. Because they are drinking beer, the girls will have to pee a lot. This will be a good test for the cuck to see if he can really hack it as a toilet.
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Ana Foxxx – POV Cuckold Blowjob

Your Best Friend talked you into doing a threesome with you and your girlfriend, but as soon as you went out to get drinks, he fucked her. Now that she has been with a real man, she decides to make you a cuckold!
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Kaidence King – Kinky Klips: Cuckold comparison (1080p mp4)

I walk into the room, having finally finished work for the day and while I’m closing the door I tell my boyfriend how much I’ve been looking forward to this. But when I turn round, my husband is there with him. “What are you doing here?! So, I guess you know I’ve been cheating on you with this black guy? Well, I’m kinda glad you found out actually. Because now we can get divorced and I can finally start fucking him every day like I’ve been wanting to. Your cock is just…not the same. His cock satisfies me like yours never could. What, you don’t believe me? Take your cocks out then, both of you!”

You and my black boyfriend both take your cocks out. His is a huge, throbbing hard black dong (8 inch realistic black dildo). Yours is a pathetic, 2 inch, flaccid white dick (2 inch realistic white dildo). I humiliate your cock while I worship his, while slowly stripping off. I show you how much bigger his cock is in my mouth, in my hand and in between my tits. “Imagine how much better his feels in my pussy!” You still don’t seem to understand, so I guess I have to fuck him.

I get completely naked and climb on top of his cock. As soon as it slides inside me, I’m moaning, practically screaming with pleasure. I tell you how much better it feels than yours. How much bigger it is. I suck your cock a little while I ride his, but only for a minute because I don’t care about your pleasure. I’m going to cum. “Watch as this big black cock makes your wife cum!” I orgasm all over his massive cock, screaming and moaning with pleasure. “See? His is just so much better. Sorry! I’ll be serving you divorce papers soon.” I exit, leaving you all alone, forever.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali – Cuck Licks Dirty Gym Sneakers (1080 HD)

1080 HD Cali’s got a cuck who’s practically good for nothing. When she gets home from working out at the gym, she likes to use his tongue to clean the bottoms of her white sneakers. Cali is in a crabby mood because she’s been fighting with her boyfriend all morning. She takes her bad mood out on the cuck, even though it has nothing to do with him. After the cuck has licked Cali’s dirty sneakers for a while, she wants him to clean her sweaty feet. They’ve been inside the sneaker without socks during her workout, so they are really ripe! Cali does not care, it’s a cuck’s job to lick them clean, especially when they are stinky. When Cali is finished, she tells the cuck that she wants him to give her a ride over to her boyfriend’s house. She wants to have makeup sex with her boyfriend. The sex should last about two hours. In that time, Cali wants the cuck to detail her boyfriend’s car. When they’re finished fucking, Cali’s going to need the cuck to come in and clean her pussy. The only thing her worthless cuck’s good for is cleaning up.
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Clubstiletto – I’m Thinking of My Black Studs Cock, hubby

Princess Skylar can’t get enough sex, sometimes she’s so horny that she needs to get fucked from her cuck before her hung boyfriend gets there. Her cuck is not good enough or endowed enough to use his real cock of course so she locks him to the cage and fits him with a big mouth dildo that will get her off until her stud arrives. She lays down and touches herself, teasing him with her pussy, then tells him to stick it in. The slave gets a nice steady rhythm going and she touches her clit and thinks of her black stud. “What would your mother say if she saw me deliver a black bay?”, she asks him. “You’ll be home taking care of the little one while I’m out on the town getting fucked and maybe pregnant again, she says with a laugh… and a moan. She tells him that if he eats her out good enough after he cums in her she might not get pregnant and adds, “When you fuck me with the dildo, I like to imagine my black boyfriends fucking me and making you watch, each one fucking the out of me. Then they’ll watch you suck out all their cum.” She is getting so aroused and tells him to fuck faster, as he goes faster, she moans harder, starts to thrash until she has a mind blowing orgasm. Then there’s a knock on the door.

Mistress: Princess Skylar
Category: Cuckolding, Bbw, Dildo Fucking, Black & White, Cuckold
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Clubstiletto – Cucky your Face Should Smell Like My Armpits

“Oh, he fucked me so good I’m just sweating” says sexy Princess Lily. She summons Her bitch from the closet and tells him She needs her stinky armpits licked clean. “Get in there! I want your breath to smell like my armpits. You’re such a loser you’ll go to your meeting with that smell on your breath and breathe into everyone’s face so they’ll know what a loser you are.” She asks if he likes dirty, disgusting, stinky things and tells him that s also like stinky things. “Are you a ?” She asks and then makes him bark like a dawg. He’s instructed to lick both Her pits until she’s satisfied they’re clean, while she talks about her boyfriend the entire time… how he pleases her and what a loser the slave is. She’s still so horny though! “I can’t get enough of my man’s cock” she says, as she plays with her pussy while making the slave continue to lick. After a while, she notices that his face is starting to stink like armpit. She calls him a worthless piece of and tells him to go back to his closet. She sniffs her pits and says, “Good, now he stinks instead of me”. She resumes playing with her pussy, while softly uttering her boyfriend’s name. “Oh, Ramone” she sighs, as a look of sheer bliss crosses her face.

Mistress: Princess Lily
Category: Armpits, Cuckolding, Princess, Armpits, Armpit Worship, Cuckold
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Osa Lovely Cuckold

Osa has had so much fun abusing and degrading you that it made her horny. She wants some dick! But not your dick. She brings in her real man and sucks him off in front of your face while she laughs at your tiny cock! She even makes you thank him for having a nice cock. VERY DEGRADING!
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Mocha Menage POV Cuckold

Ebony Goddess Mocha has kept you in chastity for a year and now its time to get out. She knows how badly you want sex, so she’s going to give it to you: a blowjob! But it won’t be your cock she is sucking… yours is way too small.. she brings in her real man stud so she can suck his cock right in front of you while she ridicules your small cock. HOW HUMILIATING!!
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