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Mistress – T: FemDom AI Robot Virtual Fuck

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Behold the latest in artificial intelligence technology! A ‘robot’ created with such perfection you are helpless to resist. Seductively Dominant, so life-like you would never be able to tell the difference…& dangerously intelligent. You will find that she can literally read your mind & give you just what you secretly crave. The feeling of her pussy around your cock as she milks you will feel like nothing you’ve every experienced. So go ahead, allow yourself this experience, already your curiosity is over-powering you…
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Fetish Dreams By Safa: Safa Ward & Daphne Colette – THUNDER KITTIES

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The vicious Atomic man has a plan.. Nothing more, nothing less than possessing and eventually destroying Planet Earth… Also, he has a very well hidden secret that makes him so amazingly strong: his magic ring. Noone seems willing and definitely able to stop this mad creature from rolling out his evil plans… He is already in his Lab working on the last details when … two stunningly sexy kitties enter his door… The Thunder Kitties! These two breathtaking Kitties are there for a reason; to stop the twisted Atomic man before its too late for the mankind. On the other hand, the Atomic man knows very well that these sirens are noticeably dangerous; Charms and strength is the combination… A strength and seduction battle takes place in front of our eyes… These two “Kitties fatale” know how to fight and seduce a man – without a doubt. They are devoted to join forces and fight the Atomic man until the moment that his magic ring will be theirs…and eventually the planet Earth will be safe… Definitely, though, the Atomic man is Evil and so far away of being considered naïve… He knows these female seduction games but…will he able to really resist? These two super playful kitties are really as sexy as it may takes… Dangerously sexy, remarkably strong… lets wait to see…
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Mistress – T: Milked Drained Used

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Mistress - T: Milked Drained Used

Treated like beasts, only useful for their seed, milked until they’re used up & then discarded. In a world where men only have worth as long as they are producing what we need…the milk that makes our female species stronger.
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