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SADO LADIES: 6 Canings In 24 Hours


we are very very glad to present a new stunning mistress here! lets welcome german pro dom from hamburg domina charlize! as we got in contact with her she told us that she was sadistic as long as she knows, now beeing active as a professional mistress for a few years.

and her words will be clearly proofed in this first clip we present with her. the story is quite simple, the effect is enormous. just for her amusement she decides that her slave gets a lot of canings today. to be exact he gets 6 canings in the period of 24 hours. with every caning he will recieve 24 sharp strokes. in between the canings he have to remain on the punishment bench, not to allowed for an inch.

domina charlize applies the canings from the beginning with sharp and very accourate strongs on his ass.

to due celebrate the canings over a full day she appears with different outfits, staring with a casual outfit, then a superhot catsuit, next a shiny pvc robe, a wonderful riding outfit, another leather look and at least with corset and a fisnet body.

all canings are very hard, but in the end she brings her slave over his limits! the last sequence is ultra severe and the slave cries and moans out loud. and he doesnt get away with 24 this time.

NOTE: this is a loooooooong clip, a lil unusual for us, but trust us: this is one of the best, if not the best caning clip we ever taped! and it contains also a FREE bonus of warming up! if you are into strong caning, this one is a MUSTBUY! german language!
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Restrainedelegance: #GameOfSlaves: Mistress Hannah’s Perfect Gag

Well, it had to happen! I have sold myself into slavery for just seven days to pay off my debt, and as you know I am obsessed with finding the perfect gag for each of my slave girls… so how could I resist a taste of my own medicine? I have gagged dozens of slaves with every sort of gag, but I have never endured the humiliation of placing a gag in my own mouth, buckling it tight, taking away my own ability to speak as befits a submissive slave. First though I must don my new master’s collar as I offer my submission to him, and broadcast my humiliation to all my fans of #GameOfSlaves!
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Restrainedelegance: #GameOfSlaves: Foot Worship Domme

Mistress Ariel want to see how much of your foot you can get into your mouth… and she doesn’t want to hear any excuses!

This is a bonus update – it’s really one for the foot fetish fans, but I thought a) you might enjoy a long look at Ariel’s gorgeous wrinkled soft bare soles, even though she’s not tied up in this episode and b) it’s setting up a couple of future elements of the #GameOfSlaves storyline. So sit back and enjoy one of Ariel’s domly monologues.
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Chateau-cuir: The leather bootfucker part 1

At the mercy and under the divine leather boots of Mistress Fetish Liza and Mistress Ezada Sinn. What a lucky boot bitch! Both Ladies use him as their boot brush and make him hump their leg like the boot dog that he is.
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Chateau-cuir: Wet in white leathers part 1

Wonderful weather for some horny outdoor fun in leather! Girlfriends Nomi and Nikki love to get wet in their white leather outfits. Such a hot duo!
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Chateau-cuir: The leather bootfucker part 2 (September 13th 2017)

What a lucky boot bitch! With his cock trapped between his Mistresses leather boots, he gets to cum and release himself on to their sexy footwear
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Chateau-Cuir: Spunk on My girlfriends leather ass part 1

I love my leatherclad girlfriend Coco in these tight trousers so much! And so do you, don’t you? Your cock is throbbing as you see us girls make out. We invite you to join us and share the leather fun!
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Syren Productions – Mistress Aleana – Cruel Countess Full Body Bullwhipping

Dressed to the nines as a cruel Countess, I have slave bart strung up in my dungeon and I must admit that there is nothing more intoxicating than having a male slave bound and helpless ready to accept my whip and all the pain that it will bring. There will be no mercy tonight as I want to see the fear in his eyes and hear the screams from his voice as my bullwhip devours his flesh. No part of his body is spared as I use my new found “whip wrapping” technique to leave welts and cuts all over his back, ass, chest, legs, and I even whip his cock. The last few minutes of this clip I unleash a barrage of full force whip strikes that wrap around and I have spinning around trying to avoid the lethal lashes, but as he will quickly learn there is no escape from my bullwhips.
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Worship Violet Doll – Mesmerized & Drained by Latex

If you’re reading this, you’re already feeling weak. So we’re going to play a little game. It’s too late to say no.

First Im going to guide you into total relaxation. Complete submission. Then the game begins. I’ll drain you slowly and gently at first. . . think you can handle it?

If you make it to the end, you’ll win the ultimate pleasure.
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Chateau-Cuir: Balls drained on her pants part 2

Miss Yasmin is a real cruel beauty, she loves to tease her bondage slave with her tight leatherclad ass and big boobs.
He is not allowed to cum until she tells him too, but looking at his hot Mistress makes him edge so much! On her command, he is finally released and drained on her leather pants.
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London Lix: Exactly As We Say ft. Mina Thorne

You come here for jerk off *instructions*, not encouragement. You need no egging on when it comes to touching your cock; you’re a jerkaholic who does it every night. So if you want to stroke to us today, you’re going to have to be obedient about it. No mindless f1st-fucking here, you little hand-humper. No; Mina Thorne and I are going to tell you EXACTLY how to stroke. When to stroke, how hard, how fast, with how many fingers, in what direction – and you are going to follow every single jerk off instruction. You won’t be able to resist following our every command when you see how hot we look in our tight corsets, fishnets and wet look leggings. Of course this is not just any old JOI though…and we have special instructions for how you’ll be cumming today, if at all…
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Such A Whiny Little Crybaby – WMV

So predictable. Put on a pair of gorgeous thigh high black patent leather platform boots and this slut turns to mush. Threaten to whip it raw and it begs for reprieve. Paddle its ass with my thick leather paddle and it turns into nothing more than a whiny little crybaby. Most men are really nothing more than whiny little crybabies, anyway, right? That’s why strict discipline is always in order. Lest they forget what they truly are. Now kiss my paddle and thank me for turning that ass a nice crimson shade of red, crybaby!
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Chateau-Cuir: Leather smothered cum slave part 1

Bound to the bed, our leather slave has no escape from our tease and torment. He will have to control his orgasm and this will be a challenge. With the sexy leatherclad ass of Amirah on his face and me wanking his cock, this is pleasure and torture in one go.
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Chateau-Cuir: My leather humping orgasms

You might want to turn down your volume a bit as I am getting very loud and heavy in this clip! My love for leather is real and there is no better way than cumming over and over again, dressed in leather whilst humping my leather coat.
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Chateau-Cuir: Hot leather biker girls part1

It’s a hot day and it is even hotter for the girls to be dressed in all this leather because it turns them on so much! Biker chicks Coco and Lexie love to have some leather fun together and you get to watch these horny girlfriends in action only here at Chateau-Cuir of course.
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Chateau-Cuir: Leather Goddess worship

Are you a good boy? Are you ready to lick, taste and worship every inch of my beautiful red coat? I will intoxicate you with that leather aroma and make you completely addicted to my leathers.
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Chateau-Cuir: Worship our leather butts

Oh hello, can’t keep your eyes off our tight leather leggings? They look so HOT don’t they? Miss Annabella and I sure love our leather and we love to tease you with our perfect leatherclad asses even more! So why don’t you come closer and follow our lead! Worship our hot leather butts!
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Chateau-Cuir: Fetish Liza’s orgasm control

Control your orgasm for your leatherclad Goddess! Fetish Liza is an expert at teasing slave’s cocks with her sensual hands and sexy leather outfit. You can look but she has full power over your dick. Stay calm and only cum when she demands it, then your load will be huge!
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: How Do My Retro Heels Taste? – MP4

I do love the classics and these custom retro soft leather six-inch heel pumps are gorgeous! My silky FF contrast seam nylon feet feel so good when they slip inside the leather confines and raise my arches to a steep angle. They’d make any shoe-boi stiffen and drool when I walk by. My lucky little heel whore got to kiss, lick and sniff these retro beauties tonight. So funny watching it drip pre-cum on the floor while its shoe rag explores every inch of my heels. It doesn’t get to cum, of course… it’s not that time of the month yet!
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Chateau-Cuir: Leather sex slave (Part 1)

Not long ago, I had a meeting with my new belgian friend Annabella. This girl is so hot and looks amazing in her leathers.
I thought I’d surprise her by lending her one of my sex slaves which he accepted gratefully and then things became very horny!
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Chateau-Cuir: Double leather facesitting

Two perfect leatherclad asses for the slave. Miss Lexie and Fetish Liza love to smother his face with their tight butts, making him inhale their leather aroma and taking his breath away as they see fit. What a privilege to be used as a pillow and seat for his two Dommes.
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Chateau-Cuir: Triple leather handjob (Part 1)

Leatherclad Dommes Miranda and Liza are having fun with their male and female sub. Sexy slave girl Dunia must please her Mistresses by showing how good she is at giving a leather glovejob. She needs to get very close to that slave’s cock and stroke it with passion.
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Ezada Sinn, Ava Black – Buried under Our asses

Mistress Ava Black has put Her slave at My disposal tonight; and it looks like his best use would be as a cushion. To test him, I sit with My voluptuous ass on his face, but, for some reason, he keeps moving too much. It’s not like I’m doing something unpleasant to him, I see his cock is getting harder and harder. Maybe it’s because he is smothered under My big PVC clad ass? Anyway, Mistress Ava Black will sit on his chest and this will solve the problem. The problem with the slave moving, not the slave’s breathing problem. That one will probably only get worse, since he’s now smothered not only by My round ass, with his head buried between My ass-cheeks, but also by Mistress Ava’s ass that is pressing on his chest and stomach, not letting him breath in. Well, what do We care? We’re having so much fun, enjoying him, but also each other!

Category: Face Sitting, Chest Sitting, Smother, Corset, Double Domination, Femdom
Featuring: Ezada Sinn, Ava Black
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Chateau-Cuir: Smoking in leather with Julie

Julie Skyhigh and I, Fetish Liza met up in Budapest for a kinky filled afternoon. Watch how we tease you with our luxurious leather clothing, sexy high boots and casually smoke our cigarettes for our joint pleasure.
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Chateau-Cuir: Worship Miss Coco

Gorgeous and dressed in sexy black leather, Miss Coco truly deserves to be worshipped by you. Come closer for a view of her leather boots and stroke when she unzips her leather trousers.
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Chateau-Cuir: Enforced female orgasm part 2

Naughty Gina is tied to the bed in her favourite outfit with her Mistress teasing and tormenting her with a very powerful vibrator. That slave girl pussy wants to cum, especially when it feels a wet tongue on that leathered crotch. Patience and endurance will be needed because Fetish Liza is not gonna let her cum in her leathers that quickly.
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Chateau-Cuir: Leather Smothered Cum Slave (Part 1)

Such a lucky boy, my leather slave. Being able to worship my metal stiletto boots, kiss and lick my soft leatherclad butt. I love smothering his face with my round ass, using his head as my pillow. He will do anything to please his Leather Queen.
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