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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – Creep Catcher Part 3

It’s week number three for Miss Xi’s slave creep. She originally caught him snooping around her yard and looking through her window and in a surprise attack captured him and secured him in her basement where she has since blackmailed him to come serve her every week. This was supposed to be the week creep went to a tropical paradise with his wife but he had to come up with an excuse not to go or risk being exposed. Xi wasted no time finding male strippers to hit on her to insure she has some real pleasure for the first time since she met her small dicked husband. She takes her amazing stilettos to the slaves cock and balls and while he is moaning and groaning in pain he does manage to start leaking pre-cum. She has him in permanent chastity and is only released when they are together. His wife doesn’t even know because she has no desire to have sex with him and is just relieved he hasn’t been asking for it lately. She rubs one shoe over his cock and gets cum all over it. She then makes him sit up and stick his tongue out all the way. He is ordered to lick his own cum off the dirty sole and has no choice but to do as told.

She then mocks him about his wife getting fucked in Cancun and he says his wife would never cheat on him. She laughs and says, “Well then you might enjoy these photos.” She brings her phone to his face where he sees pics of his wife being fucked by multiple men. Xi has captured them through a hidden camera and knows hubby can not confront his wife about if for risk his own neighborhood creeping activities are revealed to her, his job and the police. She forces him to stare at the pics and he is devastated, his whole world has crumbled. She pulls the blindfold back over his eyes so he can relive the images in his mind. Giant black cocks pounding his wife’s tight little pussy. Xi mocks him about the last time he ever had a blow job, if ever, and returns to t0rturing his cock and balls with her shoes and heels. She reminds him that no woman would ever want him and he should just be happy to even have a wife and to accept his place as her cuckold and of course as Xi’s t0rture toy.
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Clubstiletto – Humiliated Pin Dick Is Their Human Stool And Foot Licker

Miss XI and Russian Goddess M look totally regal sitting on the couch, crops in hand. As they discuss plans for the day, we see they have their feet up on their human foot stool. XI notices a scuff on her stiletto so they swat the stool and tell the stupid slave to get down and lick the shoe clean. Queen M encourages him by saying if he does a good job cleaning XI’s shoes, she will let him suck her toes. She also reminds him that he’s a pathetic bitch and that’s why he’s on his knees now before the two Ladies. As he licks the shoes, followed by the heels, the Ladies ridicule him to remind him of his place in their world, as they continue using their crops on his back. XI suddenly kicks both shoes off, and they fly right into the slave’s nuts, which makes the Ladies laugh with delight.

He’s ordered to thank Miss XI and instructed to sniff her shoes after that. As he follows his instructions, XI rests her feet on his head and crops his back yet again. The slave foolishly calls Miss XI ‘Mistress’ which results in Her repeatedly kicking his balls with force. The Ladies decide that they want the slave to remove his shorts, but first they guess whether his cock is hard or not. He’s made to get up and do a humiliating ‘sexy’ little strip tease for them, and when he removes his shorts, the Ladies laugh hysterically at how tiny his cock is and make jokes about it looking like an anteater. They swat at it with their crops before he’s ordered back to his knees and told to beg so he can worship their feet. “Stinky feet for a stinky slave” Queen M says with a giggle.
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – Perverted Teacher Honor Student Part 2

This is the second last clip in the series. In part 1 XI has tricked her teacher into coming over to help with her homework. When he arrives, she lures him into the bedroom and is soon sitting on his face. There, she reveals that she has blackm@iled him and that hidden cameras are snapping that very second. He has no choice but to agree to her demands for straight As and a spending allowance. In today’s scene, XI has the teacher back for more. In the bedroom, she tells him she’s happy with the money and the marks, but it’s still not enough. She wants him to write letters of recommendation to various colleges to help her get a scholarship. She pushes him up against the wall and slaps his face. He asks if she isn’t worried about what might happen when she actually goes to college and can’t do the work. She laughs and tells him she’ll just do the same thing she’s doing to him now. She doesn’t appreciate his remark either and punches him repeatedly in the stomach. “Who gave you the right to ask me questions?” she asks, and delivers further blows to his face followed by additional punches to the stomach.

Teacher doesn’t enjoy the punishment but there’s nothing he can do about it. XI calls him a pervert and reminds him that she would enjoy showing the pictures to his wife. She throws him on the bed, grabs him by the neck, slaps his face, and knees him in the nuts, before crawling onto his chest and wrapping her legs around his neck. The poor pervert is so close to her pussy but he can’t budge because the breath is being pushed out of him. She reverses position to sit on his face and punches him in the stomach again for good measure. She tells him her favorite thing is to mock him in class in front of the other students, knowing he can’t say anything in his defense for fear she will reveal their little secret. She lies on top of him and wraps her legs around his neck again, reminding him that everything is being videotaped and how surprised people would be to see him in this position. “You’ve got your hands on my legs practically all the way up my skirt. Wouldn’t that get people talking?” She jumps up, sits on his face, and says she’s going to knock him out. As soon as he kicks for air, however, she shifts forward and wraps her legs around his neck. She taunts him by saying “You probably want to kiss my ass cheeks, don’t you?” She gets up and hovers above his face with her amazing ass. She tells him to kiss it because she wants the photos to ruin his life. In a moment of passion, the stupid teacher reaches up and kisses her pussy. Enraged, XI calls him an idiot and slaps his face repeatedly. She sits back on the bed, and this time, shows no mercy when she wraps her legs around his neck and slaps his face again and again. As he goes under, she spits on him and slaps him one more time for good measure.
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Clubstiletto – Your Job Is To Keep All 20 Of Them Hard For Me

Jasmine has herself dressed to the nines and informs you, her cuckold husband, that she has not done it for you but rather a large number of men she has lined up online that will be coming over to fuck her. “Men are so flaky so to make sure there’s more than enough I have lined up 20 of them.”, she tells you. She tells you she is not sure when they will all show up but she needs you prepared for a night of hard work. You will handle the bedding, music, flowers, and so on, but most importantly you will be doing a lot of sucking. As she gets into detail about how the night will likely unfold the camera moves down and points upward to reveal that Jasmine is not wearing any panties. What’s the point, right? While your role is important remember she will not be thinking about you at all but rather her own sexual pleasure and the gorgeous studs that come to her one after another after another. She warns you that you had better put everything you have into getting each guys cock rock hard because if they come in not fully erect you will pay the price.

“Yes, you will suck every single cock, they will be lined up against the wall and you will be kneeling and sucking them and when I text you, you will bring in the guy with the hardest cock.”, she tells you. When you enter the room no looking at your wife but you of course will hear all the moaning, the thumping, and smell the sex. No time to waste though, you have to get back out there on your knees attending to those cocks. Your job is pretty simple, make sure those cocks are all hard so when each guy comes in he can fuck her hard and shoot a huge creamy load. She does warn you not to overdo it though, if they cum in your mouth you have failed. If you get cum it will only be the cum she makes you suck out of her after all the love making is done. There of course will be a lineup so Jasmine also tells you to make sure you are using both hands and your mouth to work as many cocks as you can at one time. How you get your cum will depend on your performance, you may eat it from her or she might piss it out into a cup and make you drink it. “You are going to be here a long time, but you want to work hard for your wife’s pleasure don’t you?” she asks you. Now Jasmine only has time to review everything; preparation, stud services, and of course clean up after. She will be dripping cum but of course the bed sheets will also be soaked. Are you ready?
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Clubstiletto – An Old Fashioned Cum Off

The Goddesses Ruby and Skylar have their sluts blindfolded and lying on the bed. Ruby explains that neither has cum in a month, and as a result, they’re going to have a cum-off! Tell an alpha male it’s a contest to ejaculate and he’ll probably blow a load in seconds, just knowing it’s a competition, but with these two limp-dicked losers, you never know what might happen.

The first one to cum gets sexual gratification, while the other slave will be locked back into chastity for another month, but not before he licks up the other one’s mess. The slaves stroke themselves but are thrown off by the distractions the ladies throw at them, such as flogging, nipple pulling, cock and ball slapping, tickling, and ass smothering. The ladies discuss how they enjoy seeing slaves eat cum and how pathetic these slaves are in general. All the distractions make it hard for the poor sexually frustrated slaves to get hard, so the ladies decide to gently play with their balls. The slaves flail away, so anxious to cum but so useless in the presence of such powerful women that they just can’t get the job done. Skylar talks about the way she used a slave last night to clean up after her black lover, and you can see how her words get the poor boy extra hard. Eventually, the Mistresses decide that these low life creatures are not worth their time and that neither will be permitted to cum… better luck next month, boys!
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Clubstiletto – Princess Lily – Service My Feet While I Play With Myself

Princess Lily is on her throne, “I’ve just spent hours t0rturing a slave, trampling him, kicking him and now my legs are so sore, my feet are just aching” she says. She mentions that they are dirty and sweaty and she’s grateful she always has a slave in waiting that will come crawling with the snap of a finger to worship them. With that her beast comes crawling and lays at her feet. He eagerly kisses the stilettos until ordered to lay on his back so she can stick the heels into his mouth. He ultimately removes her feet from the shoes and he is instantly blessed with her divine essence.

He licks and kisses them, touches her legs, as pathetic as any school boy in heat on his first date. She mocks him for being so pathetic and snaps some pics which she says she will send to her boyfriend. “Do a good job so I can ignore you” she tells him. She sticks her toes in his mouth and rubs her soles over his face. “You don’t deserve any pleasure ever” she tells him. She tells the slave her boyfriend has just sent her some hot dick pics and asks him if he wishes his cock was that big. The cock pics turn her on so she starts to finger her pussy. She tells the slave if he does a good job with her feet she will let him lick her fingers after. She gets annoyed with his hands on her legs and kicks his arms away. She looks at you and says she should have a second slave to attend to her second foot and lays it across her slaves stomach and shows you were your tongue would be going if you were there. The slave licks between every toe and across the entire sole of each foot. Lily is now getting really worked up from playing with herself and you can see her pussy juices glistening as she moans in orgasm.
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Clubstiletto – Princess Skylar – He Hopes He Wakes Up

This scene opens with cuckoldress Princess Skylar sitting on her cuck slaves chest, him in chastity as always. She tells him she is happy with his progress as a cuck and recently as her toilet too. Today though she wants to test his ability to manage her weight as she would like to lay on him the next time her boyfriend fucks her. She sits on his chest which he manages fine so she moves to sitting on his face. Her giant ass smothers his head and she mentions she is wearing pants that don’t breath. She settles in for a nice long sit but he doesn’t last a full minute as she wants. She tells him to take a deep breath and this time wants him to last a minute. She gives him a count, and he starts to struggle at 30 seconds. She reprimands him and starts over. She sits full weight. He starts to kick as she says he is at 30 seconds, then 40, he starts to thrash, 50 seconds, and then 60, and she finally lets him breath.

She tells him she is proud of him and reverse facesits him, telling him she expects another full minute. This time the slave doesn’t start to move much up to the 30 second mark but then suddenly seems frantic to breath, but Skylar does not relent, she does not budge until a full minute has passed. As she lifts up the slave lets out a frantic gasp as he sucks air into his lungs. While pleased she tells him he has to build to two minutes, her boyfriend might need that much time to cum inside her and they won’t be thinking of him when they are fucking. She suggests that even when locked alone in his cage he practice not breathing and then she sits on him for the final time. “I want two minutes” she tells him “and if you go to sleep don’t worry, you’ll wake up eventually.” She looks at the camera and whispers “He hopes he wakes up.”
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Tease And Deny Yourself To My Ass

This hot scene focuses on Kandy’s big, plump ass. While her slave oils her sexy ass, jiggles it around, and rubs his fingers into her butthole, she wants you to imagine that you are the slave attending to her. Do it while you stroke your cock because she wants you addicted to her ass. Look how amazing it looks, all shiny and wet. Bring your hard cock up between her ass cheeks now and glide it up and down. Naturally, you aren’t good enough to fuck her ass – that’s for real men – but she wants to drive you crazy being so close but yet so far away. “Slide my panties to the side and stick it through the fabric” she says, to encourage you. For a moment you might think you’re a real man and that you could take her, but your submissive, docile character shines through and you know you could never even try!

You know she needs an alpha male, not a wimp like you who would lick the dirt beneath her feet if she told you to do it. So, you do only as told because there can be no other way. Kandy orders you to keep fucking her in this special way; she even lets you grab her ass and spank it in order to get you all excited. A real man would rip her panties off and take her right then and there, and she probably wouldn’t be able to resist, but surely you realize it’s not a remote possibility for you, even as close as you are to her divine ass right now. The slave removes his cock and strokes himself while the camera focuses solely on Kandy’s delicious body and ass. She speaks directly to you as she gyrates and moves her ass around. She fills your entire screen as she tells you to shoot a big hot load all over it. Her ass is the only thing that will ever arouse you again. Ever.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – I Know You’re Craving The Taste

Miss Jasmine has called you to her dungeon and now you kneel at her feet. She says she has read a lot of sick and depraved messages before but yours are probably the most disgusting of them all. She also says she knows you are probably typing while beating your cock thinking of all these nasty things but now that you are in her presence she wonders how exactly you will react to what she is about to do to you. So she is going to put you through a training program so it’s not to much for you all at once. To start she wants you to sniff her crotch as if you are a dawg. She pulls her panties up into her pussy so you can see her lips and pubic hair. She is pleased when she hears you start to pant. She then stands up and shoves her ass in your face.

She slides her panties up so you can see her anus. She tugs on the fabric really getting them up into her pussy and ass crack. “These panties are going home with you” she laughs, adding “There might be some p1ss and sch4t on them.” After making you sniff her, so her scent is in your head for the rest of the day, she says you will be following her into the bathroom where you not only be getting a but a brown one too. She wonders if you will swallow it all. She then gets into a very nasty tale of a recent experience she had with another slave. She also reminds you how you said you want to consume everything from her. Her tampons, her armpit hair, her toe jam, her sweat, and even cum from her lovers. Now are you just talk or are you ready to surrender and accept your destiny and your purpose? She then explains the reason you are bound in front of her is because this is not a sensual encounter, it’s going to be consumption because that is what you begged for, you didn’t want a safe word, and guess what, now you look terrified but it’s to late. This could be brutal, you might not like it but later you will remember the encounter and you will beat off to it and it will be the only way you can cum after that and then soon you will be contacting her again and begging for more.
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Clubstiletto – Lady Katy – My Whole Body Is Starting To Sweat

Lady Katy loves to sweat and working out on the elliptical really does the job. She knows you love sweat and plans on getting so wet she’s positively dripping – and it will be your job to lick it all up. The sweat starts to drip off her nose as she breathes harder. “I like a nice tongue bath before I hit the shower” she says, then stops so you can get in close to lick the sweat from her ass. You can see beads of sweat all across her back and in her ass crack and she expects you to lick it all up. She spreads her hairy ass crack and you get a great view of her wet, matted bush.

She lets you have a lick before she resumes her workout. Her face, tits, and even her feet are all wet now. “When I’m done here I’m going to drag you into the bedroom, lie down on the bed, and make you lick it all off me” she tells you, as she really starts to work hard. When she stops again, she calls you over to lick her armpits and her face, and then it’s off to the bedroom.
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Clubstiletto – You’ll Do Everything Except The Spanking

Miss Jasmine’s hubby slave kneels in front of her as she pulls on his nipples, which he apparently likes in spite of his whining, because he’s rock hard. She tells you that she’s trained him to do all the domestic chores, but no matter what, there’s always a slip-up or two. She tells hubby she has just found some crumbs on the floor in the kitchen. He says he’s sorry but she has even worse news for him – there was fluff in the dryer! Does this slave have no shame? How can someone be in the presence of a Goddess yet continue to make these sorts of mistakes?? She picks up her wooden spoon and spanks his man tits before telling him to get over her knees. “This is how I keep a successful marriage” she says, as she spanks him with her bare hands.

She reminds him that she’s going to a party shortly and that when she returns, things had better be spotless. She gets his ass glowing pink with repeated blows administered by both hands, and says his incompetence is a direct result of not being spanked enough. She continues to spank him and reminds him of her pet peeves; things which must never be overlooked – sloppy things like soap bubbles in the sink drain, and so on. “We’ve been married long enough for you to know what needs to be done” she says. She tells him he must hand wash her sexy lingerie, the stuff she wears for other men, and do the cooking, before she picks up the solid wooden brush to give his ass a few good smacks. The slave knows what’s coming and his sins will not go unpunished. Jasmine knows she has to be brutal and show no concern for his pain or his screams if she’s to mold him into the perfect husband; one she’s proud to show off to her friends. “You must try harder” she says, as she lets loose with repeated blows across his ass. She reaches between his legs and squeezes his nuts between her hands. The beating intensifies until his ass is crimson; her favorite color. She asks you if you could take the same kind of beating. Hubby cries out as his ass explodes with color, but Jasmine doesn’t let up; he needs this and would be doing himself a disservice if she stopped. She tells him to crawl into the kitchen, find the errant crumbs, and lick them up. As he crawls, she follows him into the kitchen and continues to wail on his ass. “I put so much into our marriage… he doesn’t deserve me” she says with a smile.
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – Perverted Teacher Honor Student

Schoolgirl XI lies on the bed, scissoring her teacher with her legs. She has asked him over to help her with homework, but invites him to the bed where he probably thinks that despite being married, he’ll be able to get some young ass on the side. Man, did he underestimate her! She explains that her parents will not tolerate bad marks and that she’s expecting them to improve dramatically or she’ll let everyone know he was in bed with her – including her parents, his wife, and the whole school. “After all, you’re between my legs right now and that would not look good for you” she says to him, pointing out the cameras in the room. The idiotic teacher tries to negotiate her marks with her, hoping she’ll accept an A or a B, until a bit of face slapping and smothering makes it clear that it will be straight As from now on.

“Imagine what your wife would think, seeing me sitting on your face” she says to him. She also mentions that she needs more than just good marks; she expects lunch money from him, too. Teacher doesn’t put up much resistance and has no choice but to agree to all of her demands. “I’m thinking $50 a day for lunch and I expect to be on the honor role.” He tries to negotiate a lower amount, explaining that teachers don’t make much money, but she resumes crushing his neck and suggests that he can cut out things like Christmas gifts, dinners out, and so on, but she expects that money. The entire time, she carefully positions herself so that image captures from the camera will make things look really bad for him. “Smart girls like me know that it’s not work hard, it’s work smart” she says with a laugh, as she gets up off his face and wraps her legs around his neck again with no mercy. As she puts him down, she mentions that this is a good time to drain his wallet as well.
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Clubstiletto – You’re Too Small, I’m Going To A Gangbang

This scene opens with Miss Jasmine dressed to the nines and talking to you. “You know that party I’ve been talking about hubby, I’m ready” she says as she spins around and teases you with her smoking hot body. She reminds you that it’s not a regular night out with the girls but rather an organized swingers event where a small group of women interact with a large group of men and each then passes a note to any of the studs they are interested in fucking. The camera moves down to Jasmine’s stiletto’s and when it points back up to her face you can see she is not wearing any panties. “I’ve requested about 10-12 guys for tonight” she tells you. She’ll be meeting them within an hour and no you are not allowed to watch but when she gets home you might be allowed to lick jizz out of her ass and pussy. Now she gets you down on your knees and mocks you for being in chastity and then orders you to lick the soles of her stiletto’s. Now she spreads her legs and starts to touch her pussy.

She tells you to imagine her sprawled out on a bed getting fucked by 12 guys, she knows it makes you hard and uncomfortable in your cage. “Imagine how stretched out my pussy will be” she says. She runs her hand up her freshly shave legs and mentions she has nothing on but the dress which will be coming off once she gets there. “Alpha males get my pussy, you only get the grime on my shoes and when I get home these shoes will be covered in cum from not only my lovers but the other ladies lovers too, and you will lick them clean again. The entire time Jasmine keeps talking about the party, playing with her pussy, and saying how exhausted and raw she will be for the next week. “It’ll almost be like just coming out of surgery”. Jasmine continues to humiliate you, mock you and titillate you with talk of getting fucked, a definite classic anyone with cuck desires will not want to miss.
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – Creep Catcher Part 2

Miss Xi caught a creeper snooping in her windows as seen in clip one of this scene. One second he is peeping, next thing he knows he is locked in her trample floor where she abuses him and black mails him, saying she will reveal all to his wife and employer. To safe himself public humiliation or perhaps even problems with the law he agrees to come see her once a week to be subjected to her whims. In this scene creepy has returned for his second encounter with Xi and once she has him secured she gives it to him for being late. She reminds him everything has been caught on camera, the numerous times he was peaking through her windows and their previous encounter. “I have copied all the contacts from your phone as well”, she tells him, “And with the push of the button your family, friends and employer will see everything.” She mentions she took special interest in his porn surfing habits which could cause problems for him on their own should she share the information. She flogs his balls and twists his nipples and really has him jumping, as much as one can when secure to the ceiling by his wrists. The special cuffs actually screw into his finger tips and cause a good degree of pain all on their own. She makes him spread his legs and really hits him hard on his nuts. She follows that with a series of kicks. Xi asks him if he had trouble hiding the marks from their last session but then laughs that hubby probably never sees her naked anyway to even notice. She takes a longer crop and mocks him for his fat belly which she proceeds to whip. She slaps his face and then more flogging to his stomach, chest, legs and balls.

Trying to keep up a brave front, creeper tells Xi he can’t come next week as he is going on vacation with his wife. She laughs and tells him he’s not going on vacation and in fact plans to send studs to his wife’s vacation destination and have them seduce her. It will all be caught on video for hubby to watch but he must play dumb with her to the whole thing or risk being exposed for the pervert and criminal he is. Xi is disgusted with this perv and is so excited to set his wife up with hot young men. She crops his ass, punches his stomach and balls and repeatedly slaps his face. Xi then gets around to the obvious elephant in the room, or should we say fly, his tiny little dick. She holds her little finger up to it and it’s actually longer than his cock. She tells him he is probably a virgin, that thing could never please anyone. She comes up with the idea of taking pictures of it and emailing it to everyone at his gym from his email address. She tells him she will be keeping an eye on him and if she ever sees him creeping around anyone again she will have his cock removed completely. She gets rather graphic in the various ways she might have it removed. He agrees he will agree to anything as long as she doesn’t tell his wife. What a journey this slave has begun!
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Clubstiletto – Loser Eats The Others Cum

Things are always kinky at FemmeCorp, where Women rule completely. Today, Kandy and Ruby have the ex-CEO and ex-Accountant in the staff room to dispense some more ‘guidance’. The two sluts lie naked on their backs, with the Ladies’ feet in their mouths. The two lovely Ladies have decided to amuse themselves by holding a cock-stroking contest. One slave will cum and the other will eat the cum of the ‘winner’. The loser must also wear the ‘cocksucker bib’, which is a sign to alert other male employees to the fact that they can use this slave for a blowjob at any time. While the slaves stroke their tiny dicklettes, the Ladies ram their toes into the the poor boys’ mouths, smother them with their feet, and make them lick their filthy soles. The CEO is soon on the edge and begs for permission to cum, but is denied and told to hold off.

Ruby starts a countdown at ‘ten’ and announces that the slaves may cum on the count of ‘one’. Both slaves flail away at themselves, the accountant trying to bring himself close, while the desperate CEO tries very hard not to cum too early. Finally, when he hears the count of ‘one’ the CEO lets his load go and cums all over his own stomach. The Ladies mock both slaves and order the Accountant to lick up all the cum. The Accountant doesn’t resist; he’s been well trained and doesn’t want to be beaten, so he crawls over and eats his meal.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Love Takes Time

Usually Miss Jasmine has her husband alone working in the kitchen for her, preparing her gourmet meals, but today he’s the main course. Jasmine plans to do some serious meat tenderizing on poor hubby, who lies helpless and bound on the kitchen island. She squeezes his balls and delivers a few blows with her solid wooden paddle, while explaining to you how things are in their ideal marriage. It doesn’t take long for hubby’s ass to turn red and Jasmine explains that the reason he’s in this position in the first place is that he cooked her steak too long and it was overdone. How shameful is that?! No slave should be excused for such sloppy behavior; every order must be completed exactly as specified. She grabs one of hubby’s ass cheeks, which provides him with a bit of erotic pleasure, but he knows this is just a prelude to the harsh treatment that will surely follow. Jasmine has a multitude of crops and canes at her disposal, but says that if she adds kitchen implements to the mix, they could be there for the next 12 hours.

Poor pathetic hubby moans when he realizes his predicament but understands that his wife is in charge and always knows what’s best. The intensity increases as Jasmine lands blow after blow after blow until her arm begins to tire. The slave’s ass starts to blister and turn red and blue, and Jasmine stops to admire the juices that come to the surface. “This is what you want to see before you start to add the salt and other spices and herbs” she says. She selects a different paddle and mentions that she likes her steaks , which makes poor hubby gasp and moan, because he knows things are about to get even worse; there are no half measures in this scene. Watch while Jasmine destroys her husband’s ass, stopping only to frighten him with her verbal suggestions and the occasional squeeze of his balls. This is exactly how a modern couple keeps their marriage strong. The salt and hot sauce added at the end is a delightful touch, just to ensure that if hubby hasn’t suffered enough for her already, he will certainly do so by the time Jasmine is finished with him!
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Clubstiletto – Princess Lily – Jack Off To My Feet

Princess Lily relaxes with a glass of wine, her feet up and resting on a slave. “It’s great being Queen” she says. “Queen of everything where I can just put my feet up and relax.” She kicks her slave and asks if he agrees, which he naturally does, totally honored to be her human furniture. Lily enjoys having her feet up but they’re sore so she instructs her slave to get on all fours to give her a massage. First she torments him by having him sniff her feet, then he has to lick all the way up her nylon clad legs until she has him remove her stockings with his teeth. She talks about her sweet tender thighs and how lucky the slave is to have his face touch them. She has him begin with her toes and tells him he’s good for nothing but worshiping her feet. “Someone told me I have the sexiest feet in the world” she says, and the slave agrees.

She tells him to keep his tongue active and when her toes are all sucked, he’s to clean the dirt from the soles of her feet. You get great close up views of Lily’s amazing feet and the slave is clearly very eager to worship them. After a while she has him lie on his back so she can rub her feet all over his face. He must keep his tongue out at all times. She only stops to ram one foot down his throat and then it’s back to rubbing them both on his face. “Later when you’re alone in your cold dark closet, you can fantasize about licking my feet today. She tells him he can jack off to her feet so he begins rubbing himself, getting nice and hard while the taste and smell of her feet completely intoxicate him. She rubs them over his chest and says she might let him cum since it’s been almost a month. She tells him to imagine how many times a real man would have cum in the past month – probably 40 or 50 times – but he’s a slave and cums only when she decides. She counts him down: ten, nine, eight… will she let him cum or will she change her mind?
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Clubstiletto – Look At My Ass And Get Hungry For Your Dinner

This scene opens with Princess Lily removing her panties as she sits on the toilet. She tosses them directly at you because she knows you’d love to sniff and lick them. She calls you ‘slave’ and tells you to crawl between her legs. She pees and tells you to drink it all up. She has to pee really badly this time and the stream is very strong. “Whatever you miss, you can suck out of the toilet bowl” she tells you. She says she wants you to crawl into the bedroom because she wants to talk to you about the next step in your toilet training. As she lies on the bed, she tells you you’ve been doing a good job drinking her piss but you need to advance to become her full toilet. In fact, you should long for everything that comes from her body. She talks about her spit, her sweat, her dirty water cup filled with hair after she shaves, her dirt, and the skin on her feet. “I need you to have a fetish for everything that comes from my body” she tells you as she rolls over to expose her amazingly plump ass, as she runs her hands over it to torment you.

She spreads her cheeks to show her anus and says she wants you to look at it, to get hungry for your dinner. “I want you just salivating looking at my sweet little asshole” she continues. She rolls onto her back, spreads her legs, and pulls her ankles up behind her ears so you get a bird’s eye view of her pussy and ass, which she runs her fingers over, to torment you even further. She informs you that with further training you will eventually exist exclusively on what comes from her body. The cost of feeding you will be zero; you will exist solely on her waste. “When you feel your stomach start to growl and you’re so hungry, you’ll be thinking about how badly you long for my piss and sch1t, my sweat, and my cum.” She says she will sometimes eliminate directly into your mouth, but other times she’ll stand over you to relieve herself. Anything you miss, you will eat off the floor. Lily gets onto her knees, waves her ass in your face, and tells you to get her loose by tongue-fucking her ass. She likes to make a feeding last a good 15 or 20 minutes. You get amazing close up views of her ass in this clip and she says she’ll start out by farting in your face to get you prepared for what’s going to happen next. She also reminds you that she can replace you at any time if you decide not to be her toilet. She wonders aloud, “What would people think of you if they knew that farts were your appetizer and sch1t was your dinner?” The camera moves in tight to show her anus, as she tells you she feels something coming…
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Clubstiletto – You’ll Be Licking Asses All Night

The scene opens with Kandy getting her ass licked deeply by her depraved slave. As she is getting rimmed Jasmine enters the room and Kandy tells her that her ass is so dirty, that she has had the stomach flu and it’s been like liquid soup coming out of her ass. The slave is not deterred and keeps eating her out. Jasmine hops on the bed between the slave legs and starts to flog his balls lightly. “I’m surprised this bitch is not rock hard thinking about that taste in his mouth all night”, Kandy says as she starts to stroke the slaves cock.

There’s a lot of nasty toilet talk in this scene so not for the weak of heart. Kandy leans forward and gives you a nice view of her bung hole but not for long as the slave eagerly gets his tongue deep inside her. Kandy is very bitchy and bossy with her real time slave and it’s evident she has him well trained to do anything she demands of him. Her ass looks amazing and you’ll want to give up a nut to be the lucky guy that replaces this slave when her time comes to do so. A big plump fleshy ass, always dirty for you, a real dream cum true… but it gets better for this lucky boy. Kandy spreads her ass cheeks wide to see that it has been cleaned properly by the slave and it is in deed glistening clean. Now Kandy lets Jasmine take a ride on the slaves face. He has to lick her ass through the tiny string of her thong but he’s used to using his tongue and finds away to reach under the fabric. This slave has been trained to literally live for assholes. Now you get some views of Jasmine’s ass… so hot. Now Jasmine starts to ass smother him while Kandy starts to pull and twist his cock and balls. The slave starts to leak precum, the poor bitch is generally in chastity and never allowed to cum. The ladies again trade places because Kandy needs more licking of her ass. “If a slave can’t lick my ass for three or four hours at a time, he is of no use to me”, she states. Kandy rides his face and Jasmine strokes his cock. They decide they are going to take the slave to a party, so he can drive them, serve them and watch them flirt and make out with alpha males and some of the other ladies there will probably have dirty asses that need licked too.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy – You Like Your Kandy

This hot scene opens with Mistress Kandy and Miss Jasmine touching each other intimately. The only thing that breaks the silence is the moaning below them, which we soon see is coming from their slave, who is being rammed with their super nasty heels. The Ladies are discussing the party they’ll attend that night and how much fun it will be. Before they leave, however, they’re going to have the slave suck and worship their feet, and if he does a good job, they might bring him along to attend to all the Women … and it’s going to be a big party. The Ladies aggressively move their heels all over his chest and shoulders and the slave is clearly in pain. Now, however, they decide they want their feet licked and massaged because they’re going to be on their feet a lot tonight and they want to be comfortable when they arrive.

Jasmine removes her boot and lays her musky foot down on the slave’s face, who obediently licks the sole. Jasmine suggests that while she’s getting her feet cleaned, Kandy might like to go down below to abuse the poor slave’s cock and balls. As Kandy moves to sit between his legs, she lets out a nice fart – it’s unexpected, but Kandy is famous for her farts and is not one to try to hold them in. As she rams her stiletto into the slave’s thigh, Jasmine removes her other boot and orders the slave to massage her foot with his hands. Once the boot is off she uses her toes to tug on his nipples while Kandy continues to make him suffer down below by crushing his nuts between her shoes. She switches to ramming the stilettos into his balls, which really causes the slave to moan and yelp. Jasmine sits on his face to shut him up, then slides down his body to switch places with Kandy. She uses the slave’s mouth as a foot holder, and while he massages her foot, she crushes his nuts in her hands. She slips on one of Kandy’s shoes so she can scratch a K and a J into his torso. As she draws the K, the slave cries out in pain and Jasmine says “Don’t tell me you don’t like Kandy; I know you like Kandy.” Jasmine decides she wants to stick her foot into the slave’s mouth alongside Kandy’s and the two Ladies really stretch out the bitch’s mouth. The slave finally gets a break from the abuse… but not for long! “Let’s step it up a bit” Kandy says, causing both Ladies to laugh out loud. They just can’t help themselves – they adore seeing slaves suffer.
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Clubstiletto – Lady Katy – This is the Nastiest Office of them All

FemCorp is completely run by Women… kinky women who understand that keeping men aroused keeps them working hard, even with poor pay… or no pay. Today you find yourself in the office of Lady Katy, who prides herself on having the nastiest office of them all. As you enter her office for your first day of work, you find her on her office chair vigorously fucking herself with a massive two-headed dildo. She tells you to stick the other end in your mouth, and as you get close, you see just how massively hairy her muff is. As you move the dildo in and out, she tells you she will be fantasizing about her boyfriend’s cock while you perform your task. She criticizes you a few times for doing poor work and makes you sit back while she takes over again. The proper rhythm gets her aroused quickly and she tells you her boyfriend will be there soon. You will be her fluffer and when she’s fucked and full of cum, you’ll be required to suck it all out of her.

Naturally, you’ll also do real work at the office each day, but a lot of your time will be devoted to servicing Katy and the other Ladies. Katy says she’s going to spend time every day thinking about all the nasty things she’ll do to you. “I want you crawling out of here so humiliated every day, hearing the other Ladies laugh at you because they know what has just transpired; surely you realize that these Ladies have no secrets between themselves. Katy tells you what sort of things you can expect – piss drinking, full toilet duties, licking her pits and ass, sucking her dildo, taking her strapon up the ass, sucking her black lover’s cock, eating his cream pie, and maybe you’ll even get thrown over a bench and flogged. Katy pulls the dildo out of her pussy and tells you to suck it dry. In and out she moves it down your throat. “I bet you wish I’d stick this up my ass so you could lick my ass juices” she says, and naturally you nod your agreement. You can’t risk getting fired, and because you’re pretty nasty yourself, she already knows you enjoy that sort of thing anyway. She tells you that after she’s had a dildo up her ass, she always has to take a big nasty dump and that it will go in your mouth before she facesits you and leaves it smeared on your face all day. You will crawl out of the office with your face like that when she sends you home at the end of the day. People will call you all sorts of names because Katy plans on telling more than just the office Women what she makes you do. She calls you over close and sits on your face; she’s going to feed you now.
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Clubstiletto – Sweaty Little Slut Flogged And Ordered To Eat Ass

Mistress Kandy has her slave secured by the wrists to the ceiling. She tells you that her sissy has done a good job today, sucking cocks and making her a lot of money, she cleaned the house and licked her ass after a workout. “There is always room for improvement though” she adds as she slides the panties to the side to reveal the slaves already marked ass. She gives her slut some solid slaps with her hand across her ass and then explains that during this beating she wants the slave to focus on the need to show the most enthusiasm possible when sucking cock. The man should see that the slave is happy to be between his legs, sucking him deep and hungering for the taste of his hot cum.

Kandy wants to see if she can get the sissy’s upper back as battered as her ass. “I won’t strike here” she says rubbing the slaves lower back, “That’s where the kidneys are and I want to keep them healthy in case I ever have to sell one.” The sissy struggles on her stilettos as she is flogged and Kandy pulls her panties down by her crotch and comments how the slut is getting all sweaty in her crack. “I love my sweaty little sluts”, she says. The sissy has a nice plump ass and it is a nice target for Kandy’s crop. Once the slave is fairly bruised Kandy decides that she has worked up a sweat too and that her ass crack is probably also rather moist. She lets the slave down and relaxes on her sex bench, panties off. “I’m going to have a nap before the next big black stud gets her for his blow job” she says while blowing a fart into the slaves mouth. “Hopefully he won’t smell that fart on your face while you’re sucking him” she giggles before closing her eyes and relaxing while she gets a nice deep ass rimming. Licking ass, sucking cock, being beaten, such is the life for today’s modern sissy.
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Clubstiletto – Princess Ryelees Ass Eater Gets To Cum

If you love skinny Women you will love sexy Rylee who we find sitting on her slave as the scene opens. “I control everything about my slave” she says, including the air that he breaths. Despite being small she manages to get a tight seal on the slaves face as she settles in for a nice long sit. “Lick my ass while you’re being smothered” she tells him. Since she us super slim the slave can actually see her pussy above her eyes and she asks him if he can see it knowing he’d love to have a taste. “Keep licking my ass” she says giving him a short breath before bouncing so she gets the pleasure of his tongue going in and out of her ass. She now moves to a reverse facesit position and again settles in on her slaves face.

You get view visuals of her skinny naked body including her breasts, underarms, ass and pussy. She then gets off the slave and sits beside him, petting his head and calling him a good slave, and telling him she is going to let him cum. She tells him about how her boyfriends please her and he can’t, and then pulls on his nipples to encourage him along. The slave is rock hard as he strokes himself. She then decides to facesit him again as she wants him to cum with his tongue up her ass. As he rams her asshole with his tongue he spews a big hot load of cum.
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Clubstiletto – Such A Good Boy

Gorgeous BBW Goddess Jewels has her slave secured by wrist cuffs to the ceiling and has just released him to worship her feet and armpits. She tells him she will probably lock him back up for the night when she’s finished with him. As she takes her place on her throne, the slave goes to his knees. She crosses her leg, which affords him the necessary access to worship the first foot she proffers. It’s dirty from being in the yard and she wants it clean. “It’s so fitting; you on the ground and me on my throne” she says to him. She tells him this is the way the world was meant to be and that chairs were not intended for slaves; especially thrones. She tells him to get his tongue between each toe, and humiliates him further by remarking that he probably wishes her toes were little cocks for him to suck. He licks up and down the sole, getting all the grime.

This slave has spent years as a live-in domestic for the Goddesses of Club Stiletto, and because he has no other life, he has become very stupid and docile. He has nowhere to go so says little and always does exactly as he’s told. Jewels smells her own body odor and orders the slave to lick her armpits. “That taste should be in your mouth all day” she tells him. He licks the entire length of her left pit before she sends him around to service the other one. She’s pleased with his efforts and tells him he’s a good boy… magic to any slave’s ears. “Maybe later I’ll even let you touch yourself” she says, but adds that he won’t be coming today, even though it’s been months since she last permitted this. Such is the life of a good boy in a FemDom world!
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Clubstiletto – Since We Got Married I’m So Horny For Real Men

This is a super hot cuckold themed POV where you get to play the role of Miss Jasmine’s husband. The scene opens with Jasmine on the bed surfing her favorite nude stud website when she is surprised when you enter the room, home after days away on business… locked in chastity the entire time, of course. She knows you could never control yourself on your own. She welcomes you home and says she hopes your trip was prosperous because she had an expensive weekend. “I was feeling a bit bored so I went on tinder and invited a few men over, then I decided to invite some girlfriends, then I had to order food and champagne, and after getting fucked we went out and partied some more, and then more men” she tells you. She then remembers she was just about to set up another date when you got home, she pulls her panties tight up into her pussy to titillate you and tells you how she is freshly fucked, swollen and sore but because of her high sex drive just needs some more cock… just not yours.

It’s your lucky day though because this time she wants you to watch her get fucked. She talks about part of the weekend where there were multiple people on the bed. New studs fucking her, her girlfriends boyfriends fucking her, it was a literal free-for-all. “Ever since we got married I’ve just been so horny” she tells you. Sadly she isn’t horny for you but rather the many studly men out there just waiting to pleasure her with their big strong bodies and rock hard cocks. “You are a natural born cuckold, you never get to fuck me, you do not have the equipment to please a woman.” While speaking of your general sexual uselessness she removes her bra to reveal her mind-blowing breasts. Imagine being able to touch them, your friends and co-workers probably think you do, but no that has never happened, rather you only watch as other men ravish her body and touch her wherever they like with no resistance from her at all. She willing spreads her legs and lets them fill her with their huge cocks and hot steamy loads of cum. That’s the narration of the first 3 minutes of this clip, buy it to get the full 7 minutes and 30 seconds and listen to the nasty things Jasmine has to say, things you have to do as her cuckold and how men will please her whenever she likes. Jasmine is the wickedest of cuckolds and getting through this entire clip without blowing a load is likely impossible. In fact, you should probably lock yourself up and mail yourself the key just so you can’t cum for at least a few days while you watch this clip over and over again.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Xi – Bye Bye Balls For You

Miss Xi has her slave bound by the wrists and while asking him how his balls feel flogs them, and his cock, with her flogger. The slave moans and jumps about which makes Xi giggle… she loves inflicting pain. He is his own worst enemy and the treatment causes a hard on for the slave which just gives her one more thing to strike. A few solid whacks and he is on his knees. “Why don’t you stay down there” she tells him, ordering him to spread his legs. This could get brutal for the already battered slave. She reaches between his legs and gently touches his balls, but just for a second before squeezing them with disdain, then follows that with a series of slaps. She pulls the rope attached to his arms back between his legs which causes him to tumble to the floor, his head hitting the tiles. Thud! Ouch. “I hope you don’t have another concussion” she says, “You’re already dumb enough.” Now Xi takes the rope and starts to tie around his legs, some real wicked rope work. She’s making sure that he is going nowhere.

Once done she takes his balls in here hands and starts slapping them relentlessly. The slave starts to whimper which encourages her to dig her nails into them and punch them some more. Balls are useless and as she has no desire to have his baby what does she care if they are destroyed. She starts punching them as hard as she can. To humiliate him she makes him kisses the knuckles she has just used to punch his nuts. She again grips them in one hand and repeatedly punches them with the other. She uses her legs to keep him spread wide and goes to town on inflicting more pain. Such a generous Goddess, she knows what’s best for him. The slave cries in pain but he also knows this is the treatment he longs for and can not live without. After another series of punches she tells the slave she is going to tie his other leg across the room and leave him spread eagled on the ground all night while she goes out and parties with her girlfriends. “In the morning we will all come and kick you in the balls just like this” she says as she delivers one last solid kick to his groin. Bye bye balls for him!
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Clubstiletto – Gimp Spit Roasted In Forest

Miss Jasmine and Mistress Kandy have their gimp blindfolded in a full hood which also limits his hearing, as they take him up the mountain to spit roast him on a back trail. As they climb, you see a huge bulge in Jasmine’s pants and she stops to reveal a giant black cock. They tell the gimp to get on his knees and Jasmine rams her big cock down his throat. After a little face fucking they continue to walk but no longer guide the slave. Instead, they make him find his own way, aided only by the sound of their laugher and name calling. The gimp staggers along until Jasmine eventually takes him by the arm. If they’re ever going to violate this bitch they have to get up the mountain and onto the trail.

After a bit more walking, the gimp gets face fucked again. You get some great visuals of Jasmine and Kandy as they stroll on a nice summer’s day, which should not go unappreciated, as their magnificent asses and bouncy breasts are sure to make you weak. Eventually, they find a fallen tree in the forest, and it’s perfect for fucking a slave! He’s ordered to pull down his pants and lie across the log. Kandy straps on a cock that’s a perfect size match to Jasmine’s. These two big boys are really going to fill this slave! Jasmine glides her cock up the slave’s ass and soon she’s giving it to him for all she’s worth. The slave sucks Kandy’s cock in the meantime but she criticizes him for not taking it all the way down his throat. Jasmine sticks a tree branch up the slave’s ass before inserting her monster back into his hole. Together, the two ladies show this gimp who’s in control!
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Clubstiletto – Are You Ready To Be My Toilet

BBW Goddess Jewels asks the question all slaves long to hear, in this hot new BBW toilet scene: “Are you ready to be my toilet?” You are locked in the toilet box and your Goddess opens the lid to greet you. She asks if you’re ready for her… and you are; you know this is your calling. She asks if you’re ready to consume everything that comes from her, assuming of course that you know what an honor it is to be her toilet. Just think about her sweet nectar and tasty chocolate. “I can see your little cock getting hard” she says with a smile. She turns around and sits on the toilet, displaying her magnificently big ass. “What should I give you first?” she asks. The scene changes now and we see a slave in the box, mouth open wide. She’s finished with you and will now feed this bitch as well.

She has a lot to go around for her hungry slaves and none of them should assume that he alone will be blessed in this manner. She tells the slave he will consume everything from her and that if he misses anything, he will lick it up from the ground. The camera angle changes again and we see Jewels on the toilet with the slave below her. She tells him how she’s been saving it for hours, just to give him a special treat. Jewels gets quite graphic and looks directly at you as she talks about her toilet activities. She asks her bitch if he’s hungry and he says that he is.

Jewels teases him by making him wait while she talks about how she’ll make the two of you compete to be her toilet. She smiles at you to suggest that you could, in fact, soon be her toilet. The camera moves under the table to give you a fantastic view of Jewels’ ass. She says her stomach is starting to churn and she will be delivering her treats soon. Everything will be consumed by the slave, but he will still be messy and expected to crawl into the yard afterwards, where Jewels will hose him down. After that, she’ll lock him away, and she warns him by saying “This might be your only meal today.” Are you ready to show Jewels you can be her Number One toilet slave??

Mistress: Goddess Jewels Divine
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Clubstiletto – Lick It Up Cucky Before They Come Back To Fuck Me Again

Nothing turns Skylar on more than taunting her husband about her many lovers… with the exception, of course, of actually being with her lovers. She made good on her promise to keep him caged all day while lovers come and go, or should we say cum and go. As she sits on her seat with her crotch in his face, the smell of cum fills the air. She asks if he got excited hearing the way her black studs fucked her. As she spreads her legs, you see a hint of cum on her pussy and leg, but most of it is still inside her pussy, there for hubby to suck up… every last drop. During this scene Skylar graphically describes how her lovers fucked her, and she discusses the importance of having hubby suck up all the cum so she doesn’t become impregnated by a black man. How would hubby explain that to Mom?

As the slave eagerly licks her, Skylar tells him how aroused she gets when her boyfriend exercises his right to bring his black friends over with him, to fuck her. Skylar mentions that her slave has learned the taste of each lover’s cum. Today will be a challenge though, because she’s been fucked by so many guys, including the 100th lover she’s had since she and hubby tied the knot seven months ago. In fact, she was blindfolded by her main man today and isn’t really sure how many men she actually had. Soon the cum starts to flow and hubby has a lot of it to deal with. “That’s all you get to eat for today” she tells him, adding “Well, after drinking at the bar they’ll probably come back for more, so maybe it’s not your last meal.” Skylar suddenly remembers that one of them also fucked her up the ass and tells hubby he’s going to have to suck that out of her, too.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – A Juicy Fart and Piss for you

Now that Kandy has dealt with all the important people in her life for Christmas she now has time for you and she couldn’t think of anything better than her piss and farts. Best of the Season!
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