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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: February 21, 2018 – Cheyenne Jewel and Sarah Brooke

Today we welcome a scrappy rookie named Sarah Brooke. She’s new to US but she’s been in the wrestling Circuit for years. She’s a beautifully toned petite scrapper, standing 5’3 110 lbs. She’s very confident and she’s not intimidated by Cheyenne’s muscles at all.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: January 24, 2018 – Cheyenne Jewel and Bella Rossi

Cheyenne Jewel and Bella Rossi have both lost a considerable amount of weight and they are now in the lightweight division. The winner of this match will take on Savanna Fox for the lightweight Championship later this year.
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Strict Restraint – Breaking Cheyenne Pt II – Cheyenne Jewel

Bane rigs Cheyenne in a very appropriate position for some anal stimulation…he stretches her anus out with an inflatable rubber dildo…then uses a fucksaw to pound her from behind…faster and faster…she is then tied, standing between two uprights…Bane rigs a zipper predicament but Cheyenne holds onto the mouthpiece through tough treatment…he was hoping an improptu scream might open her mouth enough to drop the mouthpiece, but the scene turns out to be a battle of wills…eventually, Cheyenne loses.
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DEVICE BONDAGE: November 2, 2017 – Cheyenne Jewel and The Pope

Cheyenne Jewel is no stranger to DB sinister dungeon. She is the kind of woman that likes to be in charge and demands the respect of the men in her life. But secretly she harbors other devious needs. She needs to suffer to feel complete.
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Dungeon of Cum : Redux – Raw Bondage Fucking – Cheyenne Jewel

Here’s two new faces at DungeonCorp…Cheyenne Jewel is a picky switch, which basically means she appreciates both sides of the coin, but only flips into the bottom role with the right person…totally understandable actually…but she has done lots of Dom and wrestling work, so she is accustomed to the top…I think we found the right man for Cheyenne in Jenner…after watching this, I feel that Jenner has a very John Wayne-ish quality about him…he makes no qualms about being in charge, taking charge and is very comfortable doing so…in a gentle-manly kind of way…he is definitely an interesting character, and Im hoping we get him back to work over more dungeon models for us…The Pope interviews them and goes with a reality style shoot…He rigs Cheyenne into the first position as Jenner looks on…it’s not long before he’s getting into her head with Dom talk…and as soon as the Pope is done, Jenner procedes to pull her clothes off…within no time at all, Cheyenne is molded into Jenner’s submissive fuck toy…I was amazed…I thought Cheyenne might have some issues with submitting…but if she had them, Jenner seemed to take them away…Proof that he was the right guy…it doesnt always work out like that, but it is truly awesome when it does.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: August 9, 2017 – Izamar Gutierrez and Cheyenne Jewel

Cheyenne Jewel is our muscular red head cowgirl wrangler who has beat out one of our finest wrestlers, Mia Li, to make it to the finales. She is taking out our toughest wrestler, ranked #1, our hot, sexy muscular MILF, Izamar Gutierrez. This is intense 100% competitive grappling and sexual fighting at it’s finest. The action is back and forth, with each girl getting leg scissor holds, submissions, chokes, sweeps, and throws. Both girls do rough fingering on each other, trying to make the other cum on the mats.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: August 2, 2017 – Penny Barber and Cheyenne Jewel

Today we are getting down to the wire. We have the Cheyenne Jewel who is a beautiful, muscular Cowgirl ranked 2nd in our Big Ten tournament. She is taking on Ultimate Surrender’s favorite Bratty MILF, Penny Barber. Penny Barber has a brutal Giftwrap maneuver that most girls can not seem to figure out. Cheyenne Jewel has a bull like ability to push girls over and overpower them. Both of these beautiful wrestlers have fine asses and they use their asses to hold each other down. One wrestler takes the lead after ripping and orgasm on the mat from her opponent. The winner fucks the loser with the biggest dildo our strap on can handle. Loser is humiliated with hand gags, fisting, orgasm denial, hair pulling, spanking face sitting and ass smothering. The loser is fucked so hard in the ass, her asshole is left gaping open.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: July 19, 2017 – Cheyenne Jewel and Mia Li

Mia "muscles" Li beat out Barbary rose to make it this leg of the tournament again Cheyenne "the Wrangler" Jewel. Mia is a hot muscular Asian babe who is known for cuming on the mats at any moment if she is trapped long enough and fingered hard enough. Cheyenne Jewel is a hot red headed muscle Vegan Babe who is use to throwing girls around like rag dolls. Today it’s muscle on muscle and only one can cum out on top. Mia Li is trapped and squirms for help but it’s futile against the power of Cheyenne Jewel. Loser is fucked and give sloppy blow ups to a strap on cock. Winner has her muscles and butthole worshipped. After a long day of wrestling hard, The winner asshole is sweet and sweaty and the loser must lap up the asshole and all it’s winner juices!
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Apr 26, 2017 – Cheyenne Jewel , Brandi Mae

Big legs, Big Asses, Big Muscles. Cheyenne Jewel and Brandie Mae put on a true display of power and skill. One of these muscle babes cums hard on the mat and is fucked hard with a strap on, made to do muscle worship and then lift and carried off for more punishment.
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Dungeon of Cum – No Holes Barred Pt II – Cheyenne Jewel

Just when it seemed like it couldn’t get any hotter..it does…Cheyenne is now bound to the bed…The boys continue to have their way with her. The intensity is turned up a couple notches now though…She struggles to answer their inquiries and for each correct answer she receives a reward. No holes are barred and Cheyenne’s holes are filled to the brim. Ass, cunt, mouth…nothing is spared. Splayed out on the bed, Cheyenne opens wide and takes it all. Finally, her gagged and gaping mouth is spattered with cum.
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Dungeon of Cum – No Holes Barred – Cheyenne Jewel

Seems Cheyenne has some needs that she wants fulfilled and she has chosen DungeonCorp…She doesn’t exactly start off on the right foot though, she shows up late for her appointment and that doesn’t sit well with her new Master. As punishment, she is bent over and spanked…With her ass cheeks reddened, Cheyenne is led into action. Her hands are hoisted overhead and Master Lane begins to grope her exposed body. He fingers her to a frenzy, and now that she’s warmed up so to speak, Cheyenne is introduced to her fate…The gentlemen are led in and what unfolds is a veritable feast… A dingy Dungeon, one foxy chick, three seedy dudes, and each one of these sadistic fellows is hungry for a place to shove their rock-hard cocks. They will have their fill of this dame.
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Clubdom: Cock Hungery Slave

Goddess Amadahy and Cheyenne Jewel ravish a slut with their strap on cocks. Cheyenne strokes her cock hungrily as she watches Amadahy ass fuck the male bitch. The ladies ride this slut’s ass and face, getting off on his humiliation. Once the ladies are satisfied they ram their cocks down the bitch’s throat and demand that he lick them clean.
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EVERYTHING BUTT: February 24, 2017 – Charlotte Cross , Cheyenne Jewel and Casey Calvert

TSAnal immigration Brutality

Cheyenne Jewel and Charlotte Cross get stuck at the airport after an executive order comes through from the president to stop anyone who doesn’t hold a US passport. Casey Calvert takes her job very seriously. She detains the two sluts in a back room. Charlotte and Cheyenne must sniff and lick each other’s gaping assholes. Cheyenne takes the entire slink deep into her asshole. Charlotte is tied up and fucked until her asshole gapes wide open.
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Xerotics – Cheyenne Jewel – Nice Girls Don’t Fight

Title: Cheyenne Jewel – Nice Girls Don’t Fight – January 12, 2014

Tomboy Cheyenne comes home from the park mad as a hornet, and proceeds to tell me that she’s been in a fight – with a boy!
Cheyenne is unapologetic, even when I start spanking her over her tight blue jeans. Pulling them down, I spank her on her full-bottom satin panties, and then on her bare bottom.
Even the sting of my palm on her sore cheeks doesn’t calm her, though, and she’s ordered upstairs to change into something ladylike. She’s going to find that boy and apologize!
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Feb 15, 2017 – Rizzo Ford and Cheyenne Jewel

Little rookie abused and fucked until her asshole gapes

Poor little Rizzo Ford is having no luck with her wrestling matches. She is trapped on the mats by the powerful Cheyenne Jewel and fingered until she’s a useless mess on the mats. Cheyenne takes off the loser’s bands and ties her up with them, Then she ball gags her, fucks her pussy and then fucks her asshole until it gapes open. Cheyenne jewel spanks Rizzo ford, puts her thumb up her ass then face sits her until Cheyenne has gotten her own orgasm out. The loser is finished off with a lift and carry
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Clubdom: Milked Slut

GODDESS, Amadahy and Cheyenne Jewel milk the pathetic slut filling the glass full of his man filth. Slut knowing it is his only nourishment for the next 30 days, drinks up every last drop and begs for more.
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Clubdom: Milking day for cum slut

Goddess Amadahy and Cheyenne Jewel have it in for a particular slave. They strap him to a table and wheel him and begin to extract his male filth. The ladies are expecting a full load as the male bitch has been chastity bound for 36 days. Cheyennes soft hands go to work on the slut’s hard cock as Amadahy knows that she will grab his balls and and twist and slap them while goddess Cheyenne extracts the male filth right out of his swollen slut sacks. All the while, Cheyenne reminds the male bitch that if he doesn’t produce enough filth, he will be forced to endure another 36 days of chastity. Either way, this slut loses. When the male bitch gets right to the point of cumming but hold backs, Amadahy puts her hand over his mouth as Cheyenne extracts every drop of the bitch’s male filth. Then they feed him all his nourishment for the next 36 days.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: November 23, 2016 – Cheyenne Jewel and Jenna Foxx

The most Orgasmic Match of the season, Rookie Destroyed in a sex fight

Move over Dragon Lily, we have a new orgasmic hottie in town and it’s Jenna Fox. Cheyenne Jewel shows no mercy on this cute new rookie. Jenna is trapped, can’t move and fingered relentlessly until she cums over and over again.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: October 26, 2016 – Cheyenne Jewel, Adley Rose, Annie Cruz, Ariel X and Syd Blakovich/

Savanna Fox is out for all tournaments due to a knee injury but the show must go one. Savanna and Annie Cruz beat out their opponents to make it to the finals where they meet Cheyenne Jewel and Adley Rose. Today Ariel X will fill in for Savanna. Annie and Adley are not as experienced and they find themselves in a lot of trouble when the tags come. Losers but do a “biggest Loser” trib off. Losing Captain is hoisted into the air in a brutal ceiling hold then crippled in a painful baby swing hold while made to sniff her losing team mates ass hole. Losers are squirted on and left for the audience to ridicule.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: September 21, 2016 – Cheyenne Jewel and Izamar Gutierrez/Every hole Destroyed in a Winner Take all sex fight

Izamar Gutierrez and Cheyenne Jewel meet again on the mats for a summer Vengeance match up. This is a brutal match for both wrestlers with back and forth action. There are lots of counters, sweeps, throws and submission attempts. These girls struggle hard and get humiliated when they get stuck on the mat and fingered close to orgasm. Winner fucks loser in brutal fashion. Loser is Ball Gagged, lifted and carried, fisted in the pussy and ass hole. Winner makes sure every hole is filled, mouth, pussy, ass, belly button, nose, ears, Winner is Brutal. Winner fucks loser to orgasm then show utter dominance as she belly punches, hair pulls and face sits the loser
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Aug 30, 2016 – Cheyenne Jewel, Ana Foxxx, Adley Rose, Mona Wales

This tournament is too much for one wrestler. The wrestler quits after 2 rounds and gets fisted first thing in the Prize round. The winner takes the loser’s Asshole and verbally and sexually brutalizes her.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Aug 24, 2016 – Cheyenne Jewel and Kelli Provocateur

ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Aug 24, 2016 - Cheyenne Jewel and Kelli Provocateur

Two of our most stacked, fit, muscular girls meet on the mats today. Cheyenne Jewel, Ranked #2 takes on our Rookie, Ebony muscle goddess, Kelli Provocateur who is ranked 14th. So much power displayed in todays match. These girls flex all over each other with their giant biceps and giant Asses smothering each other out. Brutal Leg Scissors, 4 submissions, and orgasms to go around. The Winner dominates the loser in the sex round with heavy pussy fucking and anal with a long strap on. Winner gives the loser hair pulling, hand gags, spankings and rides her like a pony bitch that she is. Winner Take loser
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Cum Bots – Her Cup Runneth Over – Cheyenne Jewel

Cheyenne’s baring it all for us. She deftly strips out of her undies, opens her legs and plants a vibe up against her cunt. It doesn’t take long for this dirty little bitch to cum and when I say cum, I MEAN cum! She’s aroused and so are we…obviously…We strap her down to the bench and Ogre gets her primed pussy ready for another round with a little lube. The Cumbot fires on all cylinders as it pummels that pussy, it’s throttle wide open…To tantalize her a bit more he buries a wand against her clit. Cheyenne’s tremendous orgasm is incredible. Her pleasure brief, yet intense..
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Strict Restraint – Front and Back – Cheyenne Jewel

Cheyenne is such a great one to play with…she’s not at all a pushover or weak-spirited woman…she is simply the type of person who will let you take control of her and do very mean shit…us Doms would like to think she does this for us…and I’m sure there are only certain folks that Cheyenne trusts…but, she is battling with herself…I just add the stimulation…floggers, single tails, dragons tails, a cane and an anal hook…I discover that Cheyenne is truly ticklish and it diverts my attention for a few minutes…and I offer her an orgasm in conjunction with a zipper…but for the most part, this is 25 minutes of screaming impact.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: May 13, 2016 – Lea Lexis , Cheyenne Jewel and Savannah Fox

ULTIMATE SURRENDER: May 13, 2016 - Lea Lexis , Cheyenne Jewel  and Savannah Fox

Savanna Fox is the reigning light weight champion. Today she takes on Cheyenne Jewel. Cheyenne Jewel has gone Vegan and she’s dropped down to the light weight division. This is back and forth batttle for the title of sex fight champion. This streamed live. Out standing wrestling with an epic round 4. Loser is hand gagged, fucked hard while the winner flexes her beautiful muscles to show off her power and to mock the loser. Just when the you think fucking is done, the loser is dragged back for more by the ref, made to lick feet and toes and finger fucked so hard she is left twitching from cumming so hard. 100% real competitive erotic wrestling Championship bout!
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Mar 25, 2016 – Bella Rossi and Cheyenne Jewel

ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Mar 25, 2016 - Bella Rossi  and Cheyenne Jewel

Winner of this match will take on Savanna Fox for the light weight title. This shoot was filmed live! This is 100% real competitive erotic wrestling. Winner Destroys the loser and utterly humiliates her in the prize round with Pony Play, Muscle Worship, foot Worship, Belly Punching and Lift and Carries.
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Cum Bots – Simple Submission – Cheyenne Jewel

Cum Bots - Simple Submission - Cheyenne Jewel

I dig seeing Cheyenne taking a good fucking… And on this particular day we got straight to the point… We bent her over, doggie style… to get that fine ass up in the air. We shackled her wrists and ankles and then let the cameras roll… Black Magic blazed a trail of glory towards this Damsel’s tight hole and Cheyenne hollered to the high heavens as we struck paydirt…
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Society SM – The Unbreakable Toy – Cheyenne Jewel

Society SM - The Unbreakable Toy - Cheyenne Jewel

Although I’ve never worked with Cheyenne before, I know her socially from parties and clubs in Los Angeles…She is a very cool woman…laid back, level headed, perverted…three of my favorite traits…add a killer body and a tough sense of adventure and Cheyenne Jewel is one of the hottest models in the serious BDSM genre…a joy to have my way with…I push the limits of her punishment potential with ultra tight bondage and plenty of stimulation…electrical anal plugs and hooks, extreme nipple clamps, sole whipping, single tails, dragon’s tails, canes and the OgreFlogger…then I push the limits of her pleasure potential…the G5 vibes her to screams in Scene 2 and Scene 4 features inverted orgasms with both of her crotch holes stuffed full…I especially enjoyed that one…What a precious, little, unbreakable, whorish, toy she is…
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