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Goddess Alexandra Snow – CEI Penalty

I have a little jerk off challenge for you, slut. I’m going to rev up those enginges and push you hard to stroke for me but not to cum, because you’ll be positioned in such a way that if you cum before the time, it’ll be into your own face. So you must hold back from the inevitable erruption as I tease you to the brink, or it will be a mouthful of your own jizz as a reward. Think you can make it? I think you’ll be self facialing in no time..
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Humiliation POV Goddess Kyaa: Obsessed Horny Foot Boys Edge And Eat Their Cummy Messes For Me

Goddess Kyaa

My feet are your complete obsession. I am beautiful and perfect but it’s my feet that you just can’t stop thinking about. It’s my feet that just draw you in and make you weak and make you stupid. While I tease and taunt you, all you end up looking at are my toes. You just want to suck on my toes and lick them clean. You’re barely even looking at the rest of me despite the fact that I’m gorgeous and have a perfect body. You don’t care about seeing me naked, you don’t care about sex, no, you just care about my feet.

You don’t even think about my pussy because you know you’re so fucking unworthy that there’s no way you’d ever be allowed near it, and you’re fine with that because you know your place. You’re a little foot worshiping fucking beta male. You just need to focus on my feet. That’s all you can think about, my sexy sweaty dirty feet and licking them clean. This is making you so horny, isn’t it? I want you edging for my feet. You’re only allowed to cum for my feet. You don’t want anything else, not even anyone else’s feet, just mine. No one else’s feet can compare.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Jamie – Don’t Date Step-Mom’s Friends

Did you think you could get away with dating your step-mom’s friends? Goddess Jamie Valentine will never allow it. She knows about your little secret and she’s ready to expose you. You have a foot fetish, don’t you? Her friends told her all about your pathetic obsession with her feet. Since you cum so fast to her friend’s feet, you can stroke your cock to hers instead. When she takes off her sexy heels and shows you her perfect feet, you’ll cum exactly when she tells you to. If you want to earn her silence, lick up all of her cum, wipe it off your tongue on your fingers, and shove it deep in your ass. Do as she says!
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Jerk To My Feet – Tabatha Jordan – My Nephew’s Secret

Sexy and mature Tabatha Jordan is home babysitting her nephew. Tabatha notices him repeatedly staring at her pretty, polished feet in a pair of hot, open-toed wedge sandals. Curious about his admiration, she invites him to play with her feet, and run his tongue up and down her soles. She can see him getting hard when his mouth reaches her soft skin. Aunt Tabatha doesn’t mind–it will be their little secret. Tabatha wants him to be a good boy and stroke his cock while he sucks on her toes, then cum all over her beautiful feet. Babysitting will never be the same again for this aunt.
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Humiliation POV Princess Nikki Next: Eat Your Cum For My Firm Young Yoga Pants Ass (October 23rd 2017)

Princess Nikki Next

I see you admiring my ass in these tight yoga pants. You pathetic little perv. You know you could never have a hot young ass like this, so why do you keep coming back for it? I know, because you love it, you crave it, you need my ass. So I’ll keep teasing you with what you’ll never have, just to fuck with your loser brain. Are you sure you want to keep getting tortured? You know it’s only going to addict you more. But it’s too late for you, you can’t look away.

Just look at my nice, tight, young ass. Look how my yoga pants accentuate my sexy curves. Just stare at my perfectly sculpted ass. Lose your fucking mind loser. I know how badly you worship my sweet, firm, young ass. You love it when I tease you in my yoga pants.

How badly do you want to see my ass? Beg me loser, get down on your hands and knees and beg me like the desperate perv that you are. Beg loser, I love hearing you beg. I want you to stroke and beg at the same time. I want you to beg to see my ass that you’ll never have. Looozer! LOL!

I suppose I could let you see it, just for a little bit, just to scramble your brain a little bit more, just to addict you a little bit further. You’re just another stupid loser perv to me. A perv I tease, deny and fuck over, LOL! You Know how lucky you are that I even let you see it. Now stroke for it my little piggy. Stroke and worship.

Now I want you to stare at my ass and cum into your hand and then lick it all up as you stare at my ass. Eat your cum for my hot, young, yoga pants ass.
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Goddess Harley – Life As A Party Favor

Look at you, locked in a crate… a crate on wheels, hahaha!

Bitch you have a new job, one I have specially picked just for you. I’ve read your journal as well as viewed your hard limits, the one thing you said you would never do is suck cock. Wow, you have seen my clip store, you have watched my videos and yet you still don’t know me at all. I live for this very thing

Hard limits are the very thing I seek to find and cross, you pain is my pleasure, in fact it is the only pleasure you can hope to offer me.
So why the box, why the chains fastening you in place, why the mouth gag making you to open wide?

Why is your face strapped to the only hole in the box, there??? … not to provide you air but access to the one thing you said you would never do! Oh and the added bonus of a shock harness to your balls, of which I carry the remote!
Enjoy your life as my party favor… oh and your soon to be spunk addiction.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – Crybaby

You’re such a little boot bitch. Crawl over here and kiss Goddess Brianna’s sexy leather boots. The scent of her boots is intoxicating to you, isn’t it? Don’t get too comfortable on the floor at her feet. Goddess Brianna is leaving, and you’re going to be staying with Goddess Kendra James. You’ll be sleeping in her boot closet and required to keep an erection for the entire night. Expect to be paraded around and forced to hump her boots like a dog. Your degradation will be amusing for her and any other Goddesses she happens to be entertaining. You’ll take a pair of Goddess Brianna’s boots with you, of course, just to remind you who really owns you. Demonstrate your loyalty before she sends you off by spilling a worship puddle on the floor in front of her.
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Facesitting For 1 Cum Eating For The Other

It’s not always easy being one of my slaves. Sometimes there are rewards, sometimes there are punishments. Today 1 slave is getting a reward for good behavior: my sweet pussy & ass right on his face. Heaven!

The other gets humiliated & has to do the one thing he absolutely hates: eat his own cum.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Sonia: A Week Of Daily Degrading CEI Assignments (October 5th 2017)

Goddess Sonia

You live to amuse me and you’ll do all kinds of disgusting, degrading, dehumanizing and vile things, just to get a speck of my attention. So I have a special week long assignment for fist fuckers like you. Chronic masturbators like you have to do something with all of that cum. I’m sure you’ve got all kinds of crusty socks, sheets and tissues just covered with your disgusting jizz. But this week you’re going to be eating every last drop. I’m going to let you jerk and cum every day this week, the only catch is that each day, you’re going to have to eat it in a different way for me.

Day one, you’re going to cum into a glass and drink it all down. Ewww gross! Day two, you’re going to put on a condom and fuck your fist until you cum. Then you’re going to roll it off and empty it down your throat. Make sure you lick it all out. Day three, you’re going to get down on your knees and you’re going to cum on the bathroom floor and then you’re going to lick up every last bit of that nasty spooge. Day four, you’re going to put your legs over your head and wank directly in your own face. I want you to aim and get every spurt directly into your mouth. Day five, you’re going to cum on a dildo and then you’re going to lick and suck it off! Day six, you’re going to cum into an ice tray and make as many cubes as you can. Then you’re going to dump those ice cubes into your coffee and make a nice cum ice coffee for yourself to sip, lol! Day seven is going to be Really special, but I’m not going to spoil it for you here, you’re just going to have to watch and see… I promise you it’s going to be the most degrading way you’ve ever eaten your cum, LOL! You cum eaters are going to love this week of cei assignments!
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Goddess Foot Domination – Suck the Sweat from Our Feet

Goddess Sarah Brooke and Goddess Brianna just finished filming a very hot and sweaty wrestling scene. Their feet were dripping with wet sweat when they stuffed them into their sneakers. It’s a good thing they have a foot bitch like you around to come and clean them! Come closer and take a big whiff of the inside of their shoes. Appreciate the scent of their hard work. Open your mouth wide and taste their sweat. That’s not all… they also need you to take out your thick cock and jerk it to their dirty feet! Four filthy soles lined up for your mouth–you’re going to be one very busy boy. Cum to Goddess Brianna’s countdown. When she gets to 1, you’ll spill your load all over their feet.
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Humiliation POV London Lix: You Can’t Cum Unless You Know You’re Going To Eat It, Cum Junkie Addict Conditioning

Princess London Lix

You’re so pathetic, you know that don’t you? You have a real problem, haven’t you cum slut? You start jerking like the jerk junkie loser that you are and you know that with each and every fucking orgasm, you’re going to have to eat it. Such is the life of a little cumbucket loser. You cum addiction has gotten so bad that you can’t even cum unless you know that it’s going down the back of your throat.

I know you’re already fist fucking yourself, edging your worthless cock as you think about it sliding down your throat. You know that you’re going to ache to taste it. You’re going to crave the taste of that cum splashing on your tongue from your little loser fountain with your hips in the air. You want to give yourself a cum facial and then push it all in your mouth, LOL! It’s so gross to think about but this is your entire sex life now. You’re just a cum bucket, a cum eating addict.

You just need that hot sticky load in your mouth, the thought gets you so excited. You just cannot cum unless you eat it. The thought of cumming on a tissue just doesn’t appeal to you and your slutty little cum tasting mouth. You crave the taste of your salty load hitting your tongue and hitting the back of your throat. You just ache to gulp it down. It’s like there’s a block on that cock unless you’re thinking about tasting it. It’s pretty much the only thing that turns you on. How did you get so fucked in the head?

You’ve become a complete cum guzzling cum bucket. A cum addict. A CEI junkie. Start imagining taking that cum load, imagine what it’s going to taste like when it trickles down the back of your throat. Imagine running your tongue around in the gooey sploogey fluid. Losers like you go to bed tasting their own cum and wake up in the morning still tasting their salty jizz still in their mouth with a belly full of that hot sticky stuff. LOL! It’s so sick that this turns you on. I’ll bet your hate yourself afterwards when think about just how pathetic you’ve become.

Do you lick it out of the palm of your hand, or drink it out of a glass, or do you flip your legs over your head and shoot it all down your throat? It doesn’t matter really, you just can’t get enough cum. You’ve conditioned your brain to only be able to cum when you’re tasting it. You’re a cum addict. I know you want to taste it because you’re not going to be able to cum unless you do. So I want you to beg for it, beg me to let you eat your own cum. Beg me loser! Good boy, now get ready to eat it. I’m going to instruct you to an intense cum eating session. You’re going to swallow it all down you little cum bucket.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – Domestic Dinner Slave

Today is your first day as Goddess Brianna’s domestic dinner slave. You stand before her, in the kitchen, wearing only a small apron around your waist and a heavy chastity cage around your cock. As her slave, you’ll cook for her and provide her only with excellent service, then pamper her and worship her feet as she enjoys dinner and a glass of wine. Before you serve her a beautiful meal, Goddess Brianna asks for some entertainment from you, her eye candy. She instructs you to remove your chastity device and stroke your cock for her. On your knees at the dinner table, in your cute little apron, your Goddess wants both of her incredible feet in your mouth as you work your cock with your hands. The generous Goddess will even allow you to have dinner with her–your first course is the cum you’ll lick off this plate when you’ve spilled your filth for her. What a good little dinner bitch you are!
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Cruelgirlfriend: Mop Up Their Cum Puddle Cucky

Look at the mess my real men have made cucky – all for you! My studs have left a huge puddle of their alpha-cumloads all over the floor to give you something to clean up and I’m going to video you mopping up their spunk with your tongue so they can see just what a pathetic beta-cuckold you really are. Kneel down next to their filthy cum-puddle and look into my camera so they can see you begging me to let you slurp up their cum from the floor. I want the guys who are fucking your girlfriend to see how much of a loser boyfriend you are. They’re going to watch as I push your stupid face into their slimy cummy mess and make you lick it up. This is just the first of the humiliating tasks me and my alpha-bulls have decided to set you to keep you in your place and to enforce your cuckold status. It’s not enough for them to come over here and take your girlfriend to your bed and fuck her. That’s not humiliating enough – they want to totally emasculate you so that I’ll never ever see you as a real man. They fucked your girlfriend, emptied their used condoms all over the floor so you have to mop it all up and then I’m going to push their discarded condoms inside your cuckold ass. You can wear their filthy, wet condoms in your ass for the rest of the day. I’m going to fuck them deep into your ass with a dildo an then plug you so they stay right inside all day.
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Chateau-Cuir: Smothered by leather Dommes part 2

Three leatherclad and dominant Ladies use him as their seat. His face flattened by their sexy leather butts. He is their object to use and the leather boot on his cock shows him who is in control. He is just a slave to their leathers.
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: You Can Eat Cum

My darling cuckold, you so badly want to please me by eating cum. I know you’d eagerly lick up the cream pie just to taste my pussy, but you’re going to have to learn to love cum, too. You can start with your own. I understand it’s often difficult, even though the idea arouses you…after you blow your load you are so resistant to it…but this vid will help you, I assure you…I will seduce you into wanting to do it…I bet you’ll be even begging for it…
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Fierce – Unload Your Cum in Your Mouth CEI

You’re going to do something for my today. I want your weakness overtaking you. Don’t deny your urges to slurp your cum. Accept the fact your desires and my words will make you do something naughty. You’re weak for an orgasm. You will soon find your legs over your head. I don’t want you chickening out. You will hear me start my countdown and you know you will unload your cum in your mouth.
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Mina Thorne – Sweet and Sexy CEI

Sometimes you need a little encouragement to get those seemingly intimidating tasks done. So many stroke slaves have the fantasy of swallowing their cum for me but need a little sweet seduction to follow through. Being obedient certainly feels good doesn’t it? With enticing and incredibly sexy stroke instructions, I seductively urge you closer and closer to swallowing your cum for me. Of course you’re too wound up by my seductively manipulating encouragement to do anything other than lap up that thick liquid when I give you that final countdown!
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Charlotte Stokely – Edge or Eat It Ultimatum

I know how much you love to jerk off and I know how full your balls are getting, I know how turned on you get when I tease you about how much those balls ache to release all that sticky cum, haha! But you have to just stay on edge… unless, haha… well, there is one way I might let you cum! Your gonna have to do something for me first! I think its only fair that you first get a personal video from me allowing you to cum and me commanding you to eat it for me! Hahaha! I know you’ll slurp it all up if I personally tell you to! A hot pornstar like me making you do it is a fucking dream come true! There will be no backing out!
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Miss Lindsey Leigh – The Perfect BBC Imprint

I see right through you, you’re bi, but leaning towards men more than women. I know it won’t take much to push you over the edge and make men your 100%. Listen and stroke carefully as I imprint BBC triggers in your mind. Not only will you jerk to it but you will blow into your mouth for it, as well. Call my bluff? You know you’re already too curious and primed to bi. B!B!C!
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Cruel Girlfriend: Cuckold Cumdump

You’re such a pathetic excuse for a man. I mean seriously – you have no idea how to fuck me. A girl like me needs to be fucked by a REAL MAN, not a weak little wimp like you. I’ve had enough of your tiny limp-dick attempting to satisfy me so instead, I decided to solve your problem myself. I have someone coming over that can satisfy me. In fact, I have more than one person coming over. That’s right cuckold faggot, if you can’t do your job properly I’ll make sure somebody else can. Do you want to know who’s coming tonight? Just 3 of your most hated rivals you’ve ever had! Ha-ha so loser, your boss is coming over, I know just how much he belittles you in front of the whole office. My co-worker is also coming over – y’know that hot guy that constantly flirts with me? I know he’ll be such a good fuck. That big muscular guy from the gym is coming too – you know that really cocky guy you hate? Well all three are coming and they are all coming to fuck your girlfriend. That’s right cuckyboy, I need to be satisfied and only REAL MEN know how. You’re going to be forced to watch your girlfriend get fucked by all three of your rivals. You’re going to hear me moaning as their hard cocks slide inside that tight little pussy you used to love. Forced to watch your girlfriend enjoy their cocks so much more than I enjoy yours. Don’t worry, you aren’t completely useless. You’re going to be on standby as my little cum collector. Of course, they aren’t going to be cumming into my mouth. All 3 of their manly loads are going to be filling yours.
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Miss Luscious – Talking With Your Mouth Full

You’re such a cum addict. I bet you’re dying to jerk off to me and swallow your next big load for me, aren’t you my little cum slut? I’m going to let you. So start jerking off like a good little bitch, and wait for your cum count down, and then i’ll have some phrases I need you to repeat after me.
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Princess Leia: CEI Eat It Encouragement (.mp4)

I know your dirty little secret and love to tempt you it. I love to tease you and tell you to stroke your cock while you think about taking other men’s cum. I know you want to taste it. Are you going to do it this time, with your own right now? I’m going to moan one instruction after another, encouraging you to taste your own cum while you fantasize about swallowing those hot loads. You love stroking your cock as I say these dirty things, and I love watching you finish the job.

Video Includes: HD cum eating instruction, CEI, jerk off instruction, JOI, lingerie, dirty talk, topless, red, tight ass, cute, sexy, sensual voice, stockings, garter belt, light teasing, male cum swallowers, princess leia, porn
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Ashley Albans Fetish Fun: Blindfold cei

Ash cannot believe you want her to give you cum eating instructions again. You always chicken out! Ash wants you to actually eat your load. She loves watching guys being dirty cumsluts for her. Ash knows you like it. Your dick gets hard when you think about eating your semen like a fucking pervert. Ash has an idea to hep you not chicken out. She tells you to go grab something that you can use as a blindfold. She says that when you get close, you’ll have to get in position on your back with your hips lifted up so you can cum directly in your mouth, then you’ll put on the blindfold. Maybe if you don’t have to see the cum shoot out of your dick you won’t be a bitch about it this time.

Ash teases you with her body and slowly strips out of her t-shirt and jeans. She talks dirty and tells you to imagine what your cum will taste like since you’re finally going to eat it. She removes her bra as well to show you her pretty little nipples. You don’t get her pussy today though. Ash didn’t even dress up for you. Maybe if you’re a good boy and actually eat that load, she’ll wear sexy lingerie next time. When Ash sees that you’re close, she tells you to get into position and put your blindfold on. Ash continues to talk dirty and tells you to cum and keep your mouth open wide. She giggles when she sees your cum all over your face. You’re almost a cumslut now, you just have to eat it!
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Humiliation POV Princess Brittanya: No Woman Wants To Fuck A Man Who Eats His Own Cum (June 15th 2017)

Princess Brittanya

Hey there you pathetic loser. I know that just listening to my sweet voice and staring at my sexy body turns you on instantly. It’s so easy to fuck with losers like you, and to prove it to you, I’m going to make you eat your own cum while you stare at my ass because I know how much you love them both. You love my tight hot ass and I know that you love tasting your own cum.

I know your cock is already hard just thinking about it. It gets hard so fast and it cums even faster. It’s so pathetic. Stroke your cock for me you stupid loser. You need to do two things, first you need to obey all of my jerk off instructions, and the second is that you need to swallow your whole load. And well it might not be that big of a load judging by your tiny cock.

Look at my perfect ass and stroke that cock for me. Get lost in a jerk trance as you stare at my ass. Rub that pathetic little cock loser. Jerking off is your whole sex life, do you know why? Because no woman wants to fuck a man who eats his own cum. Your destiny in life is to jerk it and eat it. That’s all you’ll ever amount to. You’re a waste of space, you’re pathetic and stupid and uninteresting and boring. That’s why you’re here jerking your cock getting ready to swallow your load.

Now I want you to get into the legs over the head cum eating position, I’ll even demonstrate it for you. Now jerk it in your face, look at your penis that’s about to cum in your own face. I want to make sure that all the cums gets in your mouth. Don’t stop loser. I know you’re going to cum so soon, the thought of eating your own cum has you so horny.

Stare at my ass, jerk your cock and get ready to cum in your mouth as I count you down to orgasm. Cum in your mouth loser! Now lick it off your lips and swallow it all down. Didn’t you enjoy that loser? I’ll bet you feel so stupid now.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Alise deSade – I’m Waiting For Someone Else

You’ve just come to your beautiful wife, the Goddess Alise deSade, but she hasn’t been waiting for you. Wearing only a tight, black teddy showing the smooth skin of her long legs and bare feet, Goddess Alise anticipates her other lover.The man who can make her scream and moan better than you ever have.It’s a good thing that she only married you for your money–she’ll need to keep you around for that. Right now, you have a job to do. With your useless cock locked up in chastity, she wants you to lick and suck on her perfect feet. She knows how weak you are for her gorgeous toes. Then you’ll watch what a real man can do, just to remind you of your place as an inferior footslave. Please her in your meager role as a locked-up chastity slut, as best as you can and she’ll give you a reward. If you’re extra lucky, she might even let you eat his cum. Your mouth is getting wet at the mere thought of it. She’s trained you well, hasn’t she?
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Humiliation POV Mandy Flores And Princess Barbie: BBC Strapon Humiliation And CEI For Cum Craving Cock Hungry Fag Boys

Mandy Flores And Princess Barbie

Hey there fag boy. C’mon don’t deny it. We have a test. We’re going to see how hard your cock gets based on different stimuli. Take a look at my pussy, does that make your cock hard? No? What about Barbie’s tits? No? What about if we show you Barbie’s huge black strapon? Oh yea, that’s it, you just got so hard. You need to admit that cock turns you on. You crave cock. Look how big this cock is, I know that turns you on. It’s so much bigger than yours.

We know that when you watch porn all you stare at is that big beautiful cock. I’ll bet you’re jealous of the girl who gets to suck that big cock. You wish it was your mouth slobbering all over it. C’mon admit it. You need cock. You’re going to stare at Barbie’s cock and you’re going to admit it. It’s ok, you can stroke your cock to this big black strapon. We know you wish you were on your knees sucking on it. Don’t be shy faggot, it’s ok to want this huge cock. You want it in your mouth.

We know sucking cock is your biggest fantasy, so if you suck on this big strapon, we’ll invite some of our big black boyfriends over here and they’ll take turns fucking that faggot mouth of yours. Won’t that be fun? They’ll all stand around you and jerk on you! LOL! And you’ll take all their cum. We’ll have a fun bukkake party. Yes we know that turns you on. But for now, suck this cock like the true faggot that you are.

And we know that you want it in your ass too. Do you think you could take this huge cock in your ass? You’d love to get pounded by Barbie. Or would you prefer a real cock? LOL! You want real cock so bad. Just stare at that big, fat meaty cock, fantasize about it cumming all over your faggot face. I’ll bet you’re salivating just thinking about it. We want you to suck your big dildo, we know you have one, and jerk your cock at the same time.

And when you cum you’re going to cum on your own face and into your own mouth. We want you to do the legs over the head position so you’re used to seeing a cock cum on your face. You’re gonna love all that creamy jizz sliding down your throat. You’re our little bitch now. Cum on your face while you stare at Barbie’s big cock. Swallow it down you little cum loving faggot.
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Humiliation POV The Mistress B: Let’s Be Honest, I’m Not Really Forcing You To Eat It

The Mistress B

I know how much you want to eat your cum for me. I know you pretend you don’t really like it. You love when I ‘force’ you to be a pathetic cum eating loser. But I’ll play this game with you where you say, ‘No, no I don’t want to eat it, I’m not a dirty faggot. I don’t like the taste of cum.’ And then I say, ‘I don’t care what you want, it’s not about you, it’s about what I want, and I want to see you humiliate yourself.’ And we go back and forth in this stupid little game you like to play. And then finally you ‘succumb’, but I know it was all just a game to you.

You want me to force you to do what you supposedly don’t want to do. I’ll gladly play along because I like humiliating you, I like reminding you of what a weak, pathetic bitch you are. I like reminding you who’s in charge. So jerk it loser. Look at my hot body and drop down to your knees. Show me how obedient you are, how much you worship me. Now pump it hard because today it’s not about the buildup or the orgasm, is it? It’s about forcing you to what you don’t want to do, but we both know you love being a cum eating loser. It wouldn’t be the same if you did it on your own, where’s the fun in that? You like it when I humiliate you.

So on my command, I want you to squirt a big puddle right into your hand. Cum for me, squirt for me right in your hand. But before you eat it, look at it, look at all that goopy, disgusting, sticky cum. Now smell it. It’s disgusting, isn’t it? You’re disgusting. And I’m going to force you to be so fucking disgusting. Swallow it, all of it! Swoosh it around in your mouth and then gulp it down you pathetic little bitch. And you do this for me gladly, you do it for me because I tell you to, you do it because I own you. But let’s be honest, I’m not really forcing you to do anything. You love humiliating yourself for me. Now don’t forget those sticky finger tips. Lick them off as you moan like a whore. That’s it. God you disgust me, I can’t believe you just did that. But I’ll bet it felt good humiliating yourself for me. I know you’ll be back for you next fix you fucking addict.
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Humiliatrix – Bratty Becky Makes You Lick and Cream a Cum-Filled XL Condom

“So, just what do you think your woman is doing while you’re on Humiliatrix.com? I know what she’s doing. She’s getting fucked. With my encouragement. Now it’s time for you to pay, loser. You’re gonna swallow her stud’s cum and then Bratty Becky is gonna make you jerk your cucky cum into his massive XL fuckbag….”
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Bratty Ashley Sinclair & Friends: Cum Eating Cuckold

Your wife really knows how to have a good time. Too bad it never includes YOU! The two of you own a beach resort together, and she loves meeting all the men who visit and stay at your resort. For example, she tells you about last night…. and how she fucked 6 black men that are in town for a bachelor party. She was the life of the party and took 6 big black dicks. You have created the perfect life for her. The little slut wife who loves banging all the hot guys on the beach. You’ve always been fine with it because, like she says “it is her right to do what she wants.” But now it is getting somewhat humiliating because she wants you to jerk off while she tells you about it. Today she wants you to flip your legs over your head in front of her and cum on your own face…. catching some of it in your mouth. What’s NEXT?
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Humiliation POV Princess Rene: Sweet, Seductive CEI Coaxing, Encouraging Your Faggot Desires

Princess Rene

Have you ever thought about going gay? I feel like you’d make a good gay guy. Honestly you’d probably be pretty good at sucking dick because you know what feels good so you’d know just what to do. It just kinda makes sense, doesn’t it? Maybe you’d like it. Have you ever tried it? I’ll bet you’d like getting a facial, having a guy cum on your face. Have you ever thought about that? Maybe you should give it a try and see if you like it. You never know until you try, right? I’ve experimented with girls, I liked it. It was fun having another girl lick my pussy. So maybe you should have some fun and see what it would be like for a man to cum on your face. You might like it honestly.

Let’s give it a try. Stroke for me while you think about a man cumming on your face. C’mon I think you’d be a good faggot. I don’t mean it in a mean way, I just think you’d be a good cocksucker. So to try this out you’re going to jerk your dick and see how it feels to cum on your own face. It’s not even gay if it’s your own cum, right? I mean I can finger my pussy and lick my finger and that doesn’t make me a lesbian. So cum on your own face and I’ll have you lick it off. Maybe you’ll like the feeling of having hot jizz running down your face. Look how horny you are, are you excited to try something new for me? Are you excited to release that load on your face? I can tell you’re super horny, look at you pumping that cock for me.

Can you imagine a big cock being jerked in your face? I’ll bet you can. I’ll bet that makes you so hard. I know I’m excited thinking about your potential new life as a fag, as a little cocksucker. C’mon you know you’re excited at the thought. Maybe I’ll open up a whole new world for you once you realize how much you love cum on your face. You’ll realize what you’ve been missing out on.

Keep stroking thinking about a man cumming on your face. If you’re feeling a little shy, just know that you have me, a hot girl telling you to do this. Are you gonna pump that cock on your face for me? When you’re about to cum I want you to lift those legs over your head and I want you to look at your cock while you’re pumping it in your face. I want you to stare at your fucking cock while you jerk it in your face and then I want you to watch that jizz explode all over your face. I want you to move your face around and make sure it’s completely covered. Then I want you to lick your lips and get a little taste. Are you excited to cum on your own face? You should be, it’s kinky. You’re such a good little kinky whore for me, aren’t you? You’re such a good little fag. It just feels so good, to stroke for me, to cum for me, to cover your face with that jizz for me.

Now lift your legs up and pump your cock. Can you imagine what it’s going to feel like? That hot load spraying on your face. Are you ready? You’re doing such a good job and you’re gonna feel so good cumming on your own face and then afterwards when you’re all covered in cum. See I told you, you’d be a good faggot for me. Now look at that cock and I want you to feel that big load burst out of your cock and onto your face. Pump that jizz on your face. Open your mouth and be a dirty stroke slut, a kinky cum whore for me. Cum all over that face, be my sweet little faggot boy.
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