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Dirtydommes: Ballbusted trespasser

Trespassing and coming in to our territory has it’s consequences! As this guy is about to find out, the hard way! No mercy for his balls as they get kicked repeatedly and he sure feels the blows of our leather boots in his crotch. His balls don’t stand a chance when Mistres Tess and I bust them with our dangerous footwear. We have the power and stamina to bring him to his knees!
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Clubdom: Using Her Boot Whores

Goddess Cleo has two of her boot sluts in her dungeon ready to clean her dirty boots. Goddess Cleo loves looking down on her pathetic sluts while they clean her dirty boots with their tongues. Cleo is sitting on their cage with one slave licking and sucking on each of her boots at the same time. Her boot whores love licking and sucking on her boots to make them clean. Goddess Cleo blows her cigarette smoke in one boot whore’s face while he strokes his pathetic cock, and the other is fucking her boots with his worthless dick. He uses Goddess Cleo’s boots to spill his filth all over her boots, and Goddess Cleo rewards her other boot slut by letting him eat all his cum, and clean up her boots with his tongue.
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Dirtydommes: Nipple and cock torture part 1

Mistress Nikki Whiplash has been so kind to lend me her loyal slave for some sadistic fun! With his nipples, cock and balls so nicely exposed it would be rude not to torture them, ha ha. We are having so much fun squeezing and pulling his nipples, crushing his balls with the metal ballcrusher
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Dirtydommes: Taken for forced slavery part 1

One moment you are watching a monument, the next you get threatened, hooded and dragged in to a mysterious van! Here is where the slavery begins! Madame Catarina and I, Fetish Liza take our new victims to an abandonned factory for full inspection and our standards are very high. First these "men" will strip down for us, so we can check their bodies, torment their nipples and beat their cocks. There is no tolerance for erections here.
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Dirtydommes: Bound anal slut

Oh dear! Lady Mephista’s slave has angered his Mistress and now he will feel the consequences. He has been tied by rope, with his hands behind his back because we are only interested in his mouth and asshole. He will get his punishment and both of his holes will be stuffed by our strap-on cocks. He truly looks like a spitroasted piece of meat
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Clubdom: Fucked Meat for She-Gods

Goddess Brianna and Mistress Kendra James have their slut stretched out and ready for their big cocks. The women first fuck his mouth hard and then give him the ass-pounding of his life. This slave has NEVER been fucked by the She-Gods before and now they are stuffing his holes full of their strap-on dick, every inch filling him up hard and deep. The Mistresses are so rough with his holes, there might not be much left of him by the time they are finished!
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Chateau-cuir: The leather bootfucker part 1

At the mercy and under the divine leather boots of Mistress Fetish Liza and Mistress Ezada Sinn. What a lucky boot bitch! Both Ladies use him as their boot brush and make him hump their leg like the boot dog that he is.
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Chateau-cuir: My personal leather slave

I see you, following me in my sexy black leather coat and boots. You cannot keep your eyes off me, can you? You are feeling so weak, so hungry to be my personal leather slave, aren’t you? Then listen and obey.
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Clubdom: School Girls From Hell 2: Caned (September 15th 2017)

Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves are still feeling like they haven’t finished with their captive school boy Steven. Despite fucking Steven hard and deep with their strap-ons, they decide a caning is what really would get them wet. The girls cane his pathetic ass, laughing and shouting at him as he cries out in pain. They make him beg for more and more.
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Chateau-cuir: The leather bootfucker part 2 (September 13th 2017)

What a lucky boot bitch! With his cock trapped between his Mistresses leather boots, he gets to cum and release himself on to their sexy footwear
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Chateau-Cuir: Cum on My long leather coat part 2

Let me stroke you with my leather sleeves whilst you enjoy the view of my long coat. All that leather looks so sexy doesn’t it? It will look even hotter once I milk you dry and see all your spunk on my lap. Let’s do it!
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Chateau-Cuir: Spunk on My girlfriends leather ass part 1

I love my leatherclad girlfriend Coco in these tight trousers so much! And so do you, don’t you? Your cock is throbbing as you see us girls make out. We invite you to join us and share the leather fun!
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Glovemansion: Jerk-off for kinky Yasmin

Wow, Yasmin is looking super hot in her knee high boots and long, red leather gloves! This gloved babe sure knows how to make your temperature rise and she invites you to jerk off. What are you waiting for?
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Chateau-cuir: Leather lovers naughty phonecall

Listen in to my conversation with my naughty leather slave. He is getting so very horny and desperate as I describe all the leathers that I am wearing. My long boots, my sexy Jitrois dress, mink trimmed gloves…the phone call gets very dirty and I love teasing him from a distance.
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Glovemansion: Choked smothered and milked

Recently my lovely fan Jerry from the USA sent me these new burgundy leather gloves. I had to test them on my slave of course! They look lovely wrapped around his neck or covering his mouth and I knew he would not be able to resist my gloved touch, ha ha.
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Fetish Liza – G Lorenzi leather bootjob

Luxury leather boots, we know how sexy they look and they feel amazing too, don’t they? Are you ready to be teased and milked by my classic, pointy footwear? I’d love to see a good load on them
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Clubdom: Two Cocks For Two Slaves

Goddess Nikki Brooks and Goddess Bella Ink are ready to have their big dicks sucked, and have their slaves come crawling to their magnificent cocks on their knees before taking them in their whore mouths. Goddess Nikki Brooks grabs her slave’s head and forces him to deepthroat her big black strap on cock. Meanwhile, Goddess Bella Ink humps her slave’s mouth. Wanting more, the Goddesses bend their slaves over and start pegging them as they lean against their cage. "Take that fucking cock!" they demand of their slaves.
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Glovemansion: Hitwoman’s orgasm challenge part 2

He knows this Femme Fatale is serious. If he cums, he dies! But can he survive her tease and charm techniques? Of course he can’t! Those leather gloved hands feel way too good on his cock…
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Chateau-Cuir: Submit to My suede skirt

Some of our members have asked about using suede leather in our updates, so this one is for you guys. Are you going to be a good suede slave? Are you ready to kiss and smell my sexy suede skirt?
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Clubdom: Jamie’s Wicked Cane (July 16th 2017)

Goddess Jamie Valentine is the head Mistress of the compound today and she is going to make sure that she uses that to her full advantage. Jamie has a slave waiting in the stocks to be punished and she is on her way there, being pulled by another slave on her pony cart. Jamie walks off of the cart and over to her waiting, terrified slave and taunts him before delivering some painful, punishing cane strokes. Jamie decides to grab the slave by his balls and threaten and terrify him further in his punishment, before going back to delivering more vicious cane strokes. She gets in her cart, satisfied and leaves him there in the field to think about what he’s done.
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Fetish Liza – My Boot Collection Favourites

I have gathered a few of my favourite boots of my extensive collection and talk you through them. All luxurious leather footwear and if you are a real boot fetishist, like me, you will love this clip! Nice close-ups, zipping and walking in some of my sexiest boots
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Britishbratz: Kiki’s Slave HD

Princess Kiki knows your weakness,she knows just how easy it is to fuck with that head. To get you to do things you never thought you would do. Like giving up control to her. Her alluring beauty really fucks with your head. So, look into her eyes, grab your bottle of , follow her instructions as you listen to her slow soothing voice, fall deeper under her spell. Being Kiki’s owned little bitch is what you need in life. Losing control to your Princess is your ultimate dream.

So grab your bottle of (Alkyl Nitrates) and prepare yourself for the ultimate seduction. You are already a weak willed loser when in her presence but along with the Nitrates making your head fuzzy you will enter new levels of submission. Kiki will overpower your mind, breaking you down with each inhale. Edging you into intoxication. Intoxicating your mind.

Inhale on her count and prepare to become hopelessly addicted.
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Asian Cruelty: Ball Busting Bitch Boi (Full Version) Starring Goddess Luna Li (HD Version)

This Full Version release is the the combined footage of “Ball Busting Bitch Boi” and “Your Manhood Is Mine For The Taking”. These videos were the video debut of one of our most popular Dominas, Goddess Luna Li and one of the most popular ballbusting series of clips we have ever produced. Goddess Luna Li shows no mercy as she kicks, knees, slaps and punches her bitch boi’s nutsack into oblivion. Seriously intense action!!! A Full 13 Minutes of Great action for only $11.99

With my helpless slave naked, bound and blindfolded, and his legs stretched wide apart by a steel spreader bar, it is time for him to be introduced to my deliciously evil ways. I particularly like to torment my minions and watch the tears run down their cheeks when I hurt them. Why I love it so much? I just do, and that’s all that matters.

So with this new slave, I`ve decided to surprise him with a rather intense ballbusting. Oh how I adore the sound of my thigh high boot slapping up against his ball sack. I watch as his knees buckle and his body quivers in anticipation of the next kick. Bam, bam, bam! I give him three hard kicks to his manhood and he is gasping for air and begging for mercy.

I think I love ballbusting so much because it really serves to show these egotistical boys how insignificant their cocks really are. Once I crush their cock and balls, along with their pride and arrogance, they are much better at learning how to serve a true Asian Goddess such as myself.

Nothing takes away a man`s pride and ego, then a woman kicking him square in his family jewels over and over again. It serves to remind him that his cock and balls hold absolutely no value for me, nor anyone else for that matter after I am through with them. For many, their precious cock defines them, and if you eliminate this, they have no option but to surrender themselves to a life of servitude.

With each vicious kick and knee to his groin, his balls begin to shrink and shrivel up into his stomach until he comes to realize that his testicles no longer belong to him they belong to me, his Asian Goddess. I will kick, stomp, crush and abuse his soon to be useless ball sack however I please, and he can`t lift a finger to stop me. I will only grant him mercy, when he drops to his knees coughing, choking and gasping for air. And with his very last breath, he acknowledges that his place for all eternity is to worship, serve and obey ME!
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Dirty Dommes – Interracial Spitroasting Part 1

A new slave gets broken in as Governess Pretty Painless and I bring out the strap-on cocks. First his white ass needs to be coloured in by our cane and paddle before we prepare his asshole and mouth for a fun spitroast fucking.
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Dirty Dommes – Goddess Maya Liyer, Fetish Liza – Shaking Ass Whore

It seems the anal slut is ready to be fucked! Goddess Maya Liyer and Fetish Liza slowly build up the speed and switch places so their male whore can show them how well he can suck cock and take their strap-on dicks. Slowly but steady that fuckhole gets stretched and penetrated, harder and harder until the ass whore reaches his anal orgasm and starts shaking!
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Chateau-Cuir: Cum on My Jitrois skirt

I am ready to go out, wearing my super sexy Jitrois leather skirt but first we want to have some fun. His hard cock tells me he loves the sight of me in leathers, so I give him a hand and make him spunk on my leatherclad ass.
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Fascist FemDom: Target Practice Pt. 1: Canes w/ Julie Simone & Elena De Luca + Target Practice Pt.2: Paddles w/ Julie Simone & Elena De Luca + Whipping: Target Practice Pt. 3 w/ Julie Simone

In the Nation mistresses take target practice very seriously. If slaves can’t handle being whipping boys they are humiliated for being failures. The last slave to fail was diapered, made to wear a baby mask and sat under the St. Andrew’s cross so he can watch as latex-clad Mistresses Julie Simone and Elena De Luca strike the ass and thighs of the naked and bound slave with their canes. One slave watches as the other is humiliated, beaten and begging for mercy. The mistresses take turns and divide up his flesh so he can forcefully struck by both redhead Dominas at once.

Welcome to the Nation,

The slave is crying and broken but Julie Simone and Elena De Luca aren’t ready to give up their toy yet. His tears might earn him a diaper like the last slave if he can’t handle Julie’s signature “Julie Simone” paddle and Elena’s unbreakable paddle. His backside is bright red and bruised from the canes and and now the wooden paddles. The mistresses laugh and degrade the slave as he squirms and pleads with his captors.

The poor slave can barely handle any more beatings so Julie Simone takes him all to herself. His ass and thighs are so torn up from the caning and paddling that his back is all that’s left. His crying and begging means nothing to her. It is his flesh that Julie wants. The submissive under the cross still looks on in amazement knowing he will be trained to take merciless whippings just like this.
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