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Sunday Bare Bun Day 4 – Belting Discipline

Turned on by his touch she still craves the warmth of his belt. Overjoyed when he orders her back over the bed for 100 licks of the belt. Her skin is shiny and soaked with oil, amplifying the sting of the leather. She Obediently spreads her legs and pushes her bottom up for each stroke, craving the heat. Counting the final 20 strokes like a good girl, she can’t wait to thank him properly for her discipline.
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Fix Your Attitude, Or Master Will do it for You

Outdoor Spanking and Belt Licking

His naughty girl had pushed his buttons, bratting and sulking until he was forced to pull the car over and take care of business. Panties down over his knee as he sat on a boulder at the side of the road. She was embarrassed, knowing she was in full view of any passing cars, wailing as he spanked her bare bottom hot and red. She was pulled to her feet and bent over the rock, his belt sliding off his waist and doubled over in his fist. Her ripe ass felt the heavy crack of the belt, hard and steady until she promised to be a good girl. The searing heat of the belt and Master’s strong hands remind to obey when Master warns her she had better fix her pouty sulky moods, leaving no doubt that he will do it for her.
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Harsh Topless Paddling for Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane is stripped to her tiny white thong, bent over for a harsh paddling. The first heavy wood paddle is 2 feet long, wide and thick and drilled with blistering holes. Ashley obediently accounts off the swats – “Thank you Sir” as she grits her teeth, fighting back the tears. Next a solid maple paddle almost knocks her off her feet with the heavy impact. His hands caress her swollen cheeks, pulling her thong tightly up her cunt as he continues to paddle her. Shrieking and trembling, she takes her paddling like a good girl.
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After Dinner Discipline – Naughty Christy Breaks a Yardstick on Her Bottom

Master was determined to break the yardstick on my bottom. I could see that sadistic sparkle in his eyes. I love it when Master’s eyes sparkle!! I giggled and playfully protested as Master hoisted my legs up over my head, in Legs Up position, exposing my jean clad bottom to the ouchy yardstick. Master spanked me hard in this position, each stroke of the ruler stung across my taut flesh making me squirm and yelp. Once Master had finished with me in Legs Up position, he instructed me to stand up and bend over the edge of the bed. Further stinging stokes from Master’s unyielding yardstick rained down upon my tender peachy globes. Soon, I became unable to stand still and hold position; Master gave me a few more excruciating WHACKS, before telling me to clamber up on top of the bed, and present my bottom on all fours. I did as I was told, knowing that these final strokes were going to be the hardest yet. I braced myself, my legs spread wide, my hands clenching the comforter…I swear Master was winding up for this last set of colossal swings! Each stroke of the yardstick seared into my fat little bottom, I gasped and yelped continually. I could feel my tears beginning to swell as Master lay into my bottom one final time, the mean ol’ yardstick met my bottom and promptly snapped in half! I giggled gleefully very proud of myself and my buns of steel.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Lisa Langley – Attitude Adjustment – DB

Head cheerleader spanked for a prank at school, bottom bouncing bare.

“I get to decide everything at school,” claims Lisa Langley before she’s soundly spanked over John Friday’s knee for Attitude Adjustment. “You were sent here because you need correcting,” he tells her. “I will correct you!”. Turning her jiggling, juicy bare cheeks cherry red won’t change this young lady’s attitude. Slow-motion booty bounce replay!
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Mouth Soap and Bathbrush for Disrespect – Christy Cutie

Christy has been extra mouthy, defiant and disrespectful. Leaving him one last resort to keep her in line, she is ordered to the bathroom. Presenting the bar of soap, she is forced to open her mouth for a thorough mouth soaping. If this doesn’t cure her smart mouth, maybe the bath brush on her bare bottom will help teach her a lesson!
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Firm Hand Spanking – Belinda Lawson – Reform Academy – CA

Belinda Lawson sent to Reform Academy for strict discipline programme.

This is what we’ve been waiting for: two beautiful young businesswomen sent to Reform Academy to improve their performance and behavior at work! Belinda Lawson is joined by hot British newcomer Helen Stephens for a bottom-reddening to remember. Belinda is first over Earl Grey’s knee for a resounding spanking, watched by a nervous Helen!
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Chrissy Marie Topless Paddled and Sobbing – Very Personal Training 4

With tears rolling down her face she is ordered off the ball. Instructed to remove her bra, she bends over with her hands on the wall. Swollen bottom pushed out for the paddle, a personal training session she will never forget. Her bottom is paddled purple as she continues to cry pitifully. Her beautiful breasts jiggling with each swat as she sniffles through her sobbing. Face and bottom camera capture every swat of this beautiful topless girl taking her well deserved Discipline.
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Paddle me like the girls in those Videos

Bare Bottom Blistered- Maddy Marks Paddled – Spankflix and Chill 5

For spanking fantasy come to life, some much-needed excitement added to her Friday night date will leave her with a very sore bottom for days to come. Maddie removes her panties and goes over his lap. Her bare bottom us bank vigorously as she cries and whimpers, relishing in the heat. The paddle is applied vigorously to her blistered bottom making this a movie date night to remember!
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HARD AND OFTEN – Belt Whipping Christy Cutie

Christy is a naughty girl who knows exactly what she needs. Dressed in her adorable school outfit she lays on the bed and asks for a beating. Pulling up her little pleated skirt, Daddy removes his belt and begins to punish her on the seat of her cotton panties. She whimpers and moans, a delicious combination of pain and pleasure. She loves the warmth of the belt beating her plump little bottom. She needs it hard and often, a beating that starts pleasurable and becomes as hard as she can possible take it.
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Topless Discipline for Ashley Lane – Heavy Strapping

Enjoying her agonizing cries, he decides to add to her humiliation by forcing her to remove her bra. Bending back over, her ripe breasts jiggle with each brutal lick of the strap. Her shorts our lowered revealing the tiniest seamless white thong. The prison strap stings horribly as for exposed bottom is blistered. Crying out and clenching and agony as she is solidly beaten. Stubbornly she hold back the tears, hoping he will use the big paddle to break her.
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SUMMER SWATS – Bare Bottom Blistering for naughty Trixie

Moved to the edge of the bed, her bare bottom propped up over two pillows, the most brutal PRISON STRAP is selected for discipline. Her panties are pulled down to her thighs as her blistering begins. The heavy slap of leather laid full force across her succulent bare bottom forces immediately crying from this stubborn girl. Whistle, slap, sobbing as the big strap punishes her harshly. Giving her a moment to collect herself, he returns with a giant frat paddle. Determined to leave her bruised and sorry, the paddle makes an immediate impression. Trixie sobs as her bottom is blistered, praying for it to be over.
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Wet Panty Spanking Casey Calvert – Girls night out – 2

Continuing to protest her punishment, Casey begs to use the bathroom. Soon the crotch of her gray cotton panties turns dark with her wetness as she begins to soak herself on his knee. Spanking the wetness between her legs, scolding and humiliating as she is punished. Removing her panties to rub her nose in them as her spanking continues on her bare bottom. Her discipline is far from over…
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Dripping Wet Corner Time and Hard OTK Paddling for Sybil

NOW your’e really in trouble !!! Sybil is in big trouble and has already taken a hard hand spanking , then sent to the corner where she begs to go to the bathroom. Dismayed and humiliated as she loses control and leaves a big puddle on the floor. Wimpering in shame as Master scolds her, knowing she is really in for it now ! Ordered back over to the couch, over his lap, hard stinging swats on wet white cotton panties until Master pulls her panties down to her ankles. Bare bottom spanking continues with the thick leather Boudoir paddle, her legs spread as she presents her ass over Master’s thigh. Moaning as her bare bottom is paddled cherry red, crying out at the hardest swats, finally changing to a nasty wooden paddling that really lights up her naughty ass.
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Assume the Position Studios – Sobbing under the Strap

Topless Strapping to Tears- Chrissy Marie very Personal Training – 3

Her bottom is presented perfectly over the balance ball for discipline. Pulling down the shiny spandex to reveal her red swollen bottom. A skimpy white thong is all that is left for protection. Her breasts are pulled out of her top for added humiliation. Pulling her thong up in a humiliating wedgy, she is strapped until sobbing and sorry. Tears roll down her pretty face as her exposed bottom is beaten harshly.
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Personal Training Slut gets her ASS SPANKED! Casey Calvert

This little slut has missed one too many appointments with her personal trainer. Invited to his house for some personal attention, the day starts out with no cause for alarm. Happily she settles in for a rubdown, only to have her bare ass smacked hard as he begins to lecture her. What kind of slut wears those clothes to the gym with all that make up? Heavy swats of his hand reign down, pinned and spread over his knee. Moaning as she is spanked on tiny spandex shorts, then peeled down to tiny thong.
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Maddy Marks – Panties down for the School Strap – School Shenanigans 2

Each day Maddy returns to the principals office knowing who’s Discipline will be longer and harsher. Day two she professes her innocence before pulling her screwed up, hands on the wall, wide stance pushing her bottom out for Discipline. The heavy school strap collides with her pretty cheeks as she whimpers in pain. Removing her panties adds to the humiliation of her punishment in the strokes seem to fall harder on her bare bottom. She begins to cry with each swat. Her swats have been doubled for rebellious attitude. Finally allowed to pull her panties up to cover her throbbing bottom before she sent back to class. She doesn’t know how many more days of his harsh Discipline she can take before she cracks and tells him what he wants to know.
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Sunday Bare Bun Day 3 – Bared and Oiled

Ordered over the edge of the bed with a pillow under her tummy, her soaked panties are pulled around her thighs. The familiar sound of his belt pulling through the loops, doubled over before it crashes down on her hot little bottom. Pausing to slather her warm flesh with oil, she returns over his knee for a very intimate spanking. Stepping out of her panties, her bare bottom is spread, kneaded an exposed. She luxuriates under his touch, hoping her belt whipping is over.
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A Thermometer and Paddle Teach Her Never to Play Sick

Getting to the Bottom of Christy’s Naughtiness

Christy has a whole list of new years resolutions, and number one is getting lots of spankings to keep her behavior on track! Sleeping in and lying to skip school results in a very embarrassing temperature check and a hard paddling until her juicy bottom is bruised and blistered. Master’s big hands, and two brutal paddles scorch her poor bottom as she cries and promises to be a good girl. Humiliated and ashamed of her wetness as she is punished hard.
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Maddy Marks Wheelbarrow Spank and Paddle – SpankFlix and Chill – 4

With her yoga pants stripped off, a thin wisp of lace thong is all the protects her red bottom. Her cheeks are spread over his lap with her hands on ground. The wheelbarrow position is exposed ,painful and embarrassing. His hands alternate on her throbbing cheeks as she whimpers. Luxuriating in the heat and her exposed position as he begins to paddle her. Reminding her that the girls and her videos get spanked on the bare bottom for maximum embarrassment, she has ordered to remove her panties.
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Ashley Lane Spandex Discipline – Strapped and Paddled

Ashley Lane’s amazing body is showcased in very skimpy spandex shorts and sports bra. Ordered to assume the position, she bends over with her hands on the bench, bottom thrust out for selection of straps and a large paddle to come. The big strap collides with her juicy bottom, no protection from the skin tight spandex. She lurches forward and moans in pain with each lick of the big strap. Obediently she holds position, taking to brutal straps and a big frat paddle across the seat of her tiny shorts.
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Buyers Agent Belt Whipping – Angry Client takes it out on Her Bare Ass

Sexy Real Estate agent Christy is used to getting by on her looks, wasting her clients time on yet another property that doesn’t meet his criteria. Exasperated with another wasted day and no progress, the client decides to take it out on her poor little bottom. Demanding that she take an ass whipping or be fired and lose all that commission, she is left with little choice but to bend over and take it. Spanked over her skin tight skirt, soon he pulls her skirt and panties off and spanks her bare bottom hard over his lap. Pulling his thick leather belt through the loops, he is determined to teach her a lesson. bending her over the table for a severe dose of the belt, fast and full force strokes of the as she is scolded to keep her ass high in the air. To add to her humiliating punishment, he orders her to spread her legs wide, exposing her arousal as she is beaten. Determined to keep her job and satisfy her client, she cries hysterically, her bare bottom is thrashed furiously till its a swollen mess of angry spanks and bruising.
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Bare Bottom Blistering for Christy – with the Lexan Spencer Paddle

For cases of repeated or willful disobedience, Christy is often asked which paddle will do the best job of teaching her a lesson. Almost always, she picks the most painful paddle, in this case a LEXAN Spencer Paddle drilled full of blistering holes. Bare and exposed as she straddles Master’s knee, she knows she will need to held tightly in place to receive the brutal paddling she knows she deserves. Snuggly held in place on his knee, her arm is pinned behind her back, yet he holds her hand tenderly as though to let her know that he is in control and she is safe. The crack of the paddle on her upturned bottom takes her breath away. Ragged moans and cries are ripped from her frantic body as her bare bottom is paddled severely. She is in tears as the painful paddling continues. Her bottom is swollen, covered in blisters and bruises as her skin begins to break. After a few final swats, she has learned her lesson and is sent to bed with a scorched well punished bottom as a reminder to obey.
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Nude Kitchen Discipline- Belt and Spoon for Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane is completely nude in the kitchen bent over the stool. Crying out as her bottom is beaten with the heavy kitchen spoon. Her Spanking goes on for what seems an eternity. Finally she has given a choice of 20 final strokes of the belt or swats with the spoon. In an act of deliberate cruelty he gives her 20 hard with each forcing her to count. Crying out in pain, she jumps and clenches , her gorgeous breasts swaying with each stroke. She has an allowed to put on her skimpy dress and prepare for dinner.
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Exposed for the hairbrush – severe school girl Discipline

Christy’s soaked panties are removed for a painful punishment on her bare bottom. Pull down to her thighs she is again spread across his knee, bare and exposed. The shame of her behavior is soon dealt with with a thick wooden hairbrush. Pulling her cheeks apart she is beaten until she is sobbing. Learning her lesson the hard way, he continues through her frantic cries until she is thoroughly blistered and punished.
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Men Are Slaves – Jennifer And Friends, Part 4

As expected, any clip series with Princess Jennifer tends to end with severe pain. Hence out come various whips for the girls to enjoy at his expense, ending with Goddess Ela giggling while Princess Jennifer makes her male suffer at the hands of her favorite pink whip.
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Clubstiletto – Russian Queen M – Roses Are Red Your Butt Is Too

Sexy and cruel Russian Queen M has her chastised puppy on a leash and leads him into the room looking amazing in her PVC outfit. She tells him to sit and then tells him he is there only to please her and will do whatever she tells him too. She wraps her legs around his neck and tells him to keep his eyes down as he is not good enough to look at her. Once she has properly addressed him she secures him by his arms to the ceiling. She has an amazing new valentine flogger and starts to flog his ass while sitting on her throne were she looks absolutely divine. Verbally she is very harsh with the slave making sure he fully understands how insignificant he is and how lucky he is to suffer for her. She then stands up and you get some great upward views of her long and lean body. She resumes flogging and tells him to thank her after each stroke. “Your pain is my pleasure”, she says as she continues to flog him adding, “The more I flog you the wetter my pussy gets which means I’ll be having a good time later with my boyfriend or my vibrator.” Mistress then decides to surprize her slave by switching to her long tailed crop. The first stroke across his ass makes the slave leave his feet. He holds his breath and then gasps before again thanking her. The slave is starting to show some decent marks across his ass and lower back. She tells him if he please her she might let him cum them turns to you and says she believes no slave should ever cum more than once a month or ever. She mocks him further that he wears panties like a school girl, that she wears the pants in the family. She then switches to the heart shaped flogger and gives him 15 more strokes, the intensity building as she goes. “I like good boys that do as they are told”, she says looking directly at you, “Are you a good boy?”

Mistress: Russian Queen M
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Kinky Mistresses – Mistress Courtney´s Berlin Slave

Mistress Courtney in Berlin: In the world famous dungeon “AVALON” she was filmed while she had a session with her CP slave. And he did take a lot of torture!
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Clubstiletto – Princess Skylar – Punished Ass Licker

Sexy Princess Skylar has her chastised slave bound to the strapping bench and is cropping his ass, legs, feet, and so on. The poor bitch is crying out in pain and she reminds him that the chastity belt is to remain on for at least another month. She is totally enjoying the marks she is leaving and tries to create a pattern across his legs and ass. Eventually she decides she has had enough of this and needs to lay down. She tells the slave she wants him to lick her ass while she naps. “I don’t know why, I just sleep better when my ass is being licked.” She lays on her side and yawns and tells him, “When I wake up you’d better still be licking my ass”. The slave pulls her panties to the side exposing her tight little butt hole and sticks his tongue out all the way before pressing his tongue in deep to get a good taste. “You want your Goddess to have a good sleep, right?”, she asks the slave. He tells her yes so she reminds him that means constant licking even if she sleeps for three hours. “Let me know after if I fart in my sleep”, she giggles. She tells him he is a dirty slave as she knows he adores her farts, body fluids, and so on. She then tells him she wants him to count her farts and give her a number after, hopeful he can count over 10. As she drifts off the slave, on his knees, just keeps licking and licking as you get some great close ups of his tongue really going in deep.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – That’s So Relaxing – Ouch!

An unsuspecting dude has decided to go for a massage and lies face down awaiting his treatment. Jasmine, however, is no ordinary massage therapist! When she’s finished with her clients, they leave with more than just sore muscles. She slips out of her robe to reveal a pair of panties and bra; she doesn’t want anything restricting her movement. She sits on top of him and begins with some deep muscle stimulation. She tells him to put his arms back, and as he does, she gives them a nice stretch. She tells him she has an implement to help him with his arms and deftly slips on a restraint that instantly binds his hands behind his back. She rubs his ass and tells him there’s some scar tissue there that needs to be broken down. Fortunately, she has just the thing and spanks his ass with an old school brush. The poor guy still hasn’t figured out what’s going on although by this time he is getting a bit nervous. Jasmine decides it’s a good time to inform him that she knows he was disrespectful to the receptionist when he arrived, and as she tells him, she reveals a long-handled brush and beats his ass with it.

This treatment just took a turn he never expected in his wildest dreams. He’s a stressed out businessman who just wants a nice massage, and now he’s bound and literally being beaten. “We’re here to make you better; to cure you” she soothingly tells him. He pleads to be released and promises he’ll be good but she remains firm. “Not yet. We have another 45 minutes to go.” He cries out in agony as she continues to flog his butt. The marks are becoming quite visible but Jasmine isn’t even getting warmed up yet. She pulls out a wooden paddle and beats his feet with it, before moving up to his ass to deliver a steady stream of strokes across both cheeks. “I could tell from your intake form that you were a complete pervert” she says. The ‘client’ is now blubbering and begging to be released, which just makes her want to hurt him all the more, and she lets loose with a volley of full force blows. “Did I tell you my specialty in massage therapy is bl00dletting?” she says, as she chuckles at his plight. He’s now positively frantic and each blow and word scares him more than the last one. She continues to beat him and laughs with delight as he squirms and screams in pain. “There, I think we’re starting to break down some of the scar tissue” she says, as she pokes her finger into each ass cheek. Grabbing his hips, she tells him he isn’t quite symmetrical and needs a further adjustment. He frantically insists he’s okay but she just slaps his ass and says “I’ll tell you when you’re adjusted.”
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