Brat Princess 2: Mariah – Danni has to Wear a Chastity (1080 HD)

1080 HD Mariah has agreed to be in a relationship with danni. But she is tired of him getting erections around her and jerking off. He can’t be trusted. Mariah knows that putting danni in a chastity device will solve the problem, but danni does not want to wear one. Mariah gets very mad. She yells at danni. Danni is scared to go into chastity because he doesn’t know when Mariah will let him out. Mariah threatens to walk out on danni. Danni begs Mariah not to leave him. A girl like her is totally out of his league and he knows he’ll never find another. Danni finally agrees to wear the chastity device. He puts it on, but this isn’t enough to make Mariah happy. She needs for danni to be naked now, too, so that she can see that he is harmless. Danni hands Mariah the key and takes off all his clothes. Now that danni’s in chastity, Mariah makes him kiss her butt while she goes over the rules. Mariah tells him the number of days he will be in chastity and the number of minutes he will be out. Mariah will not hesitate to add more days onto his time in chastity every time he makes her upset. And she wants a present. Danni agrees to buy Mariah a present because he doesn’t want to make her mad. Then, Mariah sends danni into her bedroom to pick up all her dirty panties from the floor. She’s going to need for him to wash them all by hand. Danni hurries off to do whatever Mariah asks of him. He’s really afraid of what she might do to him, now that she has the key to his chastity device.
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Brat Princess 2: Noe – October 16th Could be the Day you Get Out of Chastity (1080 HD)

Noe has circled a date on the calendar. October sixteenth. It could be the day she lets her slave out of chastity. But she has some requirements. His release is, of course, conditional. Noe’s slave worships her feet while she thinks about the conditions for his release. She’s been eyeing some designer purses. The purses are very expensive, but Noe is a Goddess and feels that she really deserves one. She knows that the slave cannot afford it, but she also knows that he wants to get out of chastity very badly. Noe puts things into perspective by reminding her slave that there are items on her wish list that are even more expensive than the purse. Her expectations are demanding, but not unreasonable. The slave dislikes having control of his small penis held hostage. Noe reminds the slave that he should be nothing but grateful to be around her. She’s way out of his league. Noe starts to tease the slave’s chastity. She reminds him how good it would feel for him to be released. The chastity slave doesn’t see how he can come up with so much money in so few days. Noe doesn’t care about that part, because it isn’t her problem. She teases the slave with her ass. The slave gets more and more worked up. He realizes he has no choice. He’s got to find a way to get the money.
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Brat Princess 2: Athena and Chloe – Take us Shopping and we Promise to Let you Out of Chastity (1080 HD)

The girls promise to let danni out of chastity, if he takes them to the mall. Danni cannot afford another shopping trip with the girls, but the promise of getting out of chastity is appealing. Chloe teases danni’s chastity device with her ass. Danni would love to get out of the device, even for just a few minutes. He won’t be allowed to, though, until after he takes the girls to the mall. Athena makes danni get on his knees and kiss her ass. Then, Chloe makes danni kiss hers. They ask danni again if he will take them to the mall. Danni thinks that maybe he could afford a little bit. One thing for each of the girls. The girls laugh at danni. Of course they want more than just one thing! They are going to need three outfits, each. Danni keeps trying to bargain with the girls, but they will not tolerate his disagreeableness. Three outfits each, or they will add on even more time for him in chastity. Eventually, danni agrees to go to the mall and purchase three new outfits for each of the girls. He leaves to go get dressed, so that he can take the girls shopping. When danni is out of the room, the girls laugh at him behind his back. What an idiot! Of course he’s not getting out of chastity!
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Humiliatrix – Goddess Selena Lets You Choose the Outfit She’ll Wear to Peg You


“I’m taking you into the bedroom tonite. You’re going to kiss my ass and worship my stilettos. And then? I’m throwing you down on the bed to give you the good hard ass fucking you’ve been begging for with your prissy attitude. The only choice you have is what S/M outfit I’m going to wear to dominate you…”
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Humiliatrix – Princess Remi Breaks You Down Til You’re Begging to Kiss Her Ass

“You need to be put in your place — and that is exactly what I am going to do to you. I’m going to stare you in the eye and tell you exactly how pathetic you are until I’ve got you so broken down and destroyed that you are on your knees, begging to plaster my ass with kisses, you worthless pile of pig snot…”
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Brat Princess 2: Charlotte – Today is Just an Edging Session (1080 HD)

1080 HD Charlotte lets her dummy out of chastity every so often. She wants her dummy to hurry up and jerk it fast, so she can get on with her day. Charlotte’s dummy wants to cum, but he isn’t allowed to. Today is just a quick edging. She tells the dummy to kiss her ass and shoes. Charlotte’s dummy is very pathetic. He jerks it only when and how Charlotte tells him to. She wants him to jerk fast, so that he can get to the edge quick. She doesn’t want to spend her whole day with a loser. Charlotte needs to supervise it while it’s out of chastity to make sure that it doesn’t cum. Every time it gets too close to going over the edge, Charlotte yells at it to stop jerking. The dummy begs its Princess to be allowed to cum. Charlotte loves to hear the groveling, but would never give a loser something just because it begged. Once the dummy gets to the edge, Charlotte makes it maintain the edge while kissing her perfect ass. If the loser cums, it will be punished. It struggles to maintain its edge without going over. It gets increasingly pathetic, desperate for an orgasm. Charlotte gets tired of hearing the whining. She puts him right back in chastity and goes on with her day.
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Brat Princess 2: Alexa – Kiss My Ass and Dont you Dare Touch your Dick (1080 HD) (NEW)

1080 HD A visiting slave has been kept in chastity for two weeks. That’s not long enough to suit Princess Alexa. While visiting, he’s going to stay in chastity for her an additional month. The slave makes a bit of a fuss because he’s used to a Mistress who is a little more lax in enforcing chastity. Alexa does not care. Slaves visiting her house need to follow her rules. She tells the slave that he can kiss her ass. Kissing Alexa’s ass of course makes things worse for the undisciplined chastity slave. She who holds the key makes the rules. And Alexa holds the key, therefore it is she who makes the rules. Alexa puts the key in plain sight, so that the slave has to look at the key that controls his cock while he continues to kiss her perfect ass. Alexa taunts the slave that she now holds his key. The slave did not give her permission to hold his key. He is property of an out of town Mistress and his key was given to Alexa without his prior knowledge or consent. Alexa decides to let the slave out of chastity for a tiny little bit, but under one condition. He is not allowed to touch himself. He will have to look at his erection and know that there is nothing he can do about it, because with or without chastity, he is not in control of his cock. He is not allowed to touch his cock without a woman’s permission. Alexa gives him permission to touch his cock, but not stroke. Alexa lets the slave edge itself, but only with her specific directions. This is not about him enjoying himself. This is about him understanding that Princess Alexa now controls his cock!
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Brat Princess 2: Sasha Foxx – Sasha uses her Favorite Cow to Fund a Trip with her Boyfriend (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Andy has worked his full five-hour shift on the bench. He’s so ready to go relax in his chastity device and cell in the basement. Too bad teaser, Sasha, wants more money. Andy’s just going to have to work a little harder and put in a little overtime for her. You see, Sasha really wants to go on a vacation with her boyfriend this month. She’s going to need for Andy to be a trooper and put in extra hours on the bench. Andy is everybody’s favorite cow because it’s such a good worker and so eager to please. But poor Andy has been pushed too far. Andy cries out for mercy from Sasha, he just can’t do anymore. Sasha gives Andy a punishment shock for speaking. She loves watching Andy suffer. He’s suffers so well; it’s really the one thing Andy does best. But as entertaining as it is for Sasha to watch Andy’s agony, it’s really his valuable pre-cum she’s after. Vacations cost a lot, and its cow Andy’s “milk” that will cover all the expenses for Sasha and her boyfriend. Sasha has Andy kiss her ass, both to humble him and keep him motivated. Andy can’t help but get turned on by Superior Sasha. She’s just so pretty. His little beta male instincts kick in and even through all his suffering, he still wants to please her. Andy lives to hear that he is Sasha’s favorite. She grants him that, but then immediately after she yells at him for not doing enough for her. His levels aren’t up to par. If he doesn’t hurry up and produce, he’s going to have to stay on the bench the whole night. Sasha rocks her hips back and forth on Andy’s face to give it a little more motivation. Sasha is very turned on by the paradox that she can cum, but Andy can’t. She thinks about her boyfriend fucking her and climaxes while riding Andy’s face. When’s Sasha is finished, she decides to leave Andy alone on the bench with the equipment running. Just because Andy has to stay strapped to the milking bench all night doesn’t mean that Sasha has to stay with him. She leaves the warehouse with indifference as Andy screams and cries out in pain.
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Brat Princess 2: Alexa and Amadahy – Slave Edged Daily in Preparation for a Ruined Orgasm (1080 HD)

1080 HD: This slave is scheduled for a ruined orgasm at the end of the month. In preparation, the slave is edged daily for 30 days. This makes the monthly ruined orgasm, much, much more unbearable. A cycle of edging and ruined orgasms is very frustrating because the slave is allowed just enough pleasure to remind it that it will never have a full release. The more frustrated a slave is, the more pathetic it becomes. This slave is very pathetic, as it is now entering the third month of this cycle. It begs for a full orgasm. It begs to be allowed to edge longer. It begs to not be put back in chastity. Alexa and Amadahy do not care. They lock it back in chastity and remind it that it needs to be edged all over again tomorrow night. The slave is so miserable now, it’s almost hard to imagine how desperate he will be in another 30 days.
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Humiliatrix – Beg to Worship Goddess Selena in her Sexy Lingerie

“Get down on your hands and knees, with your drool face and your dribbling cock and you demonstrate to me who owns you. Put your lips around my spike heel and show me how bad you want to be my little bitch. Kiss my ass like the unworthy slave you are. Beg to pump your worthless little pecker for me…”

Goddess Selena, dominant mistress, tease and denial, ass kissing, humbled slave…
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Humiliatrix – Princess Missy Sneers as Your Knees Buckle at Her Butt & Boots

“Which makes you weakest for me, droolbucket? My perfect jiggle butt in a tight pair of cutoff jeans, or my killer legs in a sleek pair of steel-tipped stiletto boots? How about you crawl into my bedroom on your hands and knees and we watch what happens to your pathetic little cock while you worship me…”

Princess Missy, weakling, ass kissing, boot worship, laughing at your fetishes…
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Brat Princess 2: BP – Amadahy Does Terrible things to an Old Man while Girlfriends Watch and Comment (1080 HD)

HD: Amadahy has invited her old, fat and deformed slave over to show her girlfriends. Amadahy has made this slave into a gelding and she cant wait to show her friends the extremely small skin tag of a penis its been left with. The girls are discussing the slaves tardiness when it walks into the room, literally like the elephant. Amadahy demands her tribute, but the slave has only brought $100. This is egregious. Not only is $100 an ungenerous tribute, but there are three Princesses present. $100 doesnt divide by three evenly. The slave makes up excuses for itself and says that it wasnt aware Amadahy was having guests over. Amadahy is appalled her slave would imply that she doesnt have friends! She publicly strips the slave in front of her two guests. Amadahy pulls the flogger from its convenient hook on the wall and begins to beat the old man. Once the slave is naked and humbled, the Princesses can clearly see the tiny skin tag it has in place of a real manhood. Jennifer and Jenna comment on the slaves deformity a lot. Its both fascinating and hilarious to them. Amadahy runs her slave through the full course of its training so that Jenna and Jennifer can see how well she has trained it. She makes it kiss her shoes and ass and even goes so far as to water board it for her guests amusement. Amadahy displays how she uses the tiny deformed remainder of a penis as an ashtray by spitting into it. She invites her guests to use the spittoon as well. The skin vessel works very well, but only for extremely small things. The slave is extremely fat, but Amadahy remarks that his wallet is as fat as he is. Jenna comments, Oh, does he pay by the pound?! Which sends all the women into a riot of laughter. Amadahy makes the fat slave do its workout routine. She tells it to do one sit up. The slave struggles and cannot do one sit up. All three Princesses stand and gather around the weak, pathetic old fatty. They all spit on his face as much as they can. They cover his face in spit. While the slave is on the floor, the Princesses use it like a doormat and make it clean all of their black boots. Its face is covered in dirt and spit. Amadahy takes the slaves wallet from the pocket of his discarded pants. She opens it and realizes that the slave actually did have more money. He was withholding! Amadahy takes all of the money, which is rightfully hers, and divvies it up between herself and her girlfriends. They take the slaves bank and atm cards and leave to withdraw the maximum amount, he has already provided Amadahy with all of his pin numbers in the past. Amadahy returns later to find the slave still in the same spot on the floor. Amadahy sits above the prone body and counts her money. It is such a turn on for her. She counts it again. Amadahy leaves with her sizable tribute and tells the slave she expects it to clean up all the mess from entertaining.
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Brat Princess 2: Hope Harper – Babysitter Bullies Danni with Chastity and Feet (720 HD)

Danni is being babysat by his younger classmate, Hope. Hope bullies danni into taking off all of his clothes. Danni does not like being babysat or bossed around by someone younger than him. He tells his babysitter that he does not want to take his clothes off. Hope tells danni that his clothes are really stupid looking and that shes the boss. Danni eventually does as hes told and takes off his clothes for the babysitter. Dannis mother has left him locked in a chastity device. Danni is really ashamed of it. He tries to cover the device with his hands. Hope examines dannis chastity. She giggles. Hope thinks dannis chastity is much too big. His penis is so small. Hope thinks he could fit in an even smaller size. Danni is just so pathetic. Hope now understands why danni still needs a babysitter. She asks danni is hes done all of his chores. Danni has not. Hope tells danni that he has to kiss her tennis shoes. Danni rather finish his chores before his mother gets home. Hope gets upset. Danni gives in and kisses Hopes sneakers. Hope tells danni to take her shoes off and kiss her toes. Danni kisses all of his babysitters toes. Hope still isnt pleased. She tells danni to suck on her toes. Danni does as hes told. He sucks on his babysitters toes. He fits all of them into his mouth. Hope tells danni that she wants him to paint her toes. Danni says that he really should get back to his chores. Hope gets very upset. She is the babysitter and danni has to do whatever she says. Danni gets quiet. Hope gets her toes deep in his mouth. She tells danni that her friends are coming over to watch a movie. Hope wants danni in a tighter chastity before her friends get there. She makes danni put the tighter chastity on in front of her. Hope makes danni kiss her ass. Danni is going to have to serve Hopes friends all night, naked, and in a very tight chastity.
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Humiliatrix – Princess Amy – Prove That You’re an Ass-Kissing Jerk Pig for Amy and Amber

Humiliatrix - Princess Amy - Prove That You're an Ass-Kissing Jerk Pig for Amy and Amber

“When most normal guys see a hottie in a sexy bikini they think about getting into our bikini bottoms and fucking us. But when a pathetic, hopeless jerk-pig like you sees us in our bikinis, you think about getting on all fours, oinking, kissing our asses and jerking your pigtail. And now you’re gonna prove it to us, oinky-bitch…”

Princess Amy, Princess Amber, bikini bitches, jerk taunting, ass kissing…
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Brat Princess 2: Gia Steel Cuck Worships Pregnant Princess Feet (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Gia Steel Cuck Worships Pregnant Princess Feet (720 HD)

Gias boyfriend knocked her up. She loves being pregnant with his baby. Now, he can fill her up with his cum and she doesnt have to worry about birth control. Gia is really excited to have her boyfriend come over and fuck her. She primps in her mirror, preparing herself for him. Gias cuck kisses her ass while she admires herself. The cuck is very useful to keep around. He massages her feet and pampers her. Now that shes pregnant with her mans baby her feet are always sore and in need of attention. Gia loves having her tired arches rubbed and kissed by her cuck. Later, shes going to make the cuck eat her boyfriends cum out of her pussy. Gia cracks her long toes as she tells the cuck of her plan for him. Shes going to drill a peephole into the closet the cuck is kept in. Hes going to be forced to watch from inside the bedroom closet when Gias man comes over to fuck her.
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Princess Tessa Proves You’re Hopelessly Addicted to Her Perfect Ass

Humiliatrix - Princess Tessa Proves You're Hopelessly Addicted to Her Perfect Ass

“The more I degrade you, the more you keep coming back for more. What if I told you to kiss my ass? You’d do it, of course. You’d french kiss my perfect ass if I let you. But what if I told you that kissing it would disqualify you forever from me taking you seriously as a man? Would you still try to kiss it, hmm, piggy?…”

Princess Tessa, ass worship, ass kissing, verbal degradation, tease test…
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Brat Princess 2: Christina – Uses Danni for Toilet Paper (720 HD)

Danni is in trouble. Christina has determined that slave Danni is so useless at life he has to be used as toilet paper. Christina is going to humiliate Danni and remove his self-esteem. Danni is desperate be useful. He never wanted to end up toilet paper but this is what has happened. Christina uses his leash to pull his face into her ass. Danni came in fourth place in the recent sorority slave contest. This is why he is going to be toilet paper.
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Brat Princess 2: Evaluates Danni For More Shrinking Treatments

Oh my god. Christina looks absolutely amazing in this video. You just buy this clip to see her in this bikini. Poor Danni is no match for Christina. He is puny next to her. Christina is evaluating Danni’s size to see if more treatments are needed. She walks around him and gets in his face and pushes him around. Danni does not dare fight back. She could shrink him down until he fit inside her bikini! After roughing him up and making Danni kiss and worship her ass, Danni is placed onto the smother bench. It seems as if Danni’s head will cave in when she sits full weight. Danni tries to fight back but his little arms are nothing compared to her legs and ass. She sits full weight and Danni can only hope she gets off of his face. This is an amazing face sitting video. Danni looks so small compared to Christina.

Format: WMV
Duration: 00:08:42
Size: 398 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720
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Christina and Noe – You will get use to the chastity tube eventually

Format: MP4
Duration: 00:10:36
Size: 85.63 MB
Resolution: 1280×720

Goddess Noe loves the idea Christina gave her about putting her slave in chastity. She knows she will get a lot more money out of her slave with it on. Goddess Noe is cruel to put him in a chastity tube while both girls are wearing Bikini’s. The ball tickling his torture for the slave. Noe takes her perfectly manicured fingernails and tickles his balls. The girls tap on the tube and just have a great time torturing the slave. Then the girls take turns rubbing their bikini bottoms on the slave’s tubed penis. Goddess Noe just keeps telling him he will get use to it. Goddess Noe decides the slave will buy her an anklet for her to wear the key on. Goddess Noe absolutely loves the chastity tube. Little Goddess Noe places the slave on his knees and makes him kiss her beautiful ass. Christina tells Noel about the Red Light Green Light Jerk off game for chastity slaves. Goddess Noe thinks it is going to be so much funny. He better stop when she says red light or he will get more time in the tube.
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