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Clubstiletto – On Our Feet, Not In Our Pussies

Kandy’s hubby has spent all afternoon serving SSBBW Apple Bomb. Kandy returns and checks in with her girlfriend that she is indeed satisfied with his performance, and given that he made her cum, that’s a resounding “yes!” Hubby gets a reward; namely, to jerk off in front of the ladies and unleash on their feet. Sadly, hubby doesn’t get to cum inside their pussies, being the submissive bitch that he is, but he gets to look forward to ejaculating on the Mistress’s feet. He does, in spectacular fashion, and he is made to lick his load off the ladies’s feet.
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Clubstiletto – AppleBomb, Mistress Kandy – More Deep Ass Worship

Clubstiletto - AppleBomb, Mistress Kandy -  More Deep Ass Worship

Mistress Kandy’s hubby has been in the capable hands of SSBBW Mistress Apple Bomb, servicing both her feet and her ass while the wife was out with the boyfriend. Kandy returns to check up on her husband, and the ladies decide he needs one more stage of deep ass worship. They soften him up with some smart cropping and strapping, tenderizing his ass to emphasize his servitude. Kandy pops back out to get fucked by her BF while Apple Bomb takes control of hubby. He is forced to sniff her enormous ass and drill his tongue deep into her asshole. And it’s not over yet! How about some armpit worship? Clearly hubby is assigned the most degrading tasks.

Mistress: AppleBomb, Mistress Kandy
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Clubstiletto – AppleBomb – She’s Hungry

Clubstiletto - AppleBomb - She's Hungry

Mistress Apple Bomb craves to be worshiped – every inch of her massive curves – just as much as she craves a 6 inch sub. We’re talking about a sandwich here, not the bitch who is kissing her voluptuous body! As Apple Bomb chews on her delicious snack, she invites the slave to indulge in a treat as well – her large, soft nipple. What’s next for her devoted sub? A sweaty armpit! Mistress Apple Bomb has her slave at her beck and call, and is free to indulge in her 2 favorite pleasures, Food and body worship! She keeps him licking until the sandwich is all gone!

Mistress: AppleBomb
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Clubstiletto – AppleBomb – Super-Size Crush

Clubstiletto - AppleBomb - Super-Size Crush

SSBBW AppleBomb challenges her slave to take ALL of his Mistress and promptly plants herself on his chest. His breathing quickly becomes more labored as he is helplessly pinned beneath her incredible 535 pounds. She gradually moves to a face sitting position, completely disregarding her little slave’s suffering, and suffocates him with her gargantuan ass. AppleBomb enjoys her power and even amuses herself bouncing on his small head! She does let him catch a quick breath, but only to deliver a mammoth fart straight up his nose which she tells him to sniff… and he does!

Mistress: AppleBomb
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Clubstiletto – I’m In Charge Part Two AppleBomb

Clubstiletto - I'm In Charge Part Two AppleBomb

SSBBW Mistress AppleBomb is finally alone with her slave and she puts him to task. He is very eager to please, as he is all about pleasing women and there is so much woman here! He worships her feet, and when Apple grants him permission, he works his way up her massive legs to her even more superlative ass. What’s next? Ah, a quick, irreverent cross of the meaty legs and our eager slave is trapped between her ponderous calves! He gasps, he splutters, he is only a marionette, pulled by strings he cannot play himself. As Apple so succinctly put it, she’s in charge now. Will Mistress Kandy return to rescue her hubby? One doubts.

Mistress: AppleBomb
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