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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: AJ Applegate 4

Jason is applying for a loan at Miss Applegate’s Bank. Unfortunately, she doesnt give loans to ugly people. Sad! She decides to let him earn the loan..as her slave! FACESITTING, ASSWORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!
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MeanWorld / SlaveOrders: AJ Applegate POV Slave Orders 4

You applied for a Bank Loan but Miss Applegate only gives loans to pretty people. She makes you get on your knees like a bitch a beg for it! HOT FEMDOM POV , ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN , and more!
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Femdom Empire – AJ Applegate – Ass Addiction Experience

Goddess AJ and her huge, gigantic booty is now in complete control of your life. You will become weak in the knees everytime you are in the presence of her divine ass. She will make your mind, body and soul absolutely addicted to her voluptuous behind as you are mesmerized into total submission. You now live for nothing but worshipping her big, juicy ass and licking every inch like the good boy you are.

Featuring: AJ Applegate
Categories: Ass Worship, Big Butts, Blonde, Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction
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Femdom Empire – AJ Applegate – Milked Slow and Cruel

Goddess AJ is in a rare giving mood today and wants to milk her slave, but with her no reward goes unpunished. This time she decides it will be amusing to have him helplessly trussed up to the milking board. He is blindfolded and gagged with his cock isolated and vulnerable on the other side, just perfect to have her cruel fun with! The slave will not be allowed to cum easily, but instead be subjected to a maddeningly long teasing session. Brought to the edge over and over again with every feminine trick in the book, she takes him painfully ever closer to the edge. She even relents and gives him his sight back, just to drive him to that much more crazy with the beautiful vision of her teasing his slave meat. When he can take it no longer and inevitably cums he earns his punishment, her favorite part! Of course this devious game is for Goddess AJ’s amusement only, with her slave being no more than a prop for her wicked fun.

Featuring: AJ Applegate
Categories: Big Butts, Blonde, Bondage, Handjobs, Humiliation, Milking
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Femdom Empire – AJ Applegate – Ass Addiction

Goddess AJ’s slave is completely addicted to her big, perfect bubble butt in every way possible. She taunts him by rubbing her latex covered ass all over his face while denying his locked up cock all forms of pleasure. She commands her bitch to continue worshiping her ass properly by licking in-between her sweaty cheeks then tongue fucking her sweet holes. When she is done abusing his tongue for her pleasure she leaves him blue-balled and sexually frustrated just how she likes her men.

Featuring: AJ Applegate
Categories: Ass Worship, Blonde
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Femdom Empire – AJ Applegate – Suffer For Her Feet

Goddess AJ is in the mood to amuse herself with her little slave and calls him in. She wants to have fun having her feet worshiped and he better do it right or get punished. Her slave is humble, meek and does his best to please his owner but she is in a mood to make him suffer for the very slightest of mistakes. No matter how hard he tries or how well he complies with her foot worship demands she is quick to correct every perceived mistake with painful flicks of her whip. It is just too bad for the slave that his Goddess enjoys this sadistic game as she laughs at him and his little dick, punishing her slave for her amusement. He licks her shoes clean, sucks her toes, gags on her feet and tries his best to obey but this is not really about him getting it perfectly right. It is about Goddess AJ’s sadistic enjoyment of making her slave suffer at her perfect sexy feet.

Featuring: AJ Applegate
Categories: Blonde, Foot Worship
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DEVICE BONDAGE: December 29, 2016 – AJ Applegate and The Pope/Of the Body and Mind

AJ is a stunning, all natural slut with ass for days. She isn’t much of a pain slut, but this bitch can handle the bondage, and is horny as hell. The Pope strikes a deal with AJ that will allow her all of the orgasms she can take, on the condition that she has to be tormented. She endures his sadistic brutality to the point of tears, and then he violates her holes and almost gets his entire fist in side of her whore hole.
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Femdom Empire – AJ Applegate – Strap-on Butt Slut

Goddess AJ’s slave is in serious need of anal training to become the ultimate anal whore that she desires. This time he won’t be able to try and run away from her massive strap-on dick with his balls securely tied down and restrained. He will learn to love her dick and submit his asshole anytime and anywhere his Goddess pleases. From here on out the only sex he will be having is with a big, thick cock ramming deep inside his fuck-hole as AJ stretches it to the point of no return.

Featuring: AJ Applegate
Categories: Anal Play, Big Butts, Blonde, CBT, Strap-on
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Femdom Empire – AJ Applegate – Sadistic Chastity Tortures

Mistress AJ Applegate loves to lock men up and laugh as she totally emasculates them. Her slave has been locked away in a steel chastity device, secured by an anal hook tightly chained to the chastity, which makes any movement or arousal painful. AJ gets her slave super excited by letting him worship her beautiful ass, then punishes his excited cock with a spiked vampire glove. AJ then makes her slave beg for a handjob; of course, after being tortured by the vampire glove, every stroke means even more pain for his poor cock. AJ leads her poor slave away on his leash, denied, in pain, and sexually frustrated – just the way she likes her slaves.

Featuring: AJ Applegate
Categories: Anal Play, Ass Worship, Blonde, CBT, Chastity
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Femdom Empire – AJ Applegate – Caged milking

Slaves are only permitted orgasm at the discretion of their Mistress. This slave has been placed in long-term cage confinement. Mistress AJ Applegate decides to give him a pity handjob. She rubs her gorgeous plum ass against his face quickly making him aroused. She tugs at his hard cock while his body presses against the steel bars of the cage. Mistress never wastes a drop of cum… She catches all of creamy cum in the palm of her hand, only to feed it back to him. He has no choice but to submit to her will.

Featuring: AJ Applegate
Categories: Ass Worship, Handjobs
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HOGTIED: May 5, 2016 – The Pope and AJ Applegate

HOGTIED: May 5, 2016 - The Pope  and AJ Applegate

AJ doesn’t do many bondage shoots any more, so when we found out that she wanted to come back to Hogtied, we jumped at the chance to shoot her. She is quickly tied up in a standing/squatting stress position. Her clothes are ripped away and the torment begins.

Next she is face down with her legs spread wide on our Y table. After the magnificent ass is spanked it is filled with a massive dildo. Her pussy is next so that we can double penetrate her. We finish her off with an pussy hook tied to her hair.

She is suspended in a side suspension with one leg up to give access to her honey hole.The Pope takes turns fucking her throat and pussy until she is exhausted from orgasms.

The day is finished with a hogtie that slowly becomes more and more grueling as the scene goes on. Once she can’t take any more her pussy is fucked into explosive orgasms.
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MeanWorld / MeanDungeon: AJ Applegate 3

MeanWorld / MeanDungeon: AJ Applegate 3

AJ Applegate is back! She uses slave Jimmy in the dungeon for her sexual pleasure. You will love watching him eat her ass from below using the Ass-Facinator Device , and you will love watching her rub her sweaty feet in his face! FACESITTING, ASS WORSHIP , FOOT WORSHIP!
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Jul 24, 2015 – Aiden Starr , AJ Applegate , Seth Gamble and Cali Carter

THE UPPER FLOOR: Jul 24, 2015 - Aiden Starr , AJ Applegate , Seth Gamble  and Cali Carter

Perfect blond slaves is not all it takes to please The Governess. She is a filthy Mistress and requires those asses to shake. Bubble butt slaves AJ Applegate and Cali Carter desperately bounce their cheeks while sexually servicing female guests, but eventually they both land on blow job duty and deliver a sloppy performance in form of the entire party.

The Governess ties AJ down to the table in a grueling rope bondage position nd sticks her entire fist in AJ’s tight pussy, resulting in a fireworks display of squirting and begging. Cali receive’s a sexual punishment all her own, being slapped around a violently fucked by one of our esteemed guests.

AJ is a squirming slut, so it is decided she will be latched intila doggy position with her big ass cranked wide open with tight rope. Her asshole is ravaged with hard dick, while Cali cleaned up all the juices from a strict squat in there stocks. Her only relief is a refreshing breather in The Governess’ ass and a relentless hitachi on her exposed cunt.

AJ must finally give back to The House, and teaches Cali how properly bounce on cock while licking The Governess’ pink pussy to orgasm. These hot blond slut slaves finally earn a rewarding load of cum and the audience’s applause.
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EVERYTHING BUTT: Jun 16, 2015 – Cheyenne Jewel , Casey Calvert and AJ Applegate

EVERYTHING BUTT: Jun 16, 2015 - Cheyenne Jewel , Casey Calvert and AJ Applegate

Casey Calvert is tying the knot and has a lot of kinks she wants to get out of her system. She makes her friends play a dirty version of truth or dare. She gets the girls to star sniffing each others assholes and then they give each other rim jobs. Casey can be very persuasive and eventually she gets a fist in Cheyenne Jewel’s ass and fucks both girls with a huge Strap on. This is Cheyenne Jewel’s giant Anal Debut
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HOGTIED: Apr 16, 2015 – AJ Applegate

HOGTIED: Apr 16, 2015 -  AJ Applegate

AJ is far from being a pain slut, but she likes to get tied up and used like a slut. Her sexy little body is manipulated into several stress positions that render her completely helpless. Don’t think she got away without getting tormented, just know that she got what she could handle and then made to cum more than she could handle.

Apr 16, 2015: Big Booty Slut in Tight Bondage

Big Booty Slut in Tight Bondage
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EVERYTHING BUTT: Apr 14, 2015 – Sinn Sage , Beretta James and AJ Applegate

EVERYTHING BUTT: Apr 14, 2015 -  Sinn Sage , Beretta James  and AJ Applegate

Welcome of Anal Audition week. We bring you an update for your usual tuesday update with anal newbie AJ Applegate. We will also give you an update on Friday with 2 girls trying their hand at the first hardcore anal. Watch these girls push themselves for the first time, only on EB.

Today we have Sinn Sage running an all anal Bootcamp on AJ Applegate and Beretta James. Sinn Sage is going to try to get AJ to gape and take it good in the ass. She’s recruited Beretta James to show AJ how it’s done. Sinn smothers Aj with her lucious ass. These girls tongue fuck each others sweaty, weight lifting assholes. Then get anal fucked! AJ Applegate does her first Fake cum Enema for us.

Anal Exercise Class, Sinn Sage gets these assholes Stretched.
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WHIPPED ASS: Apr 10, 2015 – Lorelei Lee and AJ Applegate

WHIPPED ASS: Apr 10, 2015 - Lorelei Lee  and AJ Applegate

Hot blonde AJ Applegate finds herself under the control of dominatrix Goddess Lorelei Lee. Trapped in her cage, AJ is caned before she’s released, only to be flogged and spanked. Lorelei subjects AJ to some erotic humiliation by making her piss in her bondage and all over the floor. Lorelei then shoves AJ’s toes and foot up her cunt before fucking her foot to orgasm. Bound and helpless, AJ takes Lorelei’s whole fist and comes all over her hand. Finally a good hard lesbian anal strap-on fucking concludes a smoking hot BDSM scene between two gorgeous women!

AJ Applegate Flogged, Fisted and Anally Strap-on Fucked by Lorelei Lee
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: AJ Applegate 2

MeanWorld / MeanBitches: AJ Applegate 2

AJ is a stripper who meets buttsniffing freak Dominik. She takes all his money while laughing at him and telling what a sick pervert he is. She sits on his face and makes him Worship her INCREDIBLE ASS!
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Mar 13, 2015 – Mr. Pete , AJ Applegate , and Amanda Tate

THE UPPER FLOOR: Mar 13, 2015 - Mr. Pete  , AJ Applegate  , and Amanda Tate

Senior Slave Amanda Tate Teaches Plebe AJ Applegate to service cock the Upper Floor Way. We also learn that the newbie gets off from her nipples played with, and we immediately put Tate on the task. Hard anal really makes her stand out. Tell us what you think in the comments and maybe we’ll get the little tramp in for some proper slave training.

AJ Applegate Learns the Ways of the House
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EVERYTHING BUTT: Dec 16, 2014 – Lea Lexis , Alex Chance and AJ Applegate

Big Ass Anal Sluts: AJ Applegate, Alex Chance, Lea Lexis

Sexy and adventurous big butt girls play with kinky anal toys in this hot update. Includes crowning, speculum, strap-on, depth probing, ass licking and much more!
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Femdom Ass Worship # 24

In ‘FemDom Ass Worship 24,’ domineering broads physically and emotionally abuse cowering male submissive into tasty anal servitude. Each scene starts with a POV segment in which the haughty bitch berates you the viewer while teasing you with her fragrant, almost attainable ass. Tattooed, black-haired Raven Bay takes charge of an employee, shooting embarrassing photos and mashing his face with her sweaty feet. Petite dominatrix Annie Cruz smears dungeon slave Jack Vegas face with her ass crack, ejaculates girl squirt all over him and spits his cum into his mouth! Huge, towering blonde bitch Alura Jenson sits on a meek mook s face, controlling his breath, and reveals that she s been fucking his better-hung brother! Blonde porn star AJ Applegate financially dominates loser Flynt Dominick, she fucks the dildo strapped to his face and squirts him with girl cum.
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AJ Applegate POV

This week’s POV Slave Orders are from AJ Applegate – a newcomer with an ass to die for! You will love being her ass-boy!

Format: MP4
Duration: 00:12:44
Size: 491 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080
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