Firm Hand Spanking – Belinda Lawson – Reform Academy – CC

Belinda’s bouncing buns feel the burn of a leather paddle at Reform Academy.

Spectacular slow-motion replays capture every second of Belinda Lawson’s bare buttocks rippling and bouncing as Earl Grey delivers a blistering dose of the leather paddle in Reform Academy. Held in position by hottie Helen Stephens, Belinda’s teeth-gritting, bottom clenching punishment is long and hard, trying to change her attitude. Will it?
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Perfect Slave – Wide & High – Mikayla Hendrix

Mikayla’s slowly making the rounds on the DungeonCorp sites, but she’s quickly becoming a fan favorite. It’s no wonder really…She’s got a beautiful body and an amazing pussy…She was new to bondage in general when we first met and we’ll turn her out a little better learned…First, we bind her tightly and we get a chance to see her reactions in a predicament. It was obvious that she was nervous, as her eyes darted around the room nervously… Next, we spread her wide and high and Mikayla definitely knew the jig was up as her struggle became quite a bit more frantic. Finally, we got her lubed and ready for the vibe, but I don’t think anything could have prepared her, or us, for what was about to unfold.
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DungeonCorp – Casting Couch – Broken – Holly Roger

Many come to prove their worth and many fall at the hands of our mighty Masters. On the surface, Holly appeared to have what it takes to make her feature model debut on SocietySM. It didn’t take too long for us to get a bit deeper into the situation and find that Holly was to be broken…As Bane began to run her through the rigors, it quickly dawned on poor Holly that she had bitten off a bit more than she could chew. Clamps on the pussy, and TENS pads on the thighs seemed to but her over the edge…A vibe to the pussy seemed to ease the pain momentarily…Then, bent and gagged, Holly found herself at the business end of the whip…An anal hook later and it was evident to us that Holly could take no more.
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Description: There is no point in presenting Goddess Demonia, adored star of the submissives. She lives however a rather quiet life by protecting her privacy. She has a harem of commited slaves at her disposal after a stringent selection. Tonight no night club nor restaurant, Demonia opted for a cocooning saturday. After a last glance at security monitors, the appartment is littered with cameras, the Divine Goddess can quietly fall asleep, but with a 9mm Parabellum under her pillow.

Format: WMV
Duration: 16 Min
Size: 1110 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download or WATCH ONLINE – 1.1 GB

Cum Countdown – Princess Leya – Hi Subbie

Princess Leya loves to involve shots in her orgasm games with slaves. The reason is simple, the more drunk you get, the more intoxicated with her you will become which makes parting you from your money even easier. All that because you are hoping for orgasm permission, how sad.
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Julie Simones – Big Ass in Latex POV

I know you want to worship My ass in these latex pants but first you need to shine them and I don’t mean with your tongue. I pour silicone lube all over My ass and rub it in. Then I tease you by lifting it up and down so you can imagine what it will be like when i’m sitting on your face. Now you know what heaven looks like…
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Cum Countdown – Mistress Kendra – You’ll Cum, I Promise

Does Mistress Kendra looks like the sort of lady that would deny you an orgasm? Well yes, she most certainly would, for weeks on end really. But she knows that the promise of an orgasm along with a view of her hotness is all that’s needed to separate you from your money.
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Jerk To My Feet – Victoria Vargas – Babysitter Stayed Late

The babysitter noticed you staring at her cute feet in sexy, strappy sandals. Would you like to touch her soft, young soles and long, pedicured toes? She would love a sensual foot massage. Don’t stop at just your hands… you can use your mouth on the babysitter’s feet, too. Run your tongue up and down her arches and suck on her pretty toes. You’ll love the way she tastes! Jerk your cock to her delicious soles and spill your thick cum when the babysitter says to.
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cfnmtv: St Dunstans (part 1-10) + Movie WMV/SD

The St Dunstan’s slave auction is getting off to a fantastic start. To the surprise of the mums, the first slave is none other than handsome Mr Martin – who is led around by an excited Miss Warburton. They certainly weren’t expecting the opportunity to bid on such a masculine stud. As they battle to be the highest bidder it starts to look like they might raise enough money for a minibus after all!
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Kates Palace – Shiva’s Lesson – Listen or Learn to Feel 2

Returning to the clinic, DOMINA KATE discovers that neither Shiva nor the slave have obeyed orders. Disobedience tends to provoke HER most brutally unpredictable behaviour. While dressing down the cheeky Shiva, LADY KATE harasses her greedy slut buttons with tight breast bondage. Then, fastening the switch-wielding/loving babe to the cross, THE AESTHETIC DOMINA stripes her ass the same pretty colour as her pervy purple hair. In due time, the Domme/Sub must take her place on the Gyno-chair, where THE GOOD MISTRESS fucks her with a strap-on until the switch-fucking Lass is all but totally overwhelmed with pleasure/pain. After using the anxious slave as HER personal trash can and dumb waiter, THE STERN DOMINA finds a set of needles and gets right to the heart of the matter, piercing Miss Switcheo’s areolas with diabolical glee. Then SHE vibrates the perverse lady who can’t make up her mind to a bloody climax at the moment of her greatest pain. Subjugation may be rewarded in the Palace, but not until everything goes exactly the way THE DOMINA EXTRAORDINAIRE expects. Has SHE made HERSELF perfectly clear!
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Audio – Ally Brinken – Dumb-Fuck + Humiliation POV – McKenzie Alex – My Voice And Paying Me Will Make Your Cock Tingle (Findom ASMR) + Lee Allure – Dark Side Chastity + Mistress Amethyst – Powerless + Isabella Valentine – Jackpot 12 + Amethyst – At My Heels + Madame Y – RE-MAPPING Cum from Nipple Stimulation

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Spanked In Uniform – Montgomery Military Academy Episode 28

The commanding Officer found the paddlings unsatisfactory. He proceeded to give the two bare bottoms before Him a sound Military Tawsing and hard Paddling so the cadets learn their lesson.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Lilian White – Celebrity Brat – CF

Broken vase means a sore bottom as Lilian White is strapped in Celebrity Brat.

Lying flat on a table, her gym-toned bubble cheeks jutting skywards, Lilian White feels the sting of a leather strap for breaking a valuable vase. “It’s not fair!” she wails. But the strap continues to rise and fall, the painful crack on bare skin turning her buttocks into a quivering, jiggling redness. Facing the wall, hands behind her head, she thinks about it.
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Real Spankings Institute – Rae is Caught with No Bra or Panties (Part 1 of 2)

Rae waits for The Dean in the classroom where she was caught without panties or a bra. She is told to straddle the bench to receive a hand spanking for the first part of her punishment for no panties. She is then put into an exposed position while she waits for him to retrieve a strap.
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Sunday Bare Bun Day 4 – Belting Discipline

Turned on by his touch she still craves the warmth of his belt. Overjoyed when he orders her back over the bed for 100 licks of the belt. Her skin is shiny and soaked with oil, amplifying the sting of the leather. She Obediently spreads her legs and pushes her bottom up for each stroke, craving the heat. Counting the final 20 strokes like a good girl, she can’t wait to thank him properly for her discipline.
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