House of Gord: Adrianna Pole Trained

House of Gord: Adrianna Pole Trained

Lydia seems to think Adrianna has had too much fun around the House of Gord and cuffs her into the Pole Trainer. This device is quite simple to look at, but is real torment. Adrianna will have her ankles cuffed and spread apart, a stationary dildo holding her in place, an Eroscillator mercilessly teasing her clit, her arms cuffed behind her back, and a head cage tightly screwed into place and hooked to a pulley in the ceiling and pulled tight. Lydia also adds clothespins to her nipples for good measure. Adrianna will be made to stand at attention, barely able to move, and almost able to get off. Almost…

House of Gord: Adrianna Pole TrainedAdrianna Pole Trained

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