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Spanked Sweeties – Nov 2nd, 2017 Nova Clown Sp

Nova is a professional clown who was honestly raised by a mother who was also a professional clown. And while she didn’t get spanked by her mom, she was punished by mom in clown makeup. For our site, Snow Mercy plays the clown mom and DOES do some spanking. Nova loves to be spanked, so this is a great one!
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After Dinner Discipline – Naughty Christy Breaks a Yardstick on Her Bottom

Master was determined to break the yardstick on my bottom. I could see that sadistic sparkle in his eyes. I love it when Master’s eyes sparkle!! I giggled and playfully protested as Master hoisted my legs up over my head, in Legs Up position, exposing my jean clad bottom to the ouchy yardstick. Master spanked me hard in this position, each stroke of the ruler stung across my taut flesh making me squirm and yelp. Once Master had finished with me in Legs Up position, he instructed me to stand up and bend over the edge of the bed. Further stinging stokes from Master’s unyielding yardstick rained down upon my tender peachy globes. Soon, I became unable to stand still and hold position; Master gave me a few more excruciating WHACKS, before telling me to clamber up on top of the bed, and present my bottom on all fours. I did as I was told, knowing that these final strokes were going to be the hardest yet. I braced myself, my legs spread wide, my hands clenching the comforter…I swear Master was winding up for this last set of colossal swings! Each stroke of the yardstick seared into my fat little bottom, I gasped and yelped continually. I could feel my tears beginning to swell as Master lay into my bottom one final time, the mean ol’ yardstick met my bottom and promptly snapped in half! I giggled gleefully very proud of myself and my buns of steel.
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Spanked In Uniform – St. Catherines Episode 30

During lunchtime St. Catherine’s girls Brittany and Foxxy Angel decided to go and have a drink outside the local pub thinking no one would see them. Of course the owner phoned the school and both girls were soon facing the Headmaster and getting a long sound spanking across his knee followed by a whole week’s detention.
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Punished Brats – Saturday Morning Part 2 of 2

Mari had to wait all week for her punishment. Carefully laid out on the bed that Saturday morning, were two paddles, one leather, the other wood, and a frightful looking strap. Mari knew that she was in for a very severe punishment that morning. She had been caught underage drinking at a bar and her mother was having none of this sort of behavior in her house. Her punishment started out with a very hard hand spanking over her jeans followed by the wooden paddle. Before long, it was Mary’s bare bottom now taking the full Brunt of her mother’s very hard hand, leather, and wooden paddles, and she knew the worst was yet to come.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Helen Stephens – Reform Academy – CB

First-ever spanking turns Helen’s creamy smooth cheeks bouncing red.

A hot-bottomed welcome for doe-eyed beauty Helen Stephens as her creamy white bare bottom is spanked for the very first time! “I was nervous about getting spanked,” she confesses, “but the production team, Earl Grey and Belinda Lawson were great!” Sent to Reform Academy by her government department, her bouncing bottom is swiftly educated.
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Mistress-carly: Wax On, Wax Off

Ah, there’s nothing quite like watching my sissies clean my palace and I’m always on hand to make sure they do a very good job. This dirty little fucker has been neglecting the dusting though and that just won’t do. He soon learned his lesson after I tied him up and dripped hot wax all over his body!
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Thebritishinstitution: House Slave.

It’s amazing just how difficult a dominant Woman can make even the simplest of tasks!
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Peaches’ Meeting with The Dean (Part 2 of 2)

The Dean returns to relocate Peaches onto the board room table. She is then properly strapped from both sides of the table. The Dean then leaves her bare bottom exposed in an uncomfortable time out.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Lisa Langley – Attitude Adjustment – DB

Head cheerleader spanked for a prank at school, bottom bouncing bare.

“I get to decide everything at school,” claims Lisa Langley before she’s soundly spanked over John Friday’s knee for Attitude Adjustment. “You were sent here because you need correcting,” he tells her. “I will correct you!”. Turning her jiggling, juicy bare cheeks cherry red won’t change this young lady’s attitude. Slow-motion booty bounce replay!
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Mouth Soap and Bathbrush for Disrespect – Christy Cutie

Christy has been extra mouthy, defiant and disrespectful. Leaving him one last resort to keep her in line, she is ordered to the bathroom. Presenting the bar of soap, she is forced to open her mouth for a thorough mouth soaping. If this doesn’t cure her smart mouth, maybe the bath brush on her bare bottom will help teach her a lesson!
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Nov 6th, 2017 Misty Lovelace Gets Spanked on Halloween

Young, sexy Misty Lovelace is wearing a slutty Wonder Woman costume when her aunt Clare catches her and demands she wear something less reveling. When Misty refuses, she gets a trip over Clare’s knee for a sound spanking, turning her curvy bottom bright red. She goes to the party wearing Clare’s robe.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Belinda Lawson – Reform Academy – CA

Belinda Lawson sent to Reform Academy for strict discipline programme.

This is what we’ve been waiting for: two beautiful young businesswomen sent to Reform Academy to improve their performance and behavior at work! Belinda Lawson is joined by hot British newcomer Helen Stephens for a bottom-reddening to remember. Belinda is first over Earl Grey’s knee for a resounding spanking, watched by a nervous Helen!
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Abigail’s Punishment from The Dean (Part 1 of 2)

Abigail is in for a long night. She is up past her bedtime and has already been punished today. She now faces a double paddling. She is bent over and paddled over her thin pajama shorts. The Dean then decides a heavier and larger paddle is best to end this punishment. So he places her in time out while her retrieves one.
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Babysitter Discipline – Casey Calvert’s Severe Belting, Raw and Crying

She had been warned. Acting slutty and making advances with the Mr. would result in a severe beating. She just couldn’t help herself, throwing herself at him one more time, and this time, he will beat her til she can sit down. Skirt up, bent over for the belt, the heavy leather starts to teach her a lesson. Harder and faster, she begins to choke back to the tears, wishing she’d listened to his warnings. Full on sobbing wracks her body as she is belt whipped raw. A second camera captures her angelic face as the tears begin to run her mascara.
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Girl Spanks Girl – Clown School Spankings

The teacher at the Clown School (Snow Mercy) doesn’t put up with any nonsense. When she doesn’t get clown perfecting from clown trainees Elori Stix and Nova, she teaches them the true meaning of clown discipline by putting each over her knee for a sound clown spanking, followed by a paddling for Nova and a caning for Elori. Scary clown stuff her, leaving both clown trainees with red, sore bottoms.
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Girl Spanks Girl – Halloween Spanking for Elori

Elori Stix and Stevie Rose lost the Halloween costume party because Elori wore a slutty outfit. Stevie warned her not to, and now Stevie is angry and will make Elori pay for this. She puts Elori over her knee for a long, hard spanking and even includes the use of a wooden rug beater to really drive the lesson home for Elori. No more slutty Halloween outfits unless you want a sore, red bottom!
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Real Spankings Institute – Spanked for Missing Room Inspection

Alex finally decides to show up to her dorm room inspection. Danny intercepts her on the stairs. She is bent over and spanked on her bare bottom and then marched upstairs to complete the inspection.
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Spanked In Uniform – Montgomery Military Academy Episode 27

Cadets Chelsey and Ivey went off base and had too much too drink. They were ordered back to the office and were told by their commanding Officer to paddle each other soundly as they were told to do.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Alison Miller – Principal’s Office – AQ

Alison Miller is back in The Principal’s Office for 12 swats with a paddle!

“The one thing I dread is a wooden paddle,” admits Alison Miller with a grim smile. “The sting goes so deep!” But as a top Firm Hand star, Alison knows a paddling is part of the deal. She reports to The Principal’s Office in skin-tight jeans to be punished for failing to complete her end-of-year project on time. Will 12 hard swats from Principal Friday help?
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Spanking Sorority Girls – Episode 140: Cheerleader Spanking Contest

Inspired by true events, two cheerleaders from opposing schools bet on which team will win. If her team loses, as stunning Alexis Grace’s team does, then the winner gets to give out a spanking, which Mary Jane does quite effectively, turning the cocky Alexis’s bottom bright red. She finishes her off with 3 sound whacks with a large wooden paddle. Alexis vows to get revenge!
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Spanked In Uniform – St. Elizabeth 5

Not long after Carla’s spanking Dr. Johnson was informed that Carla was caught smoking inside the hospital this time. She was summoned to his office and she received a severe hand spanking, a hard paddling and a good dose of the cane. Afterwards she had to stand in the corridor, hands on her head, her sore red bottom on show for all the staff and patients.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Lilian White – Celebrity Brat – CE

Lilian White bends over to have her bottom striped with 12 strokes of the cane.

Picking flowers from a special display costs Lilian White a sore bottom when she gets home in Celebrity Brat. 12 stolen flowers equals 12 stinging strokes with a swishy rattan cane. “It’s a very sharp sting,” Lilian says. “So different from a strap or paddle!” See a bratty young lady grab her ankles for her new tutor to apply the rod of correction.
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Chrissy Marie Topless Paddled and Sobbing – Very Personal Training 4

With tears rolling down her face she is ordered off the ball. Instructed to remove her bra, she bends over with her hands on the wall. Swollen bottom pushed out for the paddle, a personal training session she will never forget. Her bottom is paddled purple as she continues to cry pitifully. Her beautiful breasts jiggling with each swat as she sniffles through her sobbing. Face and bottom camera capture every swat of this beautiful topless girl taking her well deserved Discipline.
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Clubdom: Rock, Paper, Canes!

Mistress Sasha Foxx and Goddess Reagan Lush are out for 8lood today as they have two slaves in their dungeon. One is strung up, and another is locked in the stockade. Which one will they destroy? They decide to play a game of rock paper scissors to see which one of their slaves is going to get it good. The women play as both the slaves tremble in fear. The strung up slave will be the one to get caned, but the locked in the cock stock slave will be forced to watch. The women cane the slave fiercely and do not allow him a moment of reprieve. When they are satisfied, they decide the locked up slave will get some punishment after all, and threaten to take his balls off.
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Girl Spanks Girl – Uma Jolie Spanked and Spanks Mom

Super hottie Uma Jolie is spanked by her mom (played by Miss Cassie) for cheating on a test. All the time she is getting spanked, Uma swears that she didn’t cheat, but her mom doesn’t believe. After the spanking is over, Mom gets a call from the school explaining that her daughter was wrongfully accused. So mom offers anything to make this up to Uma, who chooses to spank mom as revenge. Mom agrees and even lets her use a hairbrush. Moderate spanking level, but entertaining scene with lots of energy.
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Real Spankings Institute – Peaches Meeting with The Dean (Part 1 of 2)

Peaches is sent to be punished by The Dean. She is taken OTK, with her feet dangling far from the floor, and is spanked hard on the bare bottom before being placed back in time out to wait for her strapping.
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Paddle me like the girls in those Videos

Bare Bottom Blistered- Maddy Marks Paddled – Spankflix and Chill 5

For spanking fantasy come to life, some much-needed excitement added to her Friday night date will leave her with a very sore bottom for days to come. Maddie removes her panties and goes over his lap. Her bare bottom us bank vigorously as she cries and whimpers, relishing in the heat. The paddle is applied vigorously to her blistered bottom making this a movie date night to remember!
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