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Kinky Mistresses – Mistress Martas Slave Girl

Kinky Mistresses is visiting Mistress Marta in Kiev. The first time in the Ukaraine and KMS is so excited to find such a nice dungen to shoot. But the second surprise is, that Mistress Marta is presenting us a sexy, blonde Slave Girl and she loves to take all the pain on her nipples for her Mistress.
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Houseofgord: Reyja Wood Crated

Reyja Wood, one of our favorite submissives is here and Lydia wants to box her up. Wait, this is no ordinary box, so, there are a few surprises. Reyja is too horny to just wait there, strapped down in a display box. As you would guess, Lydia has something planned to keep Reyja occupied! Check it out!
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KINK FEATURES: January 12, 2018 – Kira Noir, Eliza Jane and Bella Rossi

In Episode Five of Hush… Things are getting out of control in the office, with executives fucking in HR and employees blackmailing one another for sexual favors.
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Houseofgord: Distracted and Disciplined

The new maid Sierra is tasked with keeping the secret dungeon neat and tidy, unfortunately for her she is easily distracted. Caught taking selfies instead of cleaning is a punishable offense for the naughty maid. Mistress Liliyana dishes it out corporal style and ensures Sierra won’t be sitting or standing for a while.
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Houseofgord: Gord Girl Orgasm Training

Mistress Liliyana begins orgasm training with Sierra and it’s not as easy as it sounds. Sierra gets a taste of her pussy and begins her long journey learning to orgasm on command with a remote-control electric collar secured around her neck. Gord Girl Sierra needs a lot of training, and playful yet strict Liliyana is up for the task.
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Cruelcity: Fucked Hard with a Strap-On by Ella Kross!

After waking Anne up with a kiss, the gorgeous Ella Kross climbs into bed with her and wastes no time sliding the girl`s panties off. Anne`s top comes off next, and before she knows it the mistress is having her way with her tight teenage body. Anne`s nipples immediately get hard as Ella begins rubbing her bare skin, and it`s obvious how much this dominatrix turns her on. Ella has Anne rise to her feet, then turns her around to fuck her from behind with a big strap-on cock! You`ll feel like you`re right there with Anne as Ella fucks her harder and faster while the girl cries out in pleasure. You can actually hear how wet Anne`s pussy is as Ella slams her huge cock in and out of her pink hole!
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Kinky Mistresses – Bad Fitness Girl

The young girl is doing her workout very bad, so Mistress Susi and Jet Set Jasmine giving some lessons to her. But a special tickling lessons
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Houseofgord: All Wrapped Up and No Where to Go

Sierra Cirque was stored for the night in Liliyana’s cage and she is quite antsy to get out. Wrapped up in an authentic Ledermeister leather armbinder and Ballet Boots she is ready for another day of training.
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Subby Girls – I Just Wanna Play

While the book they are looking at is interesting, the look on Alison Rey indicates that she is more interested in playing with Belle Noire. So the book gets quickly cast aside as their priorities change.
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KINK FEATURES: January 5, 2018 – Helena Locke and Ana Foxxx

In Episode Four of Hush… Helena Locke in HR finds herself in the middle of this entire game, continuing from Episode Three.
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WHIPPED ASS: January 4, 2018 – Avi Love and Julia Ann

Little Avi Love is finally meeting her favorite star – the devastatingly beautiful Miss Julia Ann! Avi sneaks past the security guard, surprising Julia in her dressing room, only to find that she’s in for a surprise of her own!
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Mfvideobrazil: Scissor Real Crying By Mel Costa And Patyzinha

Lesbian scissor is so hot! You can see this with your own eyes in this fetish video. Mel Costa and Patyzinha play with each other and they wear nearly nothing. The fighting girls are also really sexy so you are going to enjoy their scissor and facesitting. Mel Costa, the Brazilian domina tries to smother Patyzinha with her sexy thighs. She leaves only her thong on, so you can watch her beautiful tits during the playing. Patyzinha suffers, but the domina doesn’t give a damn about it. She doesn’t stop the smothering and the facesitting. The fighting girls play 31 minutes long, so you will have time to enjoy the incredible domination.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Bondage Competition- Pt 2

One from the archives, continued from [Bondage Competition Part 1]. Noel has won the competition, and the punishment for Kelle is about to begin. Dante and I strap a big fat dildo on a face harness for Kelle to fuck Noel with. Kelle must use her entire head to slip the dildo deep into Noel’s waiting pussy. Not ones to be left out, Dante and I flog the girls while Noel rides Kell’s face. Noel gets to ride Kelle’s face as long as it takes for her to cum all over it. When she’s done, they’ll have to clean up their mess like the good little sluts they are.
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Brat Princess 2: Lizzy and Natalya – Trains Her Whore to Suck Cock (1080 HD)

1080 HD Lizzy has just come back from working the streets, and has not brought Natalya enough money for the day. Natalya suspects that maybe her whore has been coming up short because she hasn’t been satisfying the males like a good whore should. She’s going to send Lizzy back out, but first she wants to assess the whore’s cock sucking. Little Lizzy gets on her knees and tries to prove to Natalya that she has the skills to earn for her. But Natalya isn’t satisfied, and it’s clear that Lizzy needs more job training. She grabs Lizzy’s head and pushes it down forcefully onto her big, black, strap-on. Natalya makes Lizzy gag on the cock over and over. A single tear rolls down Lizzy’s cheek. Natalya is being generous, Lizzy needs to learn what the customers like. If after all this Lizzy still can’t meet quota, Natalya will beat her. Natalya Makes Lizzy suck the cock like a girl who doesn’t want to be beaten. The fear makes Lizzy put a little more effort in. Natalya sees what is happening. She makes Lizzy go fetch the cane from the corner. Sometimes, the only way to teach a whore is to beat it. Lizzy seems like one of those types of learners.
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Tease and Thank You – Girlfriends Discuss Chastity by Mandy

To introduce myself a bit more. I’m studying to be a professional athlete. I’m thinking of dyeing my hair pink. My favorite fetishes so far are financial, and non-pain oriented disciplinarian scenes, and playing with chastity toys. Anything else you wanna know? I am very interested in doing sessions. I travel a lot so my availability will be sporadic. You’ll have to check back frequently. ** Side note ** Natalia is kind of interested in this side of things, too.
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KINK FEATURES: December 29, 2017 – Cherry Torn and Bella Rossi

In Episode Three of Hush… Bella Rossi confronts her boss, Cherry Torn, with the photos she took of Cherry banging the new designer, and all but threatens to go over her head if she doesn’t play ball. Shit’s rolling uphill now, as the employee blackmails the boss to get everything she wants.
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EVERYTHING BUTT: December 29, 2017 – Dee Williams and Violet Monroe

The Greatest Gift Given was wrapped days ago, For Dee Williams its a redheaded submissive; A Red-headed hoe. Violet wiggles and giggles with nerves, and Dee sneaks in on Christmas to give Violet what she deserves.
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KINK FEATURES: December 22, 2017 – Cherry Torn and Eliza Jane

In Episode Two of Hush… Eliza Jane is really getting into her new job at the lingerie company, especially in her role as her boss Cherry Torn’s personal fuck toy. It’s all about the product though, when Cherry asks Eliza to work on a BDSM related project, and offers to give her the inspiration she needs to get it done. She ties Eliza up and puts her in a full suspension, with her ass exposed, her ankles bound and her wrists tied behind her back. Cherry uses her newest employee every way she wants, spinning her around to flog her perfect, ripe ass, standing over her to make her eat her pussy, and slamming her soaked hungry cunt with a thick fat dick on a stick. By the end of the “meating” Eliza’s fully motivated to get to work, but ready and willing to come back for more inspiration at any time.
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KINK FEATURES: December 15, 2017 – Kira Noir, Eliza Jane and Bella Rossi

In episode one of an 8-part Lezdom Blackmail series, the lithe and petite Eliza Jane is hired as a designer at an internationally renown lingerie company. On her first day she’s asked to wear some of the company’s lingerie as part of her "uniform", which she loves to slip over her smooth, perfect body. Her new boss Cherry Torn takes the opportunity to see how well her uniform fits… and feels, and how it makes Eliza’s hot ass look!
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Mandy Flores – #313 Simply Irresistible

I had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous and stunning and we hit it off right away. Both seductively dressed to melt the wills of men, creating mindless jacking fools throwing money at us… our sexual chemistry exploded on each other. Her scrumptious lips, my wet tongue, my squeezable tits and her amazing ass… Simply Irresistible
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Mfvideobrazil: Sweet Hot Kisses By Top Model Lola Mello And Messi

Have you ever used whip cream during sex? It can be very tasty, so we advise you to try that! Top Model Lola Mello and Messi wanted to know what it feels like to eat whip cream during kissing. The results are marvellous! This lesbian girl with girl playing is getting hotter and hotter as they squeeze each other. There is very much whip cream on the Brazilian hotties’ face. It looks like as if they sucked a man. The top models like the playing very much, so they kiss each other for a very long time. They are cheerful and they are smiling all the time. The lesbian playing is very enjoyable, because the girls have beautiful faces.
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WHIPPED ASS: December 7, 2017 – Cherry Torn, Mia Li and Lily Lane

Description: The lesbian revolution is cumming! Party members Cherry Torn and Lily Lane are looking to recruit new members to join them in subverting the masses. Will good girl videographer Mia Li pass their tests and prove she can be bad?
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Water Bondage: Bobbi Starr, Phoenix Marie, Lea Lexis & Chanel Preston – Arms & legs tied, Lea becomes Chanel’s pussy eating Slave!

Completely naked with her hands & feet bound, Lea Lexis has never felt as vulnerable as she does in the water tank, serving completely at the pleasure of Chanel Preston! Chanel makes sure Lea knows she’s in charge by submerging her whole body underwater. Her baptism into the perverted order of water bondage is complete, she worships Chanel’s cunt & devours her asshole above & below the tank water. Chanel does not know if she likes Lea choking on her pussy or water, so she dutifully services her demanding bitch’s demands until Chanel makes up her mind. Lea services Chanel well, and she’s treated to deep kisses in the water’s calm embrace.
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Queensnake: PHP – JEBY (2017 November 25)

PHP as peehole play. Although some PHP programming lessons would have been an even worse torment for Jeby than inserting pens, pencils, paint brushes, metal clamps and a burning birthday candle into her peehole.
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Urban Lesbians – Tasha Reign Submits To Veronica Vain

These 2016 AVN nominated performers have an appetite for each other. Passionate kissing, titty sucking, pussy eating, ass licking, dildo, hitachi, double headed dildo play and squirting is what comes out of this evening between Tasha & Veronica Vain (an X-Wall Street Lazard Asset Management intern).

Format: MP4
Duration: 26 Min
Size: 504 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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I found some hard wooden sticks in the hardware store and I thought it would be fun to break them on Tanita’s butts, belly and pussy. I allowed her to use a massager vibe to ease her pain. She was very close to the orgasm while I hit her belly, the massager really helped her endure the pain and even enjoy it for a short time.
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