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Mfvideobrazil: Scissor Powerfull Muscle Legs By Daniela Dias And Isabelle

Daniela Dias and Isabelle will be your favourite actresses if you watch this hot domination video! They are really sexy and they do scissor and judoka together. The footsmother is really intense so Isabelle is barely able to breathe. The fighting girls cause pain to each other and they like it very much! Daniela Dias is incredibly attractive with her round butt and boobs. She wears only beautiful, black and red lingerie. Isabelle is also pretty in her top and shorts. The fighting girls are crazy about smother so you must see this footage if you are interested in fetish. The feet domination is really wild so the sexy slave is suffering for a long time.
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Mfvideobrazil: Feet Fight By Top Model Lola Mello And Slave Ayume

This is a great foot fetish video with Lola Mello and Ayume. The Brazilan girls fight with each other and do wild feet domination. The top model Lola Mello shows no mercy and puts her tiny feet into the mouth of her slave who is unable to escape. The domina also kicks the pretty head of Ayume. She sits on her neck, chest and lap, too. This foot fetish footage is very good because you can see Lola Mello’s hot body during the fight. She wears white shorts so you can take a look at her tanned, long thighs. The young and thin Ayume looks great, too. The fighting girls do everything for your pleasure, so please watch this feet domination video!
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Clubstiletto – Miss Judy – I control Your Every Breath

Miss Judy is pure muscle and when she needs a leg workout she gets no more pleasure than scissoring her slave until he loses the ability to attempt to resist her, turned into nothing more than a rag doll. Repeatedly she wraps her legs around his neck and squeezes for all she is worth. When she has had enough she forces her slave to awake from his stupor and kiss and worship the very legs that have just brutalized him. She then surprises him by telling him to come and sniff her pussy and as he brings his head between her legs she closes her knees around it and attempts to crack it open as if it’s a big giant nut. Slaves can be so gullible at times.
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Young-femdom: What are you for an „Spacken“ ?

Sabrina is sitting in a bar and enjoy the location and her drink. Suddenly comes a masked man in the bar and disturb the goddess. So he gets
trashing from the powerful „Hamburger Deern“ and a lot of insult.
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Clubdom: Megan Fucks Like She Fights

Description: Megan Jones owns another ass today! She can’t wait to show a loud mouth loser what a real champ is. Wrestling, kicking, and choking the sissy out. when Megan see’s he’s had enough, she pulls out the next part of his punishment. Her Strap on, which she will need lube for since she is going to fuck the loser. Kneel down and jerk your filth onto the big black cock, get it nice and wet because when it slide into that manpussy…it will be hard and rough. Megan fucks like she fights and sissy boys will be lining up outside the gym to bend over for her. Ding ding ding, Round one!
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Sarah Brooke – Taking Down a Worthless Cuck

Barefoot, catfighting Goddess Sarah Brooke is delivering her punishment to a worthless cuck for not being able to satisfy his wife. Goddess Sarah locks his pathetic dick in a chastity device and places a tight, black hood over his head. Using her strong muscles, Goddess Sarah tackles him to the ground and pins him down with her bodyweight, covering his face with her ass as she tells him what a pathetic loser he is. She locks her legs around his neck in a choke-hold to make him suffer. Finally, she stuffs her feet into his mouth, laughing and mocking him until he begs for mercy. I hope he’s learned his lesson!
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Dangerous Legs – Jordana (aka Scarlett) – Reverse Headscissor Challenge

Our challenge videos have proven to be very popular, so we decided to ask Jordana (aka Scarlett) to see how many tapouts she could squeeze out of her victim in 10 minutes. Excited by the challenge, she locks his neck and head deep into her thong-clad crotch and crushes him senseless with her shapely legs and perfect ass! Check it out and see how many times she gets him to tap!
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Charlee Chase Live – Charlee Chase & Andrea Rosu – Sweet Scissor Revenge

I’ve got a little surprise for Elijah. We’re sitting on the bed, about to make out, or so he thinks, when my friend Andrea walks in the room. Elijah is stunned and can’t even wrap his head around the situation at hand. Obviously, Andrea and I have been talking to one another and we both know he’s been fucking us both, though keeping his indiscretions to himself. We’ve plotted a brutal revenge on him for being unfaithful. He loves our curvy bodies and he’s about to get both at the same time, but not in the way he’d like. We work together, using our strong thick thighs to scissor him, making him wriggle and wince in agony as we squeeze his neck, his body, together and one at a time. This is a lesson he won’t soon forget!
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Beaten By Girls – Annalee Belles Punching Bag 3

Dante only had one task today and that is to fix Annalee’s air conditioning but he forgot. She had enough sweating in the heat because of his incompetence so she teaches him a lesson with some punching, kicking and trampling.
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Scissorvixens – Kierra Wilde – I’ve Got the MOTHER of all THIGHS!

Since you can’t seem to keep your eyes off of my mother’s thighs, it’s time to show you the REAL MOTHER of all THIGHS!

At we have no shortage of GORGEOUS and FIERY redheads and Kierra Wilde is certainly no exception!

The 5’6" beauty loves working out and boy does it show from head to toe on her very fit and firm physique.

She was even kind enough to warn us before our first shoot with her…"Yeah…I have very strong legs from dancing, gymnastics and the gym!".

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Steve Wrestling Adventure – Axa Jay – SWA-250 AXA JAY’S DARK SIDE

Our last recruit, Axa Jay has proved in another release that she is an excellent wrestler but she also be mean and dominant. She shows her dark side in this new video on poor Steve tied up and helpless!! A fest of pain and humiliation, a fest of choke holds and scissor holds! She Loves to head-scissor him with his face deep in her crotch or her butt. She is also very good with her arms, using a variety of devastating choke holds. There is more… face sitting, headlock, head-figure 4 !!
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Amazon Annies Bodacious Adventures – Scissors Aerobics w Amazon Annie and Thrash

Amazon Annie is working out on the mats in her purple leotard and blue tights, when Thrash walks in and starts to critique her exercise routine. Showing him who is boss, she wraps him up in her legs and starts to squeeze. She locks him up easily and keeps him there, moving from scissor to scissor, while he grasps in pain. All the while she keeps sing songing a tune she is planning on working out to later…once she is done with Thrash, that is!
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Goddess Ella Kross – Anna Versus My Slave in a Wrestling Match!(WMV Full Hd 1080p Format)

This slave may be a little stronger than my gorgeous friend Anna, but thatcertainly doesn`t mean he`s tougher! As the two wrestle around on the matsI sit and watch the match, admiring how perfect Anna`s athletic body is asshe fights for the advantage over my disgusting slave. Toned yet stillcurvy with one of the best asses I`ve ever seen, there`s no denying thatAnna truly is stunning from head to toe. Her muscular legs prove to be herbiggest asset as she wraps them around the loser and uses them to squeezethe strength out of him. Weakened and exhausted, she gains the upper handby putting his neck in a scissor-hold with her powerful thighs until hehas no choice but to tap out! The wishes they could put on a matchthis entertaining.
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Scissorvixens – Wenona – Wenona’s Scissor Yoga Class!

This wimp tried to teach me his form of yoga so I decided to show him mine by wrapping my yoga SCISSORS around his neck!

She’s added some serious muscle to her physique and also some serious power to her SCISSORS!

So when an AcroYoga instructor tries to instruct Wenona on his form of yoga she shows him hers using her long, powerful THIGHS!

It’s pretty obvious listening to his screams of agony that Wenona’s legs are STRONGER THAN EVER and trying to survive her non-stop scissor-yoga attack is nearly impossible!

She applies vicious butt-clenching reverse head scissors that nearly pop his head off, front head scissors that have him seeing stars in seconds, body scissors that nearly suck the life out of him and figure-4s that almost snap his neck!

So for Wenona fans, you don’t want to miss this one as Wenona proves she’s as lethal and powerful as ever in ‘Wenona’s Scissor Yoga Class!’.
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Reality Girls Scissors – Loren Blaine – No Mercy Blonde: Knockout!

The sound of the leather boots crushing together and the sight of Thin Man’s face contorting in the immense headscissor pressure of Loren, whose headscissors are elite — is frightening. Even the most pain-tolerant guys scream and tap like maniacs in her legs. Sometimes, she honors their wishes. It’s headscissor herecy to compare any girl to Dixie, Cindy Huntress or Electra — but Loren gets similar reactions now with her headscissors — guys screaming with her telling them she’s not even really squeezing yet. Among the four superstars we only missed working with Cindy Huntress, who is in any conversation of the greatest ever submission wrestlers. The red carpet is always rolled out for Cindy to do her worst here without wretchedly acted scripts or feigned knockouts — just as she did with our friends to the North — with whom she famously destroyed people and for who now, we are proud to say, our own superstar Mikaela is kicking ass. Here, screams of pain from Thin Man come in the wavy blonde beauty’s headscissors — figure fours — Ivey’s Figure 8 then a reverse headscissors facing Loren’s amazing ass that seems ready to pop Thin Man’s head off as her jeggings wrinkle from the pressure on his life. She tells him "I’ve lost count of the tapouts, but it’s a lot, you’re a puss" — standing headscissors. She pushes him against the wall and decides the boots have to go. She makes Thin Man take off her boots, open his mouth and "insert." Now that Loren has taken to foot gagging no one is safe. She does nothing not intended to cause maximum pain and humiliation and the cruel act is no different. Deep in his mouth her bare feet go, stretching his lips to their limits and filling his throat. Another reverse headscissors and Loren asks him mockingly if his neck is hurting before burying him in her straight headscissors, his helpless eyes filling with pain. Thin Man hyperventalates and screams as she locks out her headscissors. When she finally gets to her feared rear naked choke it’s lights out for Thin Man, as Loren actually does a hamstring stretch while he convulses in her arms. He’s done, but she still makes the cameraman film just one more time for a quick bodyscissors because she doesn’t want his broken rib to heal. Loren loves hurting people as much as anything in her life and is as good at it as just about any girl, anywhere.
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German Goddess Femdom Fighting: Squeezed Commitment

Young Blonde German Goddess Belle wrestles down and squeezes limp the rip-off mechanic, who wants to charge 500 € for some pipe cleaning.

Her young and athletic body is clad in sexy denim hot pants, tight top and high heels. She is so hot and sexy, every man should be happy to help this woman for free but some know how to get their package for ungentle behaviour….and for a rip-off there is always some physical treatment a powerful woman has up in her sleeve…

No stranger to the wrestling scene, she has not only the body but also all the skill to handle the guy, who is obviously not even a match for some sparring training for her…

So it comes as it should come at the end he gives and leaves with nothing more than a battered bruised body…

German Dialouge.
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Sexy Assassin: Suzy Loves To Squeeze Heads

Mistress Suzy looks so damn sexy with those incredible tight leather hot pants! With her unfortunate victim’s head slowly squeezed with one leg, he cries and convulses from the pain.

Suzy loves his suffering so much and even says how much she does not care about the pain he is in!

She squeezes and squeezes until she breaks his neck in such a sexy way with her leg and then casually walks off.

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Syren Productions : Slapped For Looking

I’m in a sadistic but somewhat playful mood today. I dare my sub not to look at my ass, as I bend over in front of him. I know he can’t help but look at my gorgeous ass, framed so perfectly in my double fishnet pantyhose. But there is a price to pay, and today I decide that price is a good round of face slapping. I love slapping a slave’s face as I look into his eyes. I slap his face hard with both hands, back and forth. His face turning a dark shade of red pleases me. I give him some nice views of my ass in between slaps, just to keep him motivated. He takes his slapping so well, that I reward him with a few kisses on my ass at the end.
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Scissorvixens Veronica Vise: SCISSOR Curls!

“This weakling was struggling to do a few lightweight leg curls until I walked in and had to show him how it’s done…on the mats!”

Another ScissorVixen update and another SUPER HOT new ScissorVixen!

We first met Veronica Vise when she stopped by our studios to introduce herself prior to our first shoot.

Veronica was wearing very tight jeans and one look at her legs and ass as she walked by told us this girl was packing some serious THIGH POWER!

At 5’6″ tall she is a very solid 140 pounds of muscle and fitness and most of that is in her lower half.

Of course being a trained dancer most of her life, including working as a dance instructor, has certainly forged a pair of shapely and powerful thighs and rock-solid ass!

So when we showed her a sample scissor clip she just smiled and said…”Oh yeah…I can do that all day long!”.

And with that Drew couldn’t help but test out her squeeze right then and there! And yes folks…it was BRUTAL!

And no doubt the ‘poor’ guy in this video would agree!

He’s supposed to be out fixing things in the club where Veronica Vise dances. But instead he’s decided to sneak into the dancer’s workout room where they go to pump-up before their next stage performance.

The weakling of a man is struggling to leg curl with only a 10 lb. weight on the bar when Veronica walks in and scolds him for being in the dancer’s pump-up room.

She slaps on a big 45 lb. weight, hammers out a few quick reps and then offers to show him more of her ‘leg curls’ on the mat.

“Well…I did wrestle in grade school a few years!”, he warns her.

Too bad for him this isn’t the grade school playground and Veronica Vise is certainly not a little girl anymore!

Poor club handyman is about to find out why Veronica chose Vise as her last name!

So check out GORGEOUS Veronica Vise putting the CLAMPS on her victim in her debut ScissorVixen video titled ‘SCISSOR Curls!’.

Note: **BONUS overhead video content shot from a video camera mounted on the ceiling is included at the end of this video!**
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Clubdom: Fucking the Champ – Feature Movie

Niki Delano is pumped for a fight with a self professed champ. She knows that he is a womanizer and she knows that she can take him down. On the line is the opportunity for the winner to fuck the loser in the ass. Niki catches this ego maniac off guard, puts him in a scissor hold with her strong thighs and nearly cuts off his breathing in an arm lock. As the loser is trapped, Niki starts taunting him about tapping out. Finally, when his face turns purple, all the macho is gone and he desperately taps out. However humbled this guy is, Niki did not forget about the stakes. She straps on a 10 inch cock and pumps the champs ass full. She gets off on riding this bitch’s love hole. When she is done with him she flips him around and makes him worship her sweaty ass. When the loser’s tongue is buried in her tight butt, Niki knows that she has taught him a lesson in more ways that one.
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Defeated Facesitting: Hailey CMX-HV-119 Wake Up Call

I just found this awesome Hailey clip from back in the day. This was filmed in my fifth wheel trailer at my ranch. Hailey was always eager to win, and to make chadam suffer. He was really tired and Hailey decided to sneak up on him while he was sleeping and attack him. She started breaking him down by getting him in some long drawn out reverse headscissors. after seeing he was tiring, and listening to him groaning in pain, she pins him down in forward SGP’s and facesits him until he can’t take it and admits his humiliating defeat.
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MMA Domination: Lia Labowe GI Beatdown

This dunce doesn’t bow properly,and Lia gets Enraged. This video has it all. Ballbusting, Face Punching, Kicks, Whipping with her black belt. Chokes, Scissors. She even ties him to the ropes with her black belt and whales away. Don’t ever bow disrespectfully to Lia she is the BEST INT THE WORLD!!!!!!
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Reality Girls Scissors: She Won’t Let Go: hd

This clip showcases an insane tag team featuring new Reality Girl Jennifer and Ivey who are matched against Tom and dingbat Iris. Every time two people face off, there is domination. There are long, relentless holds, two knockouts — one as the brunette beauty Ivey catches Iris, who is always her bitch, in a sleeper. Iris also is in a ton of pain in Ivey’s legs, which could beat her by themselves. More scary is when Jennifer (a tall, solid young girl with legs developed from 5 years of waiting tables and good genes) puts Tom in a bodyscissors/chokehold that she does not release for about 15 seconds after Tom taps furiously. I don’t think anyone knew he was in real trouble until he said he’d gone out, and then on watching the video. He just said he was fine. This was filmed before Tom’s broken rib last week courtesy of ere. His return remains doubtful. note: Jennifer now promises to put Iris to sleep when they wrestle next as Iris put the new girl in a cheap sleeper and locked it on hard in this clip
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European Fight Club: Antscha – Diana vs. Miki – Facesitting

While being home and fighting for the TV remotes, Diana is obviously the winner, completely humiliating Miki, making him kiss her ass, struggling for long in scissors, and even eat her shoe and, of course, the remote!
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Scissorvixens: Getting Her SCISSOR FIX!

Many of you will remember Alexis Rain from when we first shot with her several years. Back then she was very fit with well-muscled legs and a genuinely dominant attitude.

Fast forward several years later and she’s back but this time she’s packed on even more muscle and her scissors are most definitely stronger as well!

This video features three vicious REAL KNOCKOUTS and several semi-conscious moments for our victim as Alexis’s thighs prove to be way too much for him!

In this video Alexis is happy to be home with her boyfriend after a long two-week trip which deprived her of one of her favorite ways to get-off…SCISSORING!

He’s taking a nap on the couch when she finally arrives and is initially happy to see her until she smiles and says…”Hey babe, it’s so nice to be home but after two weeks away I need my fix and you know what that means!?”.

Watch as his face quickly goes from excitement over finally seeing her after such a long time apart to frightened knowing after two-weeks of Alexis not getting her fix he was soon going to be in a world of pain between her POWERFUL THIGHS!

Alexis wraps her big quads around his neck and starts pumping her scissors saying…”It’s so good to wrap my legs around your throat and SQUEEEEEZE…how I missed this!” forcing him to quickly tap-out and go limp in a state of semi-consciousness!

And in a BRUTAL, but oh so SEXY, reverse headscissor she clamps down, tightening her glutes to the max, and turns his lights out for REAL!

Watch as Alexis scissors her way to near-orgasm over and over again while caressing her bare breasts and finally reaching CLIMAX in the end by turning him off one last time in a murderous side reverse scissor!

If you like BRUTAL, VICIOUS, NO MERCY SCISSORING with a few skull crushing knockouts and many near-knockouts then you don’t want to miss Alexis Rain in ‘Getting Her SCISSOR FIX!’.
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