Category: Female Wrestling

ULTIMATE SURRENDER: January 3, 2018 – Brandi Mae and Jasmeen LeFleur

Brandi Mae is a stacked muscle babe with big biceps, six pack abdominals, and huge bouncing pecs.Taking on a rookie who’s aspiring to be just as muscular as she is. She’s taking on hot brunette Latina, Jasmeen Lefleur. Jasmeen is beautiful tan muscle goddess with huge tits and huge ass. She’s a powerhouse and she’s going to take Brandi down.
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Mfvideobrazil: Scissor Dominance Giant Girl By Monique Carvalho And Fabi

Monique Carvalho is really mad at Fabi so she humiliates her with scissor and judoka. The pain is nearly unbearable because the inked domina puts the head of her pretty slave between her thighs and constricts them. She also sits on the face of Fabi who is hardly able to breathe. The domination is getting wilder and wilder. Moreover, the young domina puts off her red bra so you can see her breasts. She wears only a red thong so it’s possible to watch her round and beautiful ass. The Brazilian fighting girl just can’t get enough if she can do scissor and judoka. She enjoys the domination very much and the sexy Fabi must endure it.
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Mfvideobrazil: Scissor Twisting Neck By Valkiria Storm And Paulinha

Fighting girls can be so damn hot! Valkiria Storm, the sexy, young girl humiliates her slave, Paulinha. They are doing scissor and judoka together. The domina is smothering Paulinha, who is unable to escape the torturing. The girl with girl domination is done in a sexy lingerie. Valkiria Storm wears a grey bra and a thong, so you will be able to see her big butt. She puts Paulinha’s face between her legs and smothers her. She also sits on the face of the tiny girl. The domina shows no mercy at all. The scissor and judoka are very painful, so Paulinha is screaming very loudly. The fighting girls are playing for 20 minutes with each other.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: November 1, 2017 – Savannah Fox and Johnny Starlight

Johnny Starlight is a bad ass big booty rookie who has been training behind the scenes and thinks she has what it takes to be a true champion in sex fighting. She is taking on one of our seasons passed rookie cup tournament champions, Savannah Big Booty Fox.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: October 25, 2017 – Ducati and Kacie Castle

One of these wrestlers is a mean lady. Both come to the mats with attitude and plans to win but only one gets her hand raised. One wrestler is put into brutal submissions over and over. She is trapped on the mats, struggling underneath the power and dominance of her opponent. Her only way to escape is to submit and concede to the winner. The loser is tied up like a puppet and made to do whatever the winner wants. The loser sucks strap on cock, gets fucked while tied to the truss and then she is brought down to her knees after suffering in predicament bondage where she is made to submit with brutal head scissors while she pleases the winner with pussy licking.
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Hunterotic: Faceslapping Extreme – Swallow My Spit Or I Break Your Fucking Face – Domina Nia Black And Slave Meg Magic

Nia tortures Meg with strong face slapping, and commands her t swallow all Nia’s spit. Nia spitting a lot into Meg’s opened mouth, and slapping her untill the girl swallow all the spit down. Meg will be really humiliated, her face swim in spit and burning by the hard slaps from Nia. And Nia dont give up, there are slaps after slaps to the face of her victim.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: October 11, 2017 – Brandi Mae and Bella Rossi

Brandi Mae is our most powerful wrestler on the roster. She’s solid muscle and rock hard. Bella Rossi is a flexible redheaded fan favorite. She’s been wrestling for years for Ultimate Surrender and she’s taken on hard competitors than Brandi is so Bella knows she’s going to kick some ass, flip it into a standing 69 and fucks some pussy.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER:October 4, 2017 – Savannah Fox and Charlotte Sartre

Savanna Fox is one of our past Rookie cup tournament winners. She is taking on this season’s most promising rookie, Charlotte (The toilet) Sartre. Charlotte did a great job in her first match against Izamar Gutierrez but ultimately, she lost her first match like a typical rookie.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: September 20, 2017 – Lea Lexis and Brandi Mae

Lea Lexis has been on fire for her last few matches. She have been dominating cute little rookies and taking a lot of ass in the process. Today We are throwing Lea to the wolves. Possibly the most troublesome rookie on the roster for Lea is this muscle bound babe, Brandi Mae. Brandi Mae is the biggest, strongest girl we have this season
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: September 6, 2017 – Lily Lane and Dee Williams

Dee Williams is Back and meaner than ever. She is one of our favorite veteran wrestlers who has developed quite a skill set while she’s been fighting for us. She’s a petite blond with huge tits and a rockin ass. Lily Lane is brand new to the Ultimate Surrender mats. She has NO wrestling experience but she’s a real life bad ass so she’s thinking "how hard can wrestling be?"
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: August 23, 2017 – Daisy Ducati and Jenna Foxx

Jenna Foxxx was the most orgasmic wrestler for last season. She had so many orgasms ripped out of her, we have lost track of them all. She is so orgasmic she even won the rookie cup "most orgasmic wrestler" match up. Every girl who’s stepped on the mats with this all natural, barely legal, ebony goddess has made her cum.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: August 16, 2017 – Annie Cruz and Lux Lives

Annie Cruz is returning for season 15 with a mean streak. She’s known for cumming on the mats but those days may be over. She’s gained some experience in wrestling and she’s a bonafide Asian babe bad ass. Today she’s taking on one of the biggest wrestlers ever to grace the ultimate surrender mats. a 6’1 and 165lb, Lux Lives is a true amazon goddess. She has been training under Daisy Ducati to get some skills under her strap on belt. Because Lux is so big and strong she is able to over power the petite Asian but Annie Cruz puts up an amazing fight and she put the amazon into some real trouble. This is a close match up. Size vs. Speed. Both girls get fingers into their opponents. One girl rides her opponents face. By the end of the match, the girl who was able to score the most point via Finger, relunctant kissing, face sitting, scissoring, trib fucking, breast fondling and other ways of perversion is deemed the winner. The winner drags the loser into the locker room, ties her up in rope bondage with a crotch rope and chest harness and strap on fucks her until she cums against her will. The winner fingers the loser and spanks the losers tender ass until it’s pink and hot. Once the winner decides the loser has been tormented enough with orgasms, she takes her prize via the face of the loser. The winner rides the losers face until she is quivering with orgasms and then she leaves the loser in the locker room for all the other girls on the season 15 roster to take their turns on her. This is 100% unscripted competitive wrestling with no weight class. True brutal Sexual domination no and off the mats
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