Author: Black_man

cfnmtv: No Safe Word (Part 1-3)

Cocky model Nick Travis has turned up for his assignment expecting to be fawned over by pretty make-up artists and waited on hand and foot. As a top model – it’s all he deserves right? But this shoot is something very special indeed, and something far more painful and humiliating than he’s ever experienced before.
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Strict Restraint – Bane and Sasha Pt II – Sasha Sweet and Bane

This week we bring back the sexy little slave, Sasha Sweet. Our new master Bane decides to have a little fun with her. She is bound and loving it as Bane pours lube all over her already dripping wet pussy. He crudely forces his fingers inside of her and forces her to cum with the magic wand. But its not all fun and games… Bane decides that if she is going to shriek in ecstasy like a farm animal, he’s going to treat her like one. He attaches Goat milkers to her and whips her body as she struggles against her binds. After tiring of her screams, he decides to shut her up with some good old fashioned water boarding, DungeonCorp Style. Sasha is rewarded for her good behavior with some more pleasure but as always with Bane, the pain and torment is not far behind. Watch this little slut change from a curious girl to a completely obedient slave. Truly a “captivating” update.
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Men Are Slaves – Mistress Kendra, Domina Helena – Exposed, Part 2

For Mistress Kendra and Domina Helena, it’s an all too familiar sight. Yet another male grovelling to be owned and yet another male exposed, broken, and now completely under their control. In the real world he may have power and influence, but in this house he is nothing but a slave, a male to be used and abused as the ladies whims see fit. He is now their property and will forever live to serve. Just another male put in his proper place.
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House of Sinn – Queen Lissandra – Caged Anal Whore

Mistress Lissandra is the Queen of strap on whose favourite activity is fucking the asses of Her male whores. Today She has a surprise for Her naked caged slave – well it is not really a surprise because once he sets eyes on Her big strap on he knows he is in for a vigorous ass pounding that will only stop once his Mistress is tired of him. She releases him from the cage where he spends most of his lowly life and straps him to the bondage bench before driving Her big black cock forcefully into his willing ass. He is such an anal whore that the cock slips in easily and as She thrusts hard this fuck toy soon starts to moan with pleasure betraying his slutty pleasures. He will be left tied to the bench, ass stretched and exposed ready for much more cock.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Open Wide for the Gloryhole

The gloryhole.. One of my favorite fantasies! I am just itching to take a slave down to an active gloryhole, position him on his knees, and present his mouth for the usage of any cock that comes through the hole. I have a little imitation gloryhole here to demonstrate just what it will be like.. and give you a chance to practice before tonight’s fun. Oh yes, it’ll be your mouth getting a workout tonight!
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Syren Productions – Mistress Aleana – Good Old Country Whipping

This cowgirl relishes in giving out a good old country whipping, and that is just what this Dipshit deserves. I whip the living day lights out of his sorry ass and I’m loving every second of it.

Featuring: Mistress Aleana
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Femdom Empire – Marley Brinx – Stretch to Fit

Mistress Marley Brinx is stretch training her slave. She has a giant black cock that she is in a mission to make him take. Marley is focused on stretching out his hole until he fits the entire cock. She thrusts her hips against his ass while he grits his teeth in uncomfortable pain. They slave is willingly taking the anal pain in an attempt to impress his new, hot young Mistress.

Featuring: Marley Brinx
Categories: Anal Play, Strap-on, Tattooed
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Kinky Mistresses – Slave Sucks off the TV Bitch

While Lady Kacy Keisha is getting the Tv Slut `s cock ready, Lady Luciana is leading in her slave that will suck cock for them.
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Kinky Mistresses – Queen Qandisa, Mistress Susi – Our Nylon Face Sitting Slave

Beautiful Queen Qandisa in shiny pvc leggins is joining Mistress Susi for some facesitting,milking and teasing on the sofa.Mistress Susi enjoys to touch…
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Lola – I See You Like Feet

You find our student waiting for you in your classroom, sitting at your desk and looking through your computer. She’s seen something you didn’t want anyone to find–your foot fetish porn. Naughty teen Lola wants to know if you’ve ever noticed her feet from belong her desk. Surely you’ve noticed cute, little feet as perfect as hers. You’ve stroked your cock so many times and cum to the thought of your student’s soft feet wrapped tightly around you, milking you with her arches. Just as you’ve dreamed, Lola spreads her legs from atop your desk, takes off her heels one by one, and offers her feet to her professor. You suck and lick on her delicious toes and run your mouth up her tender soles. Just then, she whips out her cameraphone and steals a photo of you with her feet in your mouth, right there in your classroom. You’ll need to do anything and everything she asks or she’ll go straight to the Dean with her evidence of your perversion.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Get That Tongue Right Into That Asshole

Mistress Kandy has been treating her young slave quite brutally and now she thinks he has earned a reward. She calls him to Her throne and tells him to worship her feet. She degrades him a bit calling him a neanderthal and a beast but the boy has let his mind go empty, as Kandy likes it, and just kisses her feet and then her legs as she directs him up her body. She shifts on the chair, bringing her legs up and makes him kiss her pussy through her panties. She then tells him to move her panties to the side as his reward is her asshole. The slave eagerly eats her asshole and Kandy says he is much better than her old husband who has his own purpose, to give her money. “You’ll be eating my ass all night”, she tells him. Then she orders him to remove her panties so she can get on her knees and he can lick her ass from behind. Nice upward camera angles of Kandy’s ass and the slaves eager tongue. “Tongue punch my ass”, she tells him. Kandy threatens to replace him with a 19 year old and the slave works hard to please her. She tells him to move back now and admire her asshole, and that gives you a tremendous close view of her wide ass and glistening bumhole so you can imagine you have earned her favour and are now being called back to finish the job. Good slaves love to eat ass so you’ll definitely want to add this one to your collection to help your addiction to Kandy’s ass get even stronger.

Mistress: Mistress Kandy
Category: Ass Licking, Ass Worship, Ass Eating
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine, Princess Skylar – It’s a Thing Not a Person

Princess Skylar and Miss Jasmine invite a new Domme in training, Miss Tawney over for a drink. They are all wearing gorgeous boots and put a human carpet to use. His cock and balls are tied and they each take turns yanking on the rope. Jasmine loves working out her arms this way. Mistress Skylar confesses that she has used the slave as a cuckold before. The 3 of them discuss the ins and outs of slave training and how every woman needs about 6 slaves for different uses. Slaves are tiered and the lowest, most stupid ones end up on the floor licking dirty heels and boots.

Mistress: Miss Jasmine, Princess Skylar
Category: Boot Domination, Boot Fetish, Humiliation, Double Domination, Human Furniture, Cuckolding
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Corporate Takeover

Solo POV Mindfuck Office Domination Roleplay—The company that you’ve worked for your entire life has been forcibly taken over and the transition of power is occuring. You are summoned to the board room to meet the new CEO annd are surprised to find it’s an attractive woman at the head of the table. She explains that her job is to make the transition easier– as the company will now be run by a entirely new type of individual– and to the corporate culture to change as rapidly as possible. She goes on to tell you about the new changes to the business’s structure and you are appalled, but she doesn’t seem to care. Then she begins to reference an “orientation program” and a special kind of video.. one that will help to instruct you as to what is expected. She gestures to the TV behind her and presses play. Within minutes, you begin to feel soft and fuzzy. The soft white noise hissing in your ears is making you drowsy and malleable, all the while her beautiful image appears on the screen. You have no choice but to watch and no choice but to obey. This will be a seamless takeover once she has taken over your mind as well..

Categories: Mental Domination, Mesmerize, Mind Fuck, Office Domination, Sci-fi
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Tease and Thank You – Evil Dick Frozen Trick!

From any part of the house, Carlin pushes a button and the poor boy downstairs gets a taste of frozen denial from this brilliant setup. Don’t miss!
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Kinky Mistresses – Ballbusting on the cross

Helpless fixated on the cross, the slave is seeing all the sadism of the british ladies! Hos balls are going through awful tortures, being squeezed, kneed…
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – A Night At the Ex’s

It was so lovely of you to accept my parents invitation for a holiday dinner! I know that we’ve been divorced a while but they couldn’t stand the idea of you being alone. It looks like we’ll be spending the night. Oh don’t worry, they went to bed already. It’s just us. Tell me.. have you been seeing anyone? No? I know why, it’s because you never really got over me. You haven’t had sex with anyone else? That’s what I thought. I am the last woman you’ll ever love, aren’t I? I can see that your cock is hard in your pants right now as it remembers me. It’s OK, you could take it out and stroke it a little for me. It’s a special occasion after all. We both know that I’ll never come back to you, but you’ll never get me out of your mind.

Categories: Tease & Denial
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Nikki – Which Stockings?

Goddess Nikki always gets stockings in the mail from her various slaves around the world that worship her. And in turn she can use those to control you. She tries some on as you stroke your cock, just to torment your small cock into thinking it may be permitted to cum.
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Femdom Empire – Asia Perez, Sammi Parker – Our Jerk Puppet

Asian Goddesses Sami Li and Asia Perez actually allow you to be in their divine presence so you can hunger for their exotic far eastern beauty. They tease you and work you into a lustful frenzy as you watch them caress each other’s smooth sexy bodies. You must obey their commands as they order you to stroke yourself while you watch them play. They take full control over you and must be obeyed as you as you slip under their erotic spell. Your efforts are amusing to them as they laugh at your paltry manhood, but the shame is worth it to be allowed the privilege of worshipping these two Asian Goddesses.
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Female Worship – Princess Moka – I Like What Good Boy You Are

Moka likes good boys. Boys that obediently wait by her side as she reads, and boys that lick pussy on command. This boy meets those qualities which makes him a good boy.
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Subby Girls – The Big Spoon

Val tends to be the big spoon as she snoozes wrapped around Cassidy. Seems like Cassidy had a dream of being eaten out though, which is something Val is happy to make a reality first thing in the morning.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Your Gender is Sissy

Let’s get one thing clear, my dear. You’re not a man. Your desire to be dressed up and humiliated, made to wear women’s clothing, stockings, heels, makeup.. This obviously lacks all aspects of masculinity. But if you think you’re a woman, think again. Women are beautiful, graceful, sensual, and fine– you are not. Your gender is sissy. You’re something else, the chimera of the sexual world, made up of all these different parts. A man’s equipment but a woman’s desires and a slut’s need for humiliation. Fortunately for you, I know how to train the sissy and perfect it…
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Men Are Slaves – Control The Cock, Control The Male

It’s something most dominant women know, control the cock and you control the male. There are two ways to control it, one is with chastity which keeps males honrny and compliant. But Edyn, Kate and Kassondra prefer the other method which involves binding a slave to a table and electrocuting his cock and balls. He’ll do anything for the girls after they are done playing with their remote control voltage toy.
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Humiliatrix – Princess Remi Cucks You in the Crotch of Her Dirty Pantyhose

“I just had the most amazing after-work fuck session with my boss. He did things to me you can’t dream about, cuckybitch. We had some hot messy sex. But instead of cleaning up afterward? I decided to pull my pantyhose over the raunch and use my musky dirty panty-crotch to put you in your place and degrade you…”

Princess Remi, cuckold humiliation, sloppy seconds, dirty pantyhose…
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Humiliatrix – Remi Makes Mama’s Boy Pull His Pathetic Widdle Peanut for Her

“Aww. Did you get humiliated again today? Did loser get his feelings hurt? Would you like to snuggle up with Remi’s ample bosom while you tug on your tiny penis? Well you can’t suck my titties, but I will let you suckle this tiny penis pacifier while you jerk your own baby peanut and make a cummie in your PJ bottoms for Remi…”

Princess Remi, mama’s boy loser, baby talk mockery, jerk off taunts, cumcums…
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Clubstiletto – Domina Ruby – Good Slave, Bad Slave

A good Mistress knows it’s important to play one slave against the other, and Domina Ruby is a Master at this game. As one slave worships her ass, she pats him on the head and tells him what a good boy he is, what a good job he has done. Meanwhile, another slave sits dejectedly in the corner, his ears surely burning. Looking across the room, she says to the bad slave, “You there! Kneel and listen to the pleasure this one is experiencing, because you have really disappointed me.”. She then turns her attention back to the good slave. “You have been such a good boy that later tonight I’m going to make you my full toilet. Everything that comes from me will go into you”, she purrs. “It’s wonderful to receive my gifts, isn’t it? What an honor! Both you slaves could exist entirely on the delicacies my body produces.”. Imagine these two wretched slaves, hungry and eating at her trough. Imagine how they would compete to fill their growling tummies. To humiliate the bad slave even further, Ruby mentions that her stilettos are rather dirty and it’s a waste to have him languishing over in the corner. “Get over here and clean them”, she instructs. “Don’t miss a single spot but don’t annoy me either; just make yourself useful!”. Next, Ruby pulls her g-string to the side and tells the good slave to get his tongue deep inside and to clean her well. “It’s so lovely to have two slaves at my beck and call”, she chuckles, “not to mention having you little bitches constantly ready to attend to my every whim.”. She turns her attention back to the bad bitch and tells him where her stilettos have been today. She then shows her generosity by removing a shoe so he can suck her toes. To ensure both creatures realize they are only slaves, she sends out a real zinger. “The only thing missing is a real man up here to kiss me and touch my breasts.”. She scolds both slaves and makes sure they do as they’re told. You can see these two are in real competition, trying to please her and earn their status as her Number One. The last thing either of them wants is to drop to Number Three, which means lengthy cage-time and probably not enough ‘food’ to go around.

Mistress: Domina Ruby
Category: Toilet Slavery, Ass Licking, Big Butts, Foot Worship, Ass Worship, Toilet Fetish
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Clamped Tits

I have my slave bound to a chair and his tender little nipples are completely at my mercy. I test them with my sharp fingernails and smile at his response. I take my time applying clamps and torturing those sensitive bits of flesh. I pull and tug, lilstening to him cry, as I purr into his face. “You can take more for me, I know you can.” He whimpers as he knows he has no choice but to accept it. After the normal clamps come huge metal pillories that bring him to excrutiating pain. I want him to suffer more..

Categories: Bondage, Female Domination, Nipple Play
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Kinky Mistresses – Lady Luciana – Stretched With XXL Black Cock

Lady Luciana is not really happy with the tight asshole of her slave slut, so she loves to use a massive big black rubber strap-on and her fist to stretch…
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