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cfnmtv: The Country Doctor (part 1-5)

Dumb farmer George has come to see the local doctor to see if she can help with his very embarrassing and person problem: his penis becomes erect at the drop of a hat! He is in awe of the beautiful and confident woman and totally respects her authority. As a result, Doctor Charrington can easily persuade him to do whatever she wants…
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Mistress T – He Gets What You Don’t

***INTERRACIAL CUCKOLDING!*** You have always wanted me to shave my pussy for you but I refused…in fact, I’ve never really been very sexually enthusiastic with you. I have a new lover now, a hot black stud & he loves my pussy shaved so I do it for him. I’ll be doing everything with him from now on, all the things you wanted but you won’t get anymore. Kiss that shaved pussy good bye because you’re never going to get to fuck me again.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – CEI Penalty

I have a little jerk off challenge for you, slut. I’m going to rev up those enginges and push you hard to stroke for me but not to cum, because you’ll be positioned in such a way that if you cum before the time, it’ll be into your own face. So you must hold back from the inevitable erruption as I tease you to the brink, or it will be a mouthful of your own jizz as a reward. Think you can make it? I think you’ll be self facialing in no time..
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INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: Nov 17, 2017: Creep Charnel | Sierra Cirque

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Spanked Call Girl – July 21st, 2017 Veronica Spanks Chrissy and Cora

Chrissy and Cora defied their mom’s order and still tried to become callgirls. Unfortunately for them, their mom arrange to have Veronica Ricci teach them the rope – which leads for them receiving and even longer and harder spanking from Veronica, that will teach them to never disobey their mother. Starring: Veronica Ricci/Audrey Tate, Chrissy Marie, Cora Ora.
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Spanked Sweeties – Nov 16th, 2017 Ashley Lane Sp B Full

Ashley Lane is a beautiful blonde sweetie who was spanked by her mom and dad growing up. Her mom is played by Clare Fonda and a dad spanking is also re-enacted. Ashley gives an outstanding interview (and Clare coaches her how to spank) as she really gets into the nuts and bolts of spanking.
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Spanked In Uniform – St. Catherines Episode 33

When Headmaster Johnson did his daily rounds through the school, he found Monique and Stacey standing outside their classroom in the corridor. When he asked their teacher, she told him that they were caught passing notes and giggling and that is why they were kicked out of class. This is not good enough so he marched them both to his office and gave them both a hard 12 stroke tawsing and sent them back to class with the order that they must show their bottoms to the rest of the class as a deterent for further disruptions.
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Perfect Slave – Welcome Athena – Athena Angel

It’s time for Athena’s Perfect Slave debut…And we take a little time getting to know her. Seems she is a bit of a bondage rookie of sorts. But, we don’t mind… she’ll be whistling a different tune by the time we’re finished with her…We rope her arms behind her back and watch her writhe…She has an amazing body. Perfectly proportioned and she has beautiful tits…Next we neck rope her to the throne and Athena’s next sensation is that of the vibe pressed against her clit. Her pussy gets super moist as she grinds her pelvis against the vibrator head…Grinding hard it appears as if , at times, her swollen pussy swallows the vibe. And she doesn’t let up.
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