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Clubstiletto – You’ll Be Licking Asses All Night

The scene opens with Kandy getting her ass licked deeply by her depraved slave. As she is getting rimmed Jasmine enters the room and Kandy tells her that her ass is so dirty, that she has had the stomach flu and it’s been like liquid soup coming out of her ass. The slave is not deterred and keeps eating her out. Jasmine hops on the bed between the slave legs and starts to flog his balls lightly. “I’m surprised this bitch is not rock hard thinking about that taste in his mouth all night”, Kandy says as she starts to stroke the slaves cock.

There’s a lot of nasty toilet talk in this scene so not for the weak of heart. Kandy leans forward and gives you a nice view of her bung hole but not for long as the slave eagerly gets his tongue deep inside her. Kandy is very bitchy and bossy with her real time slave and it’s evident she has him well trained to do anything she demands of him. Her ass looks amazing and you’ll want to give up a nut to be the lucky guy that replaces this slave when her time comes to do so. A big plump fleshy ass, always dirty for you, a real dream cum true… but it gets better for this lucky boy. Kandy spreads her ass cheeks wide to see that it has been cleaned properly by the slave and it is in deed glistening clean. Now Kandy lets Jasmine take a ride on the slaves face. He has to lick her ass through the tiny string of her thong but he’s used to using his tongue and finds away to reach under the fabric. This slave has been trained to literally live for assholes. Now you get some views of Jasmine’s ass… so hot. Now Jasmine starts to ass smother him while Kandy starts to pull and twist his cock and balls. The slave starts to leak precum, the poor bitch is generally in chastity and never allowed to cum. The ladies again trade places because Kandy needs more licking of her ass. “If a slave can’t lick my ass for three or four hours at a time, he is of no use to me”, she states. Kandy rides his face and Jasmine strokes his cock. They decide they are going to take the slave to a party, so he can drive them, serve them and watch them flirt and make out with alpha males and some of the other ladies there will probably have dirty asses that need licked too.
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Clubdom: Busted by Goddess Vanessa

Goddess Vanessa’s foot has a date with this slave’s balls. She is going to punish him really bad by kicking his pathetic slut sacks in. Vanessa continuously delivers nasty blow after nasty blow, all so she can destroy him. The slave cannot handle it, but he can’t tell her to stop or else she will chop them off and he knows this. He must endure what she is giving him despite the pain.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Sonia: All Those Relationships That Never Worked Out, It Was Because Of Your Little Penis

Goddess Sonia

That little dicklette that you have the nerve to call a cock is really the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life. How can you even live with yourself a dick that’s smaller than my pinky? I don’t really have to tell you this because you already know, you’ve been told time and time again. But let me be the one to remind you, that your little tiny dick could never satisfy a woman. All you can do is sit there and stroke that tiny little clit of a dick.
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Daily Masturbation Instructions: I Decide When You Cum

You need me to teach you how to work that little cock of yours. I have all the tools with my beautiful breasts and legs you are spell bounded by me. I make you wank your cock whilst I rub my pussy at the same time watching you wank. Then I bend over and open my ass telling you I may let you put your cock in my back door. Your cock will be begging for release I shake my ass in your face to the rhythm of your wanking. Then I want you to cum on my ass only when I say so
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Brat Princess 2: BP – Best Cum Shots of 2017 (1080 HD)

1080 HD We don’t let our slaves cum often, and when we do, we try and make the experience as miserable for them as possible. Here are some of the best milkings and ruins from 2017. This highlight reel features ball kicking and punching mid climax, mind fuckery, multiple consecutive ruined orgasms, and forced cum eating. We were just plain terrible to our slaves in 2017, and we plan to treat them even worse in the new year.
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Mfvideobrazil: Sofa For The New Muscle Girl By Maiana Lima And Vanessa Camargo

Heavy sitting can be very sexy, right? The sofa girls, Maiana Lima and Vanessa Camargo are going to show you the perfect girl-with-girl domination! The inked domina’s body is beautiful. She punishes her slave with painful heavy sitting. Maiana Lima takes off her clothes during the video so you can take a look at her unshaved pussy! The slave wears no bra, so you can also see her round and pretty breasts. The heavy sitting is very unpleasant for Vanessa Camargo, because the domina sits on her face, chest and lap. The sofa girls play with each other for a very long time. The domination doesn’t feel good to the slave but she must endure the erotic humiliation.
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Houseofgord: Lola in the Corset Dress

Hey hey! Check it out… Lola is back! You can bet damn well that Gord will have to silence this one before she parades her around! Yes, Lola is a fun plaything, but Gord will have to exert more control over this one due to her tendency to talk back! Gags, hoods, and tape are all employed to shut her up! Well, we can always think of fun things for Lola to do… Check it out!
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Restrained Elegance: #GameOfSlaves: Candle Candle Burning Bright

Poor Bad Dolly is back in the dungeon for an intense torture session! Burning hot wax drips slowly, tormentingly, from the scarlet burning candles. Each drip lands on her naked unprotected flesh, scalding intolerably for a few seconds until the wax blessedly cools. But as the drips start to merge, there is enough wax to form an insulating layer, so when a drip lands, the wax runs under the previous crust, retaining more of its heat for longer and producing more and more intense sensations for the helpless gorgeous blonde to endure! And when she thinks it can get no worse, her torturer ups the intensity even further by dripping hot wax from just a few inches onto the soft helpless soles of her gorgeous bare feet! The wax flows and sears and burns as it follows every wrinkle and fold of her sexy feet….
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FutileStruggles: Dr. Cupcakes Binds IR with His New Clear Polymer Straps – Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended… Dr. Cupcakes applies an extreme cleave gag so he can note her reactions. Her reactions are intense. He doesn’t leave it on long as he has a harness ball gag made out of the same material as the straps. He tightly buckles it on. He then adds a few more straps to her legs and arms. Everything is checked for tightness and then a posture collar is added. He uses a few more zipties to cinch up the straps. Her gag is also ziptied to the bar above her head. Utilizing an overhead pulley, he pulls her up to her tippy toes and back down several times. He takes a seat as he handles the rope and enjoys IR’s posture.
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Mfvideobrazil: Scissor Dominance By Tati Devassa And Ariel

Fighting girls can be very sexy, right? Tati Devassa, the confident domina humiliates Ariel. The scissor and judoka are really painful to her. During the domination, the domina sits on the neck of Ariel in many positions. The girl-with-girl fight is very intense as you can see on the pictures. The scissor and judoka are made in bikini, therefore you can take a look at Tati Devassa’s body. She has big breasts and round ass. Her slave, Ariel looks good in the domination video. The fighting girls are playing on the bed so they have enough space to discover each others’ body. The pain that Ariel experiences is getting even worse because the domina becomes wilder and wilder.
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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Mandy – Save Me by

I’m very happy to be here, gentlemen. I want you guys on the inside to know that. Youve already paid your dues andI don’t have to sell you anything. I love my work, it’s fun to approach and rewarding when done.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Downward Spiral Trance

You’d be surprised how much your life is ruled by spirals. This perfectly round, conical shape is one of the natural shapes of the universe. Everything from the tiniest seashells to the spiraling galaxy we exist in are formed in this image. Your mind is naturally drawn to this shape. It makes it so easy to make you fall into my spiral. As it spins and turns you’ll feel yourself separating from your body and descending into lightness. You’ll let yourself fall away.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy – You Like Your Kandy

This hot scene opens with Mistress Kandy and Miss Jasmine touching each other intimately. The only thing that breaks the silence is the moaning below them, which we soon see is coming from their slave, who is being rammed with their super nasty heels. The Ladies are discussing the party they’ll attend that night and how much fun it will be. Before they leave, however, they’re going to have the slave suck and worship their feet, and if he does a good job, they might bring him along to attend to all the Women … and it’s going to be a big party. The Ladies aggressively move their heels all over his chest and shoulders and the slave is clearly in pain. Now, however, they decide they want their feet licked and massaged because they’re going to be on their feet a lot tonight and they want to be comfortable when they arrive.

Jasmine removes her boot and lays her musky foot down on the slave’s face, who obediently licks the sole. Jasmine suggests that while she’s getting her feet cleaned, Kandy might like to go down below to abuse the poor slave’s cock and balls. As Kandy moves to sit between his legs, she lets out a nice fart – it’s unexpected, but Kandy is famous for her farts and is not one to try to hold them in. As she rams her stiletto into the slave’s thigh, Jasmine removes her other boot and orders the slave to massage her foot with his hands. Once the boot is off she uses her toes to tug on his nipples while Kandy continues to make him suffer down below by crushing his nuts between her shoes. She switches to ramming the stilettos into his balls, which really causes the slave to moan and yelp. Jasmine sits on his face to shut him up, then slides down his body to switch places with Kandy. She uses the slave’s mouth as a foot holder, and while he massages her foot, she crushes his nuts in her hands. She slips on one of Kandy’s shoes so she can scratch a K and a J into his torso. As she draws the K, the slave cries out in pain and Jasmine says “Don’t tell me you don’t like Kandy; I know you like Kandy.” Jasmine decides she wants to stick her foot into the slave’s mouth alongside Kandy’s and the two Ladies really stretch out the bitch’s mouth. The slave finally gets a break from the abuse… but not for long! “Let’s step it up a bit” Kandy says, causing both Ladies to laugh out loud. They just can’t help themselves – they adore seeing slaves suffer.
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Kinky Mistresses – The anal bitch part 2

2 Ladies have a lot of fun with thair Slave. His asshole must serve today both Mistresses because both wants to fuck and stretch his hole and not only with a dildo, they want to fuck him at the same time and stretch his anal pussy with thair hands
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Red Catsuit in Stairwell Photoshoot

Another peek at the life of a modern day Goddess. Laura Dark captures my intense beauty in this photoshoot, and you get to watch as if you’re sitting at my feet. Watch my exquisite body as I pose in this slick red catsuit. My spiky red boots are so close you could almost reach out and kiss them. But you have to stay still and silent while I work, like a good boy.
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Restrainedelegance: Bikinis at Dawn

Well ok, it’s not actually dawn. But it’s the beginning of day 3 of our Spanish location trip with Natalia Forest, and we wondered if we could do a chair tie with more rope integrated into the chair than normal. Hywel said we could talk as I tied Natalia up. And then very possibly regretted it – it turned out that Natalia and I had a LOT of gossiping to do. But the rig turned out beautifully, in large part because Natalia is just so bloody flawless and beautiful. Honestly, it’s like she’s already been photoshopped. Kinda dazzling.
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FutileStruggles: Dr. Cupcakes Binds IR with His New Clear Polymer Straps – Part 1

Dr. Cupcakes has been underground for a while, but he never stops his research. He developed these strong clear straps and needed a subject to test them again after a disastrous first test. Illustrious Rouge will work nicely. He starts by manhandling his captive, before tightly ballgagging her. A clear strap body harness is first. It is tied off overhead to keep IR in place. He oils her up and starts binding her legs with the straps. Many straps are then tightened around her arms and body. He likes the way they look tightened against her smooth oiled up skin. He enjoys the view for a while and notes her reactions. He returns and removes her gag. This is where Part 1 ends.
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Ceara Lynch Humiliatrix: Suck and Fuck Strap-On Play

Look at that, this is what a real mans cock should be. Big, thick, perfect for diving into my wet pussy. Your puny little dick is useless. No woman will ever find pleasure in that worms flap of skin. So, why dont you just worship my cock instead. Go on, I know how jealous you are of my girth. Suck it! Lick me all the way up my long stiff shaft. Thats a good little sissy fag. Soon Ill force you down and with your asshole with it. I know you will love getting fucked by your Domme princess.
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Humiliation POV Princess Mika: Members Get Roasted And Exposed

Princess Mika

This is the video you all have been Begging me for! It’s our loser roast! In the forum in the members area, we asked you losers to post humiliating pictures of yourselves for a roast video. And wow did we get some fucked up pictures! Princess Mika will go through each and every picture and comment, laugh, scoff, and belittle you beyond imagination. We know those of you posted your pictures can’t wait to hear what Princess Mika has to say about you! I’m sure you’ll be jerking so hard when your picture comes up! Not only are we going to humiliate you, but you’re also being exposed to anyone who downloads or buys this clip! For those of you who didn’t post, I’m sure after watching this video, you’ll want to post your pics so you too can be exposed in our next video. If you’re not a member, join now and get degraded by the Brats of HumiliationPOV in our members forum and be featured in our next loser roast video!
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7 years later, Hugo, a 59 yo man bitch, meets Mistress Rachel for a head scissor session. The merciless Goddess just turned 18 when she met her white slave, it was the very first time she dominated a man, the first time she could use a guy as a guinea pig… A great memory.
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MeanWorld / SlaveOrders: Kristina Rose POV Slave Orders 8

Its your anniversary but your boss sent you away on a business trip. Now you find out that your wife Kristina has been fucking your boss… she is in his office right now! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, JOI, CUM COUNTDOWN, SPH, AND MORE!
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ballbustingchicks – Isabella – MP4/HD – How she learned to hit my tiny nuts!

For this purpose she just used her naked slave dummy… She already had much practice in kicking his bollocks with her high heels, but she also wants to learn the bullwhipping. So she first took his whole body and whipped his ass and his back. Soon he got nasty wounds on his body. Then she turned him around to hit his balls with her new bullwhip. When you ever get whipped your balls by a single tail whip, you know it hurts like hell on your nuts! First she missed her target sometimes, but get much better in hitting his balls towards the end! So this part – with the best hits – is repeated in slow motion at the end of the video.
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Boot Slaves

Mistress Savannah caught her maid lazing around and admiring her own feet and she gets her down on her knees to remind her maid of her place in life and that is to lick her boots clean
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Mandy Flores: Footjob Caught On Camera

The idea is that I’m a famous investigative TV reporter, and my camera man and I show up unexpectedly at your house and accuse you of being a "madame"…basically running a super-high end escort service, serving lots of rich and powerful men. I’m trying to expose you and your clients on national tv.

You totally act shocked and deny the accusations, but of course they’re true. And you’ve sized me up instantly. You can tell that I’m totally focused on your pantyhosed legs and and dangling high heels…I’ve obviously got a pantyhose, legs, and foot fetish. And I’m wearing a wedding ring! You wonder if my wife knows about all these freaky fetishes….

While on TV, you start to seduce me. I try to resist, but you expertly use my fetishes against me and I break down. I ask my cameraman for help, but it turns out you’ve already set him up with some of your girls, so he’s loyal to you now. You tell him to make sure he gets everything on camera as you get my pants down and give a virtual nylon footjob. After that I’m totally broken and you have your total way with me on tv. All the while you’re making fun of my poor attempts at resistance, talking to my wife through the cameraman, asking her if she "does things like this" for me, "teaching her" a few things how to please her man, making fun of my ruined marriage, and so on. This is what I get for confronting you!…..Mandy Flores
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