Month: January 2018

Female Worship – Riley Reyes – Sweaty Pussy

Riley Reyes may be petite, but she definitely packs a punch. Her training sessions do make her all tired and sweaty though, which is why sometimes she needs a break. Fortunately her male doubles as both sparring partner and oral pet, and right now it’s time for him to switch to oral mode.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Gagged and Fucked

I think you’ve forgotten what it’s like to serve me. You’ve become so used to worshiping my beautiful body and servicing your own cock that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a real slave. Your life as a slave is not your own. You’re mine to do with what I want, without regards to your comfort. You’re going to be fucked by who I want. You’re going to go where I want. You’re going to suck off who I want you to suck off. The best part is, you’ll like it. It’s time to remember what you are, slut.
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Futilestruggles: Cruel Zipties for Cherry Doll – Part 1

Cherry Doll finds herself hanging upside down. She has been being a brat lately, and her overall behavior has been unsatisfactory. A session out in the shop should help her attitude… at least for a while. After a short while, I enter the scene. I grab her by her hair and start smacking her ass. I spin her around a few times before I lift her shirt. I grope her tits before smacking them hard. CherryDoll yelps as my hand meets her tit flesh. I spin her around a few more times before grabbing a huge round sponge ball. I shove most of it in her mouth and seal it in with clear tape. I then completely cut off her clothing, leaving her in just boots and panties. I then take some time smacking her ass and tits. Cherry Doll is still yelping, but it’s much more muffled now thanks to the sponge ball gag. I then nipple clamp her and oil her. I love the way her skin glistens and it will make adding zipties much easier. I start by tightly ziptying her waist. Another goes between her legs… relentlessly digging in to her pussy. I then start adding them to her legs. Smaller zipties are used to cinch them. Other than steel straps, I’m not sure bondage can get much tighter than this. I remove her nipple clamps, only to re apply heavier ones. This time I hang a heavy piece of chain from them as well. I start smacking her ass again. She jerks and yelps, which makes the chain bounce and pulls even harder on the clamps. I add a very large padlock to the chain. Her nipples are really stretched now. I take a break. I sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I love seeing bound women hanging upside down. After my break, I return with a thin wooden paddle. I remove her nipple clamps and proceed to smack her now sore nipples and tits with the implement. She thrashes and jerks as her attitude adjustment continues. Her ass gets a few smacks as well. I ask her if she’s ready to come down. By her reaction, it sure seems that way. I remove her gag so I can hear her a little better. I suppose she’s probably learned her lesson by now, but I want to be sure, and I’m no where near done with her. This is where Part 1 ends.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Nikki – Watch Me Snooze

Goddess Nikki is tired and wants to take a quick cat nap. The good thing is she knows she can make money while she sleeps because piggies like you will stroke and pay to watch her ignore you.
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REAL TIME BONDAGE: Jan 27, 2018: O Cum All Ye Faithful Part 3 | Maddy O’Reilly

Maddy O’Reilly is opening her Christmas gifts. With each one comes a new way to torment her. A caning, a whipping, an orgasm, and a spanking. Maddy is so nice and opts to give her spanking to Summer. After all it is Summer’s favorite thing
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Futilestruggles: Drusillas First Hogtie – Part 2

Drusilla is once again manhandled and groped in between her legs being thoroughly bound. I also manage to bind her tits with some thin twine. I let her sit for a while, but she gets a panty gag sealed in with a full roll of vetwrap and some black electrical tape. This is where Part 2 ends.
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Feet Slave

Mistress Lynn summons her slave over to remove her flip flops and give her tired feet a nice foot rub and worship
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Ceara Lynch Humiliatrix: PANTY RIDER

Ever wonder what its like to fuck Ceara Lynch. Lying on your back and your rock hard cock waiting to slide into her wet pussy would be your absolute dream. HA, keep dreaming loser! Id never have sex with a jerkoff like you! Im only in your life just to tease and torment, driving you into a perverted state of madness. I know how badly you want me, so shoving my pink nylon panties and ass in your face brings me so much pleasure. Knowing you can never have this is so sexually frustrating for you, practically torture, stuck lying there as I play with your dripping cock. Ill even rub my ass on your stiffy and maybe even cradle you in my crack.
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Mandy Flores and Allison Julius: Foot worship fantasy

Not just one pair feet covered in long thick socks to worship but two pairs. 4 beautiful stinky feet for you to enjoy. Well worn and heaven scented and we love teasing you as if you are right there on your knees worhsiping our princess feet like they deserve. What a privilage to imagine for ten minutes what a foot session with the two of us would be like.

Featuring: Mandy Flores & Allison Julius
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Humiliation POV Miss Tiffany: Eating Your Own Cum Turns You Into A Faggot

Miss Tiffany

I don’t know how to break this to you, but every time you eat your own cum it makes you gayer. Yep. I know you think you’re straight but eating your own cum does take it’s toll on you. Every single time that you eat your own cum it’s making you more susceptible to becoming a cock sucker. In the beginning you had to be so turned on just to taste a drop of your own cum. But now look at you, you swallow your entire fucking load every time. Do you see what’s happening here?
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cfnmtv: No Safe Word Brothers (Part 1-3)

Hasip’s modelling career is turning out to be very different from what he was expecting. In his mind it would be a glamorous world of exotic locations and beautiful women fawning all over him. But the reality is that he’s utterly terrified and totally out of his depth…
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Society SM – Much Pain, Much Pleasure – Holly Wood

Holly is an incredible babe…a natural redhead with luscious natural tits, a small waist, wide hips, a flat stomach, a round ass and a hot pink orgasmic pussy…she has aspirations to be a Domme and sees her experiences on bottom as a must…she submits to the process for her own growth and our entertainment…I begin with Holly bent over and rigged to a spanking bench…I cut off her panties and flog her ass and back….she has a long day ahead of her and flogging is a great way to get the endorphins flowing…she’s going to need them all day….I clamp her nipples and tie them off…first I tease, the I mash the wand onto her cunt…Holly cums with no announcement…rude…one good cane stroke is all it takes to keep her asking permission for the rest of the day…In the next scene, Holly is kneeling atop a wooden box with her beautiful breasts smashed well in our device…a dildo is fixed inside her pussy…I hook her mouth open and begin her tit torture…flogging gets quite a reaction…then clamps with weights on her nipples…I tease and flog her pussy, then into an orgasmic frenzy…I rig the bottom half of her body to a spread bench and her hands in front…then the rig is pulled directly over her head, leaving Holly in an intense back arch…I tie off our tit smashers and hang weights from her pussy piercings…she doesnt like the heat gun at all…especially near those metal piercings…I stuff her cunt and watch her writhe through what must be very intense orgasms…and I keep her there until she’s spent…then down onto the ground with her upper body box tied…I rig her legs into winches and begin to split her…i stop to stuff her cunt with an inflatable dildo…then lay her back to be fully spread…the dildo wand combo once again turns our would be Domme into a helpless little cumslut…I nail her pussy piercings into the floor and leave her there.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Jan 29, 2018: Swung | Lydia Black | Jesse Dean

Little Lydia Black has the perfect bod for bondage; long and lanky, her legs look stunning chained up in strict device bondage. She struggles sweetly as Jesse steps in to ream her waiting throat. He fucks her face until drool pours down her chin and tears roll down her cheeks. She’s starved for every inch of dick, smiling as he pulls out to deliver a hard smack to her filthy face. She gasps for breath as saliva smears her makeup and matts her hair.
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SENSUAL PAIN: Jan 24, 2018: Anal Big Deep With Edging Together | Abigail Dupree

Master has me help a friend who loves riding the edge of orgasm while also seeing me edge and stop on his command. He is also fascinated with my larger and farther reaching toys and what I’m able to do with them anally.Though this a just part of the meeting online, it went on for quite a while with mutual pleasure. I feel like I have served him as Master has tasked me to do with great satisfaction, as a good sex slave should. I ride Chance very deep on the fuck post and even give a taste of anal fisting with insights into my personal orgasm buttons. I end our session with a teasing blowjob with deepthroat and get an amazing view of his built up orgasm. Will you edge along with us?
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Futilestruggles: GiGi I Saw You – Part 1

You: Brown hair, Brown eyes… You were buying rope and duct tape at the Dollar store. You were not particularly good looking, but there was just something about you. Maybe it was the dirty lab coat you were wearing, or maybe it was the fact that you smelled like tires… I don’t know, but I want to. Me: Brunette, Brown eyes. I was wearing red shiny disco jeans, which you complimented me on. I said "Thank You" in a Joysey accent. You smiled and walked out the door. A few seconds later I walked out as well and you had, what seemed like magic, just disappeared. It’s not long before GiGi is bound, ballgagged, and noosed in some old industrial building. Out of the shadows comes the man she saw at the Dollar store. She doesn’t know it, but unfortunately for her, she has drawn the attention of Dr. Cupcakes. He smacks her ass a few times and then immediately starts binding her further. He adds a crotchrope and then starts tying her legs. He gets a few more ropes above and below her tits as well. She’s a feisty one though, so he decides to give her something to think about. He ties a rope to the front of her crotchrope and ties it off overhead, forcing her forward. He then ties a rope to the crotchrope behind her and ties it off up high on the post, further tightening it. It is now TIGHT. With GiGi under control, Dr. Cupcakes adds more rope, alot more rope, to her legs. He then removes the noose and makes her sit. He quickly adds more rope to her ankles and feet. Her Ballgag is removed and replaced with an old rag and clear tape. GiGi continues to be feisty, so he cuts open her pretty blouse and clamps her nipples with some nasty utility clamps. He then continues roping up her upper body, including her elbows. Dr. Cupcakes then shoves an old steamer chest up beside her. What is that for GiGi wonders… will I be put in it?!… That’s where Part 1 ends.
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Humiliation POV The Mistress B: I Will Stroke Your Brain As You Mindlessly Edge Your Cock

The Mistress B

This hyp n0 t!c clips has audio and visual triggers set to program you on loop into a brainless edging machine.

Breathe in deeply. Feel your body relaxing at the sound of my voice. Focus on your breathing and just relax. Relax your mind so that I may enter it as the rest of your body relaxes. All of that energy, that red hot pulsing need, moves down and rests in your groin. Your cock throbs as the rest of you sinks deep into relaxation. Without taking your eyes off of me, slowly, stroke. Do as I say puppet.
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Look what I caught in my fishnets. A pair of beautiful and juicy feet with long toes, wiggling though the holes. My feet are practically bare and my toes squirming in the fresh air has you squirming in your seat. I know you love my feet in anything from heels and pantyhose to smelly sneakers. Imagine running your tongue along the criss-crossing webbing across my soles, then being treated by my pretty bare toes waiting to be worshipped. Theres nothing more youd love to do then to start stroking your cock to my fishy feet.
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Ball Busting Chicks: Cheyenne: Dirty Talking & Ballbusting

This movie is for men who like women talking about it, to trigger their dirty fantasies… but also doing it! She talks about the different aspects of busting a man’s balls, in connection with and harassments, that he is not good enough for her and more… She really talks her object down. She talks into the camera in detail about her sexual needs and how she did ballbusting in recent sessions. Real brutal, she even talks about bl**ding balls etc. also about not satisfying – too small – dicks etc. But there is not only talking in this video!
While lying relaxed on the bed and talking, she eventually turns to her naked slave and kick him in the balls! It seems her own dirty stories turned her on for ballbusting… To finish him off for the day, she stands up and kick him a few times more in the balls.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Fishnetted Floorlicker

I firmly believe in reinforcing the proper place of all my piglets on a constant basis. Without it their little man brains start thinking about things they want and need rather than pleasing my every whim. It must be very uncomfortable for such a large specimen to be confined in that small steel cage for hours on end. I know there’s no other place it would rather be. Just to make sure, however, I let it out for some refreshment — licking my spit of the floor, and some attention — cropping that dick that got hard from licking my spit off the floor. Then I added a pair of nipple clamps and shoved it back into its home for a while. Maybe next time it’ll be a little more grateful to be locked up in my cage when I remove those clamps. Maybe I’ll just keep it in there forever!
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Brat Princess 2: ChiChi and Kendall POV – Give Our Bikini Bodies Five Worship Edges (1080 HD)

1080 HD We’re letting you out of chastity, loser, because we want five worship edges. Show us how great we look in our bikinis. We want you to lose your mind as we oil each other’s asses right in front of you. But remember, just edging! When we say, ‘hands off,’ we mean it. You can’t cum! You’re not going to like what happens, once you’re finished edging. But we’re going to do it anyway.
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Brat Princess 2: Chloe and Natalya – Lizzy Spanked for Seeking Attention from the Popular Girls (1080 HD)

1080 HD Lizzy made a huge mistake. She asked Chloe is she could go to a party with her. Gross. Chloe would never be seen in public with Lizzy. It’s extremely insulting she would even ask. Chloe drags Lizzy into the living room by the ear, so she can voice her grievance to their housemate, Natalya. Natalya has a beef with Lizzy, too. Lizzy is supposed to organize all her lip glosses in a very particular way, but Lizzy left one of Natalya’s lip gloss slightly open. It could have dried out! Lizzy needs to be taught a lesson. Natalya takes Lizzy over her knee. She and Chloe spank Lizzy. Lizzy squeals in pain. It’s very humiliating to be spanked by her housemates. Lizzy’s pale little booty gets red. Chloe threatens the belt next time, and reminds Lizzy that she’s lucky to be spared that for now.
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Kinky Mistresses – The Muscle Mistress

Mistress Kennya presents her fantastic body to her submissive fetish slave. She is in a very good condition and her slave feels the power of her legs on his own body while his head is between her strong legs.
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Clubstiletto – Loser Eats The Others Cum

Things are always kinky at FemmeCorp, where Women rule completely. Today, Kandy and Ruby have the ex-CEO and ex-Accountant in the staff room to dispense some more ‘guidance’. The two sluts lie naked on their backs, with the Ladies’ feet in their mouths. The two lovely Ladies have decided to amuse themselves by holding a cock-stroking contest. One slave will cum and the other will eat the cum of the ‘winner’. The loser must also wear the ‘cocksucker bib’, which is a sign to alert other male employees to the fact that they can use this slave for a blowjob at any time. While the slaves stroke their tiny dicklettes, the Ladies ram their toes into the the poor boys’ mouths, smother them with their feet, and make them lick their filthy soles. The CEO is soon on the edge and begs for permission to cum, but is denied and told to hold off.

Ruby starts a countdown at ‘ten’ and announces that the slaves may cum on the count of ‘one’. Both slaves flail away at themselves, the accountant trying to bring himself close, while the desperate CEO tries very hard not to cum too early. Finally, when he hears the count of ‘one’ the CEO lets his load go and cums all over his own stomach. The Ladies mock both slaves and order the Accountant to lick up all the cum. The Accountant doesn’t resist; he’s been well trained and doesn’t want to be beaten, so he crawls over and eats his meal.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Ruination

I don’t think you deserve a real orgasm. I think you deserve to be brought to the edge over and over again. I like the desperation in your eyes as you beg me to cum, but I don’t think I’ll let you do it today. I don’t think you’ve earned that little explosion of cock juice. So you’re going to build yourself up and then ruin it for me. Right here, right now. Today I’ve decided you aren’t worthy of the pleasure of cumming for me.
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MissNoelKnight – A Dream Come True

You wake up restrained and trapped in a toilet chair. You are utterly terrified until the lid lifts and you see me – your sweet, loving girlfriend. I tell you that I know your little secret. I know you have a toilet slavery fetish. You see, I thought you were cheating on me, so I did a little digging around. Low and behold, I find that youre not a cheater; you’re just a filthy toilet boy! I’ve decided I’m going to make your fantasy come true. You’re going to spend all weekend locked away in this chair and anytime I have to take a $hit or Pi$$, you’re going to gobble it down like a good boy. Who knows, I may enjoy having a toilet boy so much that I decide to keep you here forever…
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Female Worship – Workout Your Tongue Before You Workout Your Body

Working out your body is fine, but every male needs to spend as much time working out their tongue. Fortunately this is a task that Blake Morgan is always happy to help her man with at all times.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Nikki – My New Jeans

Goddess Nikki keeps her tight young body fit by working out regularly. That’s why she looks so damn good in tight jeans. See for yourself as she flaunts her form in these new jeans that one of her paypigs bought for her, and edge to them hoping she will let you cum.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Helen Stephens – Reform Academy – CQ

Helen Stephens totally nude for a final caning, held over a gym horse
Creamy smooth bottom bared, naked breasts jiggling, Helen Stephens waits to be told to bend over the gym horse in Reform Academy. Once over, Belinda Lawson grabs Helen’s wrists to hold her in position for Earl Grey’s final caning, seen from multiple angles. Exclusive behind the scenes chat with Belinda and Helen about the series!
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AssumethePositionStudios – Arielle Lane -Begging for a Spanking

Arielle Lane lays Seductively she bends over, showing you her incredible beautiful bottom. Her hands caress her round cheeks as Her pretty brown eyes implore. She confesses her need for a spanking, begging you. Pulling her yoga pants down to show off her gorgeous bare bottom she slaps her pretty cheeks repeatedly. Your hand reaches out to oblige her pretty peachy mounds and she moans with each slap. Don’t you want to spank this beautiful naughty girl?
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