Month: November 2017

cfnmtv: St Dunstans (part 1-12)

Description: The mums at the salve auction are clamouring for more. Driven to a frenzy thanks to the potent punch they’re drinking they have totally lost their inhibitions. Fortunately backstage, Alice and Emily have prepared a fresh batch of schoolboys for Miss Warburton to present. The terrified young lads don’t have a clue what’s in store for them.

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Cum Countdown – Princess Leya – Don’t Fuck Up My Score

Princess Leya sure loves her video games, especially the ones that she can dance do. And while she dances and plays she will let you stroke your cock, but don’t cum until she grants you permission.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Thigh Highs and Ass Worship

It’s been a little while since you’ve knelt and paid homage to my ass, slave. I know the thought of pressing your lips to each cheek makes you hard already, but you’ll have to wait. I’m going to sloooowly tease you as you are made to jerk in ever increasing intensity. By the time I finally lift the edge of my skirt to expose my tiny g-string and thigh-high stockings, your balls will be ready to explode. But hold it, boy… hold it for a few minutes longer..
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Goddess Harley – My Laughter Is Not Complete

You can cum yet… I’m not done laughing at you. Keep stroking and keep listening to my evil giggles at your expense! Edge to my tita and laughter, Edge to my legs and my laughter, LOL!
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GoddessFootWorship – Tara Ashley – Cheater’s Fetish

Tara Ashley has a special arrangement with her footperv boss, despite being a married woman. The slender brunette wears the sexiest dresses and high heels for his enjoyment, then lets him touch, kiss, suck, and smell her beautiful feet after she runs his errands. While the deal began for her boss, Tara has come to love having her feet worshipped as much as he does. He finishes the workday by stroking his hard cock against her small, soft feet and then soaking her soles with his cum.
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Female Worship – Which Button Was It?

It’s interesting how fast Helena Locke’s shorts come off when Kendra James pulls out the vibrator. Now after some quick oral prep Kendra will start the toy and see how many interesting sounds Helena will make while she uses it.
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FantasyDamsels – Electric Screams – Reena Sky

Reena’s peaceful slumber is suddenly disturbed as she hits a heavy REM cycle, and her mind takes her to places she had never been conciously…The masked man leads her into the Dungeon and roughly begins to grope her pussy…Stocked and shackled, she is subjected to his whip, as he works it deftly across her backside…Quietly, he brandishes a cattle prod and menacingly teases her with it…He buries a vibe in her pussy and Reena is helpless, her body writhing in orgasm.
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Strict Restraint – Give and Take Pt II – Nikki Phoenix

Nikki’s breasts are tied tight with cord and her body bent backwards…she is stretched between two points on the floor…the session begins with some slapping…I do feel bad for those models who set Soma off…In Nikki’s case, it’s just a cute nose trick…she would have been better off not knowing any nose tricks…not that I dont enjoy watching the variety of punishments and verbal humiliations Soma serves up…maybe I dont feel that bad for them…in the end, Soma would find a good reason to do what she does…Nikki endures tough stretching, pussy clamps and sole caning…in the last scene, Nikki is bent and fucked by a machine while being held by stocks and ropes…she is absolutely helpless as Soma flogs hes ass and back…then she climbs on top and has Nikki cumming at will…It’s defnitely good to have Goddess Soma back at Dungeon Corp.
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Female Worship – Blake Morgan – Get To Work

Blake Morgan is taking a quick catnap when her male comes home from work. He’s tired but doesn’t have the luxury of rest because Morgan puts him back to work orally tending to her, then dismisses him to make her dinner.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Silky Edging Game

Dressed in super shiny pink satin, I have a devious little edging challenge for you. This little nightie is the ultimate tease and I’m not wearing a bra either… You’re going to have to stare into my beautiful visage as I instruct you to the brink of each orgasm and then wheel you back from the finish over and over. You’re going to build up a massive load for me and then have to wait until I give the command to spill it. I want you to edge until your balls ache.
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Jerk To My Feet – Alex Blake – Hot Stinky Socks

Every time naughty Alex Blake wears her pretty, pink, over-the-knee socks, you can’t help yourself from staring. Alone with her in Study Hall, she decides to use your obsession with her socks to her advantage. She’ll show you hers if you show her yours… Watch this hot student remove her stinky sneakers and wiggle her toes in her long socks, just to tease you. Alex wants you to cum for her socks, right here in Study Hall. Will you risk it for the hottest girl in the school?
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Clubstiletto – Ruby’s PVC Ass Crush

Domina Ruby has one slave blindfolded on the floor and another in the stocks. Today she’s working them both over big time. She starts by plunking herself down on the first slave’s chest, knocking the wind out of his lungs. She bounces up and down, causing him to grunt and groan until she silences him beneath her PVC covered ass. “Let’s see how long you can hold your breath” she tells him. The slave does quite well at first, but eventually he’s past his breaking point. When Ruby finally gets up, he frantically fights to catch a breath for an instant before she’s back down on him again. As she sits on him, she makes things even more difficult by pulling on his nipples.

Ruby is not in a generous mood today, and at the moment, she sees no reason to let her slave breathe. You can see and hear how frantic he becomes before she eventually sits up, again, only for a second. This time she sits for an even longer period of time before getting up to give her other slave a second of attention, making sure he’s watching, because he’s going to be next. She returns to sit on the first slave’s face again, this time in the forward position. She really tests his limits and when she gets up he’s almost frantic. She tells him to relax but then sits right down again. The slave’s cock starts to grow as his limits are pushed, and this time Ruby gets a nice long sit from him. She gives him a short breath before she sits down, and this time she just lets him kick and kick and kick, while you listen to his muffled screams coming from under her ass.
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Subby Girls – I’m Bored And I Wanna Play

Seems like Violet October is bored and wants to play, so she wanders over to where Paige Pierce is quietly reading and starts to bug her. It works because eventually she ends up over Paige’s knee as she works the vibrator on her womanhood.
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