Month: August 2017

cfnmtv: No Safe Word (Part 1-5)

Belinda’s new business venture is booming now she has not one but two male victims to film. With both model Nick Travis and the unwitting Matteo under her control she can do whatever she wants – and she’s very imaginative when it comes to ways to humiliate them.

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Restrainedelegance: #GameOfSlaves: Bad Dolly Captured

I think I’ve finally tracked down this girl’s first vid. In it she’s stalked and captured, dragged to that dungeon we’ve always seen her in. Her clothes are cut off and she’s left bound, ball-gagged and naked in the stone cold cell. She doesn’t seem to know what she is in for. I thought #GameOfSlaves was meant to be consensual submission but this looks a lot like a kidnapping to me. What do you think? Is she just doing a clever marketing thing by portraying herself as a vanilla girl captured and tortured against her will, or do you think it is real? Are there dommes in the game actually kidnapping people? I know the subs are in short supply and I know the whole scene is underground and illegal anyway but… No. I think she must just be using it as her unique selling point, the mysterious girl who has been kidnapped into #GameOfSlaves.
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LatinaPatrol: Latina Patrol Goldie Glock

Latina Patrol Goldie Glock – Stop, Question, Fuck! Following a stakeout, LP Agents Bruno and Mitch spot their target Goldie Glock coming out of work and quickly swarm on her. The …
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Hunterotic: Faceslapping -By Domina Emilia And Her Slave Miranda

Emilia spends all her anger on a poor little slave by face slappng. She slaps Mirand untill the girl sobbing from pains, as loud as you’ve never seen. Emilia really loves to hear that, so she gives the slaps more intensive and harder. Little Mirand’s face burning from the spanking, but Emilia not interested about her, and even enjoy seeing Mirand’s agonizes…
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Restrainedelegance: Captured Jogger (Part Four)

In the final dramatic instalment of slave-girl Ariel’s journey from captured jogger to pleasure slave, her master locks her in a steel cage and cuffs her feet to a spreader bar so that she cannot withdraw her legs or protect her soles. Then he really lets rip on her with torments ranging from tickling through to the delicious pain of the two-wheeled electric pinwheel on her delicate, helpless soles! And finally… stinging nettles!
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Cheating Confessions

Custom vid, no name mentioned…well, I do call you ‘tiny’. I know that I broke your heart & I never told you the truth about some of the things you figured out. I feel the need to confess, to tell you the truth about my cheating. I know this is going to hurt & you might even cry…but you’ll still be in love with me…& I bet in some twisted way it turns you on. You need to know that we hardly ever had sex because you couldn’t please me. The sex I had with black men was so much better & I deserve to be satisfied. I have a lot to tell you so brace yourself…
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Humiliation POV Princess Amai: Clip Lurker Turned Addict, There’s No Turning Back Now

Princess Amai

You finally clicked and bought one of my clips. I know you’ve been lurking on my page and over my clips for years. Jerking off to the preview images while you read the descriptions. But you’ve been too much of a pussy to buy one until now. And now you’re fucked. You’re going to become addicted to me and my clips and you’re going to be clicking over and over again. What have you gotten yourself into? Now you’re not going to be able to think of anything else. And I’m sure part of you already knew that in that fucked up little head of yours. You knew that once you finally gave in and clicked that you’d become so fucking addicted. That’s why you held out for so long.

But when you saw this clip you couldn’t resist any more. And even though you knew it would fuck you up, you couldn’t help yourself. I own you now, your wallet, your soul and your mind, they’re all mine. You can try and fight it, but you’re going to find yourself clicking again and again. You’re an addict and I know how to fuck with addicts like you. You’re going to be my fucked up mush brained puppet.

Clicking, clicking, clicking, you’re going to become a little jerkoff addict for my clips. And this thought excites you so much. You’ve wanted to give in for so long. But you were scared to finally admit to yourself what you really are. You knew once you did this there was no turning back, and you were right, there is no turning back now.

You’re so fucking weak, the moment you bought this clip you gave in. You’re going to be helplessly clicking for me for the rest of your life. You’re going to be a jerkoff addict for me. In fact while you’re watching this clip I want you to open up my store and start clicking. I want you so fucked up, I want your head spinning. You’re not going to be able to stop. You are completely fucked now, you should have never purchased this clip. That one click just changed your entire life.

I’m going to verbally and mentally scramble your brains in this clip. Click, click, click.
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Spittingbitches: Stellina covers his whole body with spit!

Stellina stands above the guy and spits right at his naked upper body. She enjoys the power she possesses and wants to see his whole body covered with her spit! The best thing to do so is to use her shoe soles! So Stellina continues to spit at him and brays everything with her shoes… even his face is covered with spit! Hmmm… it looks sooo tasty! 😀
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Anais went on vacation in the sunny South of France, in a villa generously lent by one of her subs, surrounded by a park of over 10 ha, a sun terrace, a jacuzzi, a fitness room, a swimming pool, managed by Pavel, the handyman.

Happiness never comes alone, Pavel is not only the pool cleaner, he’s a also fetishist (yes man!). Anais has just turned 20, she loves to get her tanned tootsies worshipped, and she intends to use the handyman and to abuse him. It would be difficult to describe the pleasure of Pavel when he’s at Anais’ feet ! Miss India knows perfectly how to handle her new sub: after having given her pants to smell, she spits on her soles and gives them to lick to Pavel:

“smell my feet, suck my toes, jerk off”

The guy is on cloud nine, it’s better to clean Anais’ feet than cleaning the pool!

BTW, you wouldn’t have by any chance a villa? Anais intends to go on holiday again next month…
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Sarah Banks 2

Jack’s new secretary is black, bossy, and bitchy! She has no interest in working for him.. instead she makes him work for her, as her Asslicker and foot cleaner! ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, RACEPLAY, AND MORE!
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Ballbustingchicks: Hera: A day in the life of a Dominatrix – Part 2

Now up again and even more eager for cock and ball t*rture she ties his penis up with a string to get full access to his bollocks. That means an even harder whipping of his down dangling nutsack and brutal ball kicks to the helpless tied up man…
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Ballbustingchicks: Hera: A day in the life of a Dominatrix – Part 1

This consist of walking in High Heels, showing her slender legs and hot black fetish outfit. Intimidating her naked male slave. Digging her high heels in is ball sack, whipping and beating them in the most sadistic way! Then she leaves him, his genitals are still tied to the stair, to get some rest before the next punishment…
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Female Worship – Ella Nova – You’re The Best

Ella Nova adores this male because he always goes the extra mile to please her, especially when it comes to oral service. Ultimately that’s what she wants from all her men, for them to be caring, attentive and obedient.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Slut Wife Fuckover

Honey we need to have a talk. This marriage of ours is such a sham.. Our sex life is non-existent for you, but not for me. You see I’ve been slutting all over town. I’ve been fucking men right and left, and it’s about time that you knew. And I know that you won’t file for divorce because you need me, need my money, and you’re too pathetic to want to live without me anyway. So let me explain how things are going to work.. how I’ll be going out and satisfying myself, your time spent in chastity, and the potential rewards if I’m happy. You knew having a hot wife would come with consequences..
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Humiliation POV Goddess Sahrye: New World Order, Women And BBC Rule, Eradicating Little Dick White Boys (August 29th 2017)

Goddess Sahrye

There’s a new world order and as it should be, women are in charge. And we get to choose who we fuck. So let me tell you how things are going to go from now on. I and every other woman in the world will only be fucking huge black cocks. I will only let gigantic thick black dick inside of me. And all of you tiny dicked white boys, I’ve got serious plans for you.

You little dick sissy bitch white boys will always be wearing sissy panties. Because let’s face it, your teeny tiny little white pricks are useless. They serve absolutely no purpose. There is no way that would ever satisfy me. So we need to do something practical with them like putting them in frilly, feminine panties. And the only thing you will do is rub those itty bitty little white penises through your panties because you’re good for nothing else.

When I’m in charge, when women are in charge, the world will be run so much better. You will beg us to let you watch us fuck ginormous black mandingo dick. You’ll be creaming in your panties just to see some big black dude fuck me into a coma. I rule the world now, I’ll decide if you can watch, I’ll decide if you can cum. And if you want to cum there’s only one way to do it. You need to find another teeny tiny dick white boy like you in his pretty panties, and you’re going to touch him like the sissy faggot that you are because that’s the only way that you’re going to get release. The only way you’re going to get any sort of pleasure is with other little dick bitches like yourself. You sissy faggot white boy. There’s no way someone like you could please someone like me so we might as well make the only use of you that we can, turning you into little sissy faggots. Feminine sissy faggots touching each other as you watch black guys pound our pussies.

Soon you’ll be eradicated. Soon they’ll be no such thing as little dick white boys. They’ll only big giant dicked black men, fucking all the women of the world while slowly but surely white teeny tiny white dick losers like you become extinct from the world. You will be erased from this world while women rule, just like we were meant to, with giant cocks inside of us, telling the world what to do. Slowly but surely, teeny tiny little penis white boy faggots like you wearing panties become non existent because you serve no purpose in this new found world. The new world order has begun.
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Men Are Slaves – Goddess Dava – Put Your Back Into It, Part 1

When Dava is holding a video camera, you know there will be humiliation to come. Of course this slave has already been degraded as his face shows with all sorts of lipstick writing on it. But now he will have to please both Dava and Angel by grovelling at their feet and accepting whatever degradation they throw his way, with the girls filming it all for their amusement.
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Jerk To My Feet – Kendra Heart – You Love My Feet

Kendra Heart is cute as pie and sexy as hell, and she knows you’re obsessed with her pretty pink feet. She’s feeling frisky today and wants to see you jerk your cock to her feet, so she slips off her shoes and shows you what you’re missing. Giving you jerk off instructions while she teases you with her soles, Kendra tells you how much she loves foot worship. She loves to give foot jobs and the thought of you stroking yourself while you watch her feet is making her hornier by the moment. Don’t lose focus, her adorable smile and playful giggling will stop if she sees you take your hand off that cock. Watch her toes wiggling and imagine how good they smell, how delicious they must taste. When she’s ready, Kendra tells you to make a man mess all over her girly toes. You’re a lucky boy!
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cfnmtv: Humiliation Club (part 1-3)

For the schoolgirls it’s the most thrilling lesson they’ve ever had! Ms Charlesworth has given them their very own nude male to play with – and they are taking full advantage. Mr Derek must submit and stand there while the girls toy with his penis and testicles. But he’s not the only one in for an unpleasant surprise today…
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Clubdom: Brat Doms Slave Dinner

Goddess Mena Li and Goddess Rachael Madori lock their little latex slave in the kitchen pantry while playing with his friend Bobby, that is under the impression its dinner time. Little does he know the Goddesses have another kind of meal in store for him. Shaking and terrified, they bring him out to play, laying him down on the table to prove his willingness, and worthiness. Goddess Mena strokes his pathetic dick, while Goddess Rachael moans in ecstasy from making him eat her pussy, getting it all juicy and wet. The Goddesses switch places on their new slave and finally giving him permission to spill his disgusting filth all over himself, making him eat it instead of the meal he thought he was going to get.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Kendra, Ginger Babbi – Spoiled Sister’s Discipline

Adorable teen redhead Ginger Babbi has been staying with her big sister, the fierce Goddess Kendra James. Goddess Kendra was kind enough to let Ginger stay in her apartment for free as long as she got a job to help pay for the rent. However, naive Ginger Babbi has gotten lazy and hasn’t met Goddess Kendra’s expectations of her. Goddess Kendra teaches Ginger a lesson by tying her up and giving the soles of her feet a hard paddling! The spoiled little girl begs to be released and promises to do anything Goddess Kendra says. If she refuses to find a job, she will have to be Goddess Kendra’s personal slave. She can start by worshipping the Goddess’s dirty, sweaty feet! She’ll learn what a hard day’s work tastes like, one way or another.
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Jerk To My Feet – Nikki Vixon – Regular Doctor Visits

Nikki Vixon thought she was alone in the exam room, but you walk back in and discover her touching herself in the chair. She sees you checking out her feet, and offers to let you lick them if you promise not to tell anyone. The next thing you know, she’s naked in the gyno chair, legs spread with her delicious feet hanging over the stirrups. You’re licking and sucking her perfect feet while she touches herself in plain view. This is not your average doctor-patient exchange, but you’re not complaining. Foot worship can be like therapy, and you can tell she likes it too. She’s letting you enjoy those toes and soles as she gets herself closer to orgasm. She gets close and begs you to suck her toes as she cums.
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Femdom Empire – Tiffany Tyler – I don’t cheer for LOSERS!

Miss Tiffany doesn’t cheer for losers.. she punishes them! Tiffany humiliates the loser football player by making him massage, lick and worship her feet after cheering for him. She wipes her feet against his tongue making him lap up the sweaty bottoms of her feet. If he had won the game maybe he would be getting pussy tonight, but instead this loser will spend the night with a foot shoved in his mouth.
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Mistress T – Sissy Extreme Chastity Tease

*** UNIQUE CHASTITY! *** Cock piercing locks to piercing behind balls, locking cock in a downward position making an erection painful & impossible. My sissy comes into the clinic to have her transformation monitored. We discuss male urges & I unveil my reasoning for piercing that is now healed. I bring out a lock & key explaining to my sissy that arousal will become so painful I will now gain complete control over all male urges. I lock his/her cock to a ring between the scrotum & anus (perineum) then sensually tease him to demonstrate how painful erections will now be. This is a very sexy tease & denial vid with extreme chastity.
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Pure CFNM – Dressing Room Flasher

Shop assistant Stella is shocked when she walks past the changing room and sees a naked man with the curtains half open. She watches him for a while and then calls over her manager and colleagues. After a few minutes of watching him manager Sasha has seen enough and they burst in to find out why he has his trousers off when he was trying a shirt on! They agree he is a flashing pervert but when they see his cock they decide to have some fun. One by one they suck his dick until it is throbbing hard and then they make him cum all over himself!
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Spanked Call Girls – Clare Spanks Kira for Slacking Off

When Madam Clare gets a call complaining about how new girl Kira slacked off on the job, not wearing the requested outfit and not delivering the goods, she takes it out on Kira’s big, round bottom in the form a sound spanking over Clare’s knee.
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Girl Spanks Girl – Full4 Punished at the Border

Linny Lace tries to smuggle something into a country that has strict rules against it. She meets with the very strict border officer, Veronica Ricci, who shows Linny exactly how the discipline is dished out with this offense in her country. She strips Linny naked and whips her to tears. She also puts her over her knee for a long, incredibly hard spanking with hand and wooden bath brush that even draws blood. She finishes off the punishment with a paddle and cane. This is one of the most severe punishments you will see anywhere.
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