Month: March 2017

Kinky Mistresses – Mistress Adina – Worship My Ass

Mistress Adina in her first clip on Kinky Mistresses. See this ebony Lady how she loves to present her long legs, her beautiful and sexy ass,……… and…
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Clubstiletto – Look At All The Pretty Colors

This is a straight old school double Domme flogging and Domina Ruby and Princess Skylar delight in the colors they manage to create on this slaves backside. Constant flogging, including the destruction of a flogger.

Mistress: Domina Ruby, Princess Skyla
Category: Flogging, Flogging, Cropping
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Kinky Mistresses – Queen Qandisa – Nipple Torment in Clingfilm

Gorgous Ebony Goddess, Queen Qandisa makes you wish this would be YOU?!

She seduced her slave until he committed to be wrapped in clingfilm, …
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Syren Productions – Day Of Reckoning For Prick Tease Part 1

Bart is tied down over the spanking bench and he thinks he’s about to do a CP scene with Mistress Ayn and Goddess Samantha. Little does he know that Ayn has other designs on his ass. Ayn explains to Bart that ever since she’s met him, he’s been promising they could do a strap-on scene together, but he always comes up with an excuse and a “next time” answer. This time there will be no excuses. Mistress Ayn gives him a few swats with the paddle and makes fun of him for having an erection right before he’s about to have his ass plowed. Ayn canes his asshole so it will be good and sore for her cock. She then lubes up his ass with her finger. Now the ladies are ready for their spit roast, to be seen in part 2.

Featuring: Goddess Samantha, Mistress Ayn
Categories: Pegging, Strap-on
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Female Worship – Goddess Dahlia – Take Off My Shorts

Dahlia loves to see her man working away, taking care of chores that she doesn’t want to do herself. She will reward him though, by allowing her hard working man to peel off her shorts and be rewarded with the prize he wants most.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Nikki – Edge

It must be frustrating to adore Goddess Nikki and not be allowed to cum. To be brought to the edge waiting for climax permission time and time again from your female owner. But you know your torment pleases her which is why you will suffer at the edge like a good male.
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Subby Girls – I Love My Hooker, Part 2

Leya loves to give oral worship as much as she does to receive it. So it’s no surprise that pretty Belle finds herself on the couch with legs spread for Leya to have her taste.
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SENSUAL PAIN: Mar 30, 2017: Cane and Strap | Abigail Dupree | Master James

I put my slave through a lot of rigorous tests and physically challenging situations… A lot of which are not exactly the most enjoyable… even for her and her need for suffering. But when W⁄we first met and began to taste of one another, there was a dance that took place that was foundational.
Old fashioned and rudimentary.
Calculated and intrinsic.
Primal and telling.
Here is a look into a classic caning and strapping. Built up from a warm hand spanking and moved through to a rhythmic caning and finishing with a heavy strapping.
slave abigail can take quite a deal of pain especially when built up like this and her sensuality exudes from every pore. I can’t help but to satiate her desires with a good fucking after I work her into a frenzy.
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Ballbusted Ruined Orgasm 2

Format: MP4
Duration: 6 minutes
Size: 168.58 Mb
Resolution: 720×576

This is a sweet hand job vid with some foot worship…until the surprising unpleasant end. I ruin his orgasm by smacking him in the nuts as he cums. CBT/Ball Abuse/painful ball slapping!
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Humiliation POV Princess Kate: You Will Always Think Of Me When You Fuck Her

Princess Kate

Hey loser, do you like what you see? My perfect, tight little body. Your wife’s body is nothing compared to mine, is it? You’d rather stroke for me than fuck your wife. It feels so good to stroke your dick for me. But I know you still fuck your wife here and there, don’t you? That’s ok, I don’t care, but from now on, I want you to think about me and only me while you’re fucking her. Got that, loser?

Fuck your wife and think about my body, my tits, and my ass. C’mon stroke your dick for me while you stare at my Goddess body. Stroke that cock. I want you to only think about me. Forever. Every second of your life I want you to think about my body. It’s so much better than your ugly wife’s body. That old, fat hag. She’s nothing compared to me, don’t you agree? I know you’d rather stroke for me, think about me, think about what you’ll never have. Yes stroke my little puppet. Promise me that when you fuck your wife from now on, you will only think about me. Think about my beautiful face, my sexy curves, my long blonde hair. Think about my seductive voice in your ear.

Stroke it for my ass, I know you love to jerk to my ass. It’s so fucking sexy. Way better than your wife’s saggy ass. I mean just look at it. It makes you so weak for me. Keep stroking to my body loser as you memorize it so you can think about it while you fuck her. You’ll need to think about my body in order to get hard for her. I’m conditioning your brain.

I want you to cum for me today, rather than for your wife. I am everything to you, your wife is nothing compared to me, is she? Stroke only for me. Think only of me, even while you’re fucking. Stroke, stroke, stroke. Are you ready to cum for me and only me? I know you want to blow your load for your Goddess. And when you cum, I want you to yell my name, Princess Kate. I hope you make that mistake when you cum with her, LOL! I know you love to cum for me, it feels so much better than when you fuck her. Your mind and your sex life will never be the same.
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy – No Talking No Breathing Just be My Chair (1080 HD)

1080 HD Amadahy’s chair keeps trying to talk. Chairs don’t talk! Some full-weight facesitting will shut it up. Kind of hard for a slave to talk when it can’t even breathe. Ugh, it’s trying to sneak a breath! Sometimes the only thing these slaves understand is chastity. Comply with the rules, or the key to that steel device goes into a box with 2000 other keys just like it. Good luck fishing it out. Princess always gets what she wants. If she wants no talking, then no talking. No breathing; no breathing. If Princess wants to break a slave’s nose, then the slave should beg for the privilege of having its nose broken. If this slave’s lucky, Amadahy will come back and sit on its face later, after she’s had sex with her boyfriend. Amadahy bounces and grinds until the bound slave is sufficiently and helplessly sexually frustrated. Then, when she’s nice and glistening with sweat, she heads back down to the pool. She better not hear any more whining coming from upstairs while she’s relaxing poolside!
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cfnmtv: Dare You Enter – Raphael

Dare You Enter? – Having no idea what is going to happen, men are told to turn up to a specific building at a specific time. They are then shown a door through which anything can happen. Better yet, they are stripped naked first! What a rush.

We called up a young man named Raphael who had written to us begging for the chance to become a male model. The only instructions we gave were to show up at a certain hotel at a specific time. No other details. He either agreed or lost his only opportunity. He pleaded to know something about the shoot, but we wouldn’t tell him anything except that there are dozens of other men who will jump at the chance if he doesn’t accept. After fretting for a moment he agreed. The only guarantee – Anything can happen!
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MeanWorld / SlaveOrders: Nina Elle POV Slave Orders 2

Your Boss Miss Elle calls you into her office. Do you want to keep your job? Then get on your knees and start brown-nosing! Kiss her ass and become her servant boy!
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Clubdom: Chindo Fucking Reward

Goddess Nadia White and Goddess Nyssa Nevers chase their slave into their dungeon to have some fun. The latex wearing Goddesses have electroshock prods they use to direct their pathetic slave where they want until they surround him and use the electroshock prods on his disgusting filth sacks. Goddess Nadia White places her thigh high latex boots on his throat while Goddess Nyssa Nevers shocks his tiny disgusting useless ball sack. After they torture their slave’s balls for a bit, they tease him with their beautiful pink Goddess pussies, but won’t let his unworthy hands near them. Instead, they force him to wear a chindo on his head, demanding him to fuck Goddess Nadia White with the chindo and to make her cum, or they will castrate him.
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cfnmtv: The Cuckolded Husband (Part 1-7)

Maurice’s nudity has taken on a whole new meaning now that his wife has demanded that he sexually serve her two male guests. Every inch of his bare body feels dirty and used. It’s as if the whole world can see how he’s been marked as a pervert, nothing more than a cum-receptacle, a piece of rubbish to be used and tossed aside. The macho identity he’s spent years constructing has been destroyed in one short evening.
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The mean girls/Americanmeangirls: Humiliated By Squirming

Now it’s time we take our pathetic loser slave, hog tie him and make him crawl to worship our feet. He squirms like a worm at our command and he is so desperate to please us he uses his last ounce of strength to lick and kiss our perfect feet, what a loser LOL.

Goddess Nikkole
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HOUSE OF TABOO: Bondage & Spanking As Higher Education: Teacher Fucks Teenager

Bondage and spanking as higher education is a pretty new technique and teacher Kai Taylor introduces his XXX methods at the DDF Network University of Submission. He summons teenager Blue Angel to the principal office. The young babe gets her special treatment today and immediately feels his strong energy towards her. Master Taylor lifts her mini skirt and starts spanking her naked butt cheeks with his bare hand. He slaps her curvy ass while the young babe moans ecstatically. Time to take his massive cock out of his pants and stuff that shaft between her red lips. The blue-eyed blonde hottie looks him straight in the eye while he crams her deep throat with his big cock. Then, he wraps a tape around her wrists and starts fucking her on the office desk. Over and over again, his enormous dick enters her tight trimmed pussy. The Hungarian sweetheart moans while he fucks her pussy. The schoolgirl feels his spanking on her blushing butt cheeks while he bangs her snatch like a steam hammer! He starts choking her and while she lies on her back, he slides his cock into her throat while spanking her wet box with a yellow ruler. This XXX fetish scene is packed with the finest selection of absolute submission!
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HOUSE OF TABOO: Penetration Treatment: Strap-On Fucking A Teen Patient

Annie Wolf pays doctor Angel Wicky and David Perry a visit to get her penetration treatment. Today?s hardcore porn takes place at the DDF Network Fetish Hospital. Annie catches the two in the act, kissing in the examination room, right before her appointment. The mature French man and the busty blonde Doc from the Czech Republic start humiliating that Serbian college student with all kinds of tools! Annie feels cold metal deep inside her shaved pussy and another tube crammed up her asshole. Angel spits into that gaping butthole while David fills her deep throat with his hard cock. The black-haired beauty acts submissively but kind of enjoys that special treatment, she didn’t?t quite expect. When Angel reveals her big tits to Annie, she feels attracted to the doc?s massive jugs and soon finds herself licking that hairy pussy in 69. The clinic porn heats up when Doc Wicky bangs her slim patient with a big black strap-on dildo. Watch David
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HOUSE OF TABOO: Ass Stuffing Practices: A Czech Babe’s Role Play Fetish Porn

Lucky Striker is about to test some new ass stuffing practices and has his wife tied up in a wooden room. Today’s role play porn is another Full HD fetish scene by DDF Network and shows you some metal dildo ass stuffing practices and intense pussy insertion. Mea Melone is a brunette babe with long hair and blue eyes. The tattooed hottie has a shaved pussy and medium tits. Her curvy ass is covered with a mini skirt, which her hubby soon moves aside to finger her tight asshole. The DSLR style fetish porn heats up once he enters the room and starts choking his submissive wife after she bites him in his hands. Lucky brought a metal vibrator and after fingering her tight asshole, he inserts that dong deep into her shaved pussy. He bangs her snatch and penetrates that fuckhole before going after her anus. The curvy bombshell from the Czech Republic moans ecstatically once he slides that metal up her ass. Come back for more fetish fun and check out our pornstar Mea Melone’s other videos here at DDF Network, the epicenter of premium fetish porn!
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HOUSE OF TABOO: Humiliation Enrollment: Two Babes Cram Milf’s Pussy And Anus

Shona River and Coco De Mal work in the same office and have some fun with Nikki in today’s fetish porn by DDF Network. This sizzling hot episode of our fantastic House of Taboo series is packed with humiliation and some intense role play! It’s Nikki’s humiliation enrollment and she can’t wait to get educated by the two dominas. Watch black-haired Serbian glamour babe Coco and her playmate from Hungary spank that blonde milf’s ass before cramming her pussy and anus with a red double dong. The two lesbian mistresses have fun with their new office assistant and spank her curvy butt with black leather whips before taking off her clothes to play with her titties. Redhead Shona crams her mouth with her fist after she’s done licking Coco’s shaved pussy. While she satisfies the teen’s wet box, Shona pulls her pubic hair for some extra stimulation. What a hot lesbian office threesome! See our fabulous and breath-taking beauties make out and spank each other, before they reach their orgasms and sit on Nikki’s back, when this epic lesbian porn scene comes to an end.
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Spanked In Uniform – The Masonfield Prison For Women 7

During an unscheduled inspection a pair of black high heel shoes were found in inmate Leanda’s cell and she was summoned to the Warden’s office. When she was asked how the shoes got into the prison, she refused to answer so the Warden took her across his knee and spanked her soundly untill she confessed that her boyfriend had smuggled them in.
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Spanked In Uniform – Bellview Catholic School For Girls 4

Schoolgirl Danielle Hunt is in trouble. She was rude to her teachers and they sent her to the Headmaster. After a good scolding she received a long and hard spanking over the Headmaster’s knee and she was put in the corner. He warned her that if she backtalks any of her teachers again, she will be severely caned! Will she obey? We shall see in part two….
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Firm Hand Spanking – Yumi Bennett – Private School – EJ

12 strokes of the cane for marijuana possession – Yumi feels the bite of rattan
Yumi Bennett’s yelps as she’s caned 12 strokes on bare skin tells everyone at Private School that having a small stash of marijuana earns severe punishment. Hands on a low table, Yumi presents her ripe curves for John Friday’s stinging rattan cane. “It’s a completely different sting to the paddle,” Yumi says, “a lot sharper and more intense!”
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Firm Hand Spanking – Dolliah Hart – Sisterly Feelings – BJ

Panties down for a sound spanking: petite Dolliah Hart feels the sting!
Drinking her parents’ alcohol costs little Dolliah Hart a sound bare bottom spanking over step-sister Alison’s knee. Stealing is bad enough, but getting intoxicated? That’s super serious in Sisterly Feelings. “Being put over Alison’s knee to be spanked like that was funny AND humiliating,” admits Dolliah. “I totally felt like a brat being punished!”
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Disciplinary Arts – SCALE OF PAIN: JENNIFER

Featuring: Kyle Johnson,Jennifer

In “Scale of Pain: Jennifer”, we see Jennifer staying at an intensive weight loss retreat for girls who want to lose every once of body fat. Jennifer joined the 12 step program a month before and lost 30 lbs. However, her self-placed goal of 1 lb per day finally catches up with her as she doesnt meet her daily goal and thus earns a very sound spanking on her lily white Pantie-Clad bottom, which his BIG hand covers completely every yelp-inducing swat. He then pulls down her panties and bares her bottom, handspanking her to a pleading naughty girl. Before its over, her life coach pulls out her wooden hairbrush and proceeds to spank the daylights out of the very SORRY and VERY MOTIVATED little girl. He then sends her to stand in the corner bare bottom as she pouts and rubs the intense sting of her FLAMING RED BUTT away.
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