Month: July 2016

Cum Countdown – I’m In Charge Now

Want to jerk off? Of course you do, and Goddess Ela will permit it. But remember that you are not the one in charge, she is. So listen, stroke and obey, and cum only when she permits it.
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Clubstiletto – Flip Flop Stomp and Trample

Mistresses Kandy and Airen are comfortable in their flip flops and have locked their slave into a trample box. His arms are isolated to the side, so this habitually “grabby” slave cannot use his hands to defend himself from trampling feet. First, the prisoner is made to lick the bottoms of the ladies’ footwear, then Kandy steps up on his midriff and marches in place. To stifle his moans and groans, Airen clamps her foot on his mouth. The ladies take turns switching positions, and eventually both are trampling him simultaneously; Airen on the legs and Kandy on the stomach. They make sure not to neglect his balls either, and apply heavy pressure there as well! Kandy cannot resist throwing in a few jumps on his chest. The clip ends with Airen walking on his thighs while Kandy sits on his face. Who needs to hear a slave complaining when one is having fun?

Mistress: Goddess Airen, Mistress Kandy
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Femdom Empire – It’s all about ME!

You are going to really learn to serve, and to please a woman. Get on your knees and worship my pussy, I want you to lick me until I cum. From my tight little ass hole to my clit licking back and forth giving me pleasure. Suck on my clit until I am dripping wet, make ME cum over and over. I want to use that mouth to masturbate myself because IT IS ALL ABOUT MY PLEASURE! Maybe if you learn to pleasure me properly I will let you cum next.

Featuring: Riley Reid
Categories: Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction
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Femdom Empire – Cum Controlled Fuck-boy

Milf Goddess Julia Ann gets off on turning young, horny fuck-boys into her obedient slaves. They are trained solely for the purpose of servicing her pussy and know better then to cum before she does. Young boys are so easy to control as they will do anything to be allowed to cum and Miss Julia Ann takes full advantage of their weak little minds. She loves watching her slave’s balls get nice and full as she rides his face to orgasm knowing he has a huge load waiting to explode at any given moment.

Featuring: Julia Ann
Categories: Blonde, Busty, Face Sitting, Handjobs, Milf, Milking, Pussy Worship
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Femdom Empire – Muscle Goddess Foot Worship

Alpha Goddess Brandi Mae expects every inch of her strong, muscled body to be worshipped by her slaves. She especially loves to watch a grown man groveling at her feet while begging to lick between her toes as she towers over the pathetic excuse for a man. If he doesn’t properly lick and suck like a good foot-bitch should then Brandi has no problems taking matters into her own hands and shoving her Goddess feet right down his throat.

Featuring: Brandi Mae
Categories: Brunette, Foot Worship, Muscular Women
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Ella Kross – Slave Worships My Beautiful Feet Outside!

“Lick my shoes, slave!” I command after guiding him into my back yard by his leash. I take a seat outside and watch as he immediately gets to work cleaning my high-heels with his mouth. I look gorgeous in my pink and black corset, watching with my long, toned legs exposed as he runs his tongue all over my shoes. I make him take them off so he can worship my beautiful bare feet with his mouth, and he eagerly sucks my adorable little toes while I jam them down his throat. “Try harder, slave!” I demand as he continues to worship my perfect feet. I enjoy the warm sun beaming down on my flawless skin as this slave uses his mouth to please my feet until I finally decide I’ve had enough. He’s such an obedient foot slave!

Categories: Barefoot, Female Domination, Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, Shoe & Boot Worship
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Super Charged Cum Shot!

I must say after his orgasmic cum shot, the cream kept oozing out of his penis! That was quite the Cream Soda Fountain, and I’m looking forward to him returning for more!

Sometimes I do have to remind myself that he is 70 years old and not a spring chicken! After his exhausting experience, expelling every last drop from his rather big balls, he was truly knackered!!! It took a little while for his breathing to return to a natural steady pace, and it’s a good job he doesn’t suffer with any heart conditions, as I’m sure I had his pulse racing throughout!

Well, it’s time for you to download the movie, and on this note, I will ask that you keep our movies safe, please do not upload the movies to rip sites, or share them with any third party. All of my movies are
exclusive to members of Dominatrix Annabelle . com. For those who do appreciate this rule, and understand the necessity of keeping my movies safe, thank you. It’s a real pleasure to have true and loyal members who value my work, and wish to return on a regular basis.

Keep watching for the updates, I have so many more to upload and they really are wonderfully erotic, and incredibly atmospheric! They really show the realism within my sessions!
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Femdom Empire – I ride slave face

It is fun using men for sexual gratification, and it is easy to do when you are a uber hot 19 yrs old like Lana Rhodes. Mistress Lana leads her man-pet in, making him crawl on his hands in knees to earn the luxury of pleasing her pussy. She grabs a hand full of his hair from the back of his head and grinds her panties against his face. Lana orders he lick her panties, she loves the feeling of a warm mouth against her cunt. When Lana cannot stand teasing herself anymore she pulls her panties to the side and tells him he can lick her pussy now. She rides his face extra hard, rubbing her clit against his tongue making him lick her until she cums multiple times in his mouth. Her tight little cunt is greedy for orgasms.

Featuring: Lana Rhodes
Categories: Pussy Worship, Queening
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Ella Kross – A Jerk-Off Game with a Surprise Ending!

“Are you happy to see me, slave?” I ask him as he kneels before me completely naked with his hands behind his back. I slap him across the face, then take a seat on the sofa next to him as I remind him what a stupid loser he is. I inform him that we’re going to be playing a game today, and it’s going to involve his little dick. He’s going to stroke his pathetic cock for me, but he’s not allowed to cum without my permission! I make him slowly jerk his tiny prick for me as I slap him across the face and repeatedly spit in his open mouth. I demand that he swallow it, then have him thank me as he continues tugging on his laughable dick. I tease him by rubbing his nipples, and instruct him to jerk his cock even faster. “I want to see you cum,” I say as he strokes himself until he shoots his load all over my floor. I surprise him by making him stick out his tongue, then shove his head down to the floor and demand that he lap up every drop of his own cum!

Categories: Cum Eating Instructions , Cum Swallowers , Female Domination , Masturbation Instruction
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Tease and Thank You – Impending Ruin

What’s worse? The three-girl giggling, leg twitching, squirming WAIT for the ruined orgasm.. or the actual ruin itself? 😉
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Leather Clad Biker Cums Knocking!

Lady Annabelle lends a helping hand to a leather clad biker who broke down along the lane. Little does he realise just how observant my eyes are, and how my covert cameras pick up every being, from humans to birds, from little mutts to squirrels, my grounds have eyes everywhere! I love to spy, and it gave me great pleasure to provide some assistance, especially for my leather clad biker! What a pity his bike broke down only yards from my drive way! What a stroke of luck he had a short walk to my front door, in the torrential rain.

Good fortune looked upon my visitor, as he entered my grounds while my hounds were safely inside! Another few minutes, and it would have been a different story! At least he was fully clad in leather!

Of course, I was only too happy to provide a phone for him to call the breakdown service, but only after I had my wicked way with him in my dungeon. After ushering him down the steps, he hastily advised his helmet could not be removed as the catch had broke. Dear Oh dear, he’s not having the greatest of days, so it’s a real blessing he was able to come into my Manor, use my phone and receive my wonderful hospitality. What a shame his helmet couldn’t be removed, as it would have been so wonderfully erotic to kiss his lips while he’s tied to my St. Andrew’s Cross!

Oh the torment is almost too much to bear!
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Mistress T – Uncle Seat Cushion

CATEGORY: Foot Body Goddess Worship

I have my pervy uncle wrapped around my pinky finger…and directly beneath me, exactly where he belongs.
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Femdom Empire – Lyra Louvel – Her Head Box

The slaves head is locked in a box making his face more comfortable to sit on for the Mistress. She instructs him to to stick his tongue inside her wet cunt while reminding him his sole purpose is to give her pleasure. Mistress Lyra rides his mouth in the head box to orgasm. She uses her fingers to extract her cum from her pussy the wipes it across his face to mark her property.

Featuring: Lyra Louvel
Categories: Blonde, Bondage, Pussy Worship, Queening
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Femdom Empire – FemmeBoss: foot servant

It’s good being the boss. Mrs. Julia Ann is woman with age, experience, power, and means to get whatever she wants from men. She can literally make men drop to their knees to please her with the snap of her fingers. Young meek little office assistants are her favorite to use and abuse. Mrs. Ann really gets off on seeing just how far she can push the “fresh meat” of the office. She locks his balls up tight in a humbler while resting her feet on his face. Now she can spend the last hour in the office relaxing while her assistant is on his knees, forced to grovel at her feet. His new job is licking and worshiping the feet of a powerful dominant woman.

Featuring: Julia Ann
Categories: Blonde, Busty, Foot Worship, Milf, Office Setting
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Femdom Empire – Slut-Hole Anal Training Program

Mistress Riley is determined to stretch Slaves ass today! She has developed an anal training program to stretch slaves Slut-holes to take her giant strap-on Cock. Riley means business when she wears her leather cap, it puts her in the mood to abuse boy-ass. Her anal boy-toy is restrained for her anal training session. She numbs his asshole and works in her mammoth cock. Riley gyrates her sexy tight body against his while working in her strap on cock. He looks up at his stunning Mistress and can’t help but become a stretched out Slut for her. Riley keeps fucking until his hole is left stretched and loose. After repeated anal fuck-sessions he will be able to take strap-on on demand, anytime his Mistress wishes.

Featuring: Riley Reid
Categories: Anal Play, Blonde, Strap-on
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Female Worship – Making Him Wait

Ash loves to make her man wait for pussy while she uses her vibrator. But she won’t make him wait too long because after all, she wants his mouth down there working away as much as he does.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Online Match Maker

Goddess Kelly Paige is pissed when she discovers that her husband’s “business trip” is actually a for a vacation rental in town. She suspects that he is cheating on her so she shows up to catch him in the act. When she finds him sleeping in bed with his mistress, she quietly sneaks in and locks his cock up in a chastity device, being careful not to wake them. She then uses his laptop to do some cheating of her own, chatting with a guy online who has a foot fetish. Watch as she shows off her pretty bare feet, telling him how much she’d love to feel him kiss, lick, and suck on them. See her play with her pussy, masturbating for him.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Kelly’s Revenge Foot Play

After her steamy online chat, Goddess Kelly Paige decides to make things live, inviting her play mate over to her husband’s vacation rental so she can cheat on him just as he was cheating on her. Watch as her new play mate worships her feet, sliding his tongue in between each one of her toes, licking and sucking on them just as she likes. Watch as he kisses, nibbles, and licks her bare soles and toes as she plays with her pussy, masturbating while he enjoys her feet. See her tease his cock with her feet, giving him a steamy foot job. Will she finish him off, foot milking him while her husband and his mistress sleep in the other room? Watch and see!
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Goddess Foot Domination – Husband’s Mistress is Now Mine

While Goddess Kelly Paige is making her cheating husband lick his own cum from her sexy bare feet, Goddess Lexi Luna (his mistress) is confused as to who she is and what he’s doing since he failed to mention that he’s married. When Lexi tries to leave, Kelly takes her keys and won’t give them back unless Lexi also licks her husband’s cum off of her cum soaked feet. Watch as Goddess Kelly Paige makes Lexi Luna her bitch, making her lick her cummy feet from heel to toe. Lexi started out as Kelly’s husband’s mistress, but she quickly became Kelly’s. See Kelly humiliate her, making her taste her feet as she tells her what a dirty slut she is.
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Humiliatrix – Mistress Kendra James Is Your Utlimate Strap-On Goddess

“Once I tease and seduce you back to my bedroom? Once I slip the straps around your wrists and ankles, and coax the gag into your mouth? You’re mine. All mine. My favorite part of the night? The precious look in your eyes, as I strap on my eleven-inch cock and begin lubing the shaft, as I saunter up behind you…”

Mistress Kendra James, femdom seduction, strap-on submission, role reversal…
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Rone – I’m Just Trying To Relax

Goddess Rone has the type of ass that makes weak men like you powerless. Wrapped in those skin tight shorts, all she has to do is read her magazine and ignore you while you pay and stroke like a good piglet.
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Female Worship – Where’s My Toy?

When Kate comes home she expects to be greeted by her service male. He knows to approach with today’s mail and he also knows to kneel and lick as Kate usually wants to be orally serviced by her toy right when she comes home.
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Subby Girls – I Have Something Not Boring

Cassidy is browsing the web, but today that seems to be very boring. Fortunately for her Val has something else in mind that is not boring, and turns out it involves her pussy.
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Clubstiletto – Five Minutes of Taboo Freedom

Mistress Kandy has been dominating her son while Daddy’s away, and keeps him locked up until she requires him to perform a service or other. After a long, tedious day at work, she frees up sonny boy so he can worship her feet. He gets on his hands and knees and licks the sweat off the arches of her feet and her toes. He must not reveal his dirty activities to Daddy, because Kandy will make sure the latter believes her version of the story, not his; albeit the truth. Sonny is then made to lick her sweaty armpits, and told to do a good job or else. As her son cleans her pits, Kandy reveals she has a stud on the side, and that this will be their little secret. Sonny will come in handy to service the stud, come to think of it. Now, Daddy’s arrival is imminent, so Sonny must get her pits as clean as possible for his demanding father. And while Daddy fucks mommy, sonny can witness the whole thing lying hidden under the bed. Afterwards, he can clean his father’s cum out of mommy’s pussy. When her son has finished cleaning her pits, Kandy makes him sniff her crotch. All the better he realizes just what he is missing out on!

Mistress: Mistress Kandy
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Clubstiletto – Last Chance to Do Good

Mistress Jasmine is a modern-thinking boss and uses revolutionary management techniques with wayward male employees. This one is begging to keep his job despite his shoddy performance, and Jasmine gives him one last chance: To prove he is worthy of employment with her firm by submitting to a ballbusting session. The losers family depends on his income so he has no choice but to go along with it. She tosses him a mask to put on and proceeds to knee, punch, slap and kick him in the balls, from both standing and kneeling positions, and from both front and back! Jasmine removes his underwear, and strips down to her lingerie as well, as the slave begins to crumble under the pressure However whats this, he is sporting a hard on! What would his wife think if she knew what her husband was doing to get a check and that it turned him on as well? Miss Jasmine enjoys this so much She tells him she is going to call his wife, in fact she might turn her into her personal slut. Imagine Jasmine first beating hubby, and then using his wife as her fuck toy while he is forced to watch. Wicked!

Mistress: Miss Jasmine
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Jul 27, 2016: Iona Grace’s Big Natural Breasts Bound As She Is Throatboarded and Made to Cum! | Iona Grace | Dee Williams | Matt Williams

SEXUALLY BROKEN: Jul 27, 2016: Iona Grace's Big Natural Breasts Bound As She Is Throatboarded and Made to Cum! | Iona Grace | Dee Williams | Matt Williams

If deepthroating were a sport, Iona Grace would have an Olympic gold medal. She is tied down on her back, her naturally huge tits tied so they are thrust rigidly upward and Matt and Dee Williams take turns assaulting her mouth. There seems to be no limit to how much cock she can manage down her throat or how long she can hold her breath. They throat board her without mercy and only after they have railed her pretty face past the point that would leave most girls in a panic does Iona even begin to show signs of wearing down. They add a vibrator to increase the challenge and she has no problem cumming with cock crammed down her open throat. Great work Iona. We are thoroughly impressed.
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HARDTIED: Jul 27, 2016: Morph | Marica Hase/Bondage Babe Gets Used Non-Stop for Forty Minutes

When Marica Hase starts our shoot she is cute and composed, all done up in an outfit and makeup that make her look like the girl next door, with her wrists tied up to our ceiling. Matt Williams isn’t about to let that last long, though. He is intent on transforming Marica into a drooling fuckpuppet by the end of her time here. The best way he can think to do that is to keep her going non-stop until she breaks.

Matt attaches clamps to Marica’s nipples and hangs weights from them before clipping clothespins all up and down her torso. All of them are attached to the same string, so with one little tug they all tear loose. It’s easy to see how much it hurts Marica from both the sexy little yelp she lets out and the fresh red marks all over her tits and stomach. Matt sits her down on a table and vibrates her pussy until he has heard enough of the whimpering, little noises she makes. Then he takes the table out from under her and leaves her hanging, suspended by the rope binding her arms and legs, like a human wrecking ball.

Matt’s session with Marica Hase is not like other sessions we have in our studio. There are no cuts, no breaks, just one continuous feed of unending BDSM torment. Unlike other models, Merica does not get to take a moment to breathe and compose herself. She has to keep going, enduring whatever fun Matt wants to have with her in an endless stream of increasingly brutal rope bondage positions. Marica gets spanked, choked, and caned continuously, and each time, she lets out a little squeak or shriek encouraging her handler to keep going.
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FUCKING MACHINES: Jul 27, 2016 – Sophia Leone/Fresh meat, Sophia Leone gets machine fucked for the first time.

FUCKING MACHINES: Jul 27, 2016 - Sophia Leone/Fresh meat, Sophia Leone gets machine fucked for the first time.

Sophia is brand spanking new, and is ready for her first machine fucking. She is a little shy at first but once we get her naked and start fucking her, we get to see how much of a slut she is. We like sluts around here, especially the ones that look this fucking hot!!
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HARDCORE GANG BANG: Jul 27, 2016 – Tommy Pistol , John Strong , and Mickey Mod/A “Daria” Parody – Daria’s Big Bang

HARDCORE GANG BANG: Jul 27, 2016 - Tommy Pistol  , John Strong  , and Mickey Mod/A

Daria’s roommate Jane decides its time for Daria to finally lose her virginity & boy does she. Trent, his dirtbag friends & the principal make sure that Daria gets manhandled, face fucked, ass fucked, double penetrated, AND gets two cocks shoved in her ass until this cum hungry whore begs for a filthy bukkake mess all over her face. It is a Sick Sad World.
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Brat Princess 2: Charlotte and Gwen – Bar Loser Bullied by Bratty Roommates (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Bratty roommates Charlotte and Gwen invite a loser form the bar to come home with them. He probably thinks hes about to get a threesome, but really they just invited him over to humiliate him. After talking about the loser behind his back while hes in the bathroom, the mean roommates make the bar loser sit on the floor instead of next to them on the couch. We were curious, how big is your penis? Charlotte blurts out. Its small, isnt it. Gwen states. The loser just looks at the floor in shame without answering. Lets see it! Charlotte demands. The roommates make the loser stand and drop his pants. They point and laugh at the losers small penis. No girl will ever fuck you. Gwen tells him. Charlotte adds, The only thing youre good for is rubbing and kissing feet. Charlotte makes the loser sit on the floor and smell her feet. Come on loser, kiss my feet, show me how bad you wanted to fuck me tonight. The loser kisses Charlottes feet while Gwen giggles behind her hand. Charlotte and Gwen humiliate the bar loser by making him lick the bottoms of their feet. They remind him again and again that he will never fuck a girl like them while he worships. The roommates decide that they like humiliating the loser so much, they want to keep him in a cage, so that they can have him service their feet whenever they feel like it. They actually have been looking for a third roommate, and the bar loser will be perfect. He can pay 100 percent of the rent and all of the utilities and have the cage for his room. Of course, hell have to stay in chastity the entire time. Its only appropriate for a pin dick loser living with two hot women to be in chastity the entire time. The loser theyve found at the bar will make the perfect slave for them.
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