Month: March 2016

Femdom Empire – Mercedes Carrera – Harder and Faster

Femdom Empire - Mercedes Carrera - Harder and Faster

Mistress Mercedes has noticed that you have been a good slave lately and decides to give you a reward. She is going to let you jerk off to her beautiful body and even let you try to cum with a hard dick, like a real man would! Mercedes has you stare at her beautiful body as she orders you to stroke your dick harder and faster for her. As you watch her squeeze her huge breasts, shake her hot ass, and rub her pussy right in front of you, stroking harder and faster will not be a problem, will it? Now get hard and try to cum like a real man. Show Mercedes how much you appreciate her stunning body and the privilege of cumming.

Featuring: Mercedes Carrera
Categories: Femdom POV, Latina, Masturbation Instruction
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Female Worship – Princess Parker – Ass, Then Sandwich

Female Worship - Princess Parker - Ass, Then Sandwich

Parker wants a sandwich. But first she will have her man lick her ass since he is busy adoring her down there anyways. Once that itch has been scratched she will send him to go make her that sandwich she so craves while she takes a nap.
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Ella Kross – Worship Our Bare Feet with Cum Countdown Featuring Anne!

Ella Kross - Worship Our Bare Feet with Cum Countdown Featuring Anne!

Joined by my adorable young friend Anne, we sit on my sofa and show offour cute bare feet and sexy little toes. Just looking at them drives youcrazy, doesn`t it? You know you want to suck and lick them all over,tasting them in your mouth as you jerk yourself off. Take a good look atour perfect feet as we hold them up to your face, and stroke your cockharder and faster while you worship our pedicured toes. Our feet are everybit as gorgeous as the rest of us, and after I count down from ten I wantyou to blow your big load all over them. Are you ready to cover our barefeet with your cum? Ten… nine… eight…
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Kinky Mistresses – Mistress Susi – The Paddle

Kinky Mistresses - Mistress Susi - The Paddle

Featuring Mistress Susi

Watch Mistress Susi how much pleasure she have while she use a paddle to punishe her slave. Extrem sexy dressed up with amazing red and black latex.

Parts: 1
Total Duration: 7 minutes 28 seconds
Photos: 15
Tags: anal, bdsm, cp. corporal, domina, femdom, fetish, kinky, lady, mistress, paddle, punishment, rubber, slave, slaveslut, susi, toys
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Femdom Empire – Tina Kay – Chastity Blue Balls Milking

Femdom Empire - Tina Kay - Chastity Blue Balls Milking

Mistress Tina Kay has removed her slave’s chastity device but she has not yet allowed him to cum. She has bound his blue balls with rubber bands, keeping them tight and putting constant pressure on all that built up cum inside; the slightest touch will feel like torture to these poor balls. Of course that does not stop Tina from pounding and smacking her fingers into his balls as she edges his cock, making the poor slave beg for release over and over again, only to be denied. Each time Tina takes her hand off of the poor slave’s cock she drives him into an even deeper desperation to cum. Tina tells her slave that, before she will grant him release, he will show how much he wants it by worshipping her ass first. Tina enjoys her slave’s efforts, smiling as he desperately degrades himself for her amusement. Satisfied with his efforts, Tina returns to milking him, and soon her slave explodes bursts of cum out of his cock. Tina makes sure that all of the cum is caught on a plate; after all, the slave needs to eat something for dinner. The slave tries to beg his way out of the humiliating task, but Tina will have none of that, grabbing his head and shoving it right down into the cum covered plate as she laughs at him.

Featuring: Tina Kay
Categories: Cum Eating, Foreign Accents, Handjobs, Milking
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Femdom Empire – Chloe Amour – Who’s My Anal Whore?

Femdom Empire - Strap-on - Chloe Amour - Who's My Anal Whore?

Mistress Chloe loves pounding male pussies with her strap-on cock and turning them into complete anal whores, unable to ever have regular sex again and only able to cum with a girl cock in their ass. Chloe has been training this whore for a while, locking his cock in chastity and constantly filling his ass with her cock. The slave thinks he is incredibly lucky to have such a sexy latex clad Mistress fucking him constantly, but Chloe knows the sadistic truth – she just enjoys ruining slaves for regular sex forever and making them into obedient and begging anal whores with totally impotent cocks! As Chloe fucks him in position after position, ramming her strap-on deeper and deeper into his ass, she constantly makes her slave beg for her cock. She takes it out periodically just to test him, making sure that he will pitifully beg her to put it back in. Soon he will be so broken that he will need her cock in his ass at all times. Chloe just smiles as she leaves him on her table, still begging for her dick in his ass.

Featuring: Chloe Amour
Categories: Anal Play, Strap-on
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Mar 25, 2016 – Bella Rossi and Cheyenne Jewel

ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Mar 25, 2016 - Bella Rossi  and Cheyenne Jewel

Winner of this match will take on Savanna Fox for the light weight title. This shoot was filmed live! This is 100% real competitive erotic wrestling. Winner Destroys the loser and utterly humiliates her in the prize round with Pony Play, Muscle Worship, foot Worship, Belly Punching and Lift and Carries.
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HOGTIED: Mar 24, 2016 – The Pope and Katy Kiss

HOGTIED: Mar 24, 2016 - The Pope and Katy Kiss

Katy came to the armory and spent a few days with me. Her first day was for, so today I know her better and know more about what makes her tick. She is still really new to bondage and is trying to figure out what she likes and doesn’t like. I make sure she gets the full gambit of torment and suffering while in strict bondage. This will be a day ingrained into her mind from now on. This day is the day she became a bondage model and not just some porn star.
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ELECTRO SLUTS: Mar 24, 2016 – Daisy Ducati and Dresden

ELECTRO SLUTS: Mar 24, 2016 - Daisy Ducati and Dresden

Daisy Ducati initiates hot girl-next-door masochist, Dresden, into the world of electro pain and pleasure in a scene filled with suspension bondage, an electro pussy plug, electric dildo, wired nipple and breast clamps, finger banging, face sitting and tons and tons of orgasms! Dresden never knew she loved electricity so much!
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Perfect Slave – Our Favorite Flavor – Cherry Torn

Perfect Slave - Our Favorite Flavor - Cherry Torn

I can never see enough of Cherry…Her lovely body, amazing breasts, just everything about her…I take particular joy in seeing her struggle and today is no exception…We have her bound tightly to the cross and Cherry takes awhile to come to terms with her situation. The pole mounted vibe reminds her of her role however… Cherry is ours today and she will cum…
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Society SM – Babydoll Bondage Freak – Tara Lynn Foxx

Society SM - Babydoll Bondage Freak - Tara Lynn Foxx

When you’re a fetishist of any kind, you spend much of your time looking for other fetishists of the same kind…Me? I look for bondage freaks…young women mostly…angel faced beauties with tender young bodies and eager young minds…Then you become a Bondage Director and the search becomes that much more important…Tara Lynn Foxx is a rare discovery…someone who I can make great content with, and also have a really good time playing with…If expressive babydoll faces with big brown eyes are your thing, look no further…and Tara tells us of her earliest of fantasies…apparently she likes being manipulated, coerced and humiliated, in a good way, she would say…there’s only one way for me, good or not and I give Tara a big taste of what it means to be used by another true fetishist…We’re hoping Tara will be back soon…I miss her allready…
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Fantasy Damsels – The Bound Belly Dancer – Melissa Jacobs

Fantasy Damsels - The Bound Belly Dancer - Melissa Jacobs

Melissa plays our super sexy belly dancer…those eyes are stunning, peeking over the veil…we strip her down and tie her up in hemp…then a magic wand rigged right to her sensitive pussy…then Melissa does our dance…the tied, exposed and cumming dance of submissive seduction..
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HOUSE OF TABOO: Pinching The Twat – Lesbian Fetish Scene With Some Serious Spanking

HOUSE OF TABOO: Pinching The Twat - Lesbian Fetish Scene With Some Serious Spanking

Cherry Blush from Great Britain loves pinching the twat of her maid Sapphire. What you are about to see in today’s lesbian fetish scene is some serious ass spanking, followed by extreme humiliation and some mouth cramming deep throat penetration! Cherry catches her submissive maid playing around with her nipple clamps, which she must have found during cleaning that livingroom. The latex loving bombshell had a wild party the other night and needs that room to be tidy and clean for her next guests. When she sees her maid fooling around with those titty clamps applied to her hard nipples, she decides to give her some serious spanking and smashes her butt cheeks with that leather whip. She even crams her mouth with a black latex cock for some deep throat education before pressing the milf’s face against her shaved pussy for some intense clit licking! After sucking that vibrator, the fake cock slides inside that British glamour babe’s tight fuckhole while her natural tits are still tied together with that chain and nipple clamps. Even her gorgeous tasty snatch gets some clamps applied! The dominatrix gives her some spitting before squeezing her titties, when the lesbian fetish scene of the day comes to an end!
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cfnmtv: Breakdown 2 (Part 1-3)

The policewomen are tasked with cleaning up the streets. They’ve already captured one little scrote and taught him a lesson, now they’ve found another miscreant. Salesman Ian was turned into a naked male whore by a group of mysterious women he made the mistake of crossing. Caught by undercover operatives he now faces justice.
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cfnmtv: CFNM 4 Girls – Popstar photo shoo

CFNM 4 Girls have scored a major scoop: Z Factor runner up Lloyd McAndrews has agreed to come in for a photo shoot. It’s an ideal opportunity for the magazine to appeal to a younger generation and cash in on his fame. Everyone is excited and the atmosphere in the studio electric. But the naive young lad has no idea just what Kate and her team have in mind. And under those hot lights, surrounded by women, there’s nowhere to run.

Having been blackmailed by the powerful and demanding Kate Stone, teen heartthrob Lloyd McAndrews has no choice but to obey her every command. She directs the shoot from the sidelines, relishing every moment and enjoying the control she has over the young man. She decides that what her readers would really love to see is a softer side to the bad-boy singer. And she knows just how to deliver…

Kate Stone is very disappointed with the young star. He’s let them all down and his fans are going to be most upset. The very least he deserves is a good slapping for deceiving them, and Kate is more than happy to dish out the punishment. After all, she’s an expert in inflicting pain on men. But she won’t be happy until she has the perfect shot for the front cover – no matter how humiliating it is for Lloyd.
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Miami Mean Girls/THE MEAN GIRLS: You Need Your Nuts Crushed (1080 HD)

We have the slave stand in front of us and ask him if he “likes” his balls because we think its funny when slaves write in to us and beg to be castrated and have their balls sacrificed for our entertainment and profit. We laugh in his face the same as when we laugh at slaves when they write us emails.

Princess Chanel and I will show him what we think of his pathetic cock & balls as we put him in “The Mean Girl Nut-Crusher”. We take turns stepping up and onto his nuts! We LAUGH as he screams and begs for mercy! (THIS is what we think of his nuts!).

Princess Ashley
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy, Mistress Olivia – Ass Fest For Eager Slave

Clubstiletto - Mistress Kandy, Mistress Olivia - Ass Fest For Eager Slave

Mistresses Olivia and Kandy have put this eager beaver through his paces with a lengthy foot worship session. The ladies enjoyed his hot, moist tongue on their feet, and wonder if he is as adept with his tongue in other areas. They bare their gorgeous behinds and order the slave to get to work. He proves to be a talented ass licker as well, however, the ladies warn him not to let his ego get the better of him; he is easily replaced with another eager loser on the Strip. Kandy informs him that they will up the ante as they go along; indeed, there may be a nasty surprise lurking for him in those sexy asses! Furthermore, he must give equal time to each asshole, and not favor one over the other. Kandy and Olivia ponder other uses for the slave as he gratefully does his best: Toilet duties, serving as a human chair…..could he swallow a big dump? The possibilities are endless when two devious female minds collaborate!

Mistress: Mistress Kandy, Mistress Olivia
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DIVINE BITCHES: Mar 25, 2016 – Darling , Christian Wilde and John Jammen

DIVINE BITCHES: Mar 25, 2016 - Darling , Christian Wilde and John Jammen

Darling loves her husband, but he is not satisfying her sexual needs. She takes him to see a guru who proposes a new kind of therapy – cuckold therapy. Darling fucks her husband in the ass to teach him what a good fucking feels like, then she rides this guru’s big cock, making her husband watch and allowing him to taste her cum off another man’s cock. She cums and cums until she is finally satisfied, then holds her husband’s face to receive her guru’s load. This kind of therapy leaves Darling smiling!
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American Mean Girls: Let Me Ruin You

American Mean Girls: Let Me Ruin You
American Mean Girls: Let Me Ruin You
American Mean Girls: Let Me Ruin You

Like my boots??? Do you want to worship me for real in person at Mean Girl Manor? Well let me tell you how I am going to make your cum hit the ceiling by letting me finally ruin your life and get you to show your face on camera for me. You need this to be real you need this to be final! No more regular orgasms at home just dreaming about showing up here. In this video I am going to tell you how to get the big fat orgasm that you never had!

Goddess Nina Elle
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American Mean Girls: Chanels Blue Shiny Leggings

American Mean Girls: Chanels Blue Shiny Leggings
American Mean Girls: Chanels Blue Shiny Leggings
American Mean Girls: Chanels Blue Shiny Leggings

Apparently I can get slaves just by walking around in these black shiny leggings, haha. Do you feel the urge to take your wallet out for me when I show you how I look in them??? OMG,,,SO pathetic! I wonder if I can get you to write me an email WHILE you are lusting after me watching this video? That would be hilarious if you literally begged to actually be my real-life slave just because you are sooo turned on by me making a video of me just walking around in these leggings. Real men would want to get in my pants off, but you know you could never accomplish that, huh? LOL! You would even let me deny you over and over and rub my shiny ass right in your face and laugh at you, wouldn’t you? Ha! Ok, so send me that email begging to be used and denied, LOSER! Oh, and I really do think its funny that this is actually happening to you!

Goddess Chanel
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Humiliation POV: Ruining Your Sex Life And Your Wife’s

Goddess Amyleen Moore

Youre horny again, and Ill bet you want to stroke it. Oh no? Dont tell me youre saving yourself for your wife again. You dont satisfy her anyway and I dont want you cumming for her anymore. So Im going to make you stroke for me right now, before she comes home, so you cant get hard or cum for her. No hard on for wifey, no sexy for wifey, not when Im done with you loser. You cant resist me. What if Iet you stroke a little bit without finishing you and let you keep your cum for your wife tonight? I know you want to stroke to my ass right now as I tease you with it.

You know youre going to submit and obey and worship and jerk to my gorgeous body. Youre so easy to manipulate. Stroke it for me loser. Maybe Ill let you save your cum, maybe I wont. But right now youre just a stroking puppet. Ive already got you started and you know once youve started you cant stop. I like to get inside your brain. Do you think you can get hard for her after seeing my body? Probably not, so if youre going to fuck her youre going to be thinking about me anyway just to get hard for her. Its hard to get hard for her after looking at me. I know Im way hotter than her.

I know that the wife of a loser stroker like you isnt hot. I mean if she looked like me you wouldnt be here right now, would you? But here you are, stroking to me, risking missing out on real sex with your wife. You prefer jerking to me when I humiliate you rather than fucking a real pussy. It feels so much better to stroke for me than to fuck, doesnt it loser? If she only knew that you were stroking for me right now and arent able to get hard for her later, shed dump your loser ass.

You dont have a sex life and your wife doesnt deserve one either. Youre going to stroke for my ass and not get hard for her, do you understand loser? Youre my loser, my weak stroking puppet. Stroke it, it feels so good to stroke for your Goddess. You weak addicted fucking jerking addict. Ive got you, hooked. My full time stroking puppet. Stroke faster idiot.

What you do think moron, do you want to cum for me or for her? Jerk it, edge that I cock, I want you to cum for me, fuck that bitch. Sucker.
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Stocking Slaves

Mistress Jade enjoys a foot massage before her slave worships on her stockings feet while she lazes on her chair
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Cum Bots – Simple Submission – Cheyenne Jewel

Cum Bots - Simple Submission - Cheyenne Jewel

I dig seeing Cheyenne taking a good fucking… And on this particular day we got straight to the point… We bent her over, doggie style… to get that fine ass up in the air. We shackled her wrists and ankles and then let the cameras roll… Black Magic blazed a trail of glory towards this Damsel’s tight hole and Cheyenne hollered to the high heavens as we struck paydirt…
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Kinky Mistresses – Mistress Kiana And Mistress Andromeda – Take Our Strap-on`s

Kinky Mistresses - Mistress Kiana And Mistress Andromeda - Take Our Strap-on`s

Featuring Mistress, Mistress Kiana

2 ebony ladies like to use the ass of a white slave in the hoxton dungeon in london. Both of them like to use strap-on´s to fuck the white anal bitch into his ass.

Parts: 3
Total Duration: 18 minutes 28 seconds
Photos: 15
Tags: anal, andromeda, arschfick, arse, assfuck, bdsm, cock, diamoond, dildo, dungeon, ebony, femdom, fetish, hoxton, kiana, lady, mistress, rubber, schwanz, slave, strap-on, strapon, toy, umschnalldildo
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Lyra – Short Shorts

Cum Countdown - Goddess Lyra - Short Shorts

With her skin tight jean shorts, Goddess Lyra knows she doesn’t have to make any effort to take your money. She can simply lie there and use her phone while you pay and feverishly stroke your cock, waiting for her permission to cum.
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Subby Girls – Princess Cassidy, Princess Val – Gimme

Subby Girls - Princess Cassidy, Princess Val - Gimme

Val may be reading her magazine, but she won’t be for very long. That’s because Cassidy wants her pussy, and Cassidy will get her pussy. Off come Val’s shorts and in goes Cassidy to orally adore.
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Feet Slave

Feet Slave

Mistress Kas summons her slave over to lick her heels clean before she teases him with her bare feet
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PUBLIC DISGRACE: Mar 25, 2016 – Mona Wales , Miguel Zayas and Nati Mellow

Don’t let Perky Brunette Nati Mellow’s size fool you, she is a wiggly little bitch and needs to be held down and humiliated. This braces face whore gets tied up in rope bondage and ruins hundreds of tourist photos out in Barcelona! Then this little pocket sized pussy gets dragged in the Coplas Bar and has her dirty filthy bare feet punished! Everyone gets a turn on this whore whipping and flogging her! Not to mention zappers, this slut is afraid! The whole bar can’t even hold her down. Finally we get this cunt down and fuck her full of cocks. We have to smother her in huge tits to get this squirmy little bitch to stay still! Nati Mellow is the tiniest most poorly behaved little cunt Mona Wales has ever met in all of Spain!
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Mar 25, 2016 – Cherry Torn , Tommy Pistol and Samantha Hayes

THE UPPER FLOOR: Mar 25, 2016 - Cherry Torn , Tommy Pistol  and Samantha Hayes

Samanatha Hayes is a spoilt sexual submissive, always demanding more punishment and sex, having forgotten how to truly serve. Her Master brings her The Upper Floor to train with the original slave, Cherry Torn. Busty and confident, Cherry diagnosis’ Samantha’s submission coming from self interest and immediately sets to work breaking her beautiful body and will so that she may enjoy sex submission from a place ops serenity and service. Denied her Master and Husbands cock, Samantha cries in pain on the floor, Cherry sitting on her face and stealing all the dick while she receives a harsh caning. Only until she had properly begged and shown complete gratitude may Samantha have some cock, and only then while being shocked and electro tormented.

Next scene finds Samantha tied in a very restrictive partial suspension, unable to move or control anything, she must give in to complete sexual use and try to not cum until she is given permission. At the beginning she squirts uncontrollably all over her husband’s cock and Cherry’s punishing hand, but by the end of the scene she is pleading and cumming on command like a good girl. When she doesn’t a swift slap or electrical shock serves to remind her.

Her next lesson is aiding in another slaves submissions while not being the center of attention. Cherry is latched down in a rope position, wrenching her perfect round ass into the air. Samantha’s slutty mouth is cranked open wide and drooling, and she cleans her husbands cock, pleases Cherry’s well fucked holes, and provides all the lubricant for a orgasmic anal fucking for Cherry.

Both slaves present their asses, to take punishment with grace. Why? Because her husband feel’s like it. That’s her final lesson, that BDSM is not about fair, it’s about power and pleasure. Taking her flogging and spanking like a good slut, Samantha is finally allowed to help Cherry’s ass gape around her husbands cock, and take a squirting screaming ride herself. A happy, health, well fucked slave emerges at the end of the day, all thanks to Cherry Torn.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Mar 25, 2016 | Chanel Preston | Maestro | Jack Hammer

SEXUALLY BROKEN: Mar 25, 2016 | Chanel Preston | Maestro | Jack Hammer

Chanel Preston is walking sex. Tall, busty and stunning with a confidence that drips from every pore. That is ok, we have rope. It doesn’t matter how tall and regal they might be, bondage always puts them down on their knees. And on her knees is a very good look on Chanel indeed. She wears it well.

The chest harness perfectly displays Chanel’s big breasts and the bondage keeps her hands glued to her hips. Now all we have to do is make full use of both ends of our bound pet. We proceed to do just that. It is full speed ahead, Sexuallybroken style. Like we do.

Chanel is ragdoll fucked from every angle and position, the bondage holding her firmly in place the whole time. Ten inches of BBC pour down her wide open mouth as her eyes bulge. The epic throat fucking leaves her gasping.

Moving into our handy fuck table, we toss Chanel onto and take the pussy as well, spit roasting our bound porn star. The cock rips might orgasms out of her greedy pussy, but it isn’t enough and we throw in a vibrator just to seal the deal. The earth shattering orgasm renders her limp. That is enough for now. This was only a warm up, we will be back for another round soon…
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