Month: April 2015

cfnmtv: Breaking The Rules (Part 1-4)

cfnmtv: Breaking The Rules (Part 1-4)

The boys appear to be completely wonton, allowing themselves to become aroused at the drop of a hat. Ms Winton will NOT tolerate it! Desperate measures are called for and the boys had better find a way to control themselves or the consequences will be dire.
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Bikini Goddess Ashley Catches You Jerking Off to Her

Humiliatrix - Bikini Goddess Ashley Catches You Jerking Off to Her

“You are such a pathetic coward. Peeking thru the blinds to rub one off while I’m sunning myself by the pool? Well, here I am, sissy. Not so fun being stared at, is it? Huh, big man? You’re gonna finish jerking that worthless little cock into my panties while I stand here and humiliate the hell out of you…”

Princess Ashley, dominant bikini goddess, peeping pervert humiliation, panty cream..
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Foot Fucking from Now On Goddess Jamie

Goddess Foot Domination - Foot Fucking from Now On Goddess Jamie
Goddess Jamie

Goddess Jamie was watching porn recently when she came across some steamy foot job videos. She loves her gorgeous feet and thinks it would be really fun to try, so she suggests the idea to her boyfriend. He agrees to give it a try and fucks her feet just as she wants. Watch as she rubs her perfectly manicured toes along his cock, hugging it between her pretty feet. Then she flips over, giving him a nice view of her perfect ass as he fucks her feet, sliding it in between her soft, wrinkly arches. Once she foot milks him and sees how much he loves fucking her feet she lets him know that that’s all he’ll be getting to fuck from now on!
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My Boyfriends Feet

Mistress T - My Boyfriends Feet

This is a fun clip we shot AFTER “Real Fans Humiliation”. We talk about what just happened and about all the slaves who email wanting to be encouraged to worship my boyfriends feet. It’s a very candid clip with some instruction and a lot of humiliation. In the process of showing you my boyfriends feet he starts to flinch and laugh..and it turns into a bit of a tickle clip…
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Trainer Predicament Alyssa Kayson

Foot Fetish Petite - Trainer Predicament Alyssa Kayson
Foot Fetish Petite

Brunette cutie pie Alyssa Kayson is a hot personal trainer, wearing a workout shirt, short shorts, gym shoes, and colorful knee high socks, but today she has gotten herself in a bit of a predicament. One of her clients has gagged and bound her wrists and ankles together, hog tying them with pink bondage tape! He knows she’s been working hard all day, training other clients, and that her feet must be incredibly sweaty and smelly in her gym shoes. While he has her tied up like this, he takes off her stinky shoes and buries his nose in them, breathing in their sweaty, musky scent. Watch as he rubs her socked feet over his face, sniffing them to his heart’s content.
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Reward Cock Milking Sheena Rose, Veronica Avluv

Femdom Empire - Reward Cock Milking Sheena Rose, Veronica Avluv
Sheena Rose

Well you have been a very good boy… I think it is time your Mistress pays some attention to your cock. I am going to let you cum, but first I am going to slowly tease your cock. Four hands tantalizing and teasing your stiff member. Fast then slow keeping you on edge… We will make you keep that cum inside until you release on our command. xo -Mistress Veronica Avluv & Sheena Rose

Featuring: Sheena Rose, Veronica Avluv
Categories: Brunette, Handjobs, Milking Machine
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Jerk-Off to Me and June`s Cute Feet! Princess June

Ella Kross - Jerk-Off to Me and June`s Cute Feet! Princess June
Princess June

With special guest Princess June by my side, we sit in bed and show off our cute little bare feet for you, waving them back and forth and wiggling our toes while you watch and touch yourself. You know you`d love to sniff them, and the thought of licking and kissing them all over probably drives you crazy. Two pairs of gorgeous feet in your face and they`re all yours for the taking! We drive you wild by teasing you with them as we rub them all over, instructing you how to worship them as we shove them in your face. “Put your tongue between our toes,” is June`s command and mine is for you to stroke your cock harder and faster for us. You`ve been a good boy so we just might let you cum all over our cute little feet! Just imagine them rubbing your cock up and down, our toes exploring your hard shaft as you get closer and closer to orgasm. Cover our feet with your sticky white cum as we count down from ten!
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Delicious Damsel – Randy Moore

Perfect Slave - Delicious Damsel - Randy Moore
Perfect Slave

Man, about Randy moore… I guess it’s hard to explain in detail because, just looking at her gets you tongue tied… She is one delicious damesel. Speaking of tied, that is exactly what we shall do with this delectable lady… Onto the Dungeon floor she goes. We open her legs wide and get ready for the spectacle. Her naked body is in plain view. Look at those tits! I think the first response is struggle, then submission. We love to see her cum..
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A True Collared Submissive – Sula Satanas with John Paul

CastingCouch - A True Collared Submissive - Sula Satanas with John Paul
Sula Satanas

We met Sula through Sir Nik…At that time, she was his collared submissive…the locked steel collar is something you see on many of Nik’s girls…Now Sula is Duchess Scarlett…After her training with Nik she moved into being a Pro Domme as many of Nik’s submissives do…So, you won’t be seeing anymore footage of Sula Satanas like this…enjoy it, it’s a good one! John Paul gives her some extreme tests in her debut shoot…dragging her across the floor by a crotchrope…applying a pulling a zipper through an anxious mindfuck…body slapping, voracious finger fucking and orgasms…then into the dungeon for a tough bondage test…he rigs her into a lateral, one-legged hang, then brings more orgasms to her quivering body…then up into the rafters…John Paul pulls her up into the air as far as our rig will allow…those are 16 foot ceilings…Sula may have mistakenly mentioned a small fear of heights 🙂 She went on to shoot for a variety of our sites and we are very fortunate to have shot her during this youthful time of her perverted life…
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True Lessons – Lynn Love

Society SM - True Lessons - Lynn Love
Lynn Love

Lynn is a young and very cute girl who showed up saying that she loved to be punished. I have had so many girls show up the same way, and not be able to handle the shoot. Lynn, on the other hand, could take it and actually became somewhat bratty to make sure she got a little more than usual. Strict ties, lots of impact play, and powerful orgasms made this an incredible shoot. It was enjoyable for me to show this newcomer what real bondage was and put her through the paces for you guys to watch. Enjoy…
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Apr 24, 2015 – Darling , Karlo Karrera , Gabriella Paltrova and Sydney Cole

THE UPPER FLOOR: Apr 24, 2015 - Darling , Karlo Karrera , Gabriella Paltrova  and Sydney Cole

It’s a beautiful Sunday Brunch and The House is packed with our most salacious local BDSM players. Service should be impeccable, with senior house slaves Darling and Gabriella on hand.Their only job is to handle 19 year old all natural newbie Sydney Cole and serve strawberries, blow jobs, entertaining orgasms, and let the guests clamp their tits. Quickly the Steward’s orderly celebration is in ruin. Gabriella can’t stop smirking with a hard cock in her mouth, the new girls squeaks like a mouse when she cums, and Darling keeps losing the butt plug out of her slutty ass while serving strawberries.

Embarrassed by this display of inept delegation and grace, the Steward seizes Gabriella’s collar and placed her in heavy chains as the Drool Slave. If she can’t stop smirking, her mouth will be of use lubing Darling’s ass for a punishment fucking. Darling has lost her collar as well and as is strung up in a brutal suspension to be used anally by our horny house guest.

Once Darling has suffered beautifully and earned her place as senior slave back it is Gabriella’s turn to be stuffed with dick in tight leather restraints. Gabriella’s shocked face is priceless as she takes a monster cock in her ass and apologizes for her smirking ways. Meanwhile, Darling tries to prepare Sydney for sexual service by teaching her rules with a vibrator and crop. Guests become horny and create a series of rousing BDSM play scenes with rope bondage, paddling, CBT, and blow jobs.

Once Gabriella and Darling are both back in their collars, having suffered and apologized appropriately, they finish the day teaching innocent little Sydney how to keep the crowd happy and make a cock cum.
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THE TRAINING OF O: Apr 24, 2015 – Tommy Pistol and Cherie Deville

THE TRAINING OF O: Apr 24, 2015 - Tommy Pistol  and Cherie Deville

Smoking hot porn star Cherie Deville is transformed into a bound sex slave when she submits to the cruel torments of slave training. Tommy Pistol fucks the gorgeous bound starlet into submission at the end of a whip, ripping from her orgasm after shattering orgasm.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Apr 24, 2015 | Bella Rossi | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

SEXUALLY BROKEN: Apr 24, 2015 | Bella Rossi | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

Big breasted Bella Rossi is built to fuck. Booming boobs, bountiful butt, pierced pussy and a mouth that craves the cock. We can’t get enough of this one and today we have a special treat just for her. The hand cans are brutal and unforgiving-metal restraints that completely immobilize. Once you are in them, there is no getting out unless we let you out. And we are not letting Bella out until we have had our fill of her holes.

We bend her over doggystyle and finish tightening everything down. Bella can not wiggle an inch, the unyielding metal cans trap her pale limbs and holds her securely in place. Both ends of her holes are completely, deliciously exposed. We walk up and make full use of that fact. One after the other the hard cocks make themselves at home in her face pussy and once she is warmed up we go full Sexuallybroken tag team. Back and forth we dip as Bella suffers, doing her very best impression of a sex sandwich.

Drool pours out as 10 inches of BBC own her face. This is a through and complete retraining of this curvy cumslut. Bella’s eyes go glassy as we tattoo our initials on the back of her throat. She cums hard and fiercely again and again as we pound out that pussy. Bella is reduced to a humping post for our pleasure. We use her until we are sated and she is a gasping drooling red faced piece of well fucked flesh. This is the Bella we know and love. Always a pleasure my dear…

Busty Bella bent over in brutal bondage and used hard from both ends by big dick
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: Apr 24, 2015 – Mr. Pete and Mia Li

SEX AND SUBMISSION: Apr 24, 2015 - Mr. Pete  and Mia Li

Dr. Li is an anal sex virgin, but in her fantasies she is an anal sex slut. When straight laced State Psychiatrist Mia Li takes on a deviant sexual offender as a patient, she finds herself drawn into a world of depraved sexuality and anal cruelty. Mr. Pete takes the sexy doctor on a fantasy trip of domination and hardcore sex in tight bondage, pussy pounding, and hard anal fucking in Mia Li’s First Time Anal Scene.
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cfnmtv: The Posse (Part 1-3)

cfnmtv: The Posse (Part 1-3)

The normally quiet first class security area echoes with the screams of agony from T-Bone and his posse. None of them have ever experienced the kind of pain being administered by the female security guards. And the women won’t let them leave until they’re satisfied they aren’t concealing anything they shouldn’t.
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Mandy Flores: Hungry and Horny Young Giantess

Mandy Flores: Hungry and Horny Young Giantess

Im in the kitchen unaware of the tiny visitors that are peeking on me. Silly little men get caught in my sandwich making and some get eaten on accident. Then I sit on a bunch and feel something weird under me and then I see them. Wow, you are so little! Pop them into my mouth without a care and crunch on their little bodies and get bones stuck in my teeth. I don’t like that and decide then next time Im going to just swallow them alive. I don’t care about them begging me for their lives, I just care about terrorizing them, eating them and using them for my pleasure. Im bored and want to playgiantess hide and seek. Wow horrible it must be to be swallowed alive….but as a giant Im not bothered about what tiny people do or don’t want. I love how they try to get free, squirming, andscreaming trying not to go down but Im big they can’t stop themselves going down alive. Biting bottom lip, licking teeth sexy groans and now getting very horny. I trick one into telling me where the others are, his life will be spared. What a fool, he gets eaten alive right after he tells me there are more in the living room. Off to hunt and play. As I find more Im getting closer to orgasm andnow putting people in my pussy to get me off. Im so close and then I notice a little person watching me and its my brother! Oh, little brother!! Im a little embarrassed and start to cover up and try to explain myself. Then I pick him up and amazed how small he is. Im begging him not to tell on me and ask if he would help me cum since Im so close. Don’t worry, I’ll look after you, I’ll fish you out in time to breathe. This is so bad and naughty that Im going to use my brother to cum! As Im getting close to orgasm I try to get him out but my fingers keep pushing him deeper and deeper and I start to cum during the panic fingering. Im upset but satisfied and I lift him out barely alive. I tell my brother how sorry I am and that I could hear him screaming and trying to get out. It was the best orgasm I have ever had but sadly I have to eat him so I wont get caught….
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Dr Tessa Psychologically Manipulates You into Going Gay

Humiliatrix - Dr Tessa Psychologically Manipulates You into Going Gay

“I have considered your request for release from chastity. Your pleading and whining evidence that you are more sissy than man. So, rather than release you, so that you can be with a woman, I’m keeping you locked up — so you can pursue your sexual destiny: to be the submissive sissy to a virile gay man of my choosing…”

Dr Tessa, theraputic humiliation, sadistic psychiatrist, going gay, sissy emasculation
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I have to punish the cleaning slave

Lady Melissa - I have to punish the cleaning slave

I was very mild, wasn’t I? I gave him two chances! And now I check the floor again. I want to see that the slave has done a good job. I walk around a little bit barefooted. But soon I have to realize that the floor isn’t clean enough! And now my feet are dirty too – That’s enough! I order the slave to come to me again and show him my dirty feet and that he has done a really bad job! I don’t like it to happen ever again so I want to punish him. I order him to clean my feet – with his tongue and mouth only! First he has to knee in front of me and then he has to lay down. I rotationally press my feet into his mouth. Of course he also has to clean the space between my toes with his tongue. My feet are nearly clean again – but the slaves face is dirty now! But that was only a warm up! Now the scoundrel has to clean the whole floor again – with his tongue only of course! Next time he will try to do a better job at the beginning, don’t you think so too…? This is part three and the great final of me and my cleaning slave!
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Can You Make Me Cum Three Times?

Ella Kross - Can You Make Me Cum Three Times?
Ella Kross

“I want to play a game,” I say as I innocently approach my subservient loser who sits waiting obediently at the foot of my bed. “I want to cum three times,” I tell him as I join him by his side. I inform him that if he can`t get me off three times in a row I`m going to punish him and he eagerly accepts the challenge. As he lays on the bed I kick off my heels and position my crotch above his mouth. Wearing no panties he quickly goes to town on my pussy, licking and sucking my clit as I moan in pleasure and ride his face. He makes me cum once with ease, then once more, and promise him a blowjob if he can make me cum a third time. Taking his hard cock out of his pants, I grab hold of it and tease him by placing it close to my mouth as he continues eating my pussy. He wants me to suck it so badly but since I fail to cum a final time there will be no pleasure for him! I laugh as I leave him hanging, his balls aching to cum as I refuse to help him out. How delightfully evil!
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This Is Better Than Coffee

Female Worship - This Is Better Than Coffee

Morning coffee is great, but morning pussy eating is usually better. So while some mornings Ash will have her man bring her some fresh black coffee along with breakfast in bed, this morning the only pampering she wants is his mouth between her legs.
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My Cum Slut Guzzler Mistress Bijou Steal

Clubstiletto - My Cum Slut Guzzler Mistress Bijou Steal

A submissive, horny bitch like you should always cum in the presence of his Mistress, but only when she allows you to do so. Frankly, Ms Bijou is not interested in your masturbation, unless, of course, there is something in it for her. And if you humiliated yourself by cumming in your mouth, then she would be very interested in watching you jerk off. You will assume the classic position: Legs over head, on your back. You will point your cock to your wide gaping hole of a mouth, and when Bijou is done teasing you, you will unload into your mouth. Kinda like fucking yourself, right? And don’t think about wasting a single drop. Anything that misses your mouth will be wiped up and dutifully licked off your dirty fingers. Taste it, swallow, it memorize it. From here on in, you little cum-guzzling slut, this is the only way you will attain sexual pleasure for your Mistress!

Mistress: Mistress Bijou Steal
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Humiliation POV London Lix: A Mindless Jerking Tit Addicted Zombie

London Lix

You poor helpless drone, staring endlessly at my tits. I know they drive you crazy. You’re a tit addict. You’re just a mindless, jerking drone, for nice big tits. You’re so easy to manipulate. I don’t need to get inside your head, all I have to do is flaunt my perfect breasts and you just melt. Has your mind started to turn to mush just looking at my shiny tits? You love seeing my nipples poking out through my top.

Can you even formulate any thoughts at all as you stare and jerk for my tits? This is as close as you’ll get to them. Fuck you loser. You’re my tit addicted zombie, just a dirty loser perv. Allow yourself to become weak for me because this is as good as it gets for a loser like you. You’re completely addicted. You love each and every inch of these tits. You love my cleavage, don’t you?

You just can’t stop pumping that loser cock to my tits. I know. I know how weak and stupid you get. I’m just perfect, aren’t I? Beg for tits you little tit drone. Show me how addicted you are. Worship my tits loser, kiss your screen. Show me how much you’ll degrade yourself for my boobs. You want to spend on your money on cute little tops for my tits, don’t you?

Keep jerking to the thought of being tit wanked by me. Worship my tits loser. You’ll never touch them, the only thing you’ll ever be able to do is pay for them. I’m spoiling You with them. You should be spoiling them, loser. You know you have to pay for perfection. You’re just mesmerized by now, aren’t you? A lost tit zombie. You couldn’t look away even if you wanted to. You just help but stroke and stare. It’s a compulsive feeling. Go on, spill your loser mess for them.
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Mistress T: Anticipation

Mistress T: Anticipation

This is a custom vid & I say the name “Bob” a few times. This vid is to build anticipation for our upcoming rendezvous. I know you’ve been waiting a long time to meet me in the flesh. I give you a taste of the teasing torment I’ll put you through with this sensual masturbation instructional.
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Brat Princess 2: Daniela – Face Sits her Step Son for Black Widow Practice (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Daniela - Face Sits her Step Son for Black Widow Practice (720 HD)

Danni is a slave to his step mom Mistress Daniela. She is now going to train him to uses his face for pleasure for her and her friends. She gets out some handcuffs and locks Danni’s hands under the smother bench. It is impossible to fight off his step mother now. She can sit full weight without him being able to do anything about it. This is how she will do him in once the money is gone. She is making him learn to trust that when the handcuffs go on and the ladies come over it is just “Mommy wants to use me”! Then when the time comes there will be no panic from Danni. He will think it just for Her or Isabella. But then it will be too late. She will sit full weight and make a seal and Danni will be gone just like his Dad. His dad thought she just wanted to orgasm but she smothered him and got his money. Daniela fans will love this clip! Full weight smother and face sitting!
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Disciple of Impact #2 – Vanessa Naughty

Strict Restraint - Disciple of Impact #2 - Vanessa Naughty

In the conclusion of Vanessa’s lesson on being tardy, she is subjected to even more grueling torment. First she is stretched out for some nipple torment and humiliation, before Liam finds out that she is ticklish. The secrets out now and he won’t stop until he has her snorting like a little pig. Vanessa is not very keen on electrical play, but it’s not her decision to make, so Liam and The Pope apply lots of tens pads to truly shock her system. She pleads to Liam for forgiveness, but Liam plans to make her actions speak louder than her words.
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Too Much To Handle Part Two Princess Britney

Clubstiletto - Too Much To Handle Part Two Princess Britney

Princess Britney continues to take his breath and voice away. As her ass bitch struggles beneath her, she orders him to stay still or else she will weigh down his arms and legs to immobilize him. As she bounces, grinds and smothers, she asks him: “Are you worthy of my ass?” Clearly, the answer is no! She ups the ante by telling him she intends to paint her nails while sitting on him, and he’d better not fuck up her polish job.

Mistress: Princess Britney
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Filthy Anal Servant Jenna Ivory

Femdom Empire - Filthy Anal Servant Jenna Ivory
Jenna Ivory
Femdom Empire

Mistress Jenna expects her slaves to be completely addicted and devoted to worshipping her big, beautiful ass. She rubs her ass all over her bitch boys face while ordering him to lick ever inch of her asshole like his life depended on it.

Featuring: Jenna Ivory
Categories: Ass Worship, Blonde, Humiliation
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Shoe Shopping Spree Alyssa Kayson

Foot Fetish Petite - Shoe Shopping Spree Alyssa Kayson
Alyssa Kayson

Alyssa Kayson has just returned home from a shopping spree with her husband’s credit card and bought several pairs of new shoes. Although her hubby loves spoiling her, she is still going to have to earn the shoes and now owes him some naughty foot play. Watch as he takes her sexy high heeled sandals off of her and kisses along her long, sexy legs. Soon his pants are off and her cute little bare feet are wrapped around his cock, giving him the foot job he’s been craving. See her soft, wrinkly arches hug as cock as he fucks her feet, sliding his cock in between her little soles. Watch her foot milk him until he covers her feet in cum.
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