Month: August 2014

SEXUALLY BROKEN: Aug 29, 2014 | Veronica Avluv | Matt Williams

Redheaded MILF Veronica Avluv bound and fucked rough and hard, massive squirting multiple orgasms!

Big breasted MILF restrained and dicked down hard with multiple squirting orgasms

Legendary MILF Veronica Avluv is back and better then ever. Now a stunning redhead, this big breasted slut looks like she needs the Sexuallybroken experience, and she needs it bad. Lucky for her, we are the generous type and can give her exactly what she craves.

Restrained in a classic fuck me position with her tightly bound breasts and toes pointed up to the ceiling, Veronica’s pussy makes a perfect tempting target. She is so firmly restrained she can not even wiggle. Her legs are spread wide open and that pink bullseye calls us home. We warm it up a little with a vibrator and her hair trigger pussy trips almost instantly as an orgasm washes over her bound body. Enough foreplay. Time for the main course.

We step up and sink home balls deep. The strict position keeps Veronica splayed wide open and we own every inch of that cunt, she can no escape the dick. She cums again, hard. This nympho can not help herself. She is an orgasm addict. The rougher and harder we fucker her, the wetter she gets. The relentless pounding does the trick as Veronica drifts into sexual subspace. This is the look of a happy whore.

The cherry on top is the multiple squirting orgasms we pull out of that well fucked pussy. Using our reliable fingerblasting technique, we make this MILF cum yet again as she gushes a massive messy squirting orgasm. By the time we are done with her, Veronica is an undone mess of cum covered flesh. She lolls in her restraints, too cum drunk to even get her eyes uncrossed. THAT is how you sexually break a slut.

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REAL TIME BONDAGE: Aug 30, 2014: Franken-Pussy Part 2 | Daisy Ducati | Nikki Darling

The Total Bondage Breakdown of Daisy Ducati

We find our beautiful subject, Daisy Ducati, already bound as we dive back in to the hardcore BDSM action of RealTimeBondage. She’s shackled on her knees, drooling around a ball gag, and in a terrible predicament. Mr. Hitachi is buzzing away at her clit and while she is on the razor’s edge of orgasm our crew and members have determined that she hasn’t earned the privilege of enjoying her own body yet.

It would be almost impossible for her to get off, no matter how much she enjoys pain, with everything we have in store for her. Our members have always enjoyed a bit of electrical play. Normally it comes with an interrogation but in this case we’ve decided to go in another direction. A metal dildo is crammed inside Daisy’s tight pussy and electrodes are hooked to it. We don’t even bother taking the gag out to ask her questions. Instead we just set the control box to deliver random, high-intensity shocks to her pussy and let her scream into the rubber.

And RealTimeBondage shows only go in one direction. Once we have set the bar there is no going back and giving her an easier time. Our goal is to test this slut to her absolute limit. Getting her begging is just the beginning, by the time we’re done this babe will be broken.
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The English Mansion: Humongous Strapon Fuck

Dom Strapon is breaking her slut T-girl Steph in gently with a big black strapon, first testing her cock sucking ability and deepthroat technique. She then straps her down and pounds her arse hard and fast in preparation to the humongous strapon monster cock, which she expertly welds, giving Kinky Steph intense anal orgasms. Dom Strapon then teases Steph’s cock and sits on her face. She uses her tongue and a vibrator for her own pleasure as reward for performing so well.
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The English Mansion: Aug 24,2014 – Asian Persuasion

Leather clad Goddess Maya Liyer and Mistress Amrita have caught their slave red handed, masturbating without permission. They soon persuade him this was a bad idea by putting him back in his place, trampling his body, busting his balls and humiliating him. Finally, they then crop his arse before smothering his face.
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The British Intitution: Reorientation. Part Two.

After a month in solitary, chained, alone and kept in the dark, Inmates can struggle to re-orientate to daily life. Luckily, the Disciplinary Staff are sympathetic to the problem and offer a helping hand. It’s swift and effective and helps an inmate get back into the swing of things.
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Aug 29, 2014 – John Strong , Dahlia Sky , and Karla Kush

Dahlia Sky’s Birthday Brunch

Mr. Strong sees to it that slave girls Dahlia Sky and Karla Kush are fucked hard, used well, and out away dripping wet. The guests pitch in to help control the action, and the party comes together as a very hot afternoon sex party on the Floor.
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THE TRAINING OF O: Aug 29, 2014 – Ana Foxxx and Gage

Orgasms Denied and Controlled, Day Three

Ana’s undisciplined little cunt is tied to a sybian while her face is fucked into a drooling, sloppy mess. Orgasms denied! Then, her hot little natural tits clamped hard and weighted while she is fucked from behind. We finish her off with a tough suspended fuck.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: Aug 29, 2014 – Dane Cross and Emma Snow

The Sauna: Emma Snow and Dane Cross

Emma Snow fulfills her kinky sexual fantasy as the star in an new erotic horror film, The Sauna.
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The Strictly Female Doctor

Syonera Von Styx is a sadistic doctor who takes pleasure in testing her patient’s threshold for pain and torture. The icy blond beauty, dressed in her finest latex, binds her willing patient down and begins her sick exam that includes CBT, needle play, and strap on play. We never see the slave’s face, which is hidden behind a rubber mask, but I can imagine the look on his face as pulls out her next torture instrument. If you want to see a man who is truly tested by a gorgeous FemDom, this intense Euro scene is one you need to see. If you can handle it.
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Cuckolded On My Wedding Day 4

It was my wedding day so I was supposed to be happy, but not 10 minutes after I say I do, my new wife has my best man’s cock in her mouth! I was so embarrassed. She looked at me and told me to get used to it and if I was a good boy she would let me have some fun too. So what choice did I have but to listen. Happy wife, happy life right.
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The British Intitution: Reorientation. Part Three

After months chained alone in the dark, an inmate can forget his place. Luckily, the staff are on hand to put him back on track.
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PUBLIC DISGRACE: Aug 29, 2014 – Nadia Styles and Barry Scott

The epic return of Nadia style to public disgrace

Nadia Styles returns! The princess can’t wait to get her hands on this professional whore again. She is sluttier and nastier than ever! Pissing like an animal, hungry ass-hole stuffed, face fucked, tormented with nipple clumps and flogging. Little whore begs for more!
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FOOT WORSHIP: Aug 29, 2014 – Mickey Mod , Lotus Lain , and Mia Li

Two Footwhores Punish Peeping Pervert

Lotus Lain’s training as a footwhore is not complete until Mia shows her how to fuck a cock with her wet, wiggly toes. A Peeping Tom is caught spying on the sluts and so they make him worship their pussy-juice covered toes. The two trample him, as he is made to sniff the arches of their streetwalking feet. A sloppy, double-girl footjob ensues, ending with some sole-scrunching orgasms and massive footlicking.
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DEVICE BONDAGE: Aug 29, 2014 – Summer Brielle

The Pope vs Summer Brielle

Big tit blonde is in tight device bondage, tormented more than she has ever benn, and made to endure a sybian ride that leaves her in tears.
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Brat Princess 2: Mya – Human Chair is Worked Out (720 HD)

Mya cares little about submissive males or their feelings. She even cares less for human furniture. When she sits on her human chair she pays no attention to it at all. She bounces on the slaves face without any mercy for the human furniture below her. She also uses the human chair in a upright position. The slave is in agony as he endures the weight of his Brat Princess owner. He is just a chair.
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Boot Slaves

Mistress Anna sits high up on top and crosses her legs while enjoying the superiority she has over her slave worshipping on her boots below
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Aug 29, 2014 – Cheyenne Jewel and Daisy Ducati

Loser gets Trampling of a Life Time. Loser is legitimately Squashed

Winner Tramples Loser in boots. Loser fucked and made to worship boots and ass. Outstanding verbal humiliation and ass worship
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WHIPPED ASS Aug 29, 2014 – Lea Lexis and Savannah Fox

Uncontrollable Squirting Anal Orgasms

Lea Lexis & Savannah Fox have intense chemistry in this sexy dungeon update. Savannah Fox can’t control her squirting orgasms & Lea Lexis’s ice cold, hot as hell domination put Savannah into deep submission! Not to be missed!
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INFERNAL RESTRAINTS:Aug 29, 2014: Ashley Lane Is Insane | Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane Receives Special Treatment At Intersec‘s Facilities.

Ashley Lane has just been checked in for some treatment that she could never get anywhere else. We have a very special way of taking care of our patients here. They come to us willful and disobedient. They come to us not knowing where their place is in life. And we, through the miracles of modern medicine and old-school BDSM, change all of that.

Ashley is a perfect specimen. Her tits and clit are adorned with piercings that show us that inside she knows exactly what she is and what she wants to be, a pleasure slave. We just need to break down her exterior and get deep enough inside of her head to make it happen.

We have a variety of ways of showing a girl like Ashley what her body is made for. First we strap her down into the gyno chair and spread her legs wide open. From here we can expose her, make her feel vulnerable, and begin treating her with a mixture of pain and pleasure that will make her brain confuse the signals until she can’t tell which is which.

We degrade and humiliate her, taking her outside before cleaning her out and hosing her down. This is to break her mind so that we can replace her will with something better. When we take her inside she is complacent. She knows what we want. When OT plays the music her body begins to sway seductively, letting him know that the conditioning is taking hold.
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